Conspiracy Christmas

Christmas? It Ain’t the Same

Sure.  Every year is different.  But, gotta tell you, there’s a certain amount of stress that’s come along with this one.  Take this couple in Boulder, CO last night.  Can’t see it?  (Hint: Masks!)

(We also notice this photo op is for “kids” not grown-ups.  But the one of the left may be an offspring, if you follow…)

GDP Sans Context

Gotta love the hype in this:

“Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 33.4 percent in the third quarter of 2020, as efforts continued to reopen businesses and resume activities that were postponed or restricted due to COVID-19. The change was 0.3 percentage point higher than the “second” estimate released in November. In the second quarter of 2020, real GDP decreased 31.4 percent.”

Even this table of GDP changes year on year is a joke:

Joke?  Why?

Oh…’cuz GDP is measured in dollars and we have been making up (what?) like crazy?  Honest accounting would be based on units and prices not just prices when you own the printing press.  We’ll talk more about price versus value in a second.

First, though, market futures are mixed:  Dow -12 and S&P +6…pick Ure poison.

LRC  (Latest ‘Rona Conspiracy)

Latest one I’ve heard goes something like this:

“Didja see how the “mutant strain” just showed up in time to push sagging demand for the vax?  Hell yeah.  And with stories the Army is testing to see if the vax covers the mutant of the disease,  I think it WILL and it’s all part of the scam to inject as many people as possible with mRNA which will harm our very souls…”

Sheesh.  Let’s see here:  Yesterday the fear-porn was vaccine distro was being rumored as “anti-white” and now it’s a marketing scam?

However: Strangely, the U.S. response to this “new strain” has been  seriously piss-ant: US May Require British Passengers To Prove They Don’t Have COVID Before Boarding Flights.  That’s it?  WTF?  Why not cancel flights?  (Money talks, what walks?)

This must be a terrible “adjustment period” for people without strong news filters.  Especially pro-Trump folks. 

They’ve been right about some things (no collusion, and 3-years of Swamp uprising attempting to unseat an elected president).

But have faith: We’re still open to what happens IF (as Hunter memos alleged if press reports are correct) there was a little dough kicked up to “pops” (or was it the man?  early yet…).  If a grand jury were to indict and feds arrest, can the Veep-Elect be sworn-in?  Whew…

Sayeth the IRS on what’s taxable:  “Any transfer to an individual, either directly or indirectly, where full consideration (measured in money or money’s worth) is not received in return.”  $15,000 limit.

We will leave it to our tax-expert readers to consider the Biden tax disclosures here versus owning how many homes?  One way IRS can “come at taxpayers” is by noticing they have a lifestyle that’s unsupportable by reported income.

The reality, though?  We expect pardons to be flying like snow (around the White House before Trump leaves) and shortly thereafter, “Pops” will issue “get out of jail” cards for his family.  Which will get America get back to Making Up Money and watching surprised as China takes Taiwan…

Speaking of Which

Trust you saw where the door is still open to a tax problem for the Biden’s?

Takes a minute to comprehend because if you just glance at the Wall St. Journal story (“Barr Won’t Appoint Special Counsel to Probe Vote-Fraud Claims or Hunter Biden“) the really key part is this subheading (bolding to help):

“Attorney general says he believes the investigation into President-elect Joe Biden’s son is ‘being handled responsibly and professionally’”

Understand, Barr knows how tense works in language, after all he’s a crackerjack attorney.  The phrase “is being”  could be telling us, in my view, this show may not be over.  That Barr’s leaving now (Friday) offers the tantalizing speculation that he knows there’s a “lit fuse” in the building and he doesn’t want it on his resume.  Remember the term plausible deniability?

Worth a nickel side-bet?  Maybe.  I think Barr is usually the smartest guy in the room.

Meanwhile, though, credible conservative sources, such as the National Review are reporting what conspiracy-minded Trumpers don’t want to hear “Ex-Intel Officials Stand By Hunter Biden Defense Letter, even as Federal Probe Confirmed.”  Dialing expectations back is probably a wise move.

Another useful quote from Barr reports him as saying a “special prosecutor may not be needed…”  Is that because Barr knows far more than he’s let on?  If there is something already in the works?  Quite possibly so…

MUM: Making Up Money 101

While  Reality Deniers are pondering what the orange super-hero will do next, we turn our attention to when and how this market – fueled by interventions by the Fed and its proxies will come to an end.  (Our target date for a peak next year is on the  Peoplenomics side for subscribers.)

We can easily see the Dow going toward a 10-20 decline based on foreign exchange rates.  Refer to the story “Yellen Pressed to Back Strong Dollar in Reversing Trump-Era Tone” as we go along here…

When the “dollar is strong” – the term refers generally to the “whole rest of the world’s market basket of currencies.”

Now think about an American asset.  (We can use your house as an example.)

Say you see your home to some foreigner.  Because we’ve been spending down the Zimbabwe Path, the old Buck isn’t worth as much to the globalist.  But, the intrinsic value of your home is still high.

Bottom line?  With a weak dollar, the foreigner will give you more paper (say $300,000 in Federal Reserve Note (FRN) face values.

If the dollar is STRONG, then the foreigner will not have to give as much face-value of FRNs.  Because the global value of your home is (more or less) constant.

You see, values don’t change much except supply-and-demand.  Currency conversions do – every time money is printinged – which means every second, in fact!

Going Deeper

My favorite “thinking tool” for this kind of economics problem involves a stranger who just crawled in from the desert and you offer to sell them an icy bottle of Coca-Cola.

IF the parched survivor has $76-trillion Zimbabwe dollars, then the maximum price that can be paid for the Coke is just that – ZD$76-trillion.

On the other hand, if the survivor has a phone, and you have a digital wallet,  he might get that same Coke for his 1 BTC.  As of this morning, that’d be $23,141.  An expensive Coke, for sure, but price doesn’t matter to a determined consumer.

Reducing to practicum, then:  Substitute a market basket of Currencies for the Z-bucks in our example, and Yellen supporting strong dollars, as turning the Fed into a BTC wannabe.  That’ll be close enough.

Question then – in evaluating companies, ought to be – in our view – not be so much based on prices for the long-term investor.  But rather on intrinsic value.

Thus, Ure’s TWO ECONOMIC LEVELS OF LIFE emerge:  the nominal world of values  and the wholly made-up world of prices.

Remember:  Values are relatively constant while prices can be absolutely anything.  Food has universal value.  Paper with numbers on it?  Or made-up computer numbers?  Not so nutritious.

Presently, Elaine and I are focused on enjoying our accumulated store of values.  Which is why I shun BTC and cryptos:  I’ve enjoying values nominal Reality not the paper-chase dream land of prices.

We try to convert prices into values that are durable.  {People don’t think enough about that point…}

Hold on while I roll away the marker board and huff the marker for a minute.  Ran out of eggnog…

30-Days for Taiwan?

One of our pastimes is reading the news – and then “writing a mental novel” of how it could all work out in the future.  

My focus today is imagining that China – seeing the anger-gap between Trump and Biden – might time their efforts to take Taiwan to the precise moment that Joe puts his hand on the Bible (IRS, grand juries and all that tossed out as improbable outcomes).

Since Joe won’t have all his “playahs” on speed-dial in the Oval yet, there is a potential hole when the US military would be on “autopilot” during the transition.  Related? Some White House advisers fear Trump’s final days in office.

So we’ve been watching this one evolve in the background.  Latest episode-modifiers:  Tensions up as China says will take countermeasures in response to U.S. visa bans.

But the real strong support for the storyline shows in U.S., China Send Navies Into Contested Sea After Taiwan Show of Force.  An d in order to set up a faked accident at sea pretext to taking Taiwan, US destroyer shadowed by Chinese military during freedom of navigation operation.  The take-over is go when the “accident” happens.

Thing about ‘rona is most people (conditioned in an almost magician-like way to follow the misdirection) will be fascinated and focused instead on how Taiwan snaps world’s longest covid-free streak .   The war part?  Yawn…

There is – trust us – far more going on.

A.I. Scans

Simple pass first.  Notice how hard-sell the news flow is on ‘rona:

The Lift Border context includes Euro-centric developments like UK and France working to lift border closure, British minister says.

While the Range Rover refs go to what we could call a “viral transient” story Devastated family release video of mother being run over and killed by her Range Rover as they sue over ‘defective gear selector that caused accident’ which wouldn’t be noticed, saved the home video.

Gore porn goes viral…same reason people slow down and gawk at accidents on the freeway.  Sick puppy repost and retweet material.

Next Pass?

A.I. 2 this morning is really trying hard to make us all feeling oh, so good about getting some of our own money back from the Washington Highwaymen:

Oh what a great government we have!  Yowza, Yowza, Yowza!  (FMTT)

Decoding help in Pork City: Here Are The Most Ridiculous Pet Projects In $900 Billion Stimulus Package.

No, seriously: Taxes will go up in 2021… ewe just watch, young sheep. It’s not a “give and take” world.  It’s a “pretend to give, then take, take, take…” world.


News Dust

Another appointment: Biden poised to nominate Miguel Cardona as education secretary.

New liberal buzz word: Economic Dignity.”  As in Times report Democrats Should Unify Behind the Idea of Economic Dignity.  Lingo lango watch on this one.

Okey-Dope: Oklahoma leads nation in marijuana cultivation licenses issued in 2020.

Around the Ranch

Neighbor brought his nifty-new 60-HP Kubota by Monday and he “got after it” with the stump grinder on it:  Christmas Present Deluxe!

\Way cool – thanks, Cale!  About 30 tree stumps in 2-1/2 hours… Eat your heart out Tonka.

Our Late Christmas Card…

Off to get the turkey out of the freezer and start that whole process.

3D printers are running out stocking-stuffers…

And just the charts in Peoplenomics Saturday so I can focus on shop work – which there’s a ton of…

Write when you get rich,

51 thoughts on “Conspiracy Christmas”

    • A bird in the hand you can eat.
      A bird in a bush leaves one hungry.

      (I’m also skeptical of gun safes – take time to open._

      If you feel like you need a gun safe, you have untrusted people in your home and that’s a bigger problem.)

      • Hi George,
        I have a file on my laptop called “quotable quotes”, and over time I’ve added a few from you to it. Used when posting on FB.
        I’ll trade you one;
        “A lie told once remains a lie, but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.” Joseph Goebbels

      • Gun safes, and safes in general are not to protect Ure stuff from family and friends(I hope). They’re to protect your reserve guns and other valuables from a determined thief or home invader. If the storage place can be found in less than an hour by the uninitiated, Ure doing it wrong. Obviously your go to weapons and other important tools should be where you can access them as quickly as possible, while presenting real challenges to outsiders.

        This is not a problem with a simple solution, unfortunately. The greatest challenge in home defense is when you’re not home to defend it. The second big challenge is when you’re sleeping like a log or comatose after Christmas Turkey.

      • Motion sensors around and house sitters… Alexa’s new guard function works as a second set of suspenders while a couple of hard wires inside motion detectors (Keriu – see amazon) work as additional belts and suspenders.
        OTOH if I had a hearing loss, we’d be screwed (I crack myself up, sometimes. WHAT?)

      • Mike, I have an outer perimeter and an inner perimeter through which a burglar or other home-invader must pass before even getting to my house — both are Internetted for those (now few) times I’m away from home.

        ‘Problem with a safe is one of the hottest “man-toys” being sold as Christmas presents this year is the Barska metal detector (@ less than $50). It’s probably not worth a crap as a coin-finder, but it’ll locate a safe in a wall or floor within seconds. If I were going to burgle houses, I’d have one in my goody-bag, right next to the chainsaw I’d use to make my own door in a blank wall (where there aren’t any sensors — hence, my multiple “security rings…”)

        I’m thinking the logical counter to this is to disassemble walls, then rebuild them with a solid layer of steel under the wallboard or lath (steel roofing/flashing or HVAC duct sheeting, bought unbraked {flat — not yet folded into ducting} from a supplier or HVAC installer, maybe?) It’d have to be a DIY or a job for a well-heeled client to justify the expense, unless (s)he were ripping out the walls, anyway. Even then, walls are 5″-8″ thick, safes considerably moreso, and that discrepancy would probably get noticed.

        Living with, or around thieves, one should never store possessions they value, onsite. A situation like this should be remedied ASAP if possible, and if not possible, is justification for SECRETLY acquiring a secure storage warehouse.

        This is the same basic philosophy I preach WRT convertible cars. If you drive a convertible, you should never lock the doors or glovebox, and never leave anything in the car that you don’t wish to lose. A stolen radio or jacket is much less of a financial loss than a stolen radio or jacket, PLUS having your top slit…

        The only ways to guarantee you won’t have your valuables stolen are to not have valuables, or to not have them where they can be stolen. When I did alarm and LP systems, I always gave this bit of wisdom to the owner/manager.

        Mental exercise for anyone who wishes to not be burgled:

        Think of how you would burgle your home or business, then think of what steps you could take to stop you.

        Rinse & repeat.

        When you run out of ideas on how to break in to your sanctuary, ask someone else how they’d do it. They will spawn whole new sets of ideas in your head. So play rinse & repeat again. When the ideas on how to break-in stop coming, and others’ ideas don’t provide anything new, it’s game over… ‘Might want to play this game again though, before you circulate any buckage through your local home-improvement box-store, only with “terrorists” or “zombies” as the parties who might encroach on your castle, and your food or your life as the object of their desire.

        Since you’ve been taking notes (you have been taking notes, right?), figure the cost to implement your mitigation strategies, and which of them will cover multiple vulnerabilities. “Dual-use” isn’t a slogan, it’s a lifestyle! Now, get busy and fix that which is whole, yet broken…

      • George and Ray:- Thanks much for your ideas. I do agree with many of your ideas and have already implemented some of these ideas. A trustworthy house-sitter is unobtainium in my own life, ever since my entire family left the area and the only other true confidante’s live thousands of miles away. I do believe that we need to harden our houses to a level that an untrained gang of armed thugs cannot get in without time, noise, and major tools. Beyond that, I’m not sure that anyone can succeed. This is true regardless of whether or not we have anything of value in the house or the area/neighborhood – after all, I’m sleeping here.

        Outdoor motion detectors are good as long as they’re relatively immune to animals and wind. Internet connectivity alone is not enough, unless there’s are multiple connectivity options, with cell or mesh backup. For now, there is a police response available – eventually. Windows are a real problem – generally one rock will go right through. If the fire dept. can get in, so can a thug. Of course, the fire dept. doesn’t care about making noise or being noticed, but in bad enough times, neither do thieves.

        At least there are no kids here and never will be.

      • “George and Ray:- Thanks much for your ideas…”

        Mike, remember, it is IMPOSSIBLE to prevent a motivated thief or invader from ingress into your home. The best defense is always to remove his motivation — either make your house appear a more-difficult prey than your neighbor’s (or neighbors’), or make it unattractive to thieves (in a SHTF situ, this means making it look “already ransacked”), in every day life, lotsa cameras (but none o’ them stoopid lawn signs, unless you steal someone else’s ADT sign*), some of them too obvious to not see.

        You can’t stop a home-invasion from happening, you can only slow it down and “buy time.”

        This also means, in the earliest part of a SHTF “anarchy,” governments will always try to demonstrate they’re still “in control,” by subjecting “possible offenders” to draconian, biased legal process (IOW you can’t shoot ’em ’cause if you do, it’ll be YOU who’s guaranteed to become “the example” and go to prison…) If’fn you want to be able to justifiably shoot home-invaders, you have to find a way to stall them out for 6-8 months, until your local government figures out the existing “legal rules” no longer apply

        * EVERYBODY should know when a person or family (or business) has security cameras. NOBODY should know how many, their capabilities, or real (or potential) fields of view. With that said, if you buy a Loran, a Swann, a Night Owl, or a Honeywell system , or go the ADT or Amazon/SimpliSafe route, you NEVER advertise who made your preconfigged system, because doing so tells a potential thief how to circumvent or kill it.

        Today’s “fancy” preconfigged systems have a hard-line autodialer (like the ones I built, 40 years ago), but they also have wi-fi connectivity and one or two cellphone dialers (for different carriers, i.e. Verizon and AT&T.) Although illegal to sell or even advertise in the U.S., there’s a thousand places (including Amazon) where a body can purchase a broadband RF jammer (an enterprising soul can build one using an oscillator and a 555, and any cheapo transmitter. 50 years ago, Jameco sold a jammer kit, which I used to give my Mom an occasional vacation from the soap operas to which she was addicted) that’ll take out all wi-fi and cell communications in a given radius. This is why I have an “outer perimeter.” Someone would have to breach my outer perimeter to get to power or internet lines, and breach the inner perimeter to jam wi-fi and phones.

        Concentric layers — dissuade, discourage, and buy time…

      • @Mike
        “This is not a problem with a simple solution”

        Oh, yeah, it’s not a problem with ANY solution. A person can break in to the White House, Fort Knox, the FRBNY, or any place else, if they’re sufficiently motivated and resourceful. They might leave in a body bag, but they CAN get in.

        One thing I forgot to mention: Every police department has a “normal” phone number (it generally routes to the Desk Sergeant), in addition to each county’s 911 response number. You should find out what this number is, and put it on speed-dial, ’cause you ain’ta gonna get the Albuquerque PD if’fn you dial 911 from Memphis or Boulder (I also have the local DTF on speed-dial, because I’ve been an occasional “observer” on chemical investigations. It pays to be on da po-po’s good side… And “yes,” if I were a restauranteur, I’d be the SOB giving free coffee & donuts and half-price victuals {“vittles”} to the police and fire personnel.)

  1. Yo Chief –

    Way to close with a “rub” in the limey’s faces with that talk of frozen Turkeys, no not bribems brain.
    The kneelers are running out of food, as hunger starts stalking not so great britain..stupid sheep – bow down to Ure german masters, and maybe U will get some moar gruel..

    Kindly suggest Ure reviews what Intrinsic Value is, the definition thereof and study.
    ..pencil out those things that are intrinsic – for instance;
    -over 12,000 BTC nodes/servers
    -core developers refining and upgrading the code 24/7 for over 11yrs
    – Un-Confiscatable
    – Un-Hackable = Intrinsic Value, for LCN’s sake.
    – only 21 Million -EVER.

    Luv Ure humor this AM – ‘with a parched survivor coming in from desert” – crypto flippo guy would NEVER pay 1 BTC, maybe a fractional “shatoshi”, obviously the scenario does not work – as anybody Intelligent enough to own some Bitcoin, is far too intelligent and “awares”, to get somehow stranded” in a desert..kinda scheisse just does not happen to smart peeps who understand the 3 P’s – let alone Cycles over 20.
    On a more serious mental note – the ECU has recently been Diagnosed with Anxity.
    MD has prescribed Medical Marijuana..and just like that my anxiety issues seem to be magically disappearing.
    A lil 1to 1 – CBD/THC tincure, and vaporize a lil Bio-Jesus – smoooooth sailing where did I leave the cheezypoofs?

    • Well, back to math class:

      ..pencil out those things that are intrinsic – for instance;
      -over 12,000 BTC nodes/servers
      -core developers refining and upgrading the code 24/7 for over 11yrs
      – Un-Confiscatable
      (UH…SO NOT R E A L?)
      – Un-Hackable = Intrinsic Value, for LCN’s sake.
      (am I going a little fast for yah?)
      – only 21 Million -EVER.
      Reminds me of “the perfect fart” I had once. No value (though methane content makes it more valuable than a hard to duplicate number). Yet, when came down to cases, no one wanted it.

      (Not even me!)

      This was where my dream of ButtCoin ended. There was a brief stink but it passed. Oooops!!!!

      • ..killing me with laughter, hold on while I dry my tears and catch my breath.

        How much food have U2 homesteaders grown in past 2 years time ?

        How much protein have U all raised past 2 years?

        How much Freeze Dried Goods, Non Perishable Goods, and Sides of angus beef & lead – have my theoretical 1/2 a BTC bought this past year?

        *pure unadulterated genius – take a long hard look – so U all can recognize it next time it comes around..

      • All it takes is one computer or USB or other recordable device to survive and there are plenty of those that will and have,,, It is the human who will have a hard time surviving as you dwell throughout the Earth, you’ll find resources that are computer generated recorded that has survived millions of years, the information doesn’t change ,we do, could you really be a Smith instead of a Ure,for sure, watch as a margin is marked off on paper, and hidden in origin

  2. I’ve got an uncle who gets any vaxx, Flu, Pneumonia. COVID vaxx, “Give it a couple of weeks.” he’s in. But he grew up in the times before the Polio vaccines. Over time he learned to trust vaccine programs from seeing practical application.

    I’m neutral but distrust people. As a child I received mandatory vaxxes along with my peers. Maybe a few IQ points were shaved off, how would I know? But I didn’t see much disease growing up. I recall one girl in early grade school having Pneumonia. Mumps and Chicken Pox in others. But I had neither.

    How can I trust today’s COVID vaxx? The FDA is relying on the manufactures testing and the manufacturer is shielded from liability. The people working at those places are no different than us or the people we’ve worked with. They want the Christmas bonus check.

    • The initial vaccines were all antigen. Then someone discovered the (arguable) value of adjuvants. Adjuvants, those irritants such as mercury, thiomersal, aluminum, various oils, etc), caused a non-specific inflammation and immune reaction. It permitted a much smaller amount of actual antigen – the expensive part of a vaccine. Many vaccines today are almost all adjuvant, and their non-specific effects tend toward increasing the likelihood of autoimmune disorders!

      Today’s mRNA vaccines contain no antigen and simply instruct your body to produce the antigen. What could go wrong?

      • “What could go wrong?”

        I posted the other day. As example

        We saw industrial accidents, Love Canal/Gulf Disaster.
        We saw nuclear accidents, Three Mile Island/Fukushima.
        We saw chemical accidents DDT/PBBs introduced into the food supplies.

        Other than the Sackler family accidentally getting a lot of people addicted to Oxycontin I don’t think I’ve ever seen a large-scale pharmaceutical disaster. We’re ripe.

      • Interesting! This info should be passed on to all the rabid vaccine supporters. Maybe they’d see the error of their ways. Doctors excepted, of course, since they think they know it all.

  3. That is a silly comment about having your gun or guns in a safe. What about if you have children or grand children? It would be irresponsible to leave a loaded weapon out in the open if you have children or grand children in the home. That is why I have two safes. One in our bedroom which had two loaded pistols in it. I can get in that safe in about 1 to two seconds with a 5 digit code that only my wife and I know. I have another large safe with many firearms in it. I like them locked up for safety but also in case someone breaks into the house while we are gone they will at least have to work to get them out of that safe. Also they are “fire proof.”

      • You stated that “If you feel like you need a gun safe, you have untrusted people in your home and that’s a bigger problem.”

        My point is that there are other reasons to have a gun safe. I do not have untrusted people in my home.

        Merry Christmas!

      • In those days kids were taught manners and respect and knew about a gun at an early age. Now no manners or respect and a gun is for killing people. I think that maybe what you were hinting at.

      • Had two fine boys grow up around all kinds of guns n stuff. Kept most of the guns in a safe so no kind considerate folks would break in and relieve me of my weaponry. Both sons knew the combination and understood the stakes.
        “Train up a child in the way they should go….” Well it’s easy to figure out. ….. Blessings

      • Oh yeah, I forgot to wish you and everyone else here a Merry Christmas. Hopefully, it won’t be our last. Blessings to you and Elaine George.

    • ” I can get in that safe in about 1 to two seconds with a 5 digit code that only my wife and I know.”

      During an active home-invasion, no, you can’t.

      You’re going to fumble the combination several times, and it’ll take a half-minute (or more) to open that safe. If you live in an area where you need a firearm for home defense, it should be on your person when you’re not in bed, and beside your bed in a safe with a biometric lock, when you are. If you don’t live in such an area, why would you have loaded firearms in your house?

      BTW, what happens when the battery on any digital or biometric safe, dies…?

      My gun safe contains only an antique single-shot 12ga, my son’s SKS, 100 rounds of 7.62x39JHPs, and a rack full of keys, which open doors in places other than my home. [It contains] no documents, data, cash, other ammo, or anything else, but it’s certainly a “juicy” target, that’d take a body some time to crack.

      ‘Think I’m going to adopt “Discourage, dissuade, delay” as a tagline for a while, until we are actually living in a state of anarchy, or that bloody term goes away…

      • A lot of the weapons storage depends on how many firearms you own and the value. An individual with a sizeable collection should consider having high dollar collector weapons stored in a fire-resistant safe in a hidden locked area. A second safe for real defensive weapons can be used if you have kiddos in the home. Empty nesters are free to do as they please; however, it is best to keep unlocked weapons up high, out of sight, and only the minimum you need for quick defense. You need to police the hardware if you are having children or repairmen as guests. The problem is not necessarily kids under your instruction, it is the tykes who have had no training who will try to play with the adult hardware, and then there are the thieves.

        Several incidents I was involved in decades ago convinced me that you should not have weapons too close to the bed. You want to be wide awake before you operate a deadly weapon. A couple of drunk morons came home to the wrong apartment, and started kicking my door, thinking their spouses had locked them out and turned off the lights. Had I not been forced to get up, turn on lights, and wake up before confronting them, it would have turned into a very tragic situation. Don’t let a potential adversary see the weapon until you are ready to use it. Brandishing a weapon may be used as an excuse for an assault by someone who is intoxicated, confused, or mentally incompetent. And if the adversary you brandish the weapon at turns out to be a lawman, you will be killed, or worse. Especially if it is a confused lawman at the wrong door. And then there is Harris County Tx …

        The first place that thieves go is to the bedside table and dresser, then the MBR closet, guaranteed.

        Note that a good razor sharp axe or other oversized sharp might be an alternate suitable door ir window weapon in certain circumstances. Thin ’em out before resorting to weapons which will draw return fire.

        Of course, I don’t have any valuable weapons. And I do know how to operate the few I have. I also know how to put an edge on a sharp. Stay safe.

  4. The linguistic usage associated with the term “Chinese Taiwan” appears to be extending beyond the original borders of “sporting event” jousts, at least in public messaging from Chinese SARSs like Hong Kong.

  5. “We’re still open to what happens IF (as Hunter memos alleged if press reports are correct) there was a little dough kicked up to “pops” (or was it the man? early yet…). If a grand jury were to indict and feds arrest, can the Veep-Elect be sworn-in? Whew…”

    I think it was the BIG GUY…. LOL but never fear.. if they can bury all of that crap of the kids.. its in the bag.. Rarely do laws pertain to anyone of power and influence.. that is just for us little guys… and since congress spent billions trying to overthrow the previous administration.. I think they can get this one tossed out to.. notice how they have given the impression that it is all acceptable … Now they are pushing to cover it up.. and I think they just about got the job done to. I have lost faith in the system..I think most have….
    They gave congress an approval rating of twelve.. I think they were just being nice… LOL

  6. “Oh what a great government we have! Yowza, Yowza, Yowza! (FMTT)
    Decoding help in Pork City: Here Are The Most Ridiculous Pet Projects In $900 Billion Stimulus Package.
    No, seriously: Taxes will go up in 2021… ewe just watch, young sheep. It’s not a “give and take” world. It’s a “pretend to give, then take, take, take…” world.

    I must have missed something there.. I didn’t see infrastructure repair or rebuild in any of that.. It looks quite a bit like the regular national budget LOL

  7. mate you have lost it . just rambling money rubbish , coke a cola stories , zimbabwe . what next ? do you feel any embaresment with your childish ignorant stubborn garbage economist dribble with all the covid stories doing the rounds . depression and deflation started long ago . remember you and your wacko mates started the covid stuff in february . whats happened ? all gone broke ? need a new ponzi toy ? seriously i never thought you were so stupid to mix in those lies .

    • You do realize that this alt news, fake right conspiracy theories has all been a set up to embarrass the crap out of whakos like you Len. Just wait.

      • Most of what Len writes isn’t sufficiently coherent to be able to infer a cogent conspiracy line of thought from. And a certain percentage of coherent conspiracy theories do have some factual basis. Remember that crazy conspiracy theory that a Chinese-origin bug was going to attack the US? I still read posts from the disbelievers.

  8. Im betting you are going to dead wrong about Taiwan. Do you know many Chinese?,
    particularly mainlanders. The CCP may be whip up population in xenophobic displays frequently, but the Chinese are at heart timid. If they are going to try to take Taiwan, then they will be more subtle and play the longer game.
    They have no doubt as to the hurt the US could still deliver them despite your internal issues, and they are definitely not stupid.
    Their main power input which is trade would take to great a hit at this point. And
    how about the India / Pakistan nuke exchange you were selling, how is that progressing??. To much fear porn methinks.

  9. PS. George feel free to edit any typos (earlier post) A function to allow self editing for the site would be a project worth taking on. Like say Youtube provides. Self edit allowed for up to 20 mins?. Just a suggestion.

  10. Does anyone else think it just tad coincidental that a new hyper-infective covid variant is announced (may have actually popped up back in September) just as two new vaccines are being rolled out to a lukewarm reception.

  11. Good Guard dog, best protection you can have, will protect the house when your not home, let you know at night when your sleeping if someone comes in at night, Tim

    • Great point! Some of us don’t get along with dogs at all, unfortunately. I like animals, but don’t like any of the habits of dogs at all. Their noise and fecal habits are gross, along with their tendency to scratch, jump, and slobber over everything. A well trained pair of guard dogs are certainly a serious deterrent and alarm system. Of course, they can be helpful if you go away for a day, but not if you do so for a week, month, or longer. Dogs have their place, but they’re not a panacea. Even George doesn’t have a dog – probably for the above reasons.

      • Well I can tell you this from having 209 pound Mastiffs for 40 years. I’m in my 60s now and this guy is the last one. We don’t think we can handle a big dog when we get older. It’s a huge amount of work and even now it’s so much harder than years ago when we had more bounce to our step. We love him and he’ll protect my wife, even from me if I raise my voice towards her. But it’s too much work. All the slobber and shit detail is no fun either. Cats are much easier. Wife is allergic so there goes my chances of owning a Bengal Tiger. But all animals are alot of work. I have a 30 year old African Grey parrot, and he’s a big mess maker too. Not to mention the feathers and dander. Plus he picks on the dog.

      • The best guard dogs are the “toy” breeds (the dreaded “yap-dogs”). Because of their size, they are constantly alert and will raise utter hell if something untoward is going on. A rat terrier or Chihuahua is best for hearing stuff, a Dachshund, for smelling stuff, and unless it was poorly raised, a Doxie knows no fear (the Badger is one of the fiercest animals on the planet. The Dachshund’s bred purpose is to go into a badger’s den and kill an horrific fighter 6x its size, on its own turf…) Attack dogs are bred to attack. The Rottweiler and Mastiff (NOT the Bull Terrier — pit or otherwise) are the epitome of this type. The difference between guard dogs and attack dogs is the former let you know when your turf has been breached, the latter, simply neutralize the breach.

        I have an express shotgun for neutralizing any breach, and attack dogs can land you on the wrong side of a civil suit…

        George doesn’t have dogs because he used to have a German Shepard, and discovered asthma doesn’t mix well with dog fir. Doxies, even the long-haired flavor (and Basenji, and especially Labradoodles, which were specifically cross-bred to create a companion dog that was hypoallergenically “safe” for asthmatics and people normally allergic to fur-babies) don’t shed, and unless wet, don’t smell. BTW the short-haired toys (and long-haired Doxie) don’t drool or slobber. They will demand affection, usually about 20min/day, spread out over 3-4 doses, but like tribbles, are calming to the human who pets them.

        Ya can’t leave any of ’em alone for a month though. If you provide a doggy door so Fido can poop in the yard, you’ve provided a breach-point that’s one poisoned steak away from free admission for any home invader…

      • Also when the Shepherd decided to take down a jogging neurosurgeon, the wallet pucker convinced me the liability ins. of 130 pounds of doggie able to leave 5+ feet of fence was a non-starter.
        Bismarck was moved to Eastern Washington and a jogging-doctors-free zone…

      • “Bismarck was moved to Eastern Washington and a jogging-doctors-free zone…”

        You could’ve just gotten him a Hood…

        Ba-da boomp!

  12. Actually George you and all your golden kibitz mates can insert everything . Your a disgrace mate . The Jedi will destroy the dark side when you least expect . Extremely disappointed how you become . Fractal and time monks deceased as well . Will be horrific what’s coming

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