2019: Global Return to “Military Economics”

Sorry to begin the week with such a sobering topic, but the headline flows are driving us to it…

You see, the world is screwing-along toward 8-billion people, and there just aren’t enough resources deployed to make that number sustainable for any historical length of time.  We are set to “eat planet.”

What’s more, with the sincere efforts to deflect into more peaceful pursuits, such as climate change hitting the rocks, what are the options?  War or Chaos, seems to us.  Digital Mob Rule or External Enemy.  Pick Ure poison.  External enemies are easier tow manage.  They also reduce populations more.

The headlines this morning give it all away – climate narratives are facing serious headwinds.  The Northeast, for example, may be having its coldest Thanksgiving ever.  Toss in that a Turkey-Day blast will plunge temps 25-degrees, or more, below normal and it becomes a nearly impossible sales job to convince people that widespread record cold is “climate change.”

Even harder, with such “before you lying eyes” evidence is the notion that government needs more tax money.  Yet, the news flow still supports “climate change” while contrary views *(and research) are essentially unfunded.

When in doubt, use war as an economic stimulus.

Sure, the Trump Bump looks good, but only for the next few weeks.  The reality is that much of the container port traffic in SoCal – showing monthly data up 8+ percent year-on-year for Long Beach and Los Angeles monthly traffice – is likely the result of companies “stacking inventory” ahead of new, higher, tariffs from Asian sources.

Such bumps don’t show up in the “car ports” like Seattle/Tacoma.  Why?  Annual model changes in autos don’t store well!

Worse, the stock market is heading out across a bridge to nowhere now because while Americans are still spending (good) the end of stock buy-backs made possible by the “tax cut” bill are quickly running out of resource (bad).

US Stocks were reading down 60  for Dow futures this morning while European stocks were about flat.  In Asia?  Japan and China had decent gains, which gives up hope for a holiday week rally here.

It’s against this kind of data flow that we sit back with coffee on unusually chilly morning’s like this one here in East Texas (where we had some snow flurries overnight) and ask the one question that really matters:  Where will growth come from next?

We would like to say High Tech.  But, just now there’s a report in The Merc out of the Bay Area (silly con valley) that even as jobs are going up, wages are coming down.  What’s more, the clown posse in the European Union has been moving forward on something they call the “link tax” – which would cause useful sites like UrbanSurvival to pay a fee to include a “source link” to the stories that we aggregate to give you some global economic context.

As we have come to expect from the Brussels Sprouts, there could be serious blow-back from their latest exercise in megalomania and taxaholismThey may drive Google News out of business.

We Don’t HATE the European Union…but….

There’s a solid case arising, we have trumpeted for some time, that ever since the EU announced plans a few years ago to extend its domain from “Portugal to Vladivostok” that it would only be a matter of time until Europe would again be at war.  Being crazy, they didn’t seek Russian consent with their over-reach.

A different war is coming than the historical “runaway Germany” sort.  Mental illness – the kind precipitated by power and tax revenues – is contagious…and most of Europe has it.

So much so that we read how the stress getting out of the EU (via BREXIT) has (allegedly) driven at least one British leader to drink. Thankfully, Ms May’s husband has been supportive..more so than whisky.

Which gets me to the point:  It’s almost like the EU has a secret policy somewhere:

“We want (indeed need) to expand our tax-base, or we will cause war.”

Sure lines up that way.

Take for example the report about how “Cheerleaders from the EU have gone into eastern Ukraine.”

Except, well, it’s not really Ukraine, anymore, and that’s why we’re on the path to war.  It is really  the “Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Luhansk People’s Republics (LPR).”

And that belies a lot of Russian mischief.  Had the EU been able to contain its expansionism, Ukraine (read: Kiev) MIGHT has had a future as a kind of modern-day Switzerland…a “neutral zone” where neither side would lay claim.  It might have been useful. Read how the Swiss navigated WW II.

The problem is the Russians, as my consigliere points out (and his family was State Department coming up, so he has a great sense of global politics) the Ukraine membership is NATO is not finished and won’t be until sometime in 2019.

That means if Russia is going to “harden the border” and make sure those loyalist zones – sold via Russian media as “People’s Republics” – are to be kept out of the clutches of the Brussels megalomaniacs, Vlad Putin will have to more sooner than later.  In the spring the ground is soft – so winter’s a find time to move mechanized units around.  Since Americans will be busy with self-aggrandizement over the holidays…that may set-up game-time.

This puts into a deeper context (than the pabulum media) the risk of larger war.  Both sides have had a couple of years, since the State Department cookie-bakers were passing out treats in Kiev, to stash growing amounts of hardware in the region.

Thing is, as long as there is “A Trump Bump” the US slumbers on, unaware due to the excessive politicization of events domestically.  Really, ISYN things like Rick Scott going to the Senate are not the big deal they are made out to be….breathlessly covered by the sycophant press.

In fairness, from the standpoint of a TV assignment editor, though:  Something in politics is always easy to get a whole parade of “talking heads” to comment on, and as long as the fires of “Trump hate” are generating eyeballs, why not?  Places like Ukraine department on overseas correspondents are don’t seem as “local.”

Toss in the USA Today report that one in five U.S. generals could not deploy for health reasons in 2016 and you don’t exactly put the kibosh on Russia adventurism.

besides, if the USA Today report doesn’t scare anyone, the report that the US is no longer strong-enough to assure a “win” in war with their China or Russia should be a sobering read.

But, It’s Always THE MONEY

Because, when all other moral guidance fails, “Everything’s a Business Model” always explains why certain moves are being made on the Chessboard of World.

In 2016, the US rolled about 54 percent of discretionary spending (nearly $600 billion) into military spending.

In order to justify that kind of expense in the budget, you need enemies.  Plus, despite the twisted gamble of the Nobel Prize committee back when, the former US president didn’t really end anything to speak of…(And we still wonder why Robert Mueller hasn’t gone after the Iran Money, either…but perhaps another morning.)

Meantime the “fifth column” (the unwitting stooges in congress who don’t want to fund America’s defense, whether borders or spheres of influence) are heading for a fight they will lose because they don’t have the White House or the Senate.  It will be show, but it will be touted as “democrats here to save us.”  They aren’t.

Neither party is: They’re just working their business models.  Still, easy to report, lots of eyeballs, and there’s a personal angle about pocketbooks because they’ll cast everything as a “tax increase.”  Nothing changes. Keep the peeps stirred up.  Eyes off the real game which is always denominated in monetary instruments.

It’s a little bit of work, but if you save the Google search for “military sales” you can run a kind of totalizer (tote board if you don’t play the ponies) where you can add up how much the US is selling in the way of .mil hardware, and how much both China and Russia are.  That’ll give you a kind of running line on how to hedge your bets.

I didn’t mean to get into such Peoplenomics “big thinking” – after all, it’s a half-ass work week and I should be playing with ham radio gear, or outside looking for the next snowflake.  But, the facts are there, slowly rolling into view.  It should snowball shortly…and that’d be timely, huh?

These things don’t happen overnight.  Remember, they are cyclical and when the local/domestic Kabuki has run its course, we will be back to hard-line militarism.

Were it not cyclical, sites like G.A.Stewart’s The Age of Desolation wouldn’t be able to provide such useful contexts as it does.

We are rushing headlong into a future that makes no sense, a future delimited by what’s cited as The Post-Truth World.

Thing is, it’s not.  Fact remains that despite all the “causes” and obfuscations in the MainstreamMedia: The sad Truth remains that the World is run by money and he who has the money calls the tune.

Everything’s a Business Model! 

As we say: ...nunquam obliviscar!” —  Clan MacIver has no chief, and is an armigerous clan.

…moron the ‘morrow…”

29 thoughts on “2019: Global Return to “Military Economics””

  1. Rock solid, as usual, George – it is increasingly clear that global financial affairs are much like ships approaching a massive maelstrom, drawn in to the vortex of uncertainty despite all attempts to break loose from its unbreakable currents.

    Key signs point to war – taxed natural resources due to massive overpopulation, intense competition for those diminishing resources and the need for a desperate ruling class to hold onto their traditional methods of power and influence.

    Culling the herd is not a novel concept. The mysterious Georgia Guidestones – aka ‘modern stonehenge’ – was unveiled in 1980. Its financiers are unknown to this day. Among its inscriptions are 10 guiding principles, the first of this is to “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.’ That number has been exceeded today more than 10X over.

    The cold, harsh message of the Guidestones is that in order for humanity and the planet to survive, many humans must perish. Using this logic, the late, great Marvin Gaye was wrong. War ‘is’ the answer. Barring war, either plague or natural disaster will do, with the latter the hardest to manufacture. Some natural disasters are being precipitated by human activity, but the stress for available resources will likely result in plague or war being the instrument of near-term and generally controlled population decline.

    It is easy to wonder precisely what the 2018 Bilderberg attendants discussed with regard to the “post-truth world” agenda item? Are we in that world now? If so, who owns the truth? Who distributes it? Who gets it?

    As Agents Mulder and Scully always said, “The truth is out there!” For some, perhaps. The rest of us will experience the truth when those who own it decide the time is right – and it maybe too late for most of us.

    • Ok… How I am curious many people were at the Bilderberg. Or attended the grove to discuss what their future plans are for the what..close to 8 billion people..

      That’s what always surprises me.. The few puppeteers that decide the fates of the 8 billion.. They make powerful leaders bow before them.. Make the powerful look like drooling idiots and mock their power through manipulative actions forcing them to do their will..fight their wars..my question is Why is that? How can they do that so openly that even a drooling idiot like me can see it?
      They have us all scratching and scurrying begging to let them direct us to do their will.. What ever happened to a random variable of degratiin towards end results. What about the laws of Murphy..

      • Alex Jones has more of the answers than anyone else on the planet who was not on the invitation list.

        In case you failed to notice, Jones was a noted, and widely-respected investigative journalist, before he started investigating the CFR, Trilateralists, and Bilderburglars. Now he is a universal laughing stock with neither street cred, nor journalistic cred.


        Two reasons:

        1. Since a good tactic is a good tactic, regardless its source, the true PTB frequently employ the Alinsky tactic of public ridicule — something that’s easy for them to do, because they own the entire mainstream news and information media. They’ve never denied any of Alex Jones’ allegations. They simply use their available tools to ridicule him, and his information, allegation, and extrapolation, out of existence.

        2. Jones got suckered and fell for it. After several years of being hit with #1 above, AJ began extrapolating and theorizing the syllabus, minutes, and decisions made by the aforementioned groups, basically turning himself into a tabloid journalist and confirming the identity the mainstream journalists in the CFR had created for him.

        Is most of what he says about these secret groups correct?


        Is it accurate?

        No, because in a game of 4 or 5 dimensional chess like this, one can have a record of all moves made, but unless they know the rules of the game, they can NOT extrapolate the game logic or the endgame from these past moves.

        It is not the moves, but the rules, over which the puppetmeisters maintain strict and absolute secrecy…

      • exactly Ray.. my point exactly.. they control everything.. the what seven hundred people or family groups..
        what gets me is we are working on eight billion.. what if.. any of the leaders that have been made fools of by being viewed as drooling idiots.. or the other seven plus billion people just one day said.. I think we have played this game enough.. we won’t go kill out neighbors so you can get copper or silver or spaghetti for that matter..
        if you want it you pay for it and go get it yourself.I think if the puppeteers actually had to dish out for it they would cut back the spending quit playing one side against the other ( who wants to pay for it if you get it for free ) while having the controlling interest in both sides..like playing checkers against yourself.. instead at this point the seven hundred million laborers end up paying the tab ( yup we are paying for their interests) for this country and it is the same in other countries as well.. our military budget is way over inflated only to give a few the privileges of being able to go out rape maim and pillage at will for their own purposes..
        just where could our country be if we stopped intruding in other peoples lives and instead put that three quarters of a trillion dollars into rebuilding our own infrastructure rather than blowing up someones home killing some childs parents or some parents child..

      • There are 28 “families.” All others are minions or useful idiots. As I said previously, George Soros sits at the table, but he’s nowhere near the head, nor will he or his ever be. He is a thorn in the side of freedom and free will, but is only a minor tool of his betters…

  2. “Sustainability” always yanks my crank. Yeah, sometimes it really does apply, but only very rarely. And surely there IS some population level where life would look like “Blade Runner” everywhere from hyper-overcrowding; but we ain’t in remotely the same zone yet by two orders of magnitude at least.

    So we have some time IF we don’t run the world off the rails.

    We have only poorly and partially exploited only the best and most convenient and most efficient (cheap) resource layers of this planet. If you wrapped an orange in Saran-wrap, the thickness roughly models the depth of our mining explorations so far. There is a LOT of basic, useful material in this planet.

    Consider what I think is one of the greatest concentrations of pre-refined raw materials there is; The Dump. The Landfill. Plastics, metals, cellulostic bulk materials, all the periodic table bits, AND some highly concentrated complex materials, all jammed together in this fabulous, rich intermix.

    The only problem is one of separation and further refinement into refreshed and stable raw materials for another go-around in the Cycle Of Stuff. What we now call “recycling” is a sorry-ass excuse for how good, how bountiful, it could be with some mechanical and chemical processes that are, currently a wee bit too jumbled for convenient and simple (cheap) for re-use. It’s still cheaper to dig and drill for New Stuff than to deeply process garbage. But in a ton of garbage is almost zero extraneous useless Stuff. It’s ALL gold for the mining and recovery.

    But that day will come, when it’s cheaper to mine for poly-whatever plastics and elemental metals down at the dump.

    I wish I owned a couple of landfills…

    It’ll take a while, but it’ll happen. It’s got to — makes too much sense.

  3. Why George you know the reason this country is in the crapper,the people brain dead to the greatest extent who would vote for and elect a dead man to office,why our good congress critter was indited for insider trading and fraud, yet the brain drained voter elected him for another term.Sure going to be interesting when the wheels come off and people are stuck with useless money and no jobs, but then again they richly deserve it….

  4. “There’s a personal angle about pocketbooks because they’ll cast everything as a “tax increase.”

    Thank the GOP tax “cut” for that. It’s official…my own tax consigliere said that the new tax plan will cost me an extra 3.75%. Not happy about that.

    The thing is, Trump never read the damn thing. If he had…as a real estate guy, he would blow his top. We had a CPA speak in front of our group Thursday and she stated that the new tax cut is a complete disaster for all homeowners who have a mortgage exceeding $250,000. And doubly bad for future homeowners who may have a mortgage above $750,000. For the record, that’s 1 in 7 homes…nationwide. Not a small amount.

    For instance, the share of owners who itemize their tax returns will drop from 44% to 14%. While I am grandfathered in on the mortgage interest rate deduction, my $10,000 cap on state and local taxes, hurts me the most… in more ways than one…it hurts my business. While we will still do well historically…my team will be down 12% year over year in revenue, due in part to the high intelligent quotient of buyers here in the know who are reticent about the benefits of buying high cost homes and the tax savings associated with them.

    We have seen a election bump recently, but the offers are lower, bargain hunters are out in force and sellers have pushed back again…which is limiting inventory all over again…its a tug of war that never ends.

    I don’t know what the answer is personally. I am too fast paced and determined to drill down and find answers. But, if a certain someone named George wants to to an analysis on it, I wouldn’t mind reading his Take.

    • Goes on the list – but meantime, I trust the poignancy of the Peoplenomics report “Tax Bomb” is coming into focus for you in a personally meaningful way? It’s bad, a sham, and that’s why lots of sinators and congressoids needed to go. Now for the rest of ’em…early elections anyone?

    • “The thing is, Trump never read the damn thing. ”

      Isn’t that the truth Mark its Another of my pet peeves..
      Why in the hell can’t any of these idiots take time to read these stupid things. Before they locked me out I use to get a huge thrill out of reading the stupid stuff that’s written in them. its better than any comedy show .if I could take time to suffer through reading that drivel they sure should be able to. I think they should be forced to write them to. It sure would be easier to read and understand…but then there’s a lot written in them that should scare the hell out of everyone but then that’s totally up to personal interpretations of what they write.

  5. George, the Democrats in Congress are not there to save us. They are there to stop Your Team from (among other things) continuing to loot the Treasury. You remember, the Team that added 10% to the national debt for corporate buybacks (and rich guys’ non-‘working’ bank accounts).

    And then you wonder why there is a precipitous fed revenue shortfall, only a short term stock price bump and a lack of macro demand? Please. Best, Mike.

    • LOL…you kill me, libral Mike. We are post-politics now… Watch closely as “the other team” – the one that controls where the spending is first outlined – comes out with the same refried giveaways to their base effectively looting the same treasury.
      It’s like everyone’s going to the same junkie…the bankster class…and it is a joke.
      Put America on eBay so we can see the bid/asks///

  6. On another note…in the seriously woowoo, Glitch in the Matrix…Adjustment Bureau snafu Department…

    Alex Smith of the Washington Redskins breaks his leg on the same day (33 years later) at the same yardage marker and the game ended with the same score (winners reversed) as the gruesome and to this day…hard to watch Joe Thesimann’s injury…who by the way was with the Washington Redskins.

    Now that is woo woo to the MAX!

  7. eke……lol

    Markets, gold, oil ….. you name it, the pattern is spreading. Short term increases, short term decreases, meant to eke out capital. The pattern of milking markets used to be on a larger scale, both internally and externally. Milk financials, then milk industrials, then milk techs …..etc on down the line. The stagnant markets, the low volume, the low range of market movements now requires that commodities and any other tradable be accessed to milk a profit. Unfortunately, commodities and bitcoin also have a low range of market fluctuations.

    The internal and external markets are all risk aversive. Low trading range and low trading volume creates a environment where eking a profit is an act of desperation. Models offering contrary analysis are not good! lol

  8. If military history tells us anything it’s that in a prolonged conflict numerical superiority can overcome technology. In a military conflict halfway across the globe, logistical resources drain treasure. If weapons of mass destructions are not deployed the cost of conflicts increase astronomically for the invading force. A military threat is not something to double down on. lol

  9. “government needs more tax money. ”
    Have you never read the Grace Commission Report?
    If not I will save you some time and jump to the conclusion.
    “Not one nickle of your tax dollars goes to fund the Federal Government.”
    Taxes are more about control than anything else.

  10. Yo G – looking like this market is getting tired, real tired. I keep hearing the distant sound of a claxon horn & alarm onboard a sub..”down bubble 15%!” dingdingding – ahoughaahouga! Dive,Dive, Dive!

    Puts, Puts and more Puts..Sell the Rally, any Rally!

    Cryptos look CHEAP today, can only imagine looking back a year or two from now..everything in our lives will be “tokenized”..its a business model after all, G.

    S&P 500 down 48.26 pts to 2688, only 168 pts DOWN to go…like shooting fish in barrel.

  11. “the US is no longer strong-enough to assure a “win” in war with their China or Russia”

    DUH…. We are dependent on our armament being made in other countries.. In my opinion Deregulation and NAFTA sent our country on a downward spiral.
    Once upon a time corporations had a Christmas bonus.. If the company did good the better the bonus.. Today that has pretty much ended..the same with retirement funds and company healthcare..
    The change was gradual. Companies hire a skeleton full time staff and then fill in the rest with part time positions without benefits.
    The Christmas bonus only to management.
    Wage increases..around here two percent while the economy has increased an average much higher. Raise in fuel costs..this year I noticed something odd.. Fuel prices normally increase during a Holliday ..this year the costs decreased just before the Holliday. Not a Nickle either we had a twenty cent decrease..
    UN convoy..the wife and I went out a few days ago.. On our way home we passed a UN convoy.. That’s twice now I seen UN military out for exercises. I see it all coming to a head quickly.. Still nothing happening at the farm though..other than supplies being delivered a few years ago not a creature is stirring..
    A few years ago there was a slight programming flaw noticed in our missile guidance chips..they could be remotely shut down.. The same thing with our drones..and we had one of our TS drones abducted..they didn’t shoot it down.. They took control of it shut out our control and landed it..
    Since our total survival depends on their industry I doubt seriously we could even maintain a resistance for any length of time bio logical easy how hard would it be to pass out contaminated goods. From my point of view..we are chasing ghosts.. The puppeteers in all their greed has our military streatched in so many directions for their private wants that we simply don’t have the manpower available. We have refugees marching to our southern borders..on one side the show.. Leadership that is being directed to allow this..what about the other side of our country and our ports there.. Our Ports of entry that are controlled by companies from other countries.. Russia has had the klub-k system in place for years and our system only inspects what one to five percent of I coming goods..if I was a chess player I personally wouldn’t put it beyond belief that some of those containers have been shipped to other countries as a strategic move just in case the puppeteers get to greedy then they can retaliate in their backyard.
    I don’t know but all the possibilities makes it all that much more scary and potentially real.
    They run regular population drills as a rule.. We have on the other hand the monthly television buzzer.
    We’ve put the control in companies that are genetically modifying food..I get both sides of that one.. Profit and power of course..but on the other hand our population has out grown food production..gmo increases product productivity the downside..the death of bees.. So do you have a global culling..who should be culled..a war to improve your numbers..
    My thought not individual prepping but community planning. An individual would be fighting hell on his own by working as a community you can grow.

  12. Mr Warhammer, Bill Gates, thinks vaccines is the answer to population control. It looks like they are reaching that point of control. New vaccine is going to prevent all cancers. By that time there will be no way the US can field an army , due to the mental and physical condition of military age.

    Mr.George, how does this compare to to your Brain Amp runs?
    S & P
    wave 1—— -337.37
    wave 2—— 2815.15
    wave 3——-2269,29 + or –
    wave 4——-
    wave 5——- less than 2000.00

    • Due to IP laws, we don’t do S&P data…but the bottomi of this move (entering Wave III down shortly – is likely in the 2,500-2550 area. then a bump up (.382 range for reasons we will get into in this week’s report) and then? Loook oooout bbbbeeeeeee lllllll ooooooo
      Or not.

  13. Another thought on China. They are taking plays from World Bank and IMF. Loan countries monies to build infrastructure that want produce enough to repay the loan. China then takes ownership in lieu of debt. They copy well.

  14. George,

    Just stepped in yes, your spelling error gives away the answer.

    External enemies are easier tow (sic) manage.

    You can manage your External Enemies with TOW Missiles lol.

    Hey, thanks for plugging the site. That last Post was my apology to readers for leading them down the path of Q. In my mind, Q now fits right up there with your comments about militarism and propaganda. Life in the 21st century means wending your way through the propaganda and PYSOPS just so you can properly manage your own Business Model.

    I made a few Anti-Q comments on a popular Q Website and now I am an unpatriotic shill. Can you imagine that? You are one of the few people who know what I do and how much I love what I do. If I won the lottery, I would still work. It is so important.

    You know I generally do not participate in Social Media, but there are just some things you read and you have to comment on. People do not care that Q has not produced on schedule; but they just love the memes and the propaganda. And hey you are right, the Q Business Model Franchise allows you to sell Ball Caps and T-Shirts.

    I’ll tell you what, when you’re lying in a hospital bed dying and looking at that giant golden whirlpool leading into the blackest abyss you have ever seen, you realize you’re not carrying cash.

    As you know, Q does fulfill a Nostradamus’ prediction. As my interpretations go, there is a universal twist in the outcome.

    The political intrigue is getting repetitious. Like you, I am working on my energy research. So, if you don’t mind, an all-points bulletin to anyone out there studying the research of Dr. Harold Aspden, please contact me at TheAgeofDesolation@hotmail.com. I would like to compare notes.

    My work is here: Start at the Introduction: https://gastewart.theageofdesolation.com/
    I am wrapping up the math. I am in the process of watching David Wilcock’s GAIA videos on Dr. Aspden’s work. There are some major errors that I would like to help rectify before it distorts his work.

    Dr. Aspden mathematically mapped The Active Vacuum, and any “Free Energy Researcher” who does not invest heavily into his material will spend years turning circles.

    David Wilcock, if you read this Post, please contact me and I will help you through the Math. Still good stuff, and very important to our future and what’s going on with the Sun and the Solar System.

    • Meh, like everything else, Q is information.

      It may be good info, or disinfo, or misinfo, but “information” is always good, and is historically the most valuable commodity in the world…

  15. Humanity has yet to prove to me that it has the wisdom to work itself out of where we are. Still glad I am 72 and likely not to see the worst of what is to come. Graham Hancock thinks that the comet which provided the debris impact that ended the previous Ice Age circulates in the Solar System and is returning to our neighborhood “soon”.

    IMO humanity is set to reboot by its own foolishness and/or natural catastrophe. Who knows if anyone will survive to start over again?

  16. All I can add is that we wouldn’t have known neither Hitler, nor Stalin if they have NOT had followers!!

    Armanents (nukes) don’t produce themselves! ;-(

  17. I’m going ahead with my plans to be another nutter in the woods.
    It’s been glorious getting it all ready to go…

    I’ll know things are getting close when the internet is shut down or goes Chinee.

    Right now the disinfo is so thick that if you don’t know someone actually involved in a lot of this kabuki, then you have no idea how real it is or not. IIRC someone said they would know their control was complete when people could not tell what was real and what wasn’t.

    Methinks we are —–> there

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