A “Free-Money” Free-Fall!

Joe – With a Side of Toast

“When the printing Stops, the Rally Stops.”

After being down 700, Dow futures were only down 432 at “click-time” today.

Arguably, I’ve been writing about politics for more than 50-years now.  And, if there’s one tried-and-true lesson from all those elections – and the corporate politics observed from the comfort of my own mahogany foxhole after the news-chasing days – it’s that every reporter needs to keep Machiavelli on the speed-dial.

The short sequence:  Dominoes have lined-up this morning.  And while we no longer think our months-back forecast of 3,000 on the S&P by year-end will come in, we are, nevertheless, intrigued by the present “moving of pieces on the board.

Name Those Game Pieces

The naming of the set pieces is easy.

As you will see in a moment, and as we have been telling our Peoplenomics.com  subscribers, the market has been waiting for an “excuse to decline.  The question is “How far?”

How Far Down?

Elliott wave theory offers an idea;  A market decline from a Wave iii high (making the decline a wave iv) cannot penetrate the range of the Wave i peak.  So, using this – and applying it to our Aggregate Markets view of financial reality, we come to this view:

We can now see the problem faced by Team Biden:  If the decline takes out the “Joe Line” between now and year end, then the path is open to the full-on beginning of a Second Depression almost immediately.

A Machiavellian View

With the caveat that “this is not financial advice” – let’s look at this and put it into our larger historical replay context.

When we line up the Obama era market bottom (2009_) with the markets low (1920) we come up with a comparison that looks like this:

Seen in this light – and lining up the “final hesitancy” of the 1929 blow-off with the present outlook – we might see a short, sharp pullback into Christmas – perhaps even lasting until New Years.

However, after that, one of two things will happen:

  • If the “Joe Line” holds, then the “game” will be on for a modest Elliott wave (v) into late winter.  Maybe Spring. We will work on this timing as we move along but no, that’s not going to be on the free side.  (Ure’s gotta have some value going-forward, right?)  We’ve been kicking this around for a month and a half on the subscriber side.  Playing the game of Date Darts…
  • If we get this final up move? In Wave V’s natural resources and gold do well.  We could see Gold (and inflation-aware cryptos) making headway.  Also, around the bottom of Wave IV’s is an interesting time to buy resources.  Can’t help but mention you can almost see the macro wave function by reading some short-term moves like “Iraq devalues currency by a fifth as oil-price collapse hits” on the one hand.  But, then balance of that against “NNPC: Nigeria’s Reserves Will Dry up in 30 Years Without New Oil Finds.”  As my buddy Oilman2  constantly reminds:  “Depletion Never Sleeps.”  So that’ll be an interesting show to watch.
  • The Other Outcome is?  If the Joe Line is broken convincingly – this Depression could arrive before Fall 2021 (which would be the nicer scenario).  In which case, Joe might be “tested-out” by the Kamunists on some failure to grok at the  mock-critical (*theatrical) moment.
  • Which gets us to the most pertinent question:  Is Janet Yellen smarter than Venezuela?  Venezuela had some good financial people at one time, too.  But not good enough to face-down rabid free-lunching socialists.  Think we’re going down any different road?

The “modern revolutionary’s Path to the Palace” is all digital.  The Cretins of Social have out-swindled the political animals.  Toll Roads Up Babel.

All things in time, but indeed there’s much to be concerned about.

UDS – Read Hans Brinker

Useless Daily Statistic?  Ure call as the CFNAI – Chicago Fed National Activity Index – is just out

“Led by slower growth in employment- and production-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) declined to +0.27 in November from +1.01 in October. Three of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made positive contributions in November, but all four categories decreased from October. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, decreased to +0.56 in November from +0.85 in October.”

Remember the story about the “little Dutch boy and the dike?”  OK, so the Hans Brinker reference was maybe a little much this early.  Have some egg nog. Get over it. The book popularized the story of the little Dutch boy who plugs a dike with his finger.

In today’s world, the word dike is illegal, isn’t it?  More nog?

Selling Racism

 Liberal to Left publications are still selling Open Borders in their vaccine coverage. 

Take (Biden and before that Clinton endorsing) USA Today rolling with this: As COVID-19 vaccine rolls out, undocumented immigrants fear deportation after seeking dose.

Notice how stooges of the Left always use “undocumented immigrants” instead of “illegal aliens.”  The sales job (and con) never stops.

I wish I had snagged the screen this morning when the  Drudge Report ran the big headlines about Black and Latino communities would be getting vaccine in preference to whites. 

Their headline came down quickly, but the story is dutifully reported in the NY Post under Stop the ‘public health’ drive to racialize vaccine distribution.  And the key quote:

“On Sunday, the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, or ACIP, recommended that seniors aged 65 to 74 be moved toward the back of the line for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The reason, says ACIP, is that “racial and ethnic minority groups are underrepresented” in this age group. Put another way: Seniors are too white.”

This is damn good straight reporting.  We also have to compliment the Post  for not going along with the “woke” bullshit uttered by children.

The Post story didn’t capitalize black – or white.  We presume “woke” people are also capitalizing Red and Blue…Green, too.  You see?  THAT’s how effing crazy and “foxtrot uniform’ed” things have gotten.

As we remind readers often:  When “cap wars” and terms like “racial equality” are used, they reveal racist intent.   Bias peddling!

What doesn’t “EQUALITY” cover as a stand-alone, unmodified word?  Marketing and mind f*cks, buddy… All part of the “Woke Joke” the gullible are mired in – a whole book-length discussion of how by definition half of people are below average.

But don’t get me started… Point is, between Michael Goodwin and John Crudele,  the NY Post  is nowadays one of America’s last newspapers.  You’d be hard-pressed to find better.  Remember who broke the Hunter laptop story?

One more point about “dumbing down Gotham?”  From  Fox New York Times’ ‘Caliphate’ debacle should teach Americans ‘not to trust’ once-proud paper, critics say.  Badda-bing!

Short Snorts

Instead of an excuse, CNN calls this ” Analysis: Why Georgia’s Senate runoffs are too close to call.  The simple answer?  The ones with the most money win.  We’re betting Trump has pissed off enough people that Buyed’em forces will win.

Ahead of evictions and foreclosures: Strong Housing Market Fundamentals to Remain a Constant in 2021, According to First American Potential Home Sales Model.

Despite “stimulus” Congress is still screwing rental owners: $900 billion relief package extends moratorium on evictions, weekly unemployment benefits.  You bet – let’s beat up those middle-class people who took a shot and actually  invested in America.  Where’s the ethics in screwing them?  Oh…silly me…

Noisy Neighbors?  Look for an update from long-time reader/contributor Hank out on the Big Island in our Comments section when he c hecks in.  Because Kilauea volcano erupts on Hawaii’s Big Island.  Just up the street from him…  Pix Hank?

“The checks in the mail”? Russia Denies Role in U.S. Cyber Attacks.  Or, was it China undercover? Faced with massive suspected Russian cyber-attack on the U.S. government, Trump blames China.

What lasts longer than the last 2-minutes of an American football game? Brexit: Trade deal talks continue as negotiators fail to reach agreement.

Bowl Full Of Jelly Dept.

Super French Toast is on the agenda this morning:  That’s where you take a loaf of fresh bread, sliced about 3/4-inch thick and dredge it until soaked in “magic breakfast juice.”

To ways to approach this.  This first:

  • Three large eggs
  • 2 – 4 shots of Bailey’s
  • 1/4 cups heavy cream

Soak bread.  Just before transferring to pan, dust heavily with nutmeg.

Second option:

  • Three large eggs
  • 2-4  shots of Cap’t’s spiced rum (don’t forget the coffee cup, too!)
  • 1/4 cut of something from a moo.

Same deal:  Load up with nutmeg, slowly brown.  Drown in half of Canada’s national product.  Lay down for nap.

Get up and remember to write a column tomorrow.

Write when you get rich,


73 thoughts on “A “Free-Money” Free-Fall!”

  1. Funny thing about the CARES Act and PPP and who it benefited (which wasn’t small business) I see the preacher man and all his brethren down there in Texas where the preachers like Joel Osteen and his mega church received $44,1 MILLION AND ANOTHER $44,1 MILLION UNDER THE PPP and all the rest of the preachers who hold the people in the palm of their hands chimed in for their share too. Claiming they employee 1500 people, now I wouldn’t want to say preachers lie, but I have known a few who did. But I’m sure they gave a resounding blessing to all those politicians down at the state capitol and the bird dog up in congress who were blessed by a few sermons on just how great they were, now what were they saying about the separation of those two organizations.!!

  2. It seems the Corona Virus mutated strain in England was discovered in September. I wonder how many planes from there have landed globally in the past 3 months?

  3. “How Far Down?”

    I am thinking that if you really got into the nuts and the bolts about the agreement.. you would discover it is just like all the rest of them.. that were designed to benefit other than the small business and individual.. Just follow the money.. the 1200 per person won’t save the USA.. they went option 2 left the velocity of cash moving.. it should have been stopped and gone option 1 or option 3 pretend it doesn’t exist.. from my point of view and personal thought is because they went option 2 that at this point just shy of forgiving everyone’s debts and starting freshe square one..( you and I know they won’t ever do that..)
    that at this point theres nothing at this point that will stop what is coming all they can do is push it back a couple of months.,. ( hey that makes MARCH.. the magic month.. so if it happens on or around march 15th.. ).. the interest on the interest from going option 2 is a scary thought without even looking at the figures.. it was scary before that.. we had outpaced our intake.. NOW if the smart people in Congress had let the president do some negotiating and tariff incoming goods and services.. bring jobs back give tax breaks to local manufacturing.. then maybe we would have had a few more years.. ( I doubt it.. I expected it to happen years ago now.. George was right on track ) instead they fought it tooth and nail spent billions trying to stop anything that he tried to accomplish..and now we have an administration that is suspected of being on the financial gain receiving end..supports having illegals come in and then giving them the choices jobs pay and benefit packages that america has
    I think we can expect another war of some sort.. who knows what they will use for a reason.. war is money to manufacturers.. but my opinion is it is beyond repair. I agree with these guys.. that the greatest depression of history is on our door step…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX__h6pZQOw


    if your a country fan.. then..


  4. What???” George…you actually said…NY Post is nowadays one of America’s last newspapers. You’d be hard-pressed to find better. Remember who broke the Hunter laptop story?”

    As a former J-schooler from one of our nations top j-schools, I am sure you meant to say the NY Post is one of America’s last newspapers…that people trust the least. The Post has always been and will always be a sensationalist rag. The only reason people used to buy it is because their sports page is better than the Times. Now that we all get news and sports on our phones from a variety of more reliable mediums, the Post is less relevant. To gain back readership, they have doubled down on untruthful, sensational headlines to make heads turn at the newsstands. On each and every fact checking organization, they get a pants on fire rating. The Hunter Biden laptop story went nowhere. Even Trumps own justice department, the CIA, FBI etc…have nothing to report. A dried out, well done nothing burger.

    To all that are reading this…if you want to contribute and help energize a better America, make better choices of what you read. Knowledge is power…Truth is Power…Rags like the Post and broadcast and online crap like Fox, OAN and Newsmax weaken America and like Q-Anon are Anti-American. The weight of negativity will crush us. Truth is winning…Truth officially takes control the minute the worst political figure in the history of mankind leaves office Jan. 20, 2021.

    • And whose truth is that yours or mine, as the good book says beware of the false prophets, your truth is the dollar and how many you can accumulate and that’s the drummer you follow, anything you dis-agree with is rubbish untrue or outright lies as you try to pigeonhole everything into their own little cubical in your mind, but the truth is you simply haven’t lived long enough to assess much of anything that life has to offer, but you will as those dollars disappear in the coming time, and you have time to see what a waste your life has really been.!!!

    • journalism ! Hahahahahahaha U R such an idiot.. journalism is DEAD – Loooong DEAD.

      Mockingbird Media is what U have – “its whats 4 dinner” and has entrained your tini,tiny lil brain.

      Deceit – is the be all end all

    • “The Hunter Biden laptop story went nowhere.”


      OTFLMAO… Seriously….. with them spending billions trying to destroy the administration.. would you expect anything other than it being buried.. a non event.. fake news..with them preaching Russia did it.. all these scandalous events are all their fault..
      I sure didn’t expect anything to come of it..

    • In a country of many delusional fools you state, Truth officially takes control…..
      Jan 20. 2021″.

      That really takes the delusional biscuit. “Truth” returns. wow, really.

    • Mark, you’re about as spot-on as a blind man aiming at a target after having been spun around, upside down, for five minutes. Totally off the “mark” but proud of it!
      In other words, you revel in your ignorance.

    • Good afternoon Mark. I always thought that feeding the troll always made them worse. However, after reading your comments since you’ve been leaving them, I can’t resist any longer. First of all, since when did it become up to you to think, that everyone who takes the time to comment, that if their opinion doesn’t match what you think, that it makes you look down your nose at them? Just because some of the commenters here don’t think that the sun rises and sets with the New York Times, CNN, and all the other crap that you think is the gospel, that the only truth is what YOU determine to be true. If their was no dissenting stories to read, what a fixed world we would live in. No truth, despite what YOU believe to be the truth. If you haven’t seen by now that there is at least two sides to every story, then nothing will allow you to see that. You claim to be a Republican (whatever that might be), but think that grandpa Joe and offspring are the cats ass. Your opinion, and your right to it. Since there seems to be many people that disagree with you (and rightly so), you look down at them. Why? The nightly news is full of the same old narrative about Russiagate etc. that it’s enough to make you puke. The real news, that you think is the only thing to exist, is covering up what’s really happening to us all, and untimely that includes you. Like I have said recently, the local news? here in Seattle didn’t say word one about the so called homeless (and drug abusers) until after the election. It’s like they just didn’t exist. Now it’s a story that doesn’t go away. The idea that there is alternative news outlets is great because it gives the thinking people another source of information to form their OWN opinions, rather than being brainwashed by the mindless drivel that passes for news. And no, I don’t watch your favorite, Fox News, and the others that you disagree with. But I do read a lot of stuff that is alternative related news to get a more balanced story. What YOU think is Anti-American news sources is no more Anti than the network news, CNN etc, that you worship at the alter of truth. They’re not, and for the most part, never have been. If you disagree with me, that’s cool, we’re all entitled to are OWN opinions, and if the sources of that information doesn’t agree with you, don’t lose sleep about it. It would seem that there is a lot of sheeple in this country, and they think that the Chinese crook is going to lead them down the yellow brick road. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      • “form their OWN opinions, rather than being brainwashed by the mindless drivel that passes for news. And no, I don’t watch your favorite, Fox News, and the others that you disagree with. But I do read a lot of stuff that is alternative related news to get a more balanced story.”

        Lets have an AMEN for Mike FBEL….. what so many forget is the news are all scripted… owned and what is pushed comes from the owners..

    • I wonder if we’ll see the incoming Administration revive a waning days Obama idea of replacing Alexander Hamilton on the US $10 bill? Why have the founder of “The New York Post”, and a Founding Father of the Republic grace the note in such classic fashion of past decades? Yo, this could be an opportunity for The Lincoln Project braintrust to commune with their path of self-discovery, and elevate unrepresented and fringe members of society of a rap sheet persuasion to reflect a new portraiture of America.

  5. “Name those game pieces”?

    The Ures’ R game pieces, as is every single person who peruses this board.

    and MONEY is the name of the GAME .

    All the problems in the USA, and all the problems in the world, and yet the big change – the new regulations being proposed. The one thing thats sooo important to (global banksters=treasonable/allegations/barontages) is $3000 dollar Bitcoin transactions ??

    No problem G-global, right – just keep pumping the FEAR

    “Cases r increasing, deaths are increasing, not enough vaccine..were all going to die araraahhhhhh!”
    Pump that FEAR MONEY into Pharma, pump up the PPE money, cause better “safe” than sorry -hahaha

    Why do Lemmings kill themselves en-masse?

    Hard to fathom the “game” when the stakes are so high, and so much of life depends on ure “Ferengi” concept of Money – “the baby”.

    At the bottom – alien control – U can see em on back of dollar bill if U look just so.
    -Jefferson fought CB, put on $2, Hamilton created National Bank versus CB, put on $10, Jackson fought CB and won, put on the $20 – who sold out the Country, after he was done dumpster pumping, and was put on the largest denomination bill..gotta swallow “alot” – to get put in “that” position.

    So forth and so on, cept the lowly $1 – gave that to the Father of the country…soo much RESPECT..

    No worries – Congress just agreed to give us all some more “crumbs”… not much compared to what Ure Corporate masters get.

    Now when is that National Address from Orange Gollum of Greatness going to air ? You know the one where he shows the public what F just happened to our Presidential Election..

    Says here – URE Vote NEVER counted – does the Farmer allow the animals to vote on the farm matters-preposterous, but still treat em nice to get most out of them..

    Wakey – wakey – or ReSetty – resetty..the choice is Ures.

    big global Meditation day today on the Equinox/grand conjunction – tune in to the light-its free,
    as darkness envelopes the world ..”great darkness – before the Great DAO”

  6. One more thing about the Post and the Hunter fake story…today… Barr contradicted Trump at four times in this presser:
    –cyber breach appears to be Russia
    –no basis for special counsel for voter fraud
    –no basis for special counsel for Hunter Biden
    –no basis for seizing election machines

    We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

      • Not yet. He is still AG till Friday…he is sending a message to whoever replaces him….for 25 days. I don’t like Barr…but even he is seeing that the Trump lies are not sustainable. He doesn’t have the stomach for BS. He didn’t bite at the Trump impeachment charges, at least the way they were presented…maybe rightfully so…and he isn’t going to bite at Trumps idiotic, unconstitutional power grab either.

      • * personal promise – b barr will not ever be able to walk down ANY street in USA after “the light is shone underneath the durty ass rock he has been working & hiding under for many years.

        – “The Arkansas Fixer”
        – when he would show up in Arkansas for papi bush/schref(gruppenfurher)- to fix any problems at the “mena operation” . Bunch of peeps committed suicide in mena area of Arkansas, never preformed autopsies on victims..how do U explain 2 self inflicted bullet holes in back of head?

    • Barr said “I see no basis now for seizing machines by the federal government, you know wholesale seizure of machines by the federal government,” Mr Barr said. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election-2020/barr-voting-machines-seize-trump-theories-b1777212.html
      See that? He said WHOLESALE, he did not say there was not isolated cases, did he! You need to read his words carefully and Quote complete sentences and paragraphs
      Maybe he knows the Hunter story has others investigating it, maybe Huber and the military
      He also said there was no WIDE SPREAD ,systemic voter fraud. He did not say, they do not have concentrated areas of voter fraud, now did he! You know the areas that are being contested, like Georgia
      I am glad to see that you still have major TDS and fear the PATRIOTIC Q and the anons that follow Q, true patriots of the US Constitution
      I love the smell of fear in the morning
      also the NYT did not fall for the Russian collusion story,, they led the charge on pushing the lie, KNOWINGLY. that is criminal
      me and Julio ,by Paul Simon
      Yup Barr is leaving, his work is done,,, you know the drill,, you do not bring in the drywallers until the electricians have ran the wires and hung the boxes
      Keep on barkin for me Markie, it makes my morning coffee a little sweeter, thank you, Darrell
      PS: do think the Trump/Barr feud is for show? you are a salesman, you know the value of optics,, the next 30 days will show much

  7. What’s interesting to me is the fact that a new, faster spreading variant of covid showed just in time for vaccine rollout. I wonder if it will cause more people to get vaccinated, or be less resistant to possible mandates? At any rate, timing couldn’t be better!

    • Ure theory deserves serious consideration, Missy. It is indeed quite interesting that just as ‘isolated’ adverse vaccine effects start trickling out via the MSM (fainting, allergic reactions, Bell’s Palsy), more than a few folks are thinking twice about getting jabbed right away. Presto! A super-virulent mutation is announced to the world, resulting in super lockdowns and international travel bans. The psychological aspect to all of this is rich. “Want to once again become a full fledged, functional member of human society? Get that covid immunization ASAP!”

  8. George,
    I knew my own oil man, stepfather who was a great guy, that had his predictions as well. He worked with J. Paul Getty in Kuwait back in the day. During the Carter years he was telling me that oil had depleted and that we would most likely never come out of the gas crisis of that time. But we did. Then he said that if new oil wasn’t found we would be in another gas shortage, that didn’t happen. We know that the high prices during the Obama days were manufactured and part of a strategy. I don’t disagree with your Oilman2, but production like depletion also “never stops”. None of the Oil men predicted that we would be energy independent; but we are for now! In a year or so most likely not.

    This was abit of a downer article today. I hope your breakfast brings you more optimism and hope. Things aren’t as we want, but we seem to always get through the crap and come out on the other side. Buised and battered sometimes but, I think wiser and more determined.

  9. “We guess separating Medicine and State never occurred to them…”

    I vaguely recall something I read decades ago about an “almost” 11th Amendment to the Bill of Rights, regarding medical freedom for the individual to do as he damn well chose to with his own body, including access to any substance or equipment if available to anyone. It was apparently dropped in the interest of getting things done. I don’t claim this happened, but I did read of it back then.

    It’s too bad. I doubt the Founding Fathers ever considered the potential for the current level of control by the medical mafia!

    • I heard yesterday a friend was driving back to Texas in N. Mexico and was pulled over and given a ticket for not wearing a mask … in the car … on the highway … while totally alone. She thought it was a joke but the officer said “No, no joke” and handed her a $58 ticket. She called the judge when she got home and he said “Nope. No joke. Pay your fine.”

      I understand “revenue enhancements” but this has blown through insane long ago. I wonder if the Texas tags had anything to do with it?

  10. George, funny how the R’s have a seasonal allergy to deficits, and the season starts the instant the D’s get in power. Don’t recall any of the Conservative cheerleaders wringing their hands when they were running up their crazy deficits. LOL. Best, Mike.

    p.s.: From Krugman: “Running joke that Rs don’t do evidence-based policy, they do policy-based evidence. Except it’s not a joke” https://washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/politics/trump-covid-pandemic-dark-winter/?itid=hp-top-table-main

  11. ” $300/week for all UI claimants ”

    Most state UI programs are ending. Collecting state cash for unemployment has a max. Google indicates the generous Great State of California maxes at 46 weeks w/extensions beginning February 2, 2020.

    This $600.00 check is probably to test bank accounts. They are working the bugs out of the system for, I’m thinking Springtime UBI.

    • Most people that put in UI claims is refused.. the whole UI system has been a joke for years and years.. If you leave a job you can’t get it.. if your let go from a job you can’t get it..
      seriously the only ones that can get some benefits are the ones that are seasonal workers..
      I know one that got a whopping 48 dollars a week UI benefits.. LOL LOL

  12. HANK in Hawaii??? How are you down yonder Hawa – ii way????

    Please give us an update as last time, you were close to the flow….

    Thinking of you!

  13. Just catching up on your prior post a couple days back on surplus stores back in the day in Seattle. Not a surplus store per se, but St. Vincent de Paul on  Lake Union was like something out of Charles Dickens…
    For a look back at a kinder/gentler Seattle than most recently shared video,  nostalgia fans might enjoy this on youtube: Seattle: Things That Aren’t There Anymore – lots of interviews with folks who worked on or were some of the most memorable icons of Seattle -Rosellini’s 410, the Kalakala, Birdland, Garlic Gulch, the Rainiers and Sick’s Stadium, Ruby Chow…
    interviews intertwined with original footage.

    • Im Moving back there in two weeks. Back to A town. I mean that could all change…. that is my personal trajectory now. Got a big rig job offer and well… i like money. LOL Kinda hard to turn that down. I aint bragging but it is really good offer. Driving Side dump, Non Union PW, as much OT as I want. Over 60 an hour. then time and a half after 40. lol No benififits but id rather make that money instead. I got free medical at the VA

      More than I’m making on my site by a mile. So the site, its gonna be a weekend thing once i get back over there. Who knows maybe one day it will pay better than that and I can quit my day job. For now. I can grab gears all day long and not have to think or use the clutch.

      I member back, when you could take a tour of the Rainer factory and if you were 21 you got 2 pounders for free after the tour. Back when they had good beer like Oly with the little puzzles in the caps. Remember that old commercial with the dude on the motor cycle… Raaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiii neeeeeeerrrr beeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr! as he took off and hit them gears. :)

      There are really only 4 things that never sleep in this world. Change, Gravity, Time and Money.

      Offering The Zero report at a discount for the Christmas season.

      • “when they had good beer like Oly with the little puzzles in the caps”

        Besides that Behind the label they had random numbers..we would play poker…lol in reminiscing I bought some dam it sure didn’t taste as good as I remembered

  14. (With apologies and credit to Clement Moore, all rights reserved)
    Twas the night before Christmas, all through the White House
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a louse
    Indictments were hung by the chimney with care
    In hopes William Barr soon would be there
    Secret Service were nestled all snug in their beds
    While visions of Joe Biden danced in their heads
    And Melania in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,
    Had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap,
    When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
    I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
    Away to the window I flew like a flash
    Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.
    The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow,
    Gave a luster of midday to objects below,
    When what to my wandering eyes did appear,
    But a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer,
    With a little old driver so bumbling and slow
    I knew in a moment it must be Old Joe.
    More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,
    And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:
    “Now Harris! now, Schiff! now, Pelosi and Schumer!
    On, Slawell! on Romney! on, Nadler and Whitmer!
    To the top of the White House! to the top of the wall!
    Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”
    As the leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
    When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky;
    So up to the housetop the coursers they flew
    With a sleigh full of ballots and Old Slow Joe too-
    And then in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
    The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
    As I drew in my head, and turning around,
    Down the chimney Old Joe came with a bound.
    He was dressed all in fur, an ankle boot on his foot,
    And his clothes were all covered in ashes and soot:
    A bundle of ballots was flung on his back,
    And he looked like a peddler just opening his pack.
    His eyes-how they twinkled! His dimples, how merry!
    His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
    His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
    And the drool on his chin was as white as the snow;
    A dirty crack pipe he held tight in his teeth,
    And the smoke, it encircled his head like a wreath;
    He had a blank face and legs that were hairy,
    They shook when he laughed and made him look scary,
    Like a dusty old doll that sits on a shelf,
    And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself;
    A wink of his eye and a twist of his head
    Soon gave me to know I had something to dread;
    He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
    And took all the indictments, then turned with a jerk,
    And laying his finger aside of his nose,
    And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose;
    He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
    And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
    But I heard him exclaim ere he drove out of sight-
    “Keep voting you suckers, and to all a good night!’

  15. I was just drifting off to sleep at 10:36pm when the 4.3 earthquake rattled the bed good last night. I got up to check the USGS earthquake site and found the ‘coconut wireless’ active with streaming video of the eruption. For the first time in two years, we have some active lava on the Hawaiian volcano. The Kilauea summit crater split open last night and flowed some lava into the crater. This is within the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park, about 30 miles up the road. No danger to life or property, it is contained to just the one crater. Pix from USGS:


  16. I about fell over this morning. The wife was watching a MSM newscast ( not fox) and one of the newscasters while talking about the incoming Biden administration slipped and referring to Joe Biden called him ChinaJoe.. lol lol they flipped to a commercial almost instantly. Lol now I will sit in curiosity to see if he is still an announcer.. I remember when another announcer slipped as bad.. his show was cancelled and he was gone. Lol

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  18. “Every second, 1.8 humans die and 4.2 humans are born.”

    If this seems about right — what’s the big deal abt. COVID-19? Is it because it hurts? Just asking.

    • Above ratio has remained constant over the past several years per UN & WHO. COVID-19 did not impact it so far!

      Please don’t read me wrong, because I’m not denying COVID-19’s potential to create a reasonable “balance within the global population.” However, there’s always lots of sensational prose concerning COVID-19, but few actual death statistics are accessible to US common folks. JMHO!

      P.s. Methinks, it’s useless “pour moi” to post anything, because it may get drowned out by gossip of various kinds. ;-((

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  21. The situation from the bottom looking up….
    Well…. for those that think Covid-19 is a non event.. not real farce made up etc..

    So I just thought I would tell you what is going on…. as many know I worked healthcare in some form for better than forty years.. My wife works healthcare…
    the place she is at.. presently has over seventy five percent of the patients with Covid.. some in the shape where there is very little that they can do except make their life as comfortable as they can.. the staff.. they were down to two staff members that didn’t have it.. it is now just one.. My wife.. the front line approach.. or.. tag your it… she is.. IT.. and of course by the time she ends this shift.. she will have almost forty hours straight without any time off for sleep.. she maybe got a half hour nap before they called asking for please help the other staff member was sick running a temp of almost 106…. and then because it is an emergency situation.. don’t get the idea that there will be financial compensation for those hours this is the healthcare field in a small facility.. only large facilities give that and only to those in administration or the doctors..the floor workers are it.. I have said many times I wish I had a nickle for every patient I cared for under the tag your it.. I would be a rich man…. there aren’t any relief workers.. the healthcare field doesn’t work that way because the money is so tight hourly wage is the only cutting point to stay on budget….
    the one staff member that will relieve her is one that still has covid but on the road to recovery.. she maybe will get two hours then back to work..if there aren’t any complications along the road…
    Now.. because of how infectious this is and how fast it is traveling through the facilities.. there is an over ninety percent probability that this will come home with her and everyone here will catch it.
    since everyone has compromising health issues.. it could very well take out the whole household..
    Now I didn’t talk to the wife.. but it is a real concern that if it does hit the household… one we already know from past experiences that we will not be compensated for an income loss it doesn’t work that way…. the rising costs of the household.. will all be put on hold.. and we will be in the same condition that the vast majority of the hourly wage earners that lost their jobs.. If it takes one or more of us out of the picture.. the only other option is to sell out go smaller. ( just so the wife can get a couple of hours to sleep I am thinking about calling them tomorrow and volunteering some time so the two can get some rest). the good news is so far it hasn’t entered our household.. we do have enough tp to last us a couple of weeks.. and we are taking seriously every precaution that is needed.. it is the FLU OF 92 all over again.. and if we come out of it as good as we did back then.. then we will have t-shirts made up saying we survived covid…
    I did have to take someone into the hospital today.. and the staff there is just as swamped and running just as shy of staff.. the healthcare world… long hours and work short..
    Just thought I would give you the real life view of this virus.. the CDC came in and gave them gowns.. LOL LOL garbage bags with a hole cut in it for the head and arms LOL
    Now she does have a good mask… https://www.dehaco.nl/en/scott-flowhood-3-positive-pressure-mask/a3973?c=964
    I made sure she had one available.. well I have always had positive air masks around for painting purposes etc…but that doesn’t stop the virus..

    • There are so many criminal violations of labor law noted in your report that it leaves me stunned.
      The CDC response is typical Federal employee mischief , “We’re from the government, we’re here to help”, followed by a gift of a box of trash bags, and a bugout to a safer location.
      I hope that the vaccine is at least made available to your wife.

      • the healthcare field has always been like that the only real flexibility in the healthcare field is the wage hour floor worker..most people don’t even get a clue that to pay the wage and meals and environmental costs for one person one shift at minimum wage they have to take in almost five grand a month sad but true.. now take in the medical equipment and supplies the high cost of insurance and the fact that one out of three patients coming in are not insured .. that is how I got my job at the hospital.. I worked off my surgical debt by working a year in exchange.. three full time jobs and one part time job HELL year.. (that was a couple times more what it is if you have insurance and we went through the free clinic ).. Now consider the workers and give them more than minimum wage. add several shifts and house keepers maintenance men cooks servers etc etc.. that is the true vision of the work on the floor.. most just accept it.. I have seen doctors get upset because they wrote some idiotic order just throw the charts at the nurses because they got a call at midnight then at one am and three am.. when all they had to do is write the order.. let oncall treat will follow up in the am..other than that depending on what they write for a stupid order the Case RN has to call and wake their sorry ass up…..it was mostly volunteers at least since 68 when I first became a volunteer… I won’t say we have seen it all because we all know that the minute you think that you have seen it all then something new will come about that will shock the holy hell out of you.. things changed I think in 87 or 88 then you had to be certified.. working short long hours.. that is just how it is…everyone that works the floor knows that today to cut costs.. they put techs.. then hire an RN for them to work under their license.. the vaccine is coming supposedly this week..of course most of the time you will see ghost help on the schedule.. I was scheduled for five years after I had quit.. I use to joke that they needed blow up dolls in uniforms LOL….

    • Thanks for this LOOTB. It is always good to get input front line healthcare workers. Bless you, your wife and your fellow workers for your dedication. You are appreciated.

      • You are welcome..many don’t get a chance to see the view from the bottom or take time to calculatethe actual costs involved.. they sit on the top ranks and it’s only a number of course they would never cut from their position..they are more valuable so..cut from the bottom support staff and work those on the floor more.. the good news for us today is one of the other workers is feeling well enough to go to work.. the wife sleeps finally..I called at330 this morning ( the witching hour just before dawn.. sun comes up eyes droop shut lol ) to make sure she was ok..
        A good friend of the daughters father use to be the vice CEO of local hospital.. they downsized and he had to find another job..I made 3 an hour at the time.. and we were sitting around his pool while the kids played.. having an adult beverage . When he said he was insulted because the only hospital he could get a job at offered him half a mil for a wage half of what he was getting lol..my comment was I wish someone would slap the hell out of me with an insult like that lol.. what he and very few others take into consideration is to pay some joker to do that job in the healthcare field that much the hospital has to make almost fifty times that income to justify that wage..so cut from the bottom..
        I love the CDC have worked with them overseeing serious cases a few times.. thank god I visited with one from the CDC and the who along with G2 when they wanted us to care for a terminal patient with CRE.. they gave us enough information that we said no.. ( we still volunteer to help those that have no other place to go..I keep trying to talk them into letting us get the healthcare insurance.unlike govt. There aren’t any holidays most places won’tlet the floor worker take vacation and if you call in sick more than one day your job is on the line. Fall is which hunt season where the higher paid employees are cut.as for getting the insurance for us they say no your just a volunteer..lol I just actually had that conversation with them tem minutes ago lol..see no one figures the cash end just the what has to be paid end) give us the insurance and we will volunteer for years that would be enough of a reasonto continue.. at this point we are only helping because the one we are helping doesn’t have anyplace to go..
        A friend of mine just asked yesterday about getting care for his wife.. I had to tell him he has to get a divorce even though they have been married over fifty years.. that’s how we got our guy living in our spare bedroom.. his wife got sick the hospital fired her and pulled her insurance because they couldn’t pay.. took his farm his retirement home and his livelihood.. he came to us with the clothes on his back..
        The gent before him was a deep water oil drilling rig engineer.. had to give federal testimony after a tragic fire .. and the katrina disaster prior to it he lost everything. That was sad.. he had all the papers hanging on the wall and couldn’t clean kennels for a living.. my friend well I suggested he go to the medical and nursing school and post an ad..free room and board plus money for assistance..
        I had a famous rock band offer that to me once.. take care of dad and live with us. God I wanted to do that to. Homes all over the world the travel .. phew.
        A coworker took the position..

    • Is there a doctor in the house LOOTB!? … that prescribes HCQ or Ivomectin? I’ve had several friends that contracted it, two with extreme comorbidities, that found the ONE and ONLY doctor in town that will prescribe the HCQ and its associated antibiotics and minerals and they’ve all recovered quickly from conditions that were getting serious. The greatest danger this virus poses is the reaction to it TPTB dictate will be applied to it.

      • What is interesting is with all the patients they have been given an infusions for covid to those that can take it.. I think it is Bamlanivimab but am not to sure..and this has been almost a miracle drug..those getting it are showing signs of drastic improvement after only a couple of weeks…

  22. God, I missed coming on here. I just been so damn busy, passing stones and lots of other stuff..

    Ohhh the shit talking never ends. You guys always crack me up. I never seen a group like y’all. Mark just loves to stir that pot! HAHAHHA!

    Pretty funny about the Great Brittain. That’s in my report. lol “All lining up like dominoes” as Bob and Doug McKenzie and the folks up in Saskatchewan say, “Ya! sure! you! betcha!”

    or maybe it was the Judge in strange brew that said, “For the benefit of the court would you please explain “time coding”

    Missed reading all your words. Makes me smile. I never heard of “The Arkansas Fixer”. That right there is some funny shit. hahaha. I learned more about talking shit on here than any place in my life including driving truck. ha ha ha!

    Never a dull moment

  23. And here we go for another night of bullsheet. Read the posts robots. Go for it yah low life swamp people !!! Get the jab !!! Dow to 50 nasdaq unlimited!! Facebook yourselves taking meth watching money !!! God bless hell and dagolio

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