2017’s Personal Economic Stars To Steer By

Although we’re fairly sure that the all-time market peak will arrive as early as March or as late at September, there are certain “stars” we can steer by.

We look at Housing, Gold, and Bitcoin prices this morning and make some observations about where these could head, and in turn, may drag the rest of the economy along with ’em.

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3 thoughts on “2017’s Personal Economic Stars To Steer By”

  1. Geo: I am confused with all the back and forth…If homes are expected to peak in say Summer17 why aren’t you preparing for sale NOW..It will take more than a few weeks to sell your property and clear out( sell plane? no)…Then sit in cash / rent and buy when housing gets close to bottom.? Also..are you saying that we only have 9.5% to all time high in stocks, then the mother of all drops/depression. Even using 3x etf’s who the hell risks getting maybe a little north of 9% to loose 99%…You are not that nimble vs algorithms..

  2. Mr. Ure, You create a number of charts for you PN’s readers. Is it possible to overlay that Kitco Gold chart with other economic ones i.e. dollar, S&P, Fed rates etc? Your subscribers would find it informative.
    Thank you for your opinions and insight.


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