Coping: With the Predictive Power of Dreams

Before we get into some of the most fascinating work of the National Dream Center (on their outlook from 4-weeks ago) for Hawaii to be hit with a big something this weekend, a personal note first.

As you know, I have dreams now and then which seem to hold predictive content.  Perhaps the most detailed example was under “Irwin Allen’s Dreams” which accurate described many aspects and attributes of the Gulf Horizon oil rig disaster in he Gulf of Mexico some 18-hours before it happened.

This morning I had another one of those odd dreams and I’m not sure what it meant, but there were two physical features of the dream that were most curious.

The first involved an airplane flying and it had something to do with three mountains.

The mountains are three progressively higher peaks, with A being the lowest, B the mid-sized one, and C being the largest and (significantly?) the most rugged.

The problem ahead was for an airplane that would be taking off from the runway, traveling right to left and then following the flight path indicated between the smaller mountain and the middle-sized one, and then running into difficulty with sufficient altitude trying to climb over the largest mountain to the right…

Not that it is meaningful… just a curiosity and something to be aware of:  Plane trouble in mountains on departure from somewhere.  Green, rounded and jagged mountains.  Or not.

Side Note:

Both Elaine and I had extremely intense, vivid dreams last night – in another part of mine there was a visit to a coast with a mysterious (unexpected, unseasonal) fog.

The oddity?  Zeus the Cat, our Editor in Chief, was full of piss and vinegar this morning in a most unusual way.  You know how cats will sometimes get that “Wild-Eyed” look to them?  He was chasing imaginary critters all over the place…very strange behaviors for this animal – never seen it before in the house to this degree.

But that gets us to another project to hand off to Chris McCleary who has taken up the project:  In addition to running language bots against the dreams people have, would it be possible to add an “intensity scale” so dreamers could, with a click, rate their dream intensities?

The reason for suggesting this line of inquiry is what?  The damn cat.

It seems intuitively true that there may be a cycle to people’s dreams.  A time of moon phase, maybe the location of a planet, or something on that order, which seems to reduce the veil between knowledge/visioning while in the sleep state and when the most intense dreams take place.

My personal “hot zone” for dreams seems to run from full moon to third quarter, and sure enough, full moon time, so the arising vivid dreams is not so unexpected.

Wikipedia has this quickie course in “lunacy” as in lunatic

The term lunatic derives from the Latin lunaticus which originally referred mainly to epilepsy and “madness” as diseases caused by the Moon.[3] By the fourth and fifth centuries astrologers began to commonly use the term to refer to neurological and psychiatric diseases.[3] Philosophers such as Aristotle and Pliny the Elder argued that the full Moon induced insane individuals with bipolar disorder by providing light during nights which would otherwise have been dark, and affecting susceptible individuals through the well-known route of sleep deprivation.[4] Through at least 1700 it was also a common belief that the Moon influenced fevers, rheumatism, episodes of epilepsy and other diseases.[

I have known a fair number of “out there” people in my life, running into them both as real nutters/crazies on the one hand, or those who express as gifted/geniuses, particularly in music, on the other.  One of the rewards of being a long-time professional journalist.

What comes through when you interview such people is that their worldviews are, for lack of a better term, “canted” this way or that.  If you think of human consensus as a compass needle that tends to point in a single direction, these people express views that may be anywhere from totally on track to 90-degrees (and in many cases orthogonal to) the generally way humans convince one another to behave.

In other words, to make the “herd of animals” analogy, these would be the critters on the outer edges of the herd, tuned in to a different kind of sensing that the rest of the herd.  Depending on their behavior, the rest of the herd might move this way, or that, in regard to a particular “danger” – or, in the case of non-violent or prophetic thinkers – away from new knowledge which “the herd” doesn’t want to (or have an ability to) come to terms with.

Ergo, date-stamping  the dream date becomes important and while each dream has a “posting date” the fact is that I’ve read many dreams in the Dreambase (which is what you call a database of dreams, right?) that were stamped with one date (posting) yet often referred to a dream from a different date.  Most are a couple of days, but I saw a few as old as 2-5 years which would seriously skew the data.

Hawaii’s Near Miss

Long-time subscriber Teresa in the Philippines sent a note this morning which ties into the discussion of dreams:

“Hi George, it’s been a long while since I’ve communicated.  This is to let you know another super typhoon headed our way in the next day or two.  We still have not gotten over the “Yolanda” that hit us in the South especially, Tacloban last year. 

This typhoon, “Ruby” is 100 MPH more powerful  than last year’s. If the Philippines is still afloat after Sunday,  we will let you know.

From the Philippines Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical website, we can see how the Philippines will be smacked hard this weekend by Super Typhoon Ruby.

Maybe Monday Teresa could check back with us on an update, as many people are interested to find out how this typhoon compares with other ones of recent vintage.

One of the more fascinating questions (which puts us up into the timeframe of two full weeks, maybe three from now is what happens if this bad boy heads into the subarctic and then ricochets off as another “polar vortex” like the recent storm did a month and a half, or so, back from Hawaii up to the Arctic and then bouncing down onto Canada and the US with record cold…

How the DreamCenter Fits All This

Remember their warnings about Hawaii?  Well, in dreams, one lush set of tropical islands looks pretty much like any other.  A note from DreamCenter director Chris McCleary offers this:

Typhoon Expected in the Pacific

At a minimum, we already have a headline that fulfills today’s Red Alert. That makes sense based on historical timing, but there are still questions needing answers, and one of those questions is….wouldn’t this event take Hawaii off the table? Check this out…the expected typhoon may hit on the very day that the same basic catastrophe was expected for Hawaii…to the day! And that prediction was over 30 days ago.
We still have some more waiting to do on Hawaii and even Florida, but this is a very high consideration that spatially, our dreamers throughout the past 30 days or so were actually seeing the Philippines but in their own familiar dream environment (e.g., Hawaii natives were seeing Hawaii beaches being devastated and ditto for Florida).

The reason we can’t completely slam  the door on Hawaii just yet is that we still have the matter of focus and outliers. 

Remember that (three weeks, or so) prior to the Dallas/Houston “terror” event that was in dreams, no one would have estimated “Ebola” as a terror event, yet a more terrifying disease is hard to describe.

So we may be looking at mixed messages in this stuff:  Dream content is very “soft” – influenced by the personal experiences of the person who “sees” future.

That likely why in Biblical accounts we hear a lot of “smiting and smoting” because how would an ancient person hand down an account of UFOs or nuclear city destruction. 

It’s important to remember in here that a person’s use of language describes their entire ability to think.   Ancient people could not think in terms of nuclear warfare because they had no idea what uranium 238 or plutonium was.  Consequently, their thinking processes couldn’t hand us any more accurate information than it has.

The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, now laid to an arriving comet flurry (2200 BC) and – hold onto your hat – there may be a reason that some people escaped from the cataclysm:  They may have dreamed events in advance.

So while we folks of today are much more skeptical of dream content, remember that the future “pushes a bow wave” before it.  Remember all those animals that headed to the higher ground before the tsunami down at Banda Aceh?

There’s a layer of our animal brain that picks up on “big future stuff that could hurt us”  (*including, likely, emotionally impacting events).  Thus study of dreams and news are an interlocking dependency certainly holds the potential to strike “pay dirt.”

Precision of Language = Precision of Thought

A number of readers called me out for referring to president Obama as his  “impervious minions.”

“Didn’t you mean Imperial?”

…asked one reader.  While another wrote….

“Not “impervious minions” – Imperial minions. but suing will do nothing to change what is – just look at ObamaCare still strolling along – and more and more embedded – like a tick that’s dug in and sucking the live out of your ear – and if you “yank it out” – it will leave a festering sore or really nice scar – and mayhap – if you’re lucky – it won’t give you a sickness.”

While a strong case could be made for Imperial, I deliberate chose the word “impervious” as in uncontrolled (at least by Congress and budget) and as such they are beyond control of congress.  Lying to Congress (by omission or commission) seems to have flourished so the choice of impervious seemed the better fit that imperial.

But only for the moment.  We will likely drift back to Imperial as events unfold over the next couple of years.

I may have to put up a “letters” section this weekend (or expect a long read on Monday) since so many good emails have come in this week.  (Thank you!) 

One from Bruce down in Vilacabama on killing (and every taxpayer’s part in it) is worth reflecting on, so we’ll get to it as we can.

Meantime, up to this point, I am at 1786 words for the morning…and a patriot knows when to hold his tongue.

Write when you break even, or figure out the perfect crime.

George   (<—who ended a word 1812 today)

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