2023: Our Post-Civilization Planner

Since I’ll be on Coast-to-Coast with George Noory, and since markets in the U.S. are taking this Boxing Day off, what better time to sit back with a fresh cup of coffee and ponder the three major agenda items that all 8-billion humans face a week from now when New Year’s Eve shows itself.

  • An Income and Survival Strategy.  What my son calls “food. funds, and fun.”
  • A method to keep news and global developments in context and maybe scalp a few winning investments in the process.
  • Try to beat back the ravages of the Aging process, as best we can.

Pardon the length of this report.  But most of the “year-end” crap focuses on the glitterati and uselessness of media. And that’s a good launch pad.


Let’s do some math.

If you were born today and lived to age 100 years, that would be:

  • 1,200 months
  • 5,200 weeks

Which sounds like a lot.  UNTIL:

  • You back out 5-years of childhood
  • 15-20-years of schooling
  • Military service? 3-5?
  • And knock off 5-years on the back end because when you’re late into “seniorhood” things like travel, mountain climbing, and flying an airplane around the country are just not smart.  (We sold our plane in 2019.)

On the surface, this looks like you have 65-75-years.  Except you haven’t accounted for the one-third of Life spent on the pillow.  Now you have 50-years.  Tops.

The average person works about 2,100 hours per year.  But now add an hour each way for the commute (with a coffee stop, drive-through lines, car washes) which total an additional 520-hours per year.  Call it 2,700 hours.  Or, if you eat lunch (and surf a little on company time, eh?) now you’re around 3,000 hours annually.  125 days is knocked off annually for a 50-year total of another 6,250 lost days or 17.12 years less “living.”

We can go on, endlessly.  Because the clock is always ticking; well, except for the smart watch, right?

Oh, and if the 100-year far end goal isn’t happening (like you croak at 50, for example) then your time remaining isn’t 32.88 years.  It’s half that. Or less.

Bottom Line: With the clock ticking, what is really important?

Creating free content for the FBI stoolies in social media to hand over to the feds after monetizing your posts? Elon Musk Says “Almost Every Conspiracy Theory That People Had About Twitter Turned Out To Be True” | ZeroHedge.

Or, is raising a family, setting up a retirement track, gathering a ton of adventures and experiences, and passing on some smart people to help fix what a runaway fascination with paper assets (resulting in planet-stripping) has wrought a better idea?

II. Food, Funds, and Fun

Basis of Method Acting (from Wikipedia):

Method acting, informally known as The Method, is a range of training and rehearsal techniques, as formulated by a number of different theatre practitioners, that seeks to encourage sincere and expressive performances through identifying with, understanding, and experiencing a character’s inner motivation and emotions.”

So, an honest answer to the question “What’s my motivation?” is key.

My idea of a good time is living on 30 acres of dense woods, raising organic vegetables and easting prime protein for the food part.  Funds take care of themselves between being debt-free, Social Security, and doing a little day-trading in markets.  On the “fun” side, there’s a “hobby shop” corner of workshop where anything from four types of welding to woodworking and 3D printing & CNC take place. There’s also ham radio and the once-a-bunny bride…

This is not a brag.  It’s to illustrate a simple idea:  Little in Life happens by accident.  Mostly, it falls into place due to intent.

Life is like a buffet line.   But you have to move through the line if you’re going to load your plate.  I’ve lived in Washington state, Alaska, California,
Florida, the Cayman Islands, and Texas. Elaine adds Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona to the mix. Traveling around takes your blinders off.

Do as much of it as you can.  And pass it on to the next generation.

My son is a firefighter/EMT, which keeps him in food and funds.  His idea of fun is being a skydive instructor.  Everyone picks their own treats in life.

III. Contexting the World

In my early news-chasing days (circa 1969) I began to see the world in a very systematic way.  It was obvious that everyone of 3.7 billion people (back then) needed the same basic “stuff” in Life.

  • Food and Water
  • Shelter
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Communications
  • Environmental conditions
  • …and Finance

2023 Systemic Changes to Watch For

  • Food:  The Biden administration has weaponized food with its sanctions (and anti-American energy) policies.  As a result, we think the importance of at least partially home grown food will be important in 2023.  The book The Hungry Years about the previous Depression is eye opening.  Just be thankful that America will likely be spared the worst of famine.
  • Water: When we made our “one-time” strategic relocation to East Texas, it was due to an average rainfall of nearly 50-inches. Everything grows here. In 2023, water will become even more critical as people discover how many areas are draining aquifers outstripping available supplies.  Most of SoCal, the Phoenix area, and even Denver’s Front Range have systemic, long-term water issues. Dehydration migration?
  • Shelter 2023:  Housing prices will likely continue to roll over due to rising Fed rates.  As interest rates have gone up, net cash to seller at closing of real estate deals has collapsed.  The bloom is off house flipping.  And the Big House you might have purchased at near zero rates is likely far past affordability, now.
  • Energy:  U.S. energy p0licy is, in my view, stupid to the point of being anti-American. China continues to bring on new coal plants. Russia is the dominant provider (with an over 50% share) of the nuclear fuel rods. Russian gas is a guillotine over the neck of Europe.  What could go wrong?  Even the electric car “solution” that has been widely oversold proved it was no match in a real winter. Energy costs, because it’s used to create fertilizer, will also drive-up food prices in 2023.
  • Transportation: In 2023, America could begin a rollover in transportation.  One example is the Boeing outlook after the MAX disaster.  Plus, autos and light trucks are being priced out of the market. We expect 3 percent growth in 2023 will be more than offset by declining used car turnover.  And we’re not alone in this view. Transportation ripples into hotels, autos, law enforcement, and the automotive services sector.
  • Communications:  Telecom is a commodity.  Starlink is our main onramp to the internet, presently, because it’s a mix of high speed but more importantly, very low latency compared with geosynchronous services.  Consumer electronics are already too small for many seniors (small screens and fat fingers).  And the UHD 4K Quantum dot screen adoption rate may have peaked.  8K products will be along, but not yet.  Nothing to drive that.  You can’t get an 8K movie into a single Blu-Ray disk – takes about four of them with present compression algo’s.
  • Environmental Conditions: The Green Movement ought to begin to die a natural death.  It has been a monetization scam for politicians but once solar cycle 25 peaks, we’ll likely drift into the epic disaster of environmentalism offering no reasonable solutions.  Our entire global economy is based on excess consumption and planned obsolescence.  Which will eventually be criminalized.  I will try to get my new book The 100-year Toaster up on Amazon by February, but it’s on the subscriber side (Peoplenomics) in discrete chapters already.  The thumbnail is we make things to break.  The act of replacement is what “creates an economy” and we’ve been approaching human life on Earth all wrong.
  • If we want growth, we break things and start wars.  But for humans? It’s not about money. It’s about everything but money.  Heart issues are totally out of vogue.

  • Finance: We expect a continuation of the market declines at least through Q3 of next year.  The global markets peaked November 8 of 2021.  Our Aggregate Index them closed at 41,953.86.  Friday, we closed the index at 32,072.30.  The market held on to 76.45 percent of last year’s level, so down a shade less than 25 percent for the year. But that was before price inflation whacked that down another 8.7 percent, on top of the raw decline numbers as prices soared.
  • Bitcoin and most cryptos were even worse.  Bitcoin was $68,800 and change November 8 of 2021.  As of Monday morning, it was trading $16,856.  Which means it retained only 24.5 percent of its value or it lost about 75 percent. As I get almost daily abuse from “coiners” all I can say “We told you so.” Digital buggy whips and a 100 percent waste of global energy resources.  Anyone who claims green and still buys a “mined” crypto is a liar, com man, or a fool at some level.  Kill a planet to keep a distributed ledger going?  Kidding, right?

That’s the Big Picture

What are the alternatives?  Your damage mitigating moves?

  1. Get out of debt and stay there.
  2. Build your own home or remodel a double-wide on some land in a low tax area with lots of rain and learn to grow some food.
  3. Invest, but only for short periods – a day or two – of swing trading.  And aim for a modest one percent gain in your holdings per week.  Very doable swing trading.  This initially boring strategy compounds out to 67.7 percent per year if you can hold the course and limit losses reliably.

Must be Present to Win

Now, as promised, some of the data from this week Peoplenomics.com subscriber side.  These are my notes on life extension approaches:

The Anti-Aging Playbook

I have yet to find the definitive book on anti-aging.  Sure, there are pieces of a longer Life all over the place.  Youtube is loaded and the anti-aging books on Amazon are almost innumerable.

But here’s the thing:  I haven’t found a compact list of all the approaches that might hold promise, along with a simple one to four sentence explanation of how they might work.

Going to fix that.

In a column last week on UrbanSurvival, I talked about the American proclivity toward single “silver bullet solutions.”  Indeed, that set of behavioral blinders seems to impact millions.  We like simple answers,. of course.  But,, anti-aging is terribly complicated stuff.

One “Christmas present” you can give yourself with costs little but some time, is regular visits to the “American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M) [Preventative and Regeneration medicine].  They drop great material – often.

Other good sources include StudyFinds.org.  And if you have a keyword – perhaps you already have run your DNA profile (23andme.com) and have some elevated risk factors – there is PubMed.gov.

How This List Began

Funny story: I’m writing a second novel:  Ancient Children.  The book describes a remarkably young appearing couple who are both centenarians.

The book posits that the government will keep very close track of such aging people and, in fact, cites a number of actual Social Security programs, some of which target fraud.

What lends credence to the super young-looking protagonists in the book is they have been “through a list” of anti-aging approaches and have reaped the benefits.

What they don’t know is that the government has a program specifically to identify Medicare under-utilization as a possible fraud indicator.

As I did the book research, which included reading the online versions of the Social Security Policy and Procedures manual, it became clear that government monitoring of program utilization was both a good thing and bad.

On the plus side, the government has a lot of benefit programs.  But many of these are chronically under utilized.  People may not be aware they exist.  And so a computer network link between healthcare providers  (such as Medicare) and Social Security to monitor utilization may help increase awareness.

On the other hand, it is also a way to root out fraud.  so, it can cut both ways..

Regardless, the matter of a list of protocols wasn’t easy to find and there are tons of different approaches.

The List and Discussion

1.     Risk Avoidance: First Be Smart

An eye-opener is a simple review of cause of death statistics.  Yes, seniors die every day of avoidable home accidents.

Rugs that slip, a dog or cat can trip you.  A misplaced step on stairs without a railing. Wearing dark colors walking at night.

And the one my son (the firefighter EMT dude) yells at me about:  Seniors have no business on ladders.  The higher, the more dangerous. Balance is not as keen at 74 for many people.

2.     A Life full of Goals

There is a tendency of people, particularly hourly workers have led a constrained life, to simply “retire to the couch” to await Death’s arrival.

On the other hand, a burning desire is a great animator of the human spirit.  And there’s some evidence that both mental attitude and strong goals can give people an internal “energy source.”

Not only will a list of good goals get you out of bed in the morning, but it will also let you blow through minor aches and pains of aging and remain active.

3.     An Anti-Aging Mindset

A dear friend of mine had a sign up in her home:  “We’re all the same age on the inside.”

To a great degree, that’s true.  If you are planning to do anything in Life – something you’ve always wanted to do – why aren’t you doing it right now?

Once you begin to work on this “constantly evolving and achieving” mindset, you will be harnessing some mental powers – a kind of “toughness” and “ready to rock” you maybe didn’t know you had.

4.     Time Anchors

Ever go to a high school class reunion? Been to a few of them over the years.  Where you’ll occasionally meet people who have “thrown out time anchors.”

A “time anchor” is something that locks you to a position in time.  Maybe it was a moment of glory in high school.  A genre of teenage musics (trust me, the Archie’s are not today music!).  And so as they age, they “drag anchor” of their past, in a metaphysical kind of way.

Elaine and I catch ourselves falling into old people music now and then.  We fight it and try to listen to a half-hour of Top-40 every week.

Thinking young is much easier if you study the woke, follow their music, and see their ignorance points in clear relief.  You’ll connect with them easier.  You may not be judged as an old fogey, as quickly.

5.     Organic foods

Eat the best food you can afford.  Pesticides and chemicals should be removed from store-bought fruits and veggies before consumption.

Eat simple, preservative and additive-free foods.  Simplicity.  A meat, fish, or fowl, a carbohydrate, some veggies.  Glass of red wine…

6.     Adequate hydration

One rule of super health is drinking enough liquids.

Aim for a gallon (or more) per day.

7.     Structured water

Gerald Pollock’s work on structured water. Two books to read:  “The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor ”  (gels) along with his “Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life.”

In passing, two related concepts.  First is the scalar nature of water.  Where, as in the field of homeopathy, the more dilute a medicine is, the more powerful its effects become.

And related to this is the notion of “water memory.”  A 1998 book outlines some of the feedback from technical medicine to the notion.  The Memory of Water: Homoeopathy and the Battle of Ideas in the New Science

Which fuels some of our own speculations that there may be a “water-based memory” in humans, which would account for humans having not only prodigious memories, but there are little-understood alleys to explore.

Like the seeming paradox of organ transplant patients a getting flashes of memories from a donor…

Start with Personality changes following heart transplantation: The role of cellular memory – PubMed (nih.gov) and realize it may be water memory and not something as specific as a particular cell structure…

8.     Sunshine – Vitamin D

Wife Elaine and I take about 4,000 units a day.  Vitamin D is a key to antiaging.

You can discover more in papers like The Association of Obesity and the Antiaging Humoral Factor Klotho in Middle-Aged and Older Adults – PubMed (nih.gov).

Klotho?  “Klotho (biology) – Wikipedia.”?-klotho can suppress oxidative stress and inflammation, thereby reducing endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis.[8] Blood plasma ?-klotho is increased by aerobic exercise, thereby reducing endothelial dysfunction “

9.  Sexual activity. DHEA and Zinc

Horny mice know:  Increased longevity due to sexual activity in mole-rats is associated with transcriptional changes in the HPA stress axis – PubMed (nih.gov).

DHEA and Zinc may help things along when comes to cycling your hormones.  Talk with your PCP.

10. Daily exercise

We’ve always been attracted to Super-High Intensity Training.

Work out the abbreviation on your own.

Keeping 30-acres “whipped into shape” means a ton of work.  Work is good.

11. Elimination of sugar and white starches

The mishandling of sugars may be one of the keys to Alzheimer’s.  Elimination of white starches is part of the Bredesen protocol.

Related important work includes (2018) Carbotoxicity—Noxious Effects of Carbohydrates – PMC (nih.gov).

Thing is: carbs are cheap to produce and in a world of 8-billion people, money figures into everything. Keto’s the game, bubba.

12. Moderate wine consumption (Resveratrol)

We enjoy papers like Resveratrol: How Much Wine Do You Have to Drink to Stay Healthy? – PMC (nih.gov)

13. Extreme rest and relaxation

Click-out time: Sensory Deprivation Tank: Effects and Health Benefits (healthline.com) and  How sleep deprivation ages you quicker – Sleep Education are starting points.

14. CPAP use

Sleep Apnea and aging?  Sleep Apnea Accelerates Aging, but Treatment May Reverse It – MU School of Medicine (missouri.edu)

15. L-Arginine and Citrulline

Anti-aging effects of l-arginine – ScienceDirect

Citrulline is a precursor, so your body can make more on the fly.

16. Anti-aging telomere lengthening protocol.

Reported in Nature in 2019.

First hint that body’s ‘biological age’ can be reversed (nature.com).

Where the small study used Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Elaine and I upcycle naturally rising HGH levels at bedtime with 5-HTP and Melatonin.  In place of metformin, we use berberines, and DHEA is OTC.

17. Magnesium taurate and manganese use

We found The Powerful Anti-Aging and Longevity Benefits of Magnesium Malate (novoslabs.com) of interest.  Trace elements matter, so do your research.

18. Uric acid level work

Gout is caused by uric acid crystal deposition in joints.

Useful to read Managing Gout Flares in the Elderly: Practical Considerations – PubMed (nih.gov).

Just realize than in some people with a tendency toward gout, there can be a bump in IQ and mental “sharpness” a few days prior to onset of an attack.

I have a strong positive correlation myself and the effect has been known for years…  Blood uric acid level and IQ: a study in twin families – PubMed (nih.gov)

19. Cycled Quercetin and fisetin protocol

Fisetin is found in strawberries and is a tasty tonic for antiaging, perhaps:  Fisetin, a potential caloric restriction mimetic, attenuates senescence biomarkers in rat erythrocytes – PubMed (nih.gov)

Quercetin is good, too: The Antiaging Activities of Phytochemicals in Dark-Colored Plant Foods: Involvement of the Autophagy- and Apoptosis-Associated Pathways – PubMed (nih.gov)

I also cycle through Serrapeptase (Serratiopeptidase) (*enteric coated) and lumbrokinase.  Go sick ’em…

20. “Time machine” use

Sound is powerful when comes to alpha and delta brainwave functions associated with certain mental states.

Binaural beats enhance alpha wave activity, memory, and *attention in healthy-aging seniors (unlv.edu)

One thing that happens with binaural beats is your onboard sense of time may shift slightly.

21. Ibuprofen and lithium

Enhanced Longevity by Ibuprofen, Conserved in Multiple Species, Occurs in Yeast through Inhibition of Tryptophan Import – PMC (nih.gov)

On lithium, most people don’t know that the original formulation of 7-UP involved lithium.  Hasn’t been there for decades, though.

OTC lithium use must be approached very carefully because there can be mental side effects.  But talk to your doctor about papers like Lithium Promotes Longevity through GSK3/NRF2-Dependent Hormesis – PMC (nih.gov).

In our own research, we found a correlation between low lithium areas of the country and higher Alzheimer’s incidences.  But that was an anecdotal finding, not pure science and not in a paper.

But since I mentioned this a couple of years back in a column, science is beginning to pick up on it:”  Lithium Enhances Hippocampal Glucose Metabolism in an In Vitro Mice Model of Alzheimer’s Disease – PMC (nih.gov)

22. Transcranial light stimulation

Our Light Crown project has been going since 2016 here.

Try LED Light Therapy: How It Works, Colors, Benefits & Risks (clevelandclinic.org) as a starting point.  And keep your eyes on ClinicalTrials.gov for new applications of NIR (near infrared) therapies.

23. Thymus illumination or stimulation

Thymus is under the breastbone and might like some attention:

Thymic Rejuvenation and Aging – PMC (nih.gov)

24. Selective socialization

Aging And Socializing, An Important Connection (mentalhelp.net)

25. Prayer, dream work, and meditation

The Anti-Aging Impact of Meditation | Meer

26. Calorie restricted diet

Good intro here:  The Hunger Gains: Extreme Calorie-Restriction Diet Shows Anti-Aging Results – Scientific American

27. C60 Fullerenes

Jury is out on whether it’s good or not:  Clinical evaluation of fullerene-C60 dissolved in squalane for anti-wrinkle cosmetics – PubMed (nih.gov)

But on the other side, C60 Does Not Improve Lifespan nor Healthspan | Lifespan.io

28. GlyNAC

High payoff at low cost?

GlyNAC supplementation reverses aging hallmarks in aging humans | BCM

29. Aromatherapy

How about Neuroprotective and Anti-Aging Potentials of Essential Oils from Aromatic and Medicinal Plants – PubMed (nih.gov)

30. Selenium and bioquinone (CoQ10)

This approach isn’t too expensive and may keep your telomeres long:

Selenium plus CoQ10 may protect telomeres and reduce heart risks: Study (nutraingredients.com)

31. Diet tuning, carbotoxicity

Aside from the Alzheimer’s links: Comparing the Effects of Low-Protein and High-Carbohydrate Diets and Caloric Restriction on Brain Aging in Mice – PubMed (nih.gov)

We’re on the track of papers that might help resolve high carbies in food.  Who doesn’t like fresh out of the oven French bread?

32. Massages (limbic system stimulation)

Asia got there first:  The Qigong of Prolong Life With Nine Turn Method Relieve Fatigue, Sleep, Anxiety and Depression in Patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Study – PMC (nih.gov)

33. CBD Use

Jury is out on this one, perhaps having a smoke?

Interaction of Cannabis Use and Aging: From Molecule to Mind – PMC (nih.gov)

34. Stimulus and ambient tuning

Just out this month:  Antiaging agents: safe interventions to slow aging and healthy life span extension – PMC (nih.gov)

35,  NMN

Dr. David Sinclair’s work at Harvard is very hopeful about long-term effects of this one:  As NMN is a likely NAD+ activator.

See: The Science Behind NMN–A Stable, Reliable NAD+Activator and Anti-Aging Molecule – PMC (nih.gov)

And also take a listen to Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair: NMN, NR, Resveratrol, Metformin & Other Longevity Molecules | Episode 4.

A good read on the Fooled and Drugged Administration is here: FDA Purges NMN From the List of Supplements | Lifespan.io.

Remember the FDA also banned the active ingredient in red yeast rice in 1998,  Which has led to ongoing legal battles: FDA ORDERED TO LIFT BAN ON A DIET SUPPLEMENT – The Washington Post.

FDA actions as the “purging henchmen of Big Pharma” figured in my first novel, DreamOver. In the red yeast rice case, a synthetic cholesterol drug and the natural ingredients which has been used long-term in Asia appears to have been a key issue.   Now, they’re going after NMN looks like, so another novel with the henchmen in the wrong.

We make no recommendation but refer you to your doctor’s advice as to what’s best for you.

And this might put our use of our recording studio with a glass of red wine and off-key singing in clear:

Performing arts as a health resource? An umbrella review of the health impacts of music and dance participation – PMC (nih.gov)

Again, no medical advice here.  Just some damn interesting reading.

And in my (next) novel, the couple ages at an imperceptible rate because they do as many of these protocols as they can shoehorn into a daily life.

Multifactorial combination effects are imagined.

Elaine and I do what we can on these…

Now, off to a leftover turkey SST sandwich!  (Toward the bottom of this column.)

Write when you get rich,


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  1. I address this to all the lefty trolls cruising this and other open forum websites:


    Deep state manipulation of social media is now an established, incontrovertible fact. The deep state conspiracy to publicly dismiss anything not supporting a Stalinist regime change as a conspiracy theory is also now a proven fact. Note that MSM seems to have missed this story- lying liars peddling lies.
    Next agenda for truth seekers: document that this same deep state manipulation of MSM corporate brown shirt news outlets is business as usual. Where are the stories from MSM whistle-blowers exposing the money trail?
    2023 New Years resolution: Don’t let any leftist troll blowing smoke about conspiracy theories go unchallenged. Freedom of speech does not include the right of Stalinist deep state operatives and lackeys to operate propaganda machines in open forums, suppressing real free speech.
    Make 2023 a happy new year.

  2. I am completely with you on almost all you points to live well within your mean and to fight the culture we have of collecting stuff. I disagree partly with the day trading, not because some people can be successful at it, similar to sports betting. Because it does nothing productive for society, very similar to gambling. Sure the smarter can use their knowledge to take from the weaker/slower/less knowledgeable, but we should strive to add to our surroundings, not just subtract. Create and sell art, repair old equipment for some income, mentor others on solar, audio, innovation. I know you do a lot of this with your peoplenomics work. That does add value back to society and you benefit from your labor. Day trading and picking up your 1% from someone else losing that same 1%, seems like we should do better.

    • And except for the fact its made up money and taken from hedge fund mgrs, I don’t feel too guilty about it.
      Beating up small countries for lithium and energy resources is farther up the food chain in the grand scheme of crimes…

  3. ” China continues to bring on new coal plants. ”

    hmm..think about that a moment.. and consider an old rant I have been spouting for decades…
    they are expanding solar to..everywhere..built factories and housing..put in shelters for a good amount of their population.. they do regular fire drills.
    The USA on the other hand destroyed our Industry.. built only shelters for a very few.. we group our power production facilities in close areas discourage renewables to keep profits high…we ignore our national security and repairs of our vital infrastructure so that we can dump hundreds of billions into wars that are only designed to benefit a few corrupt business activities..
    our grid from my perspective is extremely vulnerable.. they on the other hand are putting the solar and coal away from the main power production industries.. that’s smart.. we should be promoting solar to home owners the cost is a fraction of a 3MW wind turbine and would have the production capacity of 10’000 MW per hour with no changes to infrastructure.. a solar tower three sided can produce 3’9 and above at every substation.. at a fraction of the cost.. 1 MW of solar is what a million dollars.. in China they are thinking continuation of their lifestyle in the USA we are working with the business model of stuffing big buck billies pockets.. his profits are what counts before national security and continuation of our country and the lives of those living here..

    • LOOB, they are purposefully taking America down.

      Do not act surprised.

      Plan accordingly.

      Ure at the right place right time

      • not taking @plan and Prep….took…using the Greed of the few. .. they own us..who are the ones funding these mortgage centers.. most banks loan the money then sell the mortgage..they own what three hundred of our most vital industries still manufacturing in the usa.. we sold our ports.. our toll roads. loaned us mone u and bought our debt..just so we could continue funding and supplying war’s that we had no reason to be involved in..
        Ron Paul hit the nail on the head time and again.. everyone bought the sales pitch..not once thinking..if it sounds to good to be true…it probably is a snow job by those in office..
        we jeopardize our national security to stuff big buck nillies pockets neglecting our own infrastructure and country..
        that at least is how I see it from the bottom.. I am pretty sure big buck Billy will try to paint the pit to hell as a rose garden.. oh it’s all roses here..

    • Mike. I can’t agree with you more. 10 years ago when I was advised to become a vegetarian (or worse, a vegan) because all meat was bad, I bought in. I remember the first Christmas after, I ate something called Tofurkey, a godawful meal while the rest of the family enjoyed the Christmas turkey. I did this mode of eating for about a year.

      I now know that it is not meat or dairy products that are the problem but SUGAR intake plain and simple. Dramatically reducing caloric intake is critical if you want to live a longer healthier life. Everything else in moderation including meat, is good advice. 70% of Americans are overweight or obese. No worries here about too many centenarians.

      George’s healthy living advice is all good and I practice as much of it as I can. I practice the daily 16 hour fasting program, eat mainly fruits and vegetables and fatty fish (salmon) and drink lots and lots of fluids. I highly recommend visiting the anti-aging site George mentions today in his column. In particular, you might want to watch this 34 minute on that site. Some new things I learned.


      Wishing everyone here a healthy and happy start to 2023. We are in for a wild geopolitical and economic ride.

      • you know.. I had always had this thought..take a popular TV dinner company.. and eat them three meals a day.. when I worked day and night it was common to fill freezers in the break rooms with TV dinners for lunches.. each TV dinner is about 900 calories give or take.. then loose weight the bubbas burgers method lol lol lol

  4. Had a major WHOA!!! moment yesterday. I’ve been taking Guaifenesin/Dextromethorphan pills for months now with no ill effects but went in to Walgreens and picked up a box of their Mucus Relief DM, Liquid Gel Form, lot number S221418 that expires in April of ’24. I took one pill, the recommended dose, and about 3 or 4 hours later had the darkest brown urine I’ve ever experienced in my life! It gradually went back to normal color throughout the day and I took a different brand last night with no problems by this morning. Sent Walgreens a heads-up on their web page complaints/concerns section so be advised there may be something screwy going on with that batch. It’s produced in India – and I’m sure a lot of our OTC meds are – but just watch out for this on this brand of medication and others. My tin foil hat is glowing with this event.

    • Guaifenesin can jack with uric acid concentration. I suspect somebody didn’t mix the batch properly. We get roughly 93% of our prescription meds from China and India, and over 70% of OTC meds (nearly 100% of generics). In my experience, Indian meds are more reliable than Chinese meds, but I trust neither as much as I do American-made, even though most American pharmcos are owned by Urepeein companies…

    • I had my first diet Dr. Pepper in about 20 years, within under a minute from first gulp, my left kidney hurt.

      I believe you. Some of this crap is lethal.

      A nephew has asthma. When younger took prednisone, and enhaler medication.

      He now has low testosterone in his late teens related to these medications.

      This has to be a known side effect but the parents do not know about it.

      He also met another young man, at the gym, who is experiencing the same problems, similar history. This other young man is on testosterone which has ruined his fertility. He cannot father children.

      My nephew is trying another pathway to protect his fertility.

      • “I had my first diet Dr. Pepper in about 20 years, within under a minute from first gulp, my left kidney hurt.”

        Do you drink regular Dr. Pepper? The reason I ask (not medical advise): I’ve heard that it is often a caffeine reaction which causes your kidneys to say “hello” to your pain center. If you normally drink coffee or caffeinated soda pop, perhaps your body reacted to whatever crap chemical they’re using this week as a sugar replacement.

        If’fn you’re willing to experiment, go to a market which caters to people of Mexican extraction. Buy a Diet Dr. Pepper there, then chill & drink and see if the issue repeats. Mexico does not allow genetically-modified food, nor the crap and additives FDA, NIH, USDA, and a bunch of our other alphabet agencies assure U.S. inhabitants it’s safe to consume.

        The Mexican grocer will have 1908-recipe Coca Cola, and (s)he’ll have Sprite, Fanta, Mtn Dew, 7-Up and Dr. Pepper, RC Cola, Faygo, etc. all made with pure cane sugar, no HFCS, and no additives. I’ve never looked for Mexican diet soda so I don’t even know if it exists, but if it does it’ll probably be the 1960s recipe, and sweetened with sodium saccharine or perhaps, stevia.

        I believe China, Japan, and Korea also reject American frankenfood so if no Mexican store [is] available, you might look up the local Asians…

        Also not medical advise, but I’ve heard that following the sodie pop with a stiff belt of (real) cranberry juice (not the stuff Ocean Spray now sells) will end the pain and clean out your kidneys…

    • “Customs and Border Protection would see its ranks swell under the fiscal 2023 omnibus spending bill, giving it a total of nearly $17 billion dollars. The legislation would allocate $60 million to hire 125 new CBP officers, 250 technicians and 250 support staff. It also would allocate $88.2 million to increase CBP’s personnel capacity at the border between ports of entry. And it would spend $30.2 million on border technology and $69.9 million for non-intrusive inspection systems.”

      And one more link: “Border security: Border Patrol is in line for a whopping 17% funding boost, which includes the funding for 300 new Border Patrol agents that the Biden administration had repeatedly stressed as necessary to handle the record-high numbers of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. If Border Patrol is unable to meet the hiring goal, it can use the funds on other efforts to boost morale. Customs and Border Protection would see its regular funding increase by 12%, though it would see a separate, one-time appropriation of $1.6 billion to address the uptick at the border. The encounters are only expected to increase when the pandemic-era policy known as Title 42 expires, though the Supreme Court has temporarily paused that from occurring. Immigration and Customs Enforcement would similarly receive a one-time boost of $340 million. None of the funds in those distinct appropriations could be used to hire permanent federal employees. The regular funding mechanism provided CBP’s Office of Field Operations with money to offset shortfalls from its fee collections that the agency had warned could lead to furloughs. The Homeland Security Department would see a total increase of $3.2 billion.”

      • You know, Buyed ’em is making his own problems: He will need 10-times (and more) the pittance of 300 new agents if the lefties in government lift Title 42 restrictions.
        You’d know Buyed ’em is to blame if you live in a Mexico border state and owned property…

      • Hahaha, nothing to protect the border, build the wall or stop the invasion.

        It is just The O’Bribem’s Border’s Welcome Wagon Increase Bennie’s money.

        Roll em in, step right up and ship em out, like seedlings, all over ze USA, aka USED-US.


  5. George,

    When I read your Peoplenomics column the other day, I thought you were reading my mind. Coming out of my COVID funk, I was going to back channel you and ask if you could provide me with your anti-aging protocol… Low and behold there it was and here it… Many thanks!

    As far as I am concerned, you have masterfully guided you and Elaine through the opening shots of biological warfare. A long time ago I learned to model myself after the doers in life, and you certainly qualify.

    A dropped my guard for just a little bit and COVID got me. It’s a nasty little disease that finds your weaknesses.

    When you are working with a few thousand active military everyday who are traveling around the world, you cannot be too careful. I got careless and sloppy.

    There were also a few holes in my plan, like not knowing Quercetin helps with Zinc absorption into the cells.

    I do believe my Vitamin C and zinc intake did mitigate the symptoms, but I began slacking on the amount and daily dosage.

    I come away a little more enlightened.

    I wish I could follow all of your protocol, but I love being in the game, but I can’t play if I move out to the sticks; though it is tempting.

    Thanks for all you do and this great list of suggestions. I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Let us all pray for a peaceful, prosperous New Year… despite the news.

    Good luck on Coast To Coast… unfortunately that’s passed my bedtime.

  6. Is the C2C event discussing Post-Civ or Anti-aging?

    Putin is now using the term, “war”.

    The other day,

    “Nikita Yuferev, a municipal lawmaker from St. Petersburg who fled Russia due to his antiwar stance, on Thursday said he had asked Russian authorities to prosecute Putin for “spreading fake information about the army.”

    “There was no decree to end the special military operation, no war was declared,” Yuferev wrote on Twitter. “Several thousand people have already been condemned for such words about the war.”

    Does this mean Putin perceives the West has brought “war” to Russia, possible the Patriot batteries and he is willing to negotiate before blowing Warsaw off the map or does he concede it’s been “war” all along? Hahahaha!

    • A quick rewind. Ha! “rewind” LOL

      December 21, 2002 at 7:30 p.m. EST. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses Congress.

      December 22, 2022 at 2:55 p.m. EST. Putin uses the word “war” for the first time.

      “Our goal is not to spin the flywheel of military conflict, but, on the contrary, to end this war,” Putin said.

      At some point Russia’s special military operation’ escalated to ‘war’.

      The major change I’m aware of is NATO introducing Patriot systems, 12/21.

    • The Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War, and Afghan War were not wars, at all. They were “police actions.”

      I’m not sure any North American, nor a Russian draft dodger, have any business preaching semantics with Russia or Vlad Putin…

  7. Yo Giorgi,

    I dont sea no Covert19 vaxxsination listed in Ure anti aging protocols? Whats up wit that pray tell? Why you got “vaxxholes” allover this cite claiming they took the vax and have/had NO ill side effects..none what so ever? Well except for getting infected with covert19 post vaxx, but they didnt get really sick or CCIUed..sooo it worx, right?

    Definitely should include the “experimental” vaxx in Ure list of things to take to promote good health – ya know as service to the “selfish pricks” community.

    Hears 2 a GLOWING new year in the PEDOPROG States of America.. YOU sick nazi loving and supporting bastards!

    ..”we dont need no water, let ___ers Burn, Burn __ __, Burn!https://youtu.be/Adgx9wt63NY

  8. Now it escalates to another level..
    I am curious.. will they let this slide.. Kim in NK is the wild card.. and he is the first one to come right out and say.. I know who you puppeteers are.. and have one with your name and number on it.. He is the only one that has come right out and said.. if you drag my butt into this for some reason or other.. I will go to your homes as well..
    when they tried to use his uncle.. he fed him to the dogs.. his brother.. gone..
    and really the USA can’t really be in to many places at once..


    the next story baffles me.. the old parent telling the child.. do as I say not as I do..


    every day this gets an uglier undertone.. scary to say the least.. really scary to say more.. the terrifying part is.. the best outcome we can see of this is one of the worst economic depressions in the history of modern civilization.. the worst is if their assessments are correct on the studies that have been made.. that one out of every sixteen thousand survives..

    • Pay attention to Kim’s sister. Kim is just the front man, his sister is the one pulling all the strings … and she is vicious, much more vicious than Kim is.

      She was doing some talking about a week ago … and it didn’t sound good. If the US gets tangled up with an adventure with Russia, or with China, look for N. Korea to seriously considering making a move itself since FEW to NO reinforcements will be available from the US to help the South Koreans. (we are SERIOUSLY over-extended, and it is only getting worse as we move more and more of our military assets into Eastern Europe)

      • “Pay attention to Kim’s sister.”

        Beat me to it. Kim Yo-jong is the coldest bitch I’ve ever seen (and I don’t use the b-word lightly). When she’s posing for a “happy” photo, she looks like she’s stabbing someone and twisting the knife…

      • exactly.. the poison pawn trap.. I had originally thought would be a one two flip.. instead.. its taken much longer for the whole set of moves to be made.. we are so worried about the pawn that we forgot about the game..Now like an old junker car.. we have to keep dumping so much more into it or abandon it.. either way the game is over they may win the play but loose the game and loose their position. if we back out especially now after afghanistan and have now depleated most of NATO’s members banks and emergency reserves.. we loose their confidence in our ability to be the one to lead.. if we continue we not only will destroy our country with debt that anyone with a grade school education would know we can never pay off.. we are bankrupt and will loose our position in banking and world money.. if we continue we not only have depleated our emergency arms for defense but we left the country open for takeover or a war of wars.. opened the borders to illegals and willingly let the trojan horse in the gates…. what I find fascinating is.. the ones pulling our strings are not dumping any of their money into it.. Kim is the wild card in the deck.. he knows that biden is a paid servant been belly up to the dc troughs for most of his life.. had never had to work for a living and would sell out anyone anywhere to do their bidding.. and realizes that those pulling the strings are still sitting in the background grinning and has openly put the word out that they would be first.. of course this is all my opinion from what I read daily in the news and I am no anylist so who knows I may be all wrong on this ..

  9. “… and if the 100-year far end goal isn’t happening (like you croak at 50, for example) then your time remaining isn’t 32.88 years. It’s half that. Or less. Bottom Line: With the clock ticking, what is really important?”

    What’s really frightening is when you consider how much of our years are spent either in unproductive, non-fulfilling activities… or doing things that are downright painful and hurtful and harmful to us. Like years of sitting in a dull classroom to keep The State happy or working for a jerk of a boss to keep America’s Economy happy or being around people that just bring you down… like downer family and friends or that special someone who turned to be special all right… especially BAD for you.

    Sure, we’re supposed to minimize those kinds of things but the ingredients for a good social recipe are sometimes hard to find and in short supply. So we make do with what’s left on the shelf around us and try to concoct something palatable.

    If 80 years is used as a baseline then what do we really get out of that 80? Maybe 5-10 for the time doing something really enjoyable? And what are we using as our measuring stick for THAT?

    Add to that we live in a World where we are surrounded by people who are trying their best to see that we don’t stick around much longer… just adding another layer of stress and frustration to our experiencing the Not-So Fun Ride of Clown World.

    Yes indeed. Much, much, much more of our time and effort and thinking and dreaming has to go into doing things of enjoyment, worth, and merit. The quality of one’s experience of Life is every bit as important – if not more so — than the length of one’s life.

    And how do you really piss off those who are trying Their best to do you in? Live a good life anyway as you patiently wait for Good Karma to pay its visit to Those who do not help you to prosper.

    And in strategy to approach Life in challenging days like these… the quality of one’s Attitude is paramount. Because your Attitude about Life will determine everything else. Actions and deeds follow Thoughts.

    We are all Energy Beings having an experience in the Slow Lane of Existence. We must never forget who and what we really are… and not let the Slow Slog of Earthly Life steal our birthright of living with Joy.

    The Short Version Here: Eliminate Stress from your life. It is a killer. And enjoy Life to the fullest regardless of what comes along and that will really piss off the Bastard Class as you prosper on your square of the Grand Chessboard.

    May each of us reach the end of the coming New Year 2023 happier and healthier than how we will have started it.

  10. I’d add a few of my own for consideration:
    *get outside everyday, meaning walk, bike, run (not on pavement), swim, meditate, pick up trash, garden, chores,
    *’always tell the truth and you never have to remember the story’,
    *be honest and fair in your dealings with others,
    *how you earn your money matters,
    *stretch your body,
    *practice the Golden Rule,
    *dance, drum, paint, make music, sculpt, woodwork, write, find one or two creative pursuits,
    *be curious,
    *if you bum out Sunday night, Wednesday is hump day and Friday is TGIF, you are doing something wrong,
    *live simple and small.

    • Well sunongrass, it seems there are a few things the left and right can agree on. Maybe a little hope for 2023.

  11. Today’s work is great george . Really interesting and entertaining. Yes I relate to so much of your thought content of the day . Bravo !!

  12. Keep checking your change, people. We were at the grocery self-checkout line this afternoon and the machine zigged when it should have zagged for some reason and kicked out a penny more than what it should have. That penny turned out to be a practically mint state, shiny red 1958 Philly Wheat Cent. Guess some kid got into grandpa’s coin collection and spread it around. It’s not particularly valuable other than it being a great reminder of when our coinage was real.

    This event did prompt me to take a look at a 1854 (small)O Seated Liberty quarter I had graded by NGC this year. It has jumped about $200 since I last looked at the listings on NGC for some reason so pay attention to the change running through your fingers and any collectible coins you may have. They’re beginning to move.

    • Keep checking YOUR change. This usually happens when somebody (usually a kid) burgles a coin collection. When old money begins to show up, it will flood for several days. I have bought everything from silver nickels to Peace dollars, at face, from store clerks who didn’t want to deal with half-dollars or dollar coins. I hold it aside, but in over 20 years, nobody has put out a catalog of stolen coins, so eventually it gets added to my pile of junk coinage.

      • Our daughter used to work in our local bank’s vault and managed to come away with a few rolls of 40% and some 90% silver halves and other old, old bank notes that flowed through. It was an interesting job to say the least but had no promotional possibilities so she moved on – much to my chagrin.

        Everyone in the family is well schooled in old and new coinage so I’m not concerned about them spending anything of higher value than the slugs we pass around today.

        There was a time I thought about making collectible coins a big part of my investment portfolio since I enjoyed it so much but after spending several years trying to sell a PCGS graded MS65 Morgan that was supposed to “trade like stock certificates” back in the early 2000s I realized just how difficult getting your money out of that type of investment really is. Junk silver is the only type of coinage I’m really looking for but this 1854 quarter was an exception that came to me out of a relative’s estate. It, unbelievably, had existed with that person’s other junk change for years and came away with a AU55 grade after all that time being jostled around. It may have been a full MS quality coin when they got it but it survived well. Whenever it comes time to sell the money will go straight into either bullion or junk coinage like that Morgan dollar I sold. Never sell you coins to a coin dealer of any kind. You’ll only get half the value for it and if you go with a big auction house they’ll get a huge chunk as well. Thank God for Ebay! They get their fee but it’s less than other places. The only other option is a face to face sale or exchange for goods or services with people who know what they’re looking at.

  13. A belated Merry Christmas to you, Elaine, Zeus, and all the other critters who inhabit Uretopia!!

    It sounds like you stayed warm and other than a frozen water barrel everything came through with flying colors.

    Have a great upcoming New Years eve … looks like locations other than NYC are on the TV agenda this year.

  14. Yep this is the most brilliant of expose I have seen from yes my mate george in 25 years . The fascination of life and health is so important . George has nailed so many critical things in one go . Well done again I’m still in raptures . Before Armstrong became a paid shill his expose many moons ago . It’s about time . Would rank as a best then for me . Read it over and over on a remote island holiday . But today mate you did so well congratulations.

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