A Biphasic Solar Market Correlation

One of our readers was asking just yesterday while I was tinkering with my new high-end graphics package if there was a correlation between the solar eclipse this summer and the coming crash.
No, but we DID find a FAR more interesting correlation which is laid out in the ChartPack this morning.
That, a few headlines, and a ramble on why Chaos As Synthetic Growth, and yep…some head-benders to work on.

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3 thoughts on “A Biphasic Solar Market Correlation”

  1. Humanity is standing on the edge of a precipice largely of our own making. Society will implode or nuke war will exterminate most life or the woo-woo guys prediction of a solar event will reboot everything. I don’t see how our species makes it to the next century without Divine intervention or outside help (maybe they are the same).

    Too much of my life was not good and I refuse to ruin what is left on worry and doom porn.

  2. Hi George. Still on about Trump bashing & Obama & good v bad I see, & of course Jon will lambast him to high heavens again today. “Trump would change things if he was allowed”… ha, would he fork! Your Republic is run by a banking cabal now, just as it was under Obama, just as it would have been under Clinton (who I was delighted to see lose the election). I’ll just reiterate my pre-election (& every cycle) point: red team, blue team it matters not, you will get your wars & the banks & giant institutions will get their joe-soap taxpayer wealth transfer… all for the good of the people of course. Until you all come together against the establishment you, & of course us out in the wider world, will get the same old till you all get squeezed to the sidewalk & out on the streets. Our minds can be put to better use than fighting over a mythical divide.

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