A 3.5-Day Workweek, Trumps Mesh Net

The market will be open today, but on a reduced schedule.  Closing for stocks will be at 1 PM and for bonds 2 PM (Eastern) as America finally gerts what organized labor was really agitating for over the years:

It’s a 28-hour workweek!

Unless you have a lawn, which pushes out workweek around here to 31 hours, or 32-with edging.

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With the market opening in a few minutes, other than mostly-useless news items, we’re looking at the Dow – underperforming last week – to pop +125’ish at the open.  And that should pave the way to the projected blow-off high around August 21.

The other major markets around the world were also up overnight, so this is more like follow-through euphoria; a kind of pass-d-bowl for markets.

Trumperian Humor, The Media Revolution

The tweeted video of Donald Trump body-slamming CNN in a wrestling parody has the anti-Trump people’s knickers all twisted up.

The problem for the anti-Trump left is simple:  It’s OK for them to fake assassinations (the beheading “humor”)  or take Trump wholly out of context and call it humor.  What’s amazing is they claim protected speech.  Let Trump do it and it’s not

But God forbid Trump has turned tables with this latest “right-back-at-cha….

What is lot is all of this is the YUGE marketing channel bulldozer Trump has taken to the media.

You see, prior to Trump, president’s all placed nicey-nice and were honored, revered, touted and promoted by the mainstream media.

However, any damn fool (which I thought would include more of the left wing loons) can see what’s going on here – so let me break it down for you once again, OK?

Trump’s Mesh Net Flanks Old Media

Remember the part where Jeff Bezos looked at the internet and said (we assume) something like “Why do we need brick and mortar stores to sell books when we can do that whole deal online?”

With that keen observation, Bezos has flattened just about every old-line retailer on earth.

So consciously (or not) Donald Trump obviously has jumped the Old Brick and Mortar Media (BaMM) by effectively going “Consumer Direct” with news from the White House.  Study the following diagram carefully and you’ll see why CNN (and 50% of “news” media channel capacity) is wasted duplication with the Trump towering media change:

The hell of it is, non one on the alt-right or alt-revolutionary side (including Bernie, Obama, Clintons, etc.) seems to see what Trump has done.

The lower slice of the model explains how things used to be.  Think of the old way as Novell networking circa 1990.  Now think of the Trump approach as analogous to what Gotenna (portable, light, no infrastructure mesh) is doing in the outdoor, military, and first-responder areas.

It’s Hops to Phone, Dummies!

The far right – just like the far left – doesn’t have an easy time remaining mentally nimble enough to follow along with the Trump media revolution.  I don’t know if you get the “Daily 1600” briefing, but again, look at the objective in office-holder to constituent communications:

The idea is to get from what’s in the office-holder’s mind, direct to the end user/voter/consumer’s mind in as few “hops” on the network as possible.

As inspection of the drawing shows, the old “press conference, then rewrite” has multiple levels of potential miscommunication built-in.  So Trump is (to us obviously) working on building consumer-direct capacity out.

So is it outrageous to the media and the Old Guard of the Fools on the Hill that they should not comprehend?  Or, at least pretend they don’t because they could be out of a job?

Here’s a fine desperation headline for you: “Democratic Bill Lays the Groundwork to Remove Trump From Office.”

As we see it, the whole of the anti-Trump movement stems from the MSM’s corporate masters.  NBC is owned by Comcast.  Comcast has outpaced the S&P.  But CNN’s parent, Time Warner, has done even better.  (one year,basis the S&P, blah, blah, blah,…) will come to the same conclusions that we have.

With the wide availability of RSS feeds from “official sources” the reality is that a large portion of formerly inaccessible information is opening up to consumer-direct.  And as that happens, anyone who can make (or break) the fortunes of one of the BaMM members becomes a very dangerous business risk.

So it’s very much on point to blast Trump’s behavior and remove him from office and put a more pliable player like Pence in.  Because he won’t rock the boat, nor will be big a swamp drainer.  And he won’t be so “in your face” since we can logically see a Trump/White House YT channel coming up, too.  And then that happens, who needs television networks?

Although Trump and Jeff Bezos clearly disagree on things like the future of retails and malls, I expect there will be agreement on political futures.

When a Trump channel on YouTube can be played directly on the new Echo Show voice-controlled video display…it heralds the arrival of revenue-free news via the distortion-free consumer-direct route.

Don’t look now, but between Bezos and Trump, there is an accidental media revolution underway that will leave conventional networks in the landfill of history.

Not too many people, perhaps other than Trump, are seeing it yet.  But it’s there for all to figure out if you’re willing to fire off some neurons in your own self-interest, now and then.

And in Other News

Trump and Putin have a meeting coming up.  BaMM (brick and mortar media) – as we explained, don’t get it.

So they cast this as a meeting that “could change the world.”  Sorry, kids.  That’s already done…

Trumps also putting the press on the Chinese to box in North Korea.

European Troubles

Eight people injured outside a mosque in southern France.

And Did You See?

Illinois House Approves Historic 32% Tax Increase.

Promises of “free lunch” always result in someone getting stiffed with the check, in this case the residents of Illinois.

Any wonder why Texas is still growing?

We see another hand-wringing story in the NY Times this morning where words like “shaken” and “abruptly ditched” are used when “reporting” “Central Americans, ‘Scared of What’s Happening’ in U.S., Stay Put.”

Like this is a bad thing?  Come on, people, a little more down the middle, please.

People don’t think when they see pictures, like those featured in the NY Times story.  They seem to forget that people will bring that lifestyle here.  They are NOT going to show up, strangers in a strange land, and compete with the H1b crowd from colleges in India, who know the path to the C-level jobs.

But that’s not in the ken of the hand-wringers.  Damn shame, since they do come up with the occasional good idea.  But no, Bernie Sanders may not have been one of them  See: “Here’s why the feds are investigating Bernie Sanders’ wife Jane.”

Isn’t anyone going to ask what happened with the Clinton Foundation, her emails and such?  And if the state election officials don’t have something to hide, why aren’t they being more forthcoming on voting documentation?

Yee gads.

I’m taking tomorrow off.  I call it Post Traumatic News Syndrome.

29 thoughts on “A 3.5-Day Workweek, Trumps Mesh Net”

  1. George, the angry Righties just not get it.

    The issue isn’t HOW Trump communicates — it’s WHAT he communicates.


    • You miss the importance of the HOW question. It’s the difference between wagon ruts (and depending them) versus a 6-lane freeway. So the angeries on both sides don’t see it.

      • Right on George.. I totally agree.. for way to long we listen to scripted news telling us their side.. I find it refreshing to finally have a president willing to say what is on his mind.. good bad indifferent.. it doesn’t matter he is saying things that everyone of us has thought.. will he make mistakes absolutely.. will the puppet masters win.. boy I don’t know it is a titanic battle between the titan’s for sure and they do have a lot of power.. and the puppet masters have a pretty good hold on having total control over the DC macarena bunch..

  2. George, be sure to point out the day when Trump starts “draining the swamp” instead of filling it to the brim. I see the usual number of the “Gold In Sacks” bunch in his cabinet, all doing the usual things–trying to cut taxes for the rich and big corporations.

  3. The left, during the campaign, ridiculed Trump for his ‘reality show’ experience as being low class and making him unfit. It seems to me, per your comments today, they should have been fearing him for his savvy in using media.

    Love it, absofreakinlutely, love it when crap is return fired to those who so deserve it.

    • For Gawdssake Jon! I put the flow chart of the Trump media change and going consumer direct – can’t you follow third grade graphics?

    • Like I said a week or so ago, George – come in, drop a doodle, do a Snidely Whiplash scuttle exit stage Left and think they’re striking a blow for their side. Jon knows which side his bread’s buttered on and he’s profitably ensconced in his liberal paradigm. He doesn’t dare correct it for fear of having to drive a Ford.

      I have to confess a bit of discomfort with Trump’s tweets but after enduring a pile-on from the establishment press and traitors like McCain and others in Congress that’s lasted for two years Trump’s lashing out has its merits. From the time Jon did a belly-flop on your website back in December or so, George, his regurgitation of revisionism, as in our last exchange, exposes the programming that exists between his ears. Trump has a lot of work to do and one simply has to make a few messes before you can achieve the real clean-up that he was put in office to do. Trump truly is our last chance. If you only have a tool from Harbor Freight and no Craftsman or Proto tool is in sight you use the HF tool.


    • No one is impressed by you Jon, that is your delusion. Day after day you lie in this comment section. It is apparent that you have psychological issues. You need to hit your knees.

  4. George. Please. As if the President of the Most Powerful Country in the World would ever have a problem getting his message out.

    The problem with the Crybaby in Chief is that he has no message–except adolescent drivel and lies. Hence, the lowest Approval Rating in History. Mike.

    • Actually, if you would pay attention the problem is the SPIN on the messaging from ALL the recent presidents – ergo Trump is the threat for going consumer-direct. Try to keep up here

      • Some folks will never “get it…” They are a product of the very media Trump is bypassing. Rah Rah Trump! Kick ’em in the rump!

  5. “Texas still growing”

    It won’t matter if one lives in IL or TX.

    The state pension bailouts will be national.

    A national sales tax on Internet sales is a sure thing.

  6. Hell, I like ole Trumpy. Especially since it sends the lefties in to a dither, and foaming at the mouth.

  7. to teach jon or sonny we have to make articles that outline to the corresponding of cutting edge that is printed and sold by government that is lampooned and mocked. with the ships papers

  8. I’ve always considered myself a social liberal, and in later years, also a fiscal conservative. I hate labels. But Trump’s WWW video of taking down CNN made me laugh out loud. I’d just like to ask the average working slave in America how well the presidential political decorum mandate has been working for them. The insanity of our system, and the propaganda MSM machine that perpetuates it, is being called out. Whatever else I might personally think about Trump, this is an aspect of his hubris that is a lot less insane than the fake news reality most fall victim to.

  9. Dear Mr. Ure,

    One hopes the total solar eclipse of August 21st is all that casts a shadow on the markets.

  10. Jon – Too much time? Too little work on the long weekend?
    Trump has gone consumer-direct – WTFU and stay on point

    • UNFIT? Because you SAY SO? THANK GOD we are a nation of laws… Tell the right to STFU and when you lefties riot at Berkeley etc no one dares call it treason. Yet free speech is only for you elites Jon..

  11. Unable to sell the lie about global warming the lefties switched to the climate change scam

    When too many people figured things have been warming without man since the laurentide Sheet started to melt, you’re spewing the next pivot – which would be to “Exploiting Earth”?

    OMG Job, sociopaths…take your shoes off and stand in the dirt a bit more. Get grounded!

    • Can someone explain how the climate always being in flux disproves humans also affecting climate? That argument makes no sense to me. Can’t both be happening, climate is always changing but what humans do can also impact it?

  12. Exactly Jon that CEO would have been fired immediately because that CEO is working for the powers-that-be, the president Trump isn’t working for the powers-that-be he’s working for you, us the people, how many times are they going to have to tell you that before it sinks your ship

    • , those same people that have been lying on the media about climate change in that video that I posted are the same people you trust, so I understand how confusing that can be for you

    • The corporation that you work for that lies to everybody only cares about one thing a prophet they will do anything kill anybody do anything just to make a profit I’ve watched while they ship the jobs out of our country I remember one CEO I talked to I said yeah you are keep the jobs here well he tried and they fired him they wanted him to go overseas with the job instead of keeping the job here bottom-line the corporation that you work for does not care about you one bit all it cares about is making a profit and if you make them a profit they will give you big benefits so while you are working for those corporations and making big money and making them money you’re actually selling out us the United States of America in all of its inhabitants and values and morals that keep communities and people together with their families instead corporations separate families they specialize in that they make war intentionally just to make a profit so the war machine that you back is Paving the way for your corporation anyone can see that if they open their eyes up a little bit more and you will Jon you will, may all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it instead of being killed by the military industrial complex Corporation

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