With “Impeachment Day” nonsense overwhelming all the “news” channels, I got to thinking this morning “ Are we ALL missing something?”  Maybe so…

Let’s back up:  While it’s true that HRC and the DNC came along to oust Trump within seconds of the win in 2016, it’s also true that the GOP has not always been a “guiding light” for the world, as noted in the recent “Government Lied About Afghanistan” report.  (Frankly, we’re still skeptical of 9/11. the War on Terror, potential to misuse all the government’s data on…well… everyone, too.

Point is, politics has been shoved down our throats and polarization seems more important than facts.  Today, the dems will vote to impeach Trump, and frankly looks like a slam dunk.  The House is “their riverboat, their wheelhouse.”

The Senate?  Maybe not…but that’s going to depend on the Deep State winning-back enough of the GOP to start re-filling the swamp.

Is It All a Diversion?

What IF....and I say this part carefully…there really is a government plan to enumerate every one of us…digitally…and use that information for some yet-undisclosed long-range purpose?

Not that the template isn’t visible elsewhere, already.  In China, thanks to a social media monitoring and scoring system, it you don’t swallow the ChiCom’s Kool-Aid, it begins to reflect in your social media scoring.  The lower your score, the slower the trains you travel on, the lesser government benefits, and so on.

India, as was reported in a Time of India story this summer is getting in on it too:

The government may make it mandatory for companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon to sell public, or non-personal, data that they collect to anyone in the country seeking access to it, including the government and private entities. ”  [emphasis added-g]

Here’s the conspiracy part:  WHAT IF the U.S. government was going down the same path as China?  What would be the simplest way to develop a file on everyone in America?  Then implement virtually overnight in some ginned-up “emergency” social controls?

Short How-To answer:  Promote social media (buying lots of data, plus importing via API’s to feed into Provo where the FedGov’s million square foot data center is) and then monitor everyone’s social so the government can score each of us.  Big Brother is suddenly “in the chips.”

Think about what we know:  The Economy is in a mega-bubble.  There are lots of aging people (we’ll be branded as a drag on recovery from any economic crash because of Social Security costs. (Which is set to collapse in about 2037 which may be optimistic with open borders and all…).  Or, there comes a (planned) pandemic with “only so much vaccine available” and gosh…see how convenient itg would be for government to have a “scoring” system ready to roll for Americans?

Neat thing about political polarization at extreme levels – check today’s headlines if you doubt me – is that probably 90-95% of everyone will buy into it and choose-up sides.  It may be too late, but try not to.

Even so much as a line in social (a single tweet, for example) becomes like administering a political Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test to  290-million people without so much as a whimper.

We’d sure like to know which social media (and dating services) have govedrnment accessible APIs…boy, would that be interesting, huh?

Here’s the thing  It would work.  And pretty damn well, at that.

Let’s say you are rabidly pro-Trump.  That MAGA hat picture on your FB page, or those supportive “me-too” tweets.  That would class you as an “action-oriented R.”  On the other hand, if you support Impeach now, that makes you and “action-oriented D.”  Especially if you use emotional hot words like “hate” “dump” or any of dozens of others.

If you are a registered R or D politically, but your social media content doesn’t reflect any overt action, then we have two more classes of citizens:  “Inert R” and “Inert D.”  Non-actors, possibly “safe.”

Then there’s that other 10% who, like me, don’t give a rip about social media – because if I’m going to write content, I sure-as-shit am not going to give it to a big corporation to monetize when I could do that myself.  How dumb are American’s?  Very, very it turns out.

This 10% class can be tossed into the quad-chart view easily enough through other API’s though.  For example, it would be easy to look at a state of Texas drivers license API and see “Oh, Ure’s an R” because that’s what I said when we moved here 16 years ago from Florida and got registered (branded as a Texan) in the process.

Policy and Use Cases:  These get to be interesting.  Once we have a very good idea of who is an “inert R” or :Inert D” it’s easy to imagine policy uses.  While the “Action R” and “Action D” types would have another.

Going to cut back on social payments?  Like social security on the pretext of what we need to recover from an economic depression?  Why, as a good Deep State Despot, you’d whack benefits to the “inert class” first.  Then use them as your “See, everyone else is helping out…” backdrop for the narrative.

Pretty much whatever you can think of:  Government rationing in event of a famine, vaccine for a pandemic outbreak, gun grab if the Digital Mob Rule online spills into the streets, power after EMP, or we have some other critical resource shortages…  Why, you’d have a near-perfectly scored “personally revealed” psychological profile on virtually everyone.

Oh – way too late to scrub your social media.  We told you back in 2012 (when i as writing, Broken Web, remember?) to seriously manage your social media profile.  This needs to be further amplified because our last Peoplenomics newsletter dealt with the notion of Privacy and how much of it tech has stolen it.

Key point is once you write anything on social media it is no longer private or privileged information.  It is PUBLIC.

Is it paranoid to begin asking such questions?  Well, no more so than it was in 2012, lol.   Facebook does a pretty good job of being as open (as they can) about governments and data.  According to their page at the linke, globally there have been 128-thousand data requests in just the first half of this year and in almost 74% of cases, data what produced.

We also know that FB and the FTC agreed to a settlement involving data use this summer in a case where FB paid a $5-billion fine.  We have to wonder if it would be above the government (since they lie) to have put some “back end stuff” in off-the-books?  See how too much coffee leads to paranoia?

We don’t know who is collecting the data, but the potential for corporations to pick up some revenue by renting API calls has to be tempting now.  And when markets come tumbling down, it may be one of the few financial life preservers there is.

Definitely something to think about.

Because like I said at the outset this morning, something about this whole 3+ year impeachment stupidity doesn’t feel right.  The misleading FBI director, the crooked media, the utter hate-mongering and the runaway Tweet storms.  Too crazy.  Oftentimes, when I’ve had this sense of “something’s off” it will eventually come out there was something else going on.  At the one-level up from “normal people’s thinking.”  The PowersThatBe realms.

No point to watching the Impeachment vote.  It’s a done deal.  Besides, I have real work to do around here and not going to waste time making myself a bigger target.  You may want to think about that, as well.

Housing Starts and Low Rates

Conventional wisdom is that Housing Does Well When Rates are Low.  So, let’s tear open the envelope on todays housing report, shall we?

After the report, Dow Futures were down a tad while the S&P and techs were up a smidge.  Bitcoins down to $6,876…but you know we’re looking for sub $4,000 in 2020, right?

Industrial product and utilization out from the Fed shortly.  And the Rep Depot today is dropping another $ billion in,  so Santa can afford some crack…

SOPI  (Stories Of Possible Interest)

Even less of a worker’s paradise? Russia’s Gender Equality Rating Drops – WEF Report.

Meantime, did I miss a Cold War II memo, or something? ‘Erratic’ Russian Spy Ship Spotted Off Southeast U.S..

UK stall to the wall as Pound Tumbles On Report PM Johnson Plans To Outlaw Further Brexit Delays.

If they build it, they will come?  New Triple A report says “Long-Term Use of Advanced Driver Assistance Technologies Can Result in Disengaged Drivers.”  As a so it yourselfer, I seem to remember the trend began with automatic transmissions.  There’s an art to mobile coffee and a five-speed…

House Dems and Pork report from CBS in “$1.4 trillion spending package crammed with unrelated provisions.”   Is anyone surprised?  Hardly….

Will Boeing survive?  Seems a fair question reader Boeing will still burn $1 billion a month on 737 Max even with production halt, JP Morgan says.

Have a great day – Amazon’s got a Last Minute Deals page if you’re running late.,  Got a present for Elaine ordered already today and now down to 14-items on today’s ToDo list…

Peoplenomics tomorrow is part 1 of the annual forecast…where we ramble-on about the gulf between “seeing what’s coming” and actually being able to act on it…

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