Sorry to begin the week with such a sobering topic, but the headline flows are driving us to it…

You see, the world is screwing-along toward 8-billion people, and there just aren’t enough resources deployed to make that number sustainable for any historical length of time.  We are set to “eat planet.”

What’s more, with the sincere efforts to deflect into more peaceful pursuits, such as climate change hitting the rocks, what are the options?  War or Chaos, seems to us.  Digital Mob Rule or External Enemy.  Pick Ure poison.  External enemies are easier tow manage.  They also reduce populations more.

The headlines this morning give it all away – climate narratives are facing serious headwinds.  The Northeast, for example, may be having its coldest Thanksgiving ever.  Toss in that a Turkey-Day blast will plunge temps 25-degrees, or more, below normal and it becomes a nearly impossible sales job to convince people that widespread record cold is “climate change.”

Even harder, with such “before you lying eyes” evidence is the notion that government needs more tax money.  Yet, the news flow still supports “climate change” while contrary views *(and research) are essentially unfunded.

When in doubt, use war as an economic stimulus.

Sure, the Trump Bump looks good, but only for the next few weeks.  The reality is that much of the container port traffic in SoCal – showing monthly data up 8+ percent year-on-year for Long Beach and Los Angeles monthly traffice – is likely the result of companies “stacking inventory” ahead of new, higher, tariffs from Asian sources.

Such bumps don’t show up in the “car ports” like Seattle/Tacoma.  Why?  Annual model changes in autos don’t store well!

Worse, the stock market is heading out across a bridge to nowhere now because while Americans are still spending (good) the end of stock buy-backs made possible by the “tax cut” bill are quickly running out of resource (bad).

US Stocks were reading down 60  for Dow futures this morning while European stocks were about flat.  In Asia?  Japan and China had decent gains, which gives up hope for a holiday week rally here.

It’s against this kind of data flow that we sit back with coffee on unusually chilly morning’s like this one here in East Texas (where we had some snow flurries overnight) and ask the one question that really matters:  Where will growth come from next?

We would like to say High Tech.  But, just now there’s a report in The Merc out of the Bay Area (silly con valley) that even as jobs are going up, wages are coming down.  What’s more, the clown posse in the European Union has been moving forward on something they call the “link tax” – which would cause useful sites like UrbanSurvival to pay a fee to include a “source link” to the stories that we aggregate to give you some global economic context.

As we have come to expect from the Brussels Sprouts, there could be serious blow-back from their latest exercise in megalomania and taxaholismThey may drive Google News out of business.

We Don’t HATE the European Union…but….

There’s a solid case arising, we have trumpeted for some time, that ever since the EU announced plans a few years ago to extend its domain from “Portugal to Vladivostok” that it would only be a matter of time until Europe would again be at war.  Being crazy, they didn’t seek Russian consent with their over-reach.

A different war is coming than the historical “runaway Germany” sort.  Mental illness – the kind precipitated by power and tax revenues – is contagious…and most of Europe has it.

So much so that we read how the stress getting out of the EU (via BREXIT) has (allegedly) driven at least one British leader to drink. Thankfully, Ms May’s husband has been supportive..more so than whisky.

Which gets me to the point:  It’s almost like the EU has a secret policy somewhere:

“We want (indeed need) to expand our tax-base, or we will cause war.”

Sure lines up that way.

Take for example the report about how “Cheerleaders from the EU have gone into eastern Ukraine.”

Except, well, it’s not really Ukraine, anymore, and that’s why we’re on the path to war.  It is really  the “Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Luhansk People’s Republics (LPR).”

And that belies a lot of Russian mischief.  Had the EU been able to contain its expansionism, Ukraine (read: Kiev) MIGHT has had a future as a kind of modern-day Switzerland…a “neutral zone” where neither side would lay claim.  It might have been useful. Read how the Swiss navigated WW II.

The problem is the Russians, as my consigliere points out (and his family was State Department coming up, so he has a great sense of global politics) the Ukraine membership is NATO is not finished and won’t be until sometime in 2019.

That means if Russia is going to “harden the border” and make sure those loyalist zones – sold via Russian media as “People’s Republics” – are to be kept out of the clutches of the Brussels megalomaniacs, Vlad Putin will have to more sooner than later.  In the spring the ground is soft – so winter’s a find time to move mechanized units around.  Since Americans will be busy with self-aggrandizement over the holidays…that may set-up game-time.

This puts into a deeper context (than the pabulum media) the risk of larger war.  Both sides have had a couple of years, since the State Department cookie-bakers were passing out treats in Kiev, to stash growing amounts of hardware in the region.

Thing is, as long as there is “A Trump Bump” the US slumbers on, unaware due to the excessive politicization of events domestically.  Really, ISYN things like Rick Scott going to the Senate are not the big deal they are made out to be….breathlessly covered by the sycophant press.

In fairness, from the standpoint of a TV assignment editor, though:  Something in politics is always easy to get a whole parade of “talking heads” to comment on, and as long as the fires of “Trump hate” are generating eyeballs, why not?  Places like Ukraine department on overseas correspondents are don’t seem as “local.”

Toss in the USA Today report that one in five U.S. generals could not deploy for health reasons in 2016 and you don’t exactly put the kibosh on Russia adventurism.

besides, if the USA Today report doesn’t scare anyone, the report that the US is no longer strong-enough to assure a “win” in war with their China or Russia should be a sobering read.

But, It’s Always THE MONEY

Because, when all other moral guidance fails, “Everything’s a Business Model” always explains why certain moves are being made on the Chessboard of World.

In 2016, the US rolled about 54 percent of discretionary spending (nearly $600 billion) into military spending.

In order to justify that kind of expense in the budget, you need enemies.  Plus, despite the twisted gamble of the Nobel Prize committee back when, the former US president didn’t really end anything to speak of…(And we still wonder why Robert Mueller hasn’t gone after the Iran Money, either…but perhaps another morning.)

Meantime the “fifth column” (the unwitting stooges in congress who don’t want to fund America’s defense, whether borders or spheres of influence) are heading for a fight they will lose because they don’t have the White House or the Senate.  It will be show, but it will be touted as “democrats here to save us.”  They aren’t.

Neither party is: They’re just working their business models.  Still, easy to report, lots of eyeballs, and there’s a personal angle about pocketbooks because they’ll cast everything as a “tax increase.”  Nothing changes. Keep the peeps stirred up.  Eyes off the real game which is always denominated in monetary instruments.

It’s a little bit of work, but if you save the Google search for “military sales” you can run a kind of totalizer (tote board if you don’t play the ponies) where you can add up how much the US is selling in the way of .mil hardware, and how much both China and Russia are.  That’ll give you a kind of running line on how to hedge your bets.

I didn’t mean to get into such Peoplenomics “big thinking” – after all, it’s a half-ass work week and I should be playing with ham radio gear, or outside looking for the next snowflake.  But, the facts are there, slowly rolling into view.  It should snowball shortly…and that’d be timely, huh?

These things don’t happen overnight.  Remember, they are cyclical and when the local/domestic Kabuki has run its course, we will be back to hard-line militarism.

Were it not cyclical, sites like G.A.Stewart’s The Age of Desolation wouldn’t be able to provide such useful contexts as it does.

We are rushing headlong into a future that makes no sense, a future delimited by what’s cited as The Post-Truth World.

Thing is, it’s not.  Fact remains that despite all the “causes” and obfuscations in the MainstreamMedia: The sad Truth remains that the World is run by money and he who has the money calls the tune.

Everything’s a Business Model! 

As we say: ...nunquam obliviscar!” —  Clan MacIver has no chief, and is an armigerous clan.

…moron the ‘morrow…”

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