A Disturbing Conspiracy Theory

With “Impeachment Day” nonsense overwhelming all the “news” channels, I got to thinking this morning “ Are we ALL missing something?”  Maybe so…

Let’s back up:  While it’s true that HRC and the DNC came along to oust Trump within seconds of the win in 2016, it’s also true that the GOP has not always been a “guiding light” for the world, as noted in the recent “Government Lied About Afghanistan” report.  (Frankly, we’re still skeptical of 9/11. the War on Terror, potential to misuse all the government’s data on…well… everyone, too.

Point is, politics has been shoved down our throats and polarization seems more important than facts.  Today, the dems will vote to impeach Trump, and frankly looks like a slam dunk.  The House is “their riverboat, their wheelhouse.”

The Senate?  Maybe not…but that’s going to depend on the Deep State winning-back enough of the GOP to start re-filling the swamp.

Is It All a Diversion?

What IF....and I say this part carefully…there really is a government plan to enumerate every one of us…digitally…and use that information for some yet-undisclosed long-range purpose?

Not that the template isn’t visible elsewhere, already.  In China, thanks to a social media monitoring and scoring system, it you don’t swallow the ChiCom’s Kool-Aid, it begins to reflect in your social media scoring.  The lower your score, the slower the trains you travel on, the lesser government benefits, and so on.

India, as was reported in a Time of India story this summer is getting in on it too:

The government may make it mandatory for companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon to sell public, or non-personal, data that they collect to anyone in the country seeking access to it, including the government and private entities. ”  [emphasis added-g]

Here’s the conspiracy part:  WHAT IF the U.S. government was going down the same path as China?  What would be the simplest way to develop a file on everyone in America?  Then implement virtually overnight in some ginned-up “emergency” social controls?

Short How-To answer:  Promote social media (buying lots of data, plus importing via API’s to feed into Provo where the FedGov’s million square foot data center is) and then monitor everyone’s social so the government can score each of us.  Big Brother is suddenly “in the chips.”

Think about what we know:  The Economy is in a mega-bubble.  There are lots of aging people (we’ll be branded as a drag on recovery from any economic crash because of Social Security costs. (Which is set to collapse in about 2037 which may be optimistic with open borders and all…).  Or, there comes a (planned) pandemic with “only so much vaccine available” and gosh…see how convenient itg would be for government to have a “scoring” system ready to roll for Americans?

Neat thing about political polarization at extreme levels – check today’s headlines if you doubt me – is that probably 90-95% of everyone will buy into it and choose-up sides.  It may be too late, but try not to.

Even so much as a line in social (a single tweet, for example) becomes like administering a political Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test to  290-million people without so much as a whimper.

We’d sure like to know which social media (and dating services) have govedrnment accessible APIs…boy, would that be interesting, huh?

Here’s the thing  It would work.  And pretty damn well, at that.

Let’s say you are rabidly pro-Trump.  That MAGA hat picture on your FB page, or those supportive “me-too” tweets.  That would class you as an “action-oriented R.”  On the other hand, if you support Impeach now, that makes you and “action-oriented D.”  Especially if you use emotional hot words like “hate” “dump” or any of dozens of others.

If you are a registered R or D politically, but your social media content doesn’t reflect any overt action, then we have two more classes of citizens:  “Inert R” and “Inert D.”  Non-actors, possibly “safe.”

Then there’s that other 10% who, like me, don’t give a rip about social media – because if I’m going to write content, I sure-as-shit am not going to give it to a big corporation to monetize when I could do that myself.  How dumb are American’s?  Very, very it turns out.

This 10% class can be tossed into the quad-chart view easily enough through other API’s though.  For example, it would be easy to look at a state of Texas drivers license API and see “Oh, Ure’s an R” because that’s what I said when we moved here 16 years ago from Florida and got registered (branded as a Texan) in the process.

Policy and Use Cases:  These get to be interesting.  Once we have a very good idea of who is an “inert R” or :Inert D” it’s easy to imagine policy uses.  While the “Action R” and “Action D” types would have another.

Going to cut back on social payments?  Like social security on the pretext of what we need to recover from an economic depression?  Why, as a good Deep State Despot, you’d whack benefits to the “inert class” first.  Then use them as your “See, everyone else is helping out…” backdrop for the narrative.

Pretty much whatever you can think of:  Government rationing in event of a famine, vaccine for a pandemic outbreak, gun grab if the Digital Mob Rule online spills into the streets, power after EMP, or we have some other critical resource shortages…  Why, you’d have a near-perfectly scored “personally revealed” psychological profile on virtually everyone.

Oh – way too late to scrub your social media.  We told you back in 2012 (when i as writing, Broken Web, remember?) to seriously manage your social media profile.  This needs to be further amplified because our last Peoplenomics newsletter dealt with the notion of Privacy and how much of it tech has stolen it.

Key point is once you write anything on social media it is no longer private or privileged information.  It is PUBLIC.

Is it paranoid to begin asking such questions?  Well, no more so than it was in 2012, lol.   Facebook does a pretty good job of being as open (as they can) about governments and data.  According to their page at the linke, globally there have been 128-thousand data requests in just the first half of this year and in almost 74% of cases, data what produced.

We also know that FB and the FTC agreed to a settlement involving data use this summer in a case where FB paid a $5-billion fine.  We have to wonder if it would be above the government (since they lie) to have put some “back end stuff” in off-the-books?  See how too much coffee leads to paranoia?

We don’t know who is collecting the data, but the potential for corporations to pick up some revenue by renting API calls has to be tempting now.  And when markets come tumbling down, it may be one of the few financial life preservers there is.

Definitely something to think about.

Because like I said at the outset this morning, something about this whole 3+ year impeachment stupidity doesn’t feel right.  The misleading FBI director, the crooked media, the utter hate-mongering and the runaway Tweet storms.  Too crazy.  Oftentimes, when I’ve had this sense of “something’s off” it will eventually come out there was something else going on.  At the one-level up from “normal people’s thinking.”  The PowersThatBe realms.

No point to watching the Impeachment vote.  It’s a done deal.  Besides, I have real work to do around here and not going to waste time making myself a bigger target.  You may want to think about that, as well.

Housing Starts and Low Rates

Conventional wisdom is that Housing Does Well When Rates are Low.  So, let’s tear open the envelope on todays housing report, shall we?

After the report, Dow Futures were down a tad while the S&P and techs were up a smidge.  Bitcoins down to $6,876…but you know we’re looking for sub $4,000 in 2020, right?

Industrial product and utilization out from the Fed shortly.  And the Rep Depot today is dropping another $ billion in,  so Santa can afford some crack…

SOPI  (Stories Of Possible Interest)

Even less of a worker’s paradise? Russia’s Gender Equality Rating Drops – WEF Report.

Meantime, did I miss a Cold War II memo, or something? ‘Erratic’ Russian Spy Ship Spotted Off Southeast U.S..

UK stall to the wall as Pound Tumbles On Report PM Johnson Plans To Outlaw Further Brexit Delays.

If they build it, they will come?  New Triple A report says “Long-Term Use of Advanced Driver Assistance Technologies Can Result in Disengaged Drivers.”  As a so it yourselfer, I seem to remember the trend began with automatic transmissions.  There’s an art to mobile coffee and a five-speed…

House Dems and Pork report from CBS in “$1.4 trillion spending package crammed with unrelated provisions.”   Is anyone surprised?  Hardly….

Will Boeing survive?  Seems a fair question reader Boeing will still burn $1 billion a month on 737 Max even with production halt, JP Morgan says.

Have a great day – Amazon’s got a Last Minute Deals page if you’re running late.,  Got a present for Elaine ordered already today and now down to 14-items on today’s ToDo list…

Peoplenomics tomorrow is part 1 of the annual forecast…where we ramble-on about the gulf between “seeing what’s coming” and actually being able to act on it…

Write when you get rich,


65 thoughts on “A Disturbing Conspiracy Theory”

  1. George,

    There’s a lot more fact in your ideas about this than theory. Social media is one of the greatest honey traps of all time. I’ve fallen for it like most people have. A few years ago I started to get wise to it and curtailed my activities accordingly, but the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. It’s a big digital gilded cage and we locked ourselves in.

    All that data is available for use for whatever and whoever has their hands on it. It’s a sad state of human affairs to immediately realize that it’s going to be used against us instead of being used to improve the overall condition of humanity.

    Humans are the 4th great ape and we love to congratulate ourselves on how smart we all are, but we’re actually still just apes that are in a bad spot. If we were a little smarter everything would be better and conversely, if we were a little stupider we’d not be able to get in so much trouble. But no, here we are, just smart enough to be able to inflict maximum damage to ourselves, each other and the world, but too dumb to stop ourselves. It’s quite a pickle.

    • Yo George, Like John Walker said after being busted for spying , If I had access “color it gone”, social media, texts, emails, phones, digital photos: color em all gone…..Funny that Mark made the comment ” my intel is much more acute than yours”. Bold statement. Care to share your sources. Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. “Maybe not…but that’s going to depend on the Deep State winning-back enough of the GOP to start re-filling the swamp.”

    look for a boost in donations by lobbyists…

    the last time they dropped hundreds of millions on them overnight…

  3. “Then implement virtually overnight in some ginned-up “emergency” social controls?”

    Now that is interesting.. the same laws and provisions they passed that allow their jobs to be eliminated.. also dealt with this very issue.. its law and can be implimented when the circumstances are right..

  4. I have been registered ‘independent’ for over twenty-five years. Hate both major parties. As for gubmint scoring me, they know where I live, come get me. I am too old to put up with their bleep.

  5. There are millions of registered Democrats who never vote for that party in November,preferring to vote for the worst(though sometimes it’s difficult to determine) candidate in the primaries.As a result of that,any judgment on that basis would be faulty.

  6. Your on the right track now George.
    Things a happening fast and it’s all good for us humans.
    Think about what really happened at China Lake?

  7. Look into Tower Seven collapse on 9-11. If that doesn’t move you from “skeptic” to full blown “truther”….then you’re brain dead.

  8. The canceling of the December 15 tariffs means all those electronics, laptops, tablets, iPhones, et cetera, won’t see price bumps during the remainder of the holiday shopping season. The rollback on other tariffs also helps semiconductor-makers and a slew of other industries with supply chains and manufacturing in China. Look for bargains.

    For PN subscribers, URE INDEX 30,666 up next?

  9. Hey George, Interesting theory what I do not understand is why in doing this they are in effect is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs! To steal a line from the movie Wild Bill, the world situation reminds me of part of the Bible…
    the part right before God gets mad…….

  10. “Because like I said at the outset this morning, something about this whole 3+ year impeachment stupidity doesn’t feel right.”

    When one uses the words “government” and/or “god” one has to ask oneselfe who are these two?? Could it perhaps be, that we humans are ruled by “entities” from another dimension? Just asking!

    When you think about “human history,” WHEW! ;-(.

  11. George,
    When his crimes reached this level of corruption (and aid to our national enemies), Pelosi’s hand was forced away from her 2018 winning strategy. Ironically, it surely could inure to Trump’s benefit. Hope those tax cuts were worth it. Best holiday wishes, Mike.

  12. Uncle G – if by conspiracy theory you mean the honest truth..YES Google and Facebook are EVIL.

    A consortium led by Cohen and Zuckerberg of Google &Facebook has for years now employed military contracting firms in two dozen nations. Every word on Facebook and every search on Google, adds to databases used by Tel Aviv and Kosher Nostra to engineer hell on earth – the manifestations of Satanic Rule. -VT

    Facebook founded exactly one day after CIA shutdown Lifelog project. hmmm

    The Highlands Forum group – private network acts as bridge between Pentagon and powerful American ELITES outside the military since mid 90’s. This led to Clowns In Action creating In-Q-Tel -venture capital – to fund/seed promising tech start ups like Google and Facebook..yes Goldman Sachs is involved – see Stephan Friedman – who along with William Perry – Highlands current overlord and is also founding member of In-Q-Tel.

    SAIC/Leidos largest single customer is NSA, NSA’s largest Contractor is SAIC/Leidos.

    – Sergy Brin & Larry Page made breakthrough on 1st automated web crawling and page ranking application. They preformed their work with funding from DLI (Digital Library Initiative) a multi agency program of NSF,NASA and DARPA. this is only 1/2 the story..

    During development of the search engine Brin and Page “reported” to 2 people outside Stanford – Dr Bhavani Thuraisingham -now at UTexas and Dr Rick Steinheiser – both representatives of a sensitive US intelligence community. Thuraisingham was working for MITRE Corp in the 90’s.

    George – they just love US so much it brings tears of Joy to my eyes..oh wait thats not tears of joy..its teenytinybitterdrops of LAUGHTER @the Evil Pieces of Fecal Matta..U Know Who U R! bwahahaha

    • Good point. Here’s what Wikipedia said about LifeLog
      “LifeLog was a project of the Information Processing Techniques Office of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). According to its bid solicitation pamphlet, it was to be “an ontology-based (sub)system that captures, stores, and makes accessible the flow of one person’s experience in and interactions with the world in order to support a broad spectrum of associates/assistants and other system capabilities”. The objective of the LifeLog concept was “to be able to trace the ‘threads’ of an individual’s life in terms of events, states, and relationships”, and it has the ability to “take in all of a subject’s experience, from phone numbers dialed and e-mail messages viewed to every breath taken, step made and place gone”.[1]”

      See more at

    • “YES Google and Facebook are EVIL.”

      Yes someone EVIL from google must have figured out I was playing with the ad’s as a personal joke by getting them to show off the cuff funny stuff.. now I am getting some quirky crap that isn’t any fun at all…

      I absolutely loved that they digitized libraries.. I have been a library crawler most of my life.. what is funny is my grandkids noticed that the old books that don’t get checked out often and haven’t been replaced at the library and at school all had my name in them as being checked out by me. today I can access books and studies etc.. from just about every college.. and the big libraries and museums of the world have access ..Its pretty awesome if you ask me..
      I personally only know of one other person that reads more than I do around me…. I actually met her in the stacks of the library of congress.. she still reads one to two books a day…compared to her I have slacked off quite a bit..
      I am NOT allowed to talk politics or religion at home or at my friends homes. If I give an opinion my wife reminds me ten words or less and I am not allowed to debate any issue…. I am not a ten word person LOL.. I am but a sheep that will follow the herd when the time comes.. BAA BAA ..A don’t make any waves person.. pay more than my fair share in taxes.. I won’t pee off the IRS.. drive the speed limit and follow all the rules person..

  13. Bitcoin may have been hit with what is estimated as a $2B fraud scheme in China that has been liquidating their position – some articles have stated that there have been some arrests but it is not known at this time how much more will be sold. can’t vouch for the accuracy ….

  14. Great column today George…it’s not just China, but Russia as well that we are heading towards and Trump is the band leader. He is Dr Evil in this scenario, looking to be as in control as Xi and Putin are in their respective countries. Why do you think he also admires Kim Jung Un? Control! Trumps off the cuff comments about President for life and King…are not by accident. Stephen Miler is Trumps producer and nothing he does is not without purpose.

    Facebook and Google were born out of ex government tech. You have no idea what incredibly advanced tech the government already has now…and will be eventually monetized once rules and Regs are established. It’s the governments way of making sure that the tech we have doesn’t fall into the hands of a more sinister and intellectual DrEvil, not the low IQ individual we have in office now.

    SRI and Ames Research have tech now that will blow your damn mind…I used to do work with SRI in the early 2000’s. They had a division that did monetize old government technology…that was far advanced than anything on the market…to the US Gov. it was old…to the average Joe it was mind blowing. Get the picture?

    • @MARKZ

      PRESIDENT TRUMP ….trolls you and your ilk….many are not ‘smart enough’ to see and understand it……HE gets you all the time…not his ‘flaw’ but yours…which is mired in hatred…YOU will never survive “4 more years”….lol

    • “They had a division that did monetize old government technology…that was far advanced than anything on the market…to the US Gov. ”

      I cant wait for some of it..
      I remember going to an electronic show.. they had a goggles that when i put it on. I was standing on the edge of the grand canyon.. you could hear the birds flap their wings hear the gentle breeze.. look up look down side to side it would trick your mind into believing it was all real..amazing.. movies dam you’d be in the center of action..
      The other one was a live 3 dimensional hologram .. it would make the movies come alive..

      • Wildman,

        That’s Mr. Dilatard to you Pal!
        Get a grip. Your ignorance is off the charts! May you should Be gone again…unless you are a paying Peoplenomics subscriber…best value in planet earth…then stay. George earns every penny of that money!

      • if it was my website i wouldnt take your money because you are a paid agent who works more than just your business

  15. I don’t consider myself paranoid, yet everything in this column agrees with my belief system. It might even be a bit on the light side. From experience in IT and data science generally, If I can imagine it, others will have implemented it or are in process to already. I’m too antisocial to have a FB account or other “social” stuff, since I don’t do well with small talk and those things are all small talk. They seem pointless from the perspective of the individual and are just ways to profile individuals. The same is true for “dating” sites. Perhaps the real reason for shutting down the CL personals was to force people to use other sites where things such as DOB, profile details, and pictures could be captured. Regardless, “dating” sites that were useful 20 years ago are worthless today. Every bit of data on the net is captured somewhere – the only challenge is in using inference engines accurately to distill useful information. 300 million datasets is not a lot today, and if each was only 1 gb deep, just imagine how much is known about each individual. The only reason you’ll be left alone is if you’re not worth bothering with, and even that’s not a guarantee.

    I would never register to vote at the DMV. I’ve actually caused consternation when I refused. It’s the worst place. Same with the clipboard artists hanging out on the streets and universities trying to register you. The only place to do so is in person at the County Clerk’s office, and even there you lose a lot of privacy in order to exercise your right to vote.

    Today’s railroading of our President Trump is rather disgusting. How can anyone feel allegiance to an obvious swamp? Nothing in politics happens by chance, so the best we can hope for is the least activity in plain sight. I’m hoping and praying for the preservation of our nation. At the least, we’ve been shown who some of the traitors are. We will have a chance if our president still holds office on January 4th.

  16. George

    “Meantime, did I miss a Cold War II memo, or something? ‘Erratic’ Russian Spy Ship Spotted Off Southeast U.S..”

    Maybe their just trolling around in the Atlantic waiting for an interesting launch out of the Space Coast?

    “Will Boeing survive? Seems a fair question reader Boeing will still burn $1 billion a month on 737 Max even with production halt, JP Morgan says.”

    A few weeks ago I predicted that something like this would happen. If their smart they will pull out the complete Max software suite and install what’s used on the older standard 737 if it can operate the Max 737.

    As someone who has written a lot of industrial machine control software I fear that there are so many work around’s in the current Max software that it is a hopeless bowl of spaghetti code.

    It’s time to go back to a know good product and use that. Let the pilots take care of flying the plane not the computer!

    • I have read quite a few articles by engineers that say the software is nothing as compared to the fact that it is a completely flawed design.

    • ‘Erratic’ Russian Spy Ship Spotted Off Southeast U.S..”

      You must have missed it.. that’s old news..

  17. A couple of sobering points. Yes, it looks like the surveillance state has won and we are going down the ‘China Path.’ Not so fast. Without going into detail, let’s say I am a former military officer and have spent a short time in a federal agency (I will let you speculate on which one). The fact is that the government is highly fragmented and deeply incompetent. Yes, they can collect billions of tera bytes of data, but can they make this data understandable and actionable? If so, can they convince the ultimate power, the US military, to kill off or jail their own people? In theory, yes anything is possible, but my experience with the US DOD is that it will never have both the consensus and ability to move against the US people en mass. Why? because, fundamentally, the elite do not like a state of extreme disorder. They don’t want there ‘paper’ and digital assets to turn to dust or vapor over night. Yes, the ride could get bumpy, but don’t think that the US government has the compentency to kill off many of its citizens. People over estimate government compentency. Needs witnesses. Ask the Vietcong. For every US brain storm in Vietnam, the Cong had a resoundingly simple and effective solution. Pretty much the same is true in other ‘wars of liberation.’

    The US people will ultimately win by disorder and extreme government incompetence. Quick note: notice the FBI’s recent performance in the Trump affair. They thought they could lie to a FISA court and no one would notice.

    • @ Stephen

      What if the US Gov…uses UN TROOPS…..or the ‘gangs already here ‘ that THEY have supplied with weapons..and also scumbag politicians and their minions keep trying to disarm us citizens…a sad day approaches……and we will see it unfold…ALWAYS REMEMBER SOME WORDS OF WISDOM…….boy scout motto …. be prepared…….Robert E Lee…. The trite saying that honesty is the best policy has met with the just criticism that honesty is not policy. The real honest man is honest from conviction of what is right, not from policy….and…..Col William Prescot…”DON’T FIRE UNTIL YOU SEE THE WHITE OF THEIR EYES.”…..and finally a Marine’s destiny…..Semper Fi…

    • “Yes, the ride could get bumpy, but don’t think that the US government has the compentency to kill off many of its citizens. ”

      They would never go after the working class. Divide and conquer..

      By dividing people. Create a mutual enemy and lead a crusade to conquer it. Turn it into a life or death situation?—?the sense of urge unleashes unconditional support. Conquering, winning at-any-cost, is all that matters.

      By uniting people. Create a shared ambition and inspire people to build it with you. Turn it into a life quest?—?the journey to build something bigger than themselves unites people. The desire to leave a legacy is why people join a mission.

      Leaders have two choices?—?to unite or divide.

      Go after those that could make the differences to keep everything together

  18. George,
    I share your concern about what we are missing with the impeachment brouhaha. I have a further concern about what the dems will do after the impeachment process winds down. There is an assumption promoted by msm that life will return to normal. I don’t think this will happen and I fear what the dems will do next. “Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.”

    • “Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.”

      Unfortunately…that’s true.. and scary..
      Just imagine how much good that congress could achieve if they put as much energy into working for the citizens of our great country..

  19. “People over estimate government compentency. ”


    What compentency…just think about it… Our congress works ( I wrote that with a snicker) 28 days a year. Unlike the old days They refuse to write or read anything they vote in.. they haven’t done a thing productive since I was a child. Our infrastructure lays in near ruins.. and everyone dances around Doing their we gotta go to war dance..
    The vast majority would be fired if they worked a real world job..

    • There are 2.7 million federal government employees. I’m one of them. We’re the unelected bureaucrats a few people at the top of the Executive Branch think the United States public doesn’t need. Your state and local governments have a good handle on things.

      Yeah, good luck with that.

      • Exactly joe…

        I was one to.. you need those essentials..
        That’s what has me confused.. why are those in power herding us to a complete reboot?

        Just like reloading windows on a computer yuh ou loose everything if you didnt save it!

        It would be a catastrophic nightmare.

  20. I am generally on the bleeding edge of access to each social media platform as it comes out of alpha. F’r instance, I acquired a farcebook account before it was even known to staff at Wired or Ars Technica, and a Twitter account on the second day of its physical existence. I have never faceplanted, not even a “like.” I am not a twit nor am I a follower.

    During the 1990s I was familiar with a number of individuals whose primary computer concern was “security.” Security, from a user perspective requires privacy; security from a governmental perspective, requires “transparency” (doublespeak for “invasiveness”) or a lack of privacy. As a government becomes more-entrenched in the dogma of its belief in both its omniscience and omnipotence (what us’ns call “God-complex”), it becomes more paranoid and selfish. When tools come along which would enable the government to invade peoples’ personal privacy, they will use them and, regardless anything told to a law-maker or law-enforcer, will use them on everyone they can, and will never stop using them as long as these tools exist.

    I never post — not anything. When I use farcebook, I use its messaging app. Facebook Messager is not private. All sides of any “private” FB conversation are archived — They’re just not lain open for public view. Of all the text messaging applications that’ve come into existence over the past 30 years, FBM is middle of the pack for utility, but it is ubiquitous — 3bln people have it, a number about which M$M and AOLIM (also not private) only dreamed. There WERE private messagers which did PGP or DES on the fly encryption. The “privacy” community did not trust DES, and PGP required actual user setup, so none of these UIs caught on.

    So, why would I acquire media platforms and never use them? Because you never know when it might become necessary to use one, and you have no assurance that, at that time, the platform will still be available for acquisition. I download “standalone” “packages” whenever possible. “Standalone” is what we old farts used to call “software” or a “software distribution,” back in those ancient days when a “software download” was a distro and not a stub.

  21. You’re right about something being “off” with this entire impeachment affair, but Hitliary herself said it best, “If he wins, we’ll all hang”.
    These players knew they were crawling way out on a limb with their nefarious deeds, but seems they all were CONVINCED “she” would win….so no worries, right?
    It’s the same disease our friend Mark here suffers from…Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).
    And it may wind up being fatal for a score or more of these traitors.

  22. Watch the interview(s) with the late Aaron Russo (film producer, Trading Places, From Freedom to Fascism). Through his friendship with Nicky Rockefeller, he reveals the plans of the global elite: One world government, and everyone with a chip. Rockefeller essentially told him about 9/11 before it happened and why it happened. Would seem to explain the powers that Trump is apparently running in opposition to, and why “they” want him out. https://youtu.be/cubXnFHD-vk

    • Lois – I know I’ve seen this video before but, what I don’t get, and I know I’m not thinking big enough, is how do TPTB think they’re going to get enough of 7+ billion people to tow their line? The only way I can see it is start a plague going that’ll wipe out enough people to get us down to a manageable number then things will work according to their vision. Has this ever worked before in the history of us semi-hairless apes?

      … Nope.

      • “how do TPTB think they’re going to get enough of 7+ billion people to tow their line?”


        That’s an easy answer Bill.. one in two are already dependent on them to provide them with the creature comforts of necessity…
        Read Adolphs second book he explains it pretty good in there.. TPTB promoted greed.. through deregulation and upper end tax breaks.. laid all the burdens on the working class.. then got them reliant on federal programs for necessary essentials.
        Our Mark’s city of SanFran the bay area should be a great indicator.. kids making what would be considered a fortune forced to defecate on the sidewalks and get food stamps to survive living in cardboard boxes and old cars.. As a bottom feeder the lowest guy on the economic scale.. I won’t appose them.. I will follow them to the ends of the earth..
        Where the older industrialists had it figured out the younger ones didn’t grasp that part of the lessons..


        Instead of taking smaller profits and contributing to the local economy they sent jobs overseas. Where health insurance once was offered to anyone working full or part time was a given benefit is now a major household expense..getting smaller bonuses now all bonuses go to the execs..
        In the past employees seen work as home. Today bottom feeder employees will flip careers for the price of a six pack of soda..

        https://archive.org/stream/pdfy-LJ6TYTWXd-mi-Hxg/Zweites Buch %28Hitler%27s Secret Book%29_djvu.txt

        People at the bottom live their families the same as those at the top.. they will seek out medical treatment, want to see their children get a good education excell accomplish.. be happy and safe..
        If you haven’t noticed the gun grab is going to happen because their children are not safe at school.. your threatened going to a mall..

        We will follow them blindly and when they go after those that could have made a difference the same way adolph did in Germany we will let them..as ling as we have a loaf of bread and cheerios milk..
        My father use to tell stories of his childhood.. Al Capone during the depression would send out trucks and drop a box of food off at the doorways of the homes that had kids.. he started the school lunch program morning milk.. fed those out of work by giving food to the soup kiiitchens.. everyone seen him as their hero even though he was a criminal. He had the support of the neighborhood.
        The govt. Has been preparing to 15 billion rounds of ammo..stockpiling fuel and built enough camps to house anyone not willing to tow the line..

        Of course that’s just my opinion.. if your the head of a company..how many of your employees would come to your rescue?
        How many employees would you rush to their rescue..hey I see bullies sick bullets get him the help he needs..
        The old scrooge story..

        Although scrooge is based on a real person whose story is worthy of reading..charles Dickens and his life revolved around the last time that society forgot community.. it’s a cycle.. discover,forget

        During ww2 you had the schindlers that became revered hero’s that did the right thing.. everyone that has the cmh .. ask them..they say I did the right thing

      • Little Billy is sick. Let’s get him the help he needs.. I should have written Tiny tim..lol..
        That’s where Donald Trump got it right. He has a huge employee retention ratio and his employees sees him as approachable if they have a problem.

        My question is..why is the democratic party so intent on letting illegal refugees jump our borders and get federal help..especially during a questioning economic time where our money is being so drastically depressed..
        Where before they were intent on securing our borders..
        Could it be that the agenda planned wasn’t happening fast enough?
        Or to set us up for a catastrophic collapse one we won’t be prepared for..

  23. George the only honest bloke and smartest .. see the robots and the idiots behind this gold / market rigging will use this event for monetizing and madness .. go to places like gold sites on the internet and watch the garbage the paid gurus spew out . patriots I think .. George is a fact man .. that’s why here is the only place to read .. this crash will be horrific .. for years the garbage about inflationary depression .. no such thing .. defationary depression and we are already in it .. I love being a capitalist but also humane .. these sith lords sprucking gold are sick and hate kids and young ones

  24. George, Stephen and d – SOPI:
    Virginia is fast becoming a place to watch with it’s newly formed Democratic majority in both houses and the governor’s office.

    “Virginia Activates Official Militia After Gun Confiscation Threats. Lawmakers Want To Make This A Felony” – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/virginia-activates-official-militia-after-gun-confiscation-threats-lawmakers-want-make

    The news days go from nothing burger days to hair-on-fire days more quickly all the time. One day, possibly soon, Mark’s going to miss the days when all he had to worry about was stepping over the poop in the breakfast food isle. I have no doubt that everyone commenting on articles like this one on ZH as well as here are logged religiously by TPTB so my guess is we’re all sunk anyway.

    • You know Bill.. I was just getting fuel and this was the main talk around the coffee table was one of them had a realative call him about them wanting them to turn in their guns..
      Virginia is a hunting state. Like our state..I think it’s going to get interesting..

  25. We all have social credit scores. Look yourself up on mylife.com. We all have files there with a score and written verbiage like religion and political affiliation, arrest, lawsuits, neighbors, family etc.

    • If you must do that, do it from a VPN or a public hotspot far from home. Every IP is logged by that kind of site along with the nature of the query.

      • “Why is it logged? What is so appealing to the owner of that site to collect who looks at it?”


        ALL information has value.

        Random information (like page views) is worth from a couple mills to nearly 3 cents per page hit. If it can be traced to a device owner, it becomes “verified” (because the Admin can attach a name and address to the hit) and is used to build a dossier of YOUR likes and interests, or a “control file,” if you’ve been a bad boy and visited the “dark side of the web.”

        Verified personal information is exceedingly valuable to any Admin — typically from a dollar, up to several hundred dollars depending on what information is collected from whom.

        Any IP, even those on nonstatic or temporary connections, can be linked to the MAC address of the device which logged in to that IP, thus [verifying] the “owner” of the device. ‘Thing is, temporary connections have to be looked up in real time in order to verify, which is the real value of McD’s or stardollars, and their wi-fi connections. Dynamic (nonstatic) Internet connections through your ISP can be looked up at any time before the ISP renews your line lease (which they typically do, every 30 days.)

        The website Admin can wholesale, verified information for a buck a hit to mailing list and blanket E-Mail companies (Constant Contact, etc. Orbus was so insidious when it started out, 6-months post-launch most antivirus and firewall companies automatically flagged Orbus-anything as a “trojan” and 86’d it…)

        The blanket companies periodically retail their verified mailing lists (and dossier files) for $24 per name (this was several years ago. Prices may have adjusted themselves with passing time – YMMV), once they begin to get “stale.”

    • Interesting, does not work for us up here in the “Great White North”
      Is there a Canadian equivalent?
      Aside from a credit score?

  26. You know that what you are seeing is misdirection, but you are still in denial; therefore, you still can’t see what is hidden in plain sight.

  27. Here is a good reason Not to support RINO never Trumpers

    Mark seems to be on edge lately, his friends are losing their hold over humanity
    this civil war II is also fought over slavery/child trafficing
    good vs evil,,,,light to dark,,the Maya cycle has ended, we begin anew,,crossing the equator of the Milky Way to a reversal of polarity

    • Newhart show poser Darrell guy,

      I am not on edge at all. I AM frustrated and confused as to why there are upright hominids that still are supporting Trump. I laud you if you are supporting the GOP, I am a Republican. But to support the very man that is destroying this once great party is traitorous to our great nation.

  28. Do not give a penny to ANY company or organization which may support or have principals who publicly support the current House action. Vote with your wallet.

    Control your temper. Avoid public confrontations. Do not overreact, but at the same time, be wary, and exercise caution. Seek counsel from level-headed people who you know and trust.

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