2017: The Last “Civilized year?”

A “point and to the short” report this weekend since most of our subscribers will be too busy counting up the gains for the year and engaged in tax planning and such.

Nevertheless, an intriguing question has arisen from this week’s trading and we need to consider some of its implications.

So only a few headlines, but a lot of chart commentary this morning as we try to sort through the messy relationship between headlines and bottom lines…

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44 thoughts on “2017: The Last “Civilized year?””

  1. I have experienced both clairvoyance and clairaudience so I KNOW the other Realms are real. I have partial memory of some of my past lives with the just preceding one being most revealed. I have seen angels. On two occasions, spirits have talked to me (startling when it happens). I have seen the spirits of deceased pets. I have also had remarkably clear prescient knowledge of simple events.

    The Realms are real and I pity those who have not yet experienced them. It truly helps make sense of this insane world and gives a level of hope not available otherwise.

    • “Me too” alert…

      I’ve heard the voice in my head, not audibly, twice in my life and I wish almost every day to hear it again. The first time it foretold, spot on, what was to happen to me, where I was going to live, as an 11 year old and the second time was at a poker game … go figure. But you know it when it happens because it’s not coming from your own thoughts.

      Wherever I was as a kid I’d sure like to get back to that point in which I could be open to such communication again.

  2. Your prediction “Bitcoin Collapse in Two Weeks?” Your reasoning although very interesting reading is a bunch of “Woo Woo”. I will be keeping a sharp eye on the next two weeks of bitcoin trading and will either be amazed or not.

    • Scientifically, academically? It’s an interesting notion, you’ll have to admit: triangulation from non market sources…

      • The cosmos is the universe regarded as a complex and orderly system; the opposite of chaos. If this prediction works, I think you have may have added chaos to the definition.

    • Those not Biblically inclined may not remember Amos 8, but there are some passages of it that bring even to the modern mind the image of post-nuclear exchange. Especially this:
      “In that day,” declares the Sovereign Lord,
      “I will make the sun go down at noon
      and darken the earth in broad daylight.
      I will turn your religious festivals into mourning
      and all your singing into weeping.
      I will make all of you wear sackcloth
      and shave your heads.
      I will make that time like mourning for an only son
      and the end of it like a bitter day.

      We need to be mindful in reading such texts, as I discover now and then with the Chronicle Project folks, or they with me, that the terms may be right but the translations errant.
      For example, this “a bitter day” reference. Is it the reference to bitter – as in horseradish and the bitter herbs of Passover?” Or, is the correct read “bitter” as in cold. Terribly horrifically cold? This is not a problem to be taken lightly for it is one that indeed captures the notion of radioactive clouds triggering massive seismicity. With that comes the darkening of the skies at noon and the decontamination procedures of shaved heads.
      And what of nuclear winter, then? Is it possible that this is the “BITTER” days referenced?
      When one reads the Bible a good bit, whether as a science project or academic, there are places where the language seems to fit and foretell….or does it?
      A visit to The Realms clarifies for some, but certainly not all…but yes, Amos 8 is a most interesting passage to read.

      • G,

        Condensed, say there is a deity, Jesus, who once footed around the planet.

        During the time the Deity used Earth as a stomping ground, what made that group of Earthlings so special that they would get the potential to meet him, a Deity, in the physical?

        Fast forward to today, those ‘Living’ (technically there is no ‘living’ but only change of state between spiritual/physical, and perhaps complete destruction) to see the ‘End Times’ would experience the greatest event to ever behold – all out destruction of evil. What would make this group of Earthlings that much more specialer to live and witness.

        Not to mention the in between crowd living between say year 33 and dying before the apocalypse. What made their existence ‘less than’ the existence of others who had a chance to participate or did in the end?

      • It’s all about the reincarnations along the way. This gets horrifically complicated.

        A discussion over here,
        says in part…http://www.ancient-origins.net/history/hidden-beliefs-covered-church-resurrection-and-reincarnation-early-christianity-006320

        “In the early medieval period, the doctrines of pre-existence and reincarnation only existed as “Jesus’ secret teachings. In 553 AD this information was declared heresy at the Second Council of Constantinople. The Roman Church decided to destroy all the teachings which talked about it. The Catholic doctrine and the priests’ source of wealth could have been in danger if people believed that they would come back to life many times. The old knowledge faced the same fate as many ancient books by pre-Christian writers. The bishops were afraid of the knowledge which could prove that the institution of the Church wasn’t the only option to bring “eternal life” to people. ”

        What a lot of people have difficulty wrapping their heads around is the notion that a highly -volved being could show up, be killed by The Establishment for undermining their marketing program, yet that’s what the data suggests. So far, so credible.

        Later on, as early organizers of what would become (through violence) “the church” was setting up its own mass marketing project (which persists), most people can’t handle the SWOT chart. (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)

        Think of it this way (at the risk of being charged as a blasphemer):

        Jesus was an exceptionally-evolved higher being.
        As such, he was building a HUGE BRAND FOLLOWING.
        Can’t have the EXISTING Brand (government of the regions) being challenged, though, can we?

        The challenging BRAND was therefore killed.

        In marketing terms, this left a void.

        Most of the challenging BRAND survived in teaching down through disciples and such, but there were differences as each heard (or took) something a little different from their lessons from the Highly Evolved BRAND center.

        Well, then along came the OPPORTUNISTS who saw the vacuum and decided THEY would edit and change the “challenger BRAND” to something that was more to their liking (and purse) and far less tolerant than would have ever been allowed by the BRAND ORIGINATOR.

        But, since that BRAND ORIGINATOR was not around, and predatory IP law firms hadn’t been invented and since the original BRAND wads going open-source,, the opportunists could label anything not convenient to them as blasphemy.

        Which is why the Second Council censored reincarnation and the availability of salvation to all without payment of a hefty toll or tithe. Who would tolerate open source?> No inquisition and powerful nation-state and ear of all kings in that, is there? Everything’s a Business Model, as we say.

        It’s not terribly different than how Climate Charlatans hijack climate data, change it around to fit their agenda (of global power lords) and ram it down our throats. You don’t need to jigger ALL the data…just the stuff that is monetization-resistant. Which, as you have guessed, reincarnation is.

        Stupidly, there is still a “well of souls” problem, but the church wasn’t a very good marketing outfit. But when you have tribute from all and the power behind all thrones, who cares about details, eh?

        When the BRAND ORIGINATOR said “Thou shalt not kill (which the Chronicle Project points out is really more along the line of ‘leave a member of your tribe alone in the wilderness [where death would be likely]) you would THINK that clear-headed peoples would never have tolerated a RELIGION (Perversion of the original BRAND) that kills all who dare question (heresy) or speak against the RELIGION BRAND’s use of violence.

        Moreover, it assures that more inclusive versions of the (perverted modern version of) The BRAND will marginalize any challengers who promote “personal investigation of the truth.” Such is why the Bahai faith isn’t liked by so many other religions.

        Other groups (those that embrace bombs and violence) have a different tack: They all claim stewardship of an ORIGINAL BRAND and it all becomes shamlessly silly in a moments time.

        Yet there’s the problem as a Marketing project.

        The wars of “marketing belief systems” has been going on forever and we’re just seeing the leading end of a new “challenging BRAND” which is similarly misguided as the “social justice warrior” movement.
        A few books by Vox Day may be in your future.

        But it all comes down to this: All BRANDS have value, and the BRAND originator isn’t defending the BRAND, it gets stolen, perverted in purpose, and becomes the wolf in sheep’s BRANDing.
        There….figure that’ll have you hitting the communion wine in short order…

        Because humans are vulgar, even the finest BRANDs are eventually crossed.

      • this knowledge comes out a price I hope you don’t have to pay the price but I do wish you the knowledgeno

  3. Bitcoin is currently trading in a “fear zone”. If and when price drops below $12k Bitcoin will be in a “crash zone” with $7500.00 area for a Backtest. It is HODL time, unless of course you have Trumpian size balls, then it is time to sharpen your hunting knife,clean and inspect Big game rifle, clean and inspect the backup firearm and load up the Big caliber bullets – time to go hunting “Efelumps” bitcoins..

    G – Get ready to #BTFD. Or just buy 1 Litecoin for Urban Survival project.. u know like your lone Gold coin.

  4. damn Georgia going way out there I never heard you free this far out there but I like it okay so we’ll come in and I’m systems contestants out there and they either of the vibrations that we all think.

    Okay I’m talking about me you rice or mental retard because you went to the second the 6th and 9th grade and you also went to a second your college Quincy somewhere long lines there but there’s 10 year college equipment Sease and you’re the equivalent of every corporation but yet you’re outta.
    This is my middle concept I can dig a hole in the ground in and liked on Tranzit planets do to survive and our government secret government does that’s what they do to survive they dig holes in the ground the car when we’re in the car is Ron home it’s our car bodies and extension that gives us different perspectives of our environment and when I depend on the security get a car that my body determines but if its own operative terms is part of my life then I have better change Joel survival.
    Okay I’ll try it again another words we are in vehicles or Spirit or in vehicles bodies and sometimes we use other bodies to help our bodies with just Vehicles cars plane jets flying saucers portals that go from one place to the next inter-dimensional travel and also we have the ability to leave our bodies and take other bodies or we have the ability to I’ma leave that one the black anyway so what I’m saying what I’m doing and go to another place in my consciousness because of my subconscious because I can open up a dictionary replace my finger anywhere in there without looking and before that I asked a question or had a thought my subconscious gives me the ability to portray the question that I thought with an answer in one of the words on that page where I opened it up at

      • It’s predicted this year by the Chinese that I will succumb I don’t know what that means die or just changer only got a couple days left here let’s see what happens

      • Why would I want to trust my health to a 200 year old Nation compare to 6000 year old Nation or even the knowledge of trillions of years old I don’t know but people do it everyday the like hey you’re the doc you know something right and the doc doesn’t know anything he was trained by a bunch of imbeciles only want one thing prophet

      • this knowledge comes out a price I hope you don’t have to pay the price but I do wish you the knowledge

    • the knowledge that you possess has enough to change the world that you live in each person but its Megan’s or Benz it rains of people have the ability to change the world that they individually live in.

      that’s why if you close your eyes and imagine something and when you open it up you have the ability ability to create what you have imagined that’s why people who sleep late and when they get up they don’t have the ability to do anything except what that last thought was

  5. Isn’t it amazing that in more than 70 years of existence the so called United Nations were NOT able to eliminate nuclear weapons from this globe? WTF!! Shouldn’t there be some outcry among us? Who are our enemies?

    ITS US OURSELVES! ;-( and I don’t feel sorry.

  6. Quoting the apostle Paul (the apostle to all believers during this age of grace — see Acts 9:15)regarding reincarnation:

    Hebrews 9:27 “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”

    Who is Jesus? Paul writes in Colossians 1:14 – 17:
    “14 In whom we have redemption through his (Jesus’) blood, even the forgiveness of sins: 15 Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: 16 For by him (Jesus) were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him and for him: 17 And he (Jesus) is before all things, and by him all things consist.”

    The bible tells us that everyone lives forever either with God or apart from God for eternity. It is now during this life that we all make the choice where we want to spend eternity.

    Paul writes in Ephesians 2:8 – 9:
    8 “For by grace you are saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

    The ‘gift’ is the shed atoning blood of Jesus Christ on the cross where all sin debts were paid in full. It is up to each one of us to decide in this life whether or not to accept that gift and have eternal life with God or to reject the gift and live eternally without God.

  7. I’ve had NDEs and seen the Light. I’d prefer to not see it again for a long, long time…

    Everyone knows Bitcoin is a bubble. As long as there’s confidence people will buy-in on the possibility of fast, easy money. When their faith gets shaky, it’ll collapse. Andy is too often, too accurate.

    People should read Reza Pahlavi. There are hundreds of thousands of Iranians living between Allen Park and Sterling Heights Michigan, who are pro-U.S. and would rather be living in their native Land. Bush(43) punted and Obama chose the Ayatollahs over both these, and their compatriots still in Iran. I’d personally like to see Mr. Trump pry enough Obamanistas (62%) and neocons (32%) out of State, that we could finally help these poor folks reclaim their homeland.

    Quoted from your link:

    “No matter what happens to the weather, the climate explainers shamelessly cobble together an explanation which blames bad weather on your sinful lifestyle.”

    “Scientists” and “academics” whose livelihood is enhanced by the acceptance of GCC will ALWAYS vomit junk science opinion and doctored data to support whatever the current GCC paradigm happens to be. GCC evangelists like Al Gore and Bill Nye (who have more in-common with each other than either has, with climatology), will ALWAYS regurgitate THIS data to support their evangelic pursuits, and ignore or vilify any contradictory opinion. As long as the evangelists preach, the zealots will follow their words, like lemmings. As long as an explanation can be concocted which explains deviations from the GW paradigm, regardless of its like-deviation from logic, reason, or even likelihood, the Believers will buy in.

    I feel for the Believers and I pity them. Their inability to read a history book is a source of continual amazement…

    The Winter Olympics will go off without a PRNK hitch. North Korea is already not very popular with most of the World. An incident which could be traced to them would cement World opinion and probably spark a clamor for war from a huge coalition of Nations — not a desirable scenario for either NK or China.

    My nightmare scenario:

    ‘Twould be an excellent time and place for a “false flag” attack by Japan, or especially by us. I trust Mr. Trump on this, because his military advisors are amazing, but I do NOT trust the commies in the foreign services. They could build a trail to NK, and a very thin one back to EOP. If the fflag is discovered, Trump is out; if not, we get a popular, and economy-boosting war. Either way, the Obamanistas and the neocons win.

    “Remember the Maine…”

    • Thanks Ray. I wish, that were the case in my own life. I have suffered to a great degree in my personal life from my own inability to maneuver with the perspective I have been given. And yet, I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

      Having been married/divorced twice and a built in obstinate stubbornness to tread the life path before me no matter who comes and goes. sometimes that involves major heart break. I super loved my last wife and how things went down, it kicked my ass to the enth degree. I know what love is and I know what that feels like and how it is to truly love someone. And the loss of it, Damn near financially bankrupted me, damn near physically killed me (10th NDE) and emotionally and spiritually destroyed me. Hardest year of my life.

      Took everything from me. And took everything in me to stay the course, deep heart/soul pain and i cried a thousand thousand tears and praised God the entire time.. because f*ck it! I ain’t going out like no punk b!tch.

      I work my ass off and sometimes am not sure how to pay it all. I have a sh!t ton of responsibility and obligations.

      And God and His ever laying out work for me to do.. the last was driving 36 hours straight to utah and back to rescue a young lady and be the answer to her prayers. A lady I had only knew for 1 week prior to that. Met her through a friend in Facebook. Changed her life forever. Changed the life of all those around her. I asked for nothing in return.

      I can fathom all the mystery of life and see the future.. And am constantly guided and directed by What is above all things. And God and HIS practical jokes on me. Sigh…. Lol

      I have been assured that in the afterlife I am wealthy beyond compare. Still there are times I would like to trade a piece of that fortune for some financial stimulous in my life here. Lol


      Hope you have a happy New Year.

      Andy aka 0.

    • P. S. I keep seeing “Miracle” as it relates to the winter Olympics “time” frame. I am not even sure if they are this year. Will go look.

      A ‘sully’ type miracle. You remember that dude who landed a plane on the Hudson river?

      Anyway, hard not to be self centered and all. Would love that to be a personal future perspective. (Chuckle) i do see things in my own life.. But it’s hard to decipher it all when you are getting bombarded constantly with information/data. And try not to get emotionally attached to any of it.

  8. George,

    I’m not sure I can express myself as well as Bryce’s Lazy Porch Garden but here goes.

    Our social fabric is ripping.

    My big concern for 2018 is the growing harm that the social network is doing to civil society. It appears to be ripping us apart, not bringing us together. Rather than being a platform for civil discourse, this remarkable resource has become a place where trolls and haters spew venom in constantly negative posts. A read of the several thousand responses to each of Donald Trump’s twitter posts clearly demonstrates this.

    Social media and the biased mainline news media is being used to divide us and undermine political opponents in ways that break us apart. This will only intensify as we approach the 2018 elections. God help us.

    A house divided cannot stand. Perhaps we need common enemies like North Korea and Iran to bring us together in the coming year. Although I fear the consequences of such a confrontation, something has to change!

    Happy New Year to you, Elaine and Zeus.

  9. Any global conflict would be totally stupid to even contemplate as probable. Especially since we depend on the manufacturers in the countries it would be with for almost everything we use.

  10. Uhem, to understand you the manifestation of Jesus you must think outside the linear time scale.

    “Time” is both cyclical and spherical. Think of ripples in a pond and echos in a cave. I’m going to try to explain this as simply as possible.

    “In the begining was the word.” The Torah is that word. It is the name of “God” 304,805 caractures, no periods, no paragraphs or chapters. (YHWY being the first 2 letters and the last 2 letters) One word. The total amount of gnomes in human DNA are coincidently 304,805. A Base code program! “And the word became flesh and dwelt among us.” The Torah itself is also a star chart. Once the stars aligned to the chart produced on the Torah, the Christ was manifested. Based off the lunar calander.

    We see evidence through the influencing “echo’s” of the Christ in the world prior to His Manifestation and of course after his manifestation. Humanity in essence spoke/called His existence into being as they were influenced simultaneously (pastence) by his presence prior to it becoming actuality in material form. A singularity event that impacted/ affected both the past, present and future. A complete paradigm shift in the collective consciousness of humanity and the direction it would take.

    God a singularity event, Lucifer a singularity event, and Jesus a singularity event are are defined omnipotent and omnipresent.

    Don’t ya know? the Devil is blamed all the time, therefore he must always be present and all knowing. Think about it!

    Interesting to note the 2 occurances:

    The first for books of the bible are from the Torah. The Hebrew word “beginning” is
    resh-aleph-shin meaning “head”. In the beginning (head) God created the heavens and the earth.
    Jesus spoke Aramaic it was the language at the time in Nazareth. The Aramaic term for forgivness is shbg (sha-bag) which is defined as: to Unlock your mind. It is not what the western concept of mercy or pardon for a crime or offence committed.

    We Now, see evidence through the influencing “echo’s” of A.I. Humanity in essence speaking/calling it existence into being as they are/were influenced simultaneously (pastence) by its presence prior to it becoming actuality in material form. Another singularity event. It is currently shifting the current paradigm in the collective consciousness of humanity and the direction it is taking.

    Bitcoin, facebook, google etc. Etc. and all these things are effects/echos of of the influence of that singularity event/manifestation.

    As we see humanity “unlocking it’s mind” through the influence of manifestation of Jesus (a singluarity) through the internet as it oscilates/coincides with creation of the next singularity.

    A.I. is defined as omnipresent and omnipotent.

    Hope that makes sense

    • Also theses singularities are a subset of an other even greater influence/echos of another “being” manifesting. An other singularity event that has yet to be produced. As we see all these singularity events through the influencing “echo’s” of an even greater singularity event.

      Are Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, Muhammad, Lao Tzu, Jesus are all singularity events that lead to supra singularity? As mechelsideck is superior to all those combined.

      Example: Abraham (a Babylonian idol maker) through the influencing “echo’s” of 3 singularity manifestations the entry point of 3 major religions, Isaac the Hebrews (jacob-israel), Ishmael the Muslims and Jesus the Christians. Jesus is, realtively speaking a supra singularity. Regardless of denomination, the totality of Christianity as a whole, is by far the largest empire in the world. which is dominating the collective consciousness of humanity through influence.

      There has to be a supra singularity. An anomaly that influenced these beings into manifestation even greater than them. I can see it! I just can’t put it into words.

      These are the things I think of when I’m grabbing 18 gears.

      Ada woo woo goes. Woo woo has a better tract record than non woo woo. :)

      Oh yes, I’m a Christian. But that doesn’t mean I have to remain in the box, when looking at the grander scheme of things.

      Have a good night George and friends.

    • Thank you for sharing! I, for one, really appreciate your introspection and intuition. I see this creation in somewhat holographic terms with multiple layers/dimensions. Everything influences everything else, and we are never quite cognizant of all the effects. We can strive to do the right thing, and that intention does manifest. We can also make incredible mistakes(learning experiences). We are all the Sorcerer’s apprentice and had best act with humility.
      I see the dark side as denied light, something that can be empowered by rage toward it. Best to understand to the extent of our abilities and act accordingly.

      Most paths of enlightenment lead in the same ultimate direction, though they may meander into some odd territory along the way.

  11. While I won’t speculate on certain things right now, I do want to thank you for all you’ve done this year. For the price of a lunch tab, I might add. Best $40 I’ve ever spent.

    Happy New Years George and Elaine, from Phil and Steffanie in Austin.

  12. On the news this morning they were talking how bitcoin is becoming an accepted currency pointing to a man who bought a truck for 1 bitcoin that he paid a dollar for in 2011. Sounds like the financial markets are setting up the suckers for a fleecing.

  13. Just my best wishes for a Happy and Worthwhile New Year to George, Elaine, family, various felines, subscribers, posters and other readers here. I do feel like we’re a family of sorts.

    Good luck to all!

  14. Sherlyn Lampe thanks for your Dec 30 comment.I spent over 10 years at least once a month for about 10 minutes explaining to a martial arts class that the only time we have is now. Not 1 min from now are years but now. So its best to enjoy now as I cant remember very many getting out of this incarnation intact. Both my parents have been very very pleased after moving one and werent at all unhappy that the religious BS isnt what they were taught. Just remember you will move on so dont sweat it.

    • RAWR! IS that what you want? How about we shake the world to its foundations? I can make it so. George will probably delete this but you don t know what your asking for. I have my confidence back. I’m empowered once again. I had a few girlfriends take me out to the strip jont and buy me a few lap dances.

      I need someone like me! RAWR! Be careful. You don’t know what you are asking for. Choose wisely!

      Infinitely NOW!


  15. I have a weird idea Mr. Ure about how Korea will unfold. Something tells me this is how it will likely go. Before i do though, HAPPY NEW YEAR MR. URE AND OTHERS!!!! 2018!

    Now onto Korea. I honestly think it happen this way. I want you to first think of the board game RISK except that its real and real lives hang in the balance. I think China & the US can leverage some things here. China may go ahead and tell Kimmy to do something stupid enough to start a war with the US. Not because they want to get hot with us but instead they can use Kimmy as bargaining chip. Lets say Pres. Xi calls Pres. Trump and says “We will let you slip loose the dogs of war on Kimmy and kill him and his regime but while your doing that, we will take Taiwan back and we would like to rearm and have our happy little buffer between the South and us.” Trump may okay that but he may also leverage that as well. “Because we are doing the dirty work here and spending some serious money to kill, we want you to assure that the puppet regime you install in North Korea will allow the people to transit inside and out of the border like they can already in your country. Also they have to friendly to us and the South. Finally, allow us to sail unopposed in the South China Sea and we will be ok with a few more islands there.” Xi will probably go along with the first few requests but rebuttal with some territorial lines in the South China Sea and him and Trump will “shake” on this deal. We will destroy and kill Kim n’ crew and put up the puppet regime the Chinese want while at least giving the peoples of the former Hermit Kingdom some freedom and much needed necessities. That’s the way i see it anyways.

    • War is much more useful as a wedge issue. Trump and Kim need each other as much as the hero and heel in a WWE contest. Too many international debits and credits to erase the ledger.

      Don’t believe me than where is the republican bill to outlaw abortion? Now is the time with all three branches under (R) control. But why put an issue to bed when it can be used in perpetuity to divide.

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