Normally, we wouldn’t share this with anyone but our  Peoplenomics subscribers.  However, this is an important update to our ChartPack this morning and it suggests where a bounce may occur

Our chart is based on two sets of data:  Historical 1929 Dow Jones Industrials from the period.  That’s the blue trace.  And our own Aggregate Index which we derived in the wake of the Internet Bubble collapse in 2001-2003 because singular indices can be very deceiving because they did not include any evidence of the Tech Wreck when that bubble burst.  Wall Street did its damnedest to foist the “tech-free” indexes on the unsophisticated public to pimp the myth that stocks were solid investments.  We begged to differ.  Our contrarian approach has continued to confirm this judgment.

Whether this has any predictive value remains to be seen, but we will update this again Saturday on the ($40/year) subscriber site,  This chart is shared openly (send a link to Ure friends) because amplifies several of the points made in today’s ChartPack about what could be ahead.

Back to my research now…more tomorrow.  Coffee?