10-Years Ahead

Where is “Beyond Prepping” these days?  What will the world look like in 10-years?  Will there be some “hot new thing?”  And – with all that, how do we advise our children on investing, saving, and what will that world be like?

No simple answers here.  Not with interest rate roulette coming up this afternoon with the Fed rate decision.  On top of overnight news developments on the emergent change in “world structure” as the good guys and the bad guys try to figure out who’s who.

Today some thoughts on schooling the young on how to “Get their piece of the pie” when (pushed by Covid or otherwise) the seniors speed up their die off.

Which we will get to just after the charts and a few headlines to get the noggin sloggin without foggin.  This is options week, and a bear trap has been sprung!

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George Ure
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26 thoughts on “10-Years Ahead”

  1. The best and only things you can really teach your children are the difference between right and wrong. The cowboy creed is a good start.

    If it ain’t true don’t say it. If it ain’t yours don’t take it.

    They will likely stumble once in a while but who doesn’t.


  2. George,

    I remain befuddled by the ongoing dislocations. Thanks for the wave count and Fib levels on the Peoplenomics (paid) side. Well worth it to check your math vs. calc. on my own. Interesting remark re: nearly full moon, on a Fed. Day (first rate rise since 2018?), on the day Zelinski spoke to Congress. Wonder what Arch would have to say? Grand conjunction …

    Today the LME opened nickel trading for the first time since 03/07 and vol. crushed ability to meet positions so proceeded to a disorderly halt. Again.  I believe LME, London Metals Exchange, is owned by Hong Kong, which is servant to China.

    Note JPM is counter party to the Chinese tycoon who has a standing (outstanding) margin call for $8B and Jamie chose not to collect (presumably worried it would create / contribute to a credit crunch spiral) so waits hoping the trade unwinds with less pain?

    Something is wrong with the interconnected markets IMO.  Please fold tray table, return your seat to the upright position and remain seated until we come to a complete stop.

    My solo son and DIL are too distant to fold under parental wings. Chicks gotta fly. That said, I find myself parking tubes of AG at their house with proviso they are still mine but available for a really rainy day. And … sending advance inheritance checks.

    Write when you get clarity,

    • Ooops, forgot. Note to wordslinger: if I build out solar in two phases with phase 1 tied to grid then … run phase 2 to battery support, who’s to know? Spring is springing here but it’s still chill. I suspect solar arrays around here have 10+ days of -0- gain. That’s a long time sans grid.

      Ideas? Take day off matey. Go sailing (as shall I when the hard water out front returns to liquid).


    • Egor,
      The FED REPO window apparatus was closed by Powell about a month ago. and the Fed Notes are starting to pile up inside treasury [redemption without roll over]. Theres no money for JD to cover. Consider teh theory that the Tycoon is actually acting as Proxy for JD, as Dimon wouldnt hesitate to sell out anyone, he did threaten to fire anyone employed at JPM who bought Bitcoin after all.. lol. queue the fresh pop corn and turn down the studio lights this is going to be a great show!!

    • Egor,

      Thanks for pointing out the LME situation as they try to figure out how to market their beached Chinese whale before his “best before date” puts scent to plans. I take your suggestion that “something is wrong with the interconnected markets” as a 3 pointer that didn’t even graze the rim. My goodness, a band of Beijing thieves are at the casino, and the’re looking around the table for someone to do the honourable thing. So far, no luck!

      The London Metals Exchange is arguably a misnomer since its sale a decade ago by the members to Chinese interests. So now LME is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Hong Kong parent HKEX which sports 6 of 13 board members appointed by HK government, a chairperson of renounced American citizenship who is also a member of the ruling Hong Kong executive council, and a ceo whose cv consists of 30+ years service with JPM.

      Since the LME physical trading floor has been suspended in recent times due to covid, my nickel bet for the future is on China’s Qianhai Mercantile Exchange. The QME, 90.1% owned by HKEX and 9.9% by the Chinese state with perhaps a nod to a London Canary Wharf bank, is already active in aluminum and copper. Of course, these are the ravings of a fool and not investment advice.

      Those previously enjoying a view of the financial heartbeat of the world from the Staten Island Ferry may take transplanted solace from the Upper Deck of Star Ferry to Central – US$0.41 adult fare, seniors are free.

  3. Gobstoppers Gdog, Gobstoppers is da future and you herd it hear first.
    WDF is he talking about ?

    Talking bout “vaxxcinossis” and all the “zoombies” walking & driving around in a fog these dayz. Why do think Car accidents are way up , while driving volumes are way down ?!?!?!? Hello!
    You see em everywhere now a days, with the weather warming up they will be easy to ID – by the small cloud flies buzzing around their open mouths.. Volunteer Suicide – and I’m a “selfish prick” ?
    That is one solid Investment thesis – Buy stock in company that makes Gobstoppers – the zombified/vaxxed gonna need something to close the their pie-holes with..Gobstoppers! I know genius right?

    * 3/15 not Ides of March – gotz to bee on Fullest Moon – 3/18/2022 @ 3:17
    Spring Equinox is 3/20/22 @ 11.33

    ..All – 9’s and 11’s , oh my!

    Did you buy the dip ? Why thirsty “horses” dont drink when lead to water just boggles the mind. Color me boggled.

  4. Breaking News:
    Earthquake Detailed Report – 3/16
    At around 11:36pm, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 occurred offshore Fukushima Prefecture at a depth of 60km. The maximum intensity was 6+. Tsunami warnings/advisories have been issued. #earthquake

  5. On the LME thingy. CME was being covered by LBMA as CME had run out of gold good delivery bars. Connecting the dots…… Houston commence short count launch sequence. [that would be for the blockchain to provide on demand liquidity]. When it goes ” no bid” that is the moment when the Fed notes are no longer papering over synthetic [naked] cash settled shorts is when SHTF. We are getting very close to the next event horizon.


    • SHTF already Steevo – they have been able to contain the splatta…so far

      Think Derivatives – think Commodities vs USD – look at Price action (manipulation) of Silber last 20 years vs all other PM’s.

      Can you guess how sort the SLV Inventory is right at this very moment ??

      ..delayed fuse

      • Agreed Crash [love the game]. BTW in this context SHTF means your cards no longer work when you go to pay , and your bank app gives you that convenient “were sorry site access temporarily unavailable due to maintenance” around lunch time on a weekday, and continues that way daily for the foreseeable future.

        We can use Greece as the prototype[not that they are out of the woods by any stretch I think there will be round 2], and extrapolate to get an idea of each country’s turn in the queue as the operation progresses.

  6. Personally, I don’t believe a Ten-Year look-forward is possible without some heavy thinking on whether you believe Nostradamus [ and a couple fine folks here] are right., because if we do go nuclear, even a limited exchange, then the entire “think” changes., dramatically. If the food supply chain vanishes., just how long will the largest 50 cities survive ? Two weeks ? Maybe? Before total chaos engulfs the country…, and planning for that scenario is a very horrific deep-dive into darkness.

  7. We just had a major geo-solar storm a few days back – now a large earthquake. Inquiring minds are wondering?

    • Nothing is proven, but I and a few others have noticed these ‘coincidences’ also. Full moon volcanic eruptions, too.

  8. 10 years in the future. OMG, I just want to be alive this time next year. I live next to a military base. That might make me an early casualty of WWlll.

    We still have the aliens to worry about. I wonder how much our decisions matter.

  9. “Stay colder, get older” doesn’t always seem to work.

    I know a woman who is 103 who is still somewhat kicking, but SS came a’knocking just to make sure she was still alive.

    I knew another who died at age 71 – not from covid. Both lived in houses that would have frozen me. God lets you live until he doesn’t.

    Regarding minor kids – love them and feed them. After age 18, encourage them to leave and advise them if they ask. Boys especially. Sadly or not today, it seems that most of our kids won’t be giving us grandkids.

  10. I’ve been on daylight savings time for at least two years. I refuse to change my clocks and just mentally deal with others’ schedules when I must. Standard time is terrible – especially so in the winter! I can only hope that the stupid House and Brandon get it done.

    Regarding isolation at home – it works if you still have a family. Otherwise, getting out at least once a week is almost necessary to remember how to interface with other humans. With proper nutrition and exercise, there’s no excessive risk. We all die regardless.

  11. More Prep Ideas.

    Cooking oil. I use Coconut oil and Avocado Oil.

    More Beans and Rice.

    More Garden Fertilizer

    More Seeds.

    100 gals of gas

    100 gals of diesel

    More food.

    Put in Chicken Coop. Buy chickens so I will have eggs to barter with.

    Barter will be important in the future.

    Please post your ideas as we all need to prepare.

  12. George, a pet peeve:
    Raising chickens = free eggs!
    Most chicken systems require expensive feed in order to produce eggs.
    Foraging free ranging hens can work with sufficient range and sufficient insect life. Best in the tropics though, where there are year round insects and in quantities needed to provide protein requirements.
    Feeding a small flock with kitchen scraps could work if there’s enough meat scraps or if there’s a black soldier fly larvae growing system involved.
    Joe Salatin’s pastured chicken system only reduces feed needs by about 20%.
    My thoughts..

  13. Here is a link to the Moscow-based pollster Levada Center as to what the moods might be on the other side of the fence. The Russian pages may offer more detail than the English ones.


  14. In 10 years, it is my HOPE that I will remain right where i am, working ham radios. I’m planted… not going anywhere… betting that nobody would waste a perfectly good nuke on the jungles of the Big Island. Like Emerson, Lake, & Palmer… I’ll just come and see the show.
    I should get more popcorn.

  15. In ten years, I will be doing something different in a different place than what I imagine now. The same goes for the rest of you. Planning and dreams for the decade(s) to come are side effects of the Hopium, which all of you are flirting with. I expect economic opportunities will continue to spiral down, and ethnic hate abuse will continue to increase as the leftist control of education mass produces wokie child soldiers who won’t tolerate Ure readers.

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