1929 Replay is Right on Track

Normally, we wouldn’t share this with anyone but our  Peoplenomics subscribers.  However, this is an important update to our ChartPack this morning and it suggests where a bounce may occur

Our chart is based on two sets of data:  Historical 1929 Dow Jones Industrials from the period.  That’s the blue trace.  And our own Aggregate Index which we derived in the wake of the Internet Bubble collapse in 2001-2003 because singular indices can be very deceiving because they did not include any evidence of the Tech Wreck when that bubble burst.  Wall Street did its damnedest to foist the “tech-free” indexes on the unsophisticated public to pimp the myth that stocks were solid investments.  We begged to differ.  Our contrarian approach has continued to confirm this judgment.

Whether this has any predictive value remains to be seen, but we will update this again Saturday on the ($40/year) subscriber site, Peoplenomics.com  This chart is shared openly (send a link to Ure friends) because amplifies several of the points made in today’s ChartPack about what could be ahead.

Back to my research now…more tomorrow.  Coffee?

8 thoughts on “1929 Replay is Right on Track”

  1. Yikes! Ring the bell G – looks like the Top is in..

    Feels like peering out from cover/shelter looking for more “tangos”.

    Whats next shoe to drop ?

    Overnight Repo facilities have the ED worried, where as in 2008 $75 billion was the total QE Operation PER MONTH – now it is $75 Billion Per DAY!
    Can U say ..Sovereign Debt Crisis coming to a Government near U soonly..

    If only U and Ure readers had some _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is out competing its analog predecessors on the basis of its monetary properties.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is infinitely Scarce and it is more easily divisible and more easily transferable than its incumbent competitors. It is more Decentralized and as a Derivative, more resistant to Censorship or Corruption. There only ever be 21 million, and each one is divisible to 8 decimal points(1 onehundredmillion). VALUE can be transferred to Anyone an Anywhere in the world on a permission-less basis, and final settlement does NOT rely on any 3rd party..Price is the Output – Monetary Properties are the Input.

    Oh well keep hiding them USD’s(fiat system that leveraged Golds monetary properties) under the mattress – sure they will be good for something.

    • About 17 million of the 21 million have been mined, leaving 4 million. It is estimated all 21 million will be mined in 2140, well passed our life expectancy. Once all are mined, it will be a tranaction fee based currency. If Millenials turn to bitcoin, the increase in price could be huge. My opinion is bitcoins will fade away just like a tulip. Bitcoins are a con game. As with Penny Stocks, you can make or lose a lot of money. Most Penny Stocks business is selling stock to suckers. That is why they pay people large commissions to promote their stocks or large commissions (although decreasing) to mine bitcoin. Bitcoin came from nothing & it will eventually return to nothing. It is a fantasy & will eventually be replaced by a new fantasy. There is a sucker born every minute & 2 to take his money.

      • First, the orbital link worked for me.
        Second, this NASA chart leaves off the one critical element: central frequency of irradiance.
        When the sun peaks in output (general) it continues overshoot into the higher UV spectrum (white/blue) Ditto when we get well into cooling, there is an offset.
        As all us formerly types know, that changes the plant cycles quite a bit (4-10$ and that changes albedo and…well, we are having perfect weather (still) and new York is still not underwater, so that’s not denial. That’s data.

        Also, the “rising sea levels along the east coast” are due to continental subsidence and the North American plate moves west (which is where the Rockies came from). As this plate moves west, the east cost seems to sink. Sea level is still (going from memory) the median of the mean high and mean low tides…OMG…maybe we have human-caused tidal change! Quick! Regulate the Moon! Tax astronauts!

        Please, God, send us multivariate-capable humans in the next civilization!

  2. All the backstop programs that were created in the 1930’s got triggered in 2008 – and worked!

    Everyone got a trophy in 2008.

    FDIC backstopped the banks.
    FHA backstopped the mortgages.
    PBGC backstopped the pensions.

    Even senior GM debt was constitutionally wiped out over BK auctions.

    I’d repost the YouTube link showing George W. Bush proclaiming he suspension of “free market principles to save the free market system” but YouTube is censoring now-a-days.

    The next leg down is going to be a doozy and should wipe-out Social Security. Though, SS may be reliquefied.

    • To be technical, nothing will WIPE OUT Social Insecurity. Those deposits will flow forever, because there are a LOT of old folks receiving them, and old people vote.

      What WILL happen is the USD will be devalued, to where SocSec disbursements become valueless, meaningless, and nearly-worthless.

      Devaluation is the only means of escaping a Ponzi Scheme that’s run its course, and an entity which issues an an accepted “coin of the Realm” is the only type of entity which can successfully escape repercussions from the eventual failure of the scheme…

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