You Know Markets Are in a Blow-Off Top When….

Glad I’m not the only one seeing it.

Just remember all our references to the Roaring Twenties and how we’re in the replay.

Then flip over to this Financial Times article that says the market has put in the biggest string of record sessions since


I don’t expect you to remember stocks that year peaked in September (3rd to be exactly) and then plunged in October, but from where this market finally gives up on its string of rallies, we keep counting 55-days forward.

Now, thanks to Grady at the project, we can see pencil in Iran action in mid-to-late April of next year.  If his date has any substance to it (April 19, more in “coping” below) then we can simply back-track 55 days and begin to eye February 23rd as when the markets should be hitting their all-time highs that should stand for decades.

Between here and there?  Ain’t got nothing to fear, but fear itself, as one quote has it.

There was a bit of good news in economic numbers yesterday, not the least of which was the chart (right) showing that there has been a major increase in hiring in the small business arena (employers of less than 500 employees).

Whether this is because three guys and a six pack, programming a new app constitutes a “company” I can’t tell, but any port in a storm, huh?

“What storm, Ure?”

Oh, the wild-ass deflation that has started to lay the seeds of the rig laydowns we talked about Tuesday.  And did’ja see where a gas station in Okie-lahoma has dropped gas down below $2-bucks…the first such instance since 2010 according to the report?

Still not convinced?  How about the ECB being unable to raise interest rates due to the crappy conditions in EU-land?  Hell of a note when even the banksters are having a hard time figuring out how to make a buck, even with access to free money. 

You knew that….you’ve just been told “It’’ ain’t so!”  ‘Cept it is, of course.  Your problem may be not casting your info nets far enough to fish up more truth.

Still in the Roaring Though

Press release on the Challenger Job Cut report is just out:

Downsizing activity by U.S.-based employers declined by 30 percent in November, with 35,940 planned job cuts announced during the penultimate month of 2014, according to the report Thursday from global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. The November slowdown comes just one month after job cuts surged 70 percent to 51,183 in October. The November total was 21 percent lower than the 45,314 job cuts announced the same month a year ago. Heading into the final month of the year, employers have announced 450,531 job cuts, to date. That is down 5.8 percent from 478,428 at the same point in 2013. Currently, job cuts are on pace to finish 2014 with the lowest year-end total since 1997.

All of which sets us up for a surprisingly good report tomorrow on Employment which should send the market into warp drive as shorts get caught with their pants down

Those Idiots in Washington

Democrats are a sorry lot…still as deluded as ever.  Of course, so are republicans…I  mean let’s be fair about this.  You and me?  We may be the only sane thinkers alive, anymore.

The recent presidential amnesty has now resulted in 17-states banding together to sue the impervious president.

A new poll out says support for a pathway to citizenship is now at a record low – another miscalculation of the Impervious’ minions.

Meantime, someone at the Washington Post has decided to nut-up and admit the imperial amnesty plan is without precedence.  (I wonder if they’re reading another newspaper or online Truth-seekers and catching up with the America’s Main St., ya think? )

Meds must be wearing off: Quick!  I’m thinking about an old R&B song…oh yes, here it is: ”Too much, too little, too late…”  (Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams if you ain’t old school…your loss I ‘spose.  Old school R&B was a real high-water mark in music…)

More after this…

Ratting the Revolutionaries

Well, lessee here:

The good news – such as there can be on this kind of story, is that a sheriff in Milwaukee says Eric Holder disgusts him.  Which wouldn’t be news except the sheriff is black…

AND NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley is defending cops saying the ghetto would be a Wild West kinda place without them, and that cops are awesome.  I’d vote for Barkley for damn near anything…that’s some serious leadership, right there. 

Amen, brother Barkley and thank you for having the courage to tell it like it is.

You know, I can’t think of one historical incidence of looting resulting in positive social change.  If you can, please send it along…help an old man out.

Heads Up

Another beheading is in the wings. 

At some point the AQ and ISIS people are going to figure out this kind of behavior just pisses sensible American’s off and we do own the world’s biggest collection of glass-making equipment.

America has learned about wars of attrition and we are slowly wakening to decisive engagements.

Beyond this, another beheading means stories like the Snopes report on Black Jack Pershing’s solution keep circulating on the net. 

You ever wonder why?  Because the AQ/ISIS types don’t spend enough time in strategic marketing books, maybe?

Killing is like planting seeds.  Of the next killing, and the one after that.  Any glorification of this basest of human abilities belies a lack of human progress.  But it raises money and since we have based economics  on wrong values…well….it ain’t working and so far in human history, never has.

Can we try something new, please?

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