YAOH (Yet Another Obama Hangover)

I have been writing for nearly a year, now, about how “Obama embeds” have been throwing roadblocks up to the Trump administration at every turn.

That includes liberally interpreted legal decisions on things like selective immigration policies, embeds in agencies who haven’t been replaced (or worked-around) and all those leaks.  Billions and billions of leaks it seems.

Yet here we are, more than a year after the polls closed and an Obama appointee has just sued the Trump administration for?  Well, essentially exercising its power to be the executive branch of government.

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The case involves Leandra English, now head of the Consumer Protection Financial Board, who doesn’t want to be replaced by an appointee of the Trump administration.

There’s a good write-up on this in today’s Deal Book section of the NY Times.

But spin it any way you will:  This sure l0ooks to us like YAOH: Yet-Another Obama Hangover.

Now, if the rest of the embeds in agencies would please raise their hands?

Democrats – a whole year on – are not able to cope with someone other than Hil at the helm.  Which is why they are rolling out yesterday’s news in stories like Barney Frank rips Mulvaney’s appointment to CFPB.

Like he’d welcome the appointmen under any conditions?

Cyber Madness

This is likely not the morning to talk with me about computers – for reasons I will lay out in the Coping section tomorrow.

But, let’s just say our BIGBOX server and plans for a new web theme for UrbanSurvival crashed in a serious way.

This being Cyber Monday, it should go into the record books. In the next few days, we should get some early reports about Christmas sales for the year – how they are shattering records – and that will all be cranked into what should be a smoking year-end Santa Rally.

Already, CNBC is rolling with Black Friday boosts battered department stores, some of which are claiming a ‘record’ weekend.

We weren’t entirely joking last week when we referred to consumers getting “credit card burn” from the frantic pace.  Just read how Black Friday sets online sales record; shoppers spend up to $1M per minute.”

The real questions we ask (being a humbug and all) include “What will be payback speed be?”  No so fast, we’d reckon.  And, “What was so damned important to buy now that it couldn’t wait until the January/February clearance sales?”

Perhaps not the kind of thing to ask in polite company…

More? Exclusive: Cyber Monday showdown – Wal-Mart closes in on Amazon in online price war.

Price 55-60 inch UHD TV’s and draw your own conclusions…

Sex Play Among Fools

It continues to dribble out from the cracks between “unthinkable” and “appalling”  these latest revelations about how the Fools on the Hill have made asses of themselves again and again.

Take, for instance: John Conyers to Step Aside from Top Spot on House Judiciary Committee.  Then there’s ‘I’m Embarrassed and Ashamed.’ Al Franken Speaks Publicly About Sexual Harassment Allegations.”

Water under the bridge if you’re a democrat.  Clear and present danger if you’re Roy Moore.

Yes sir: Land of the Braves, Home of the Double-Standards.

People: “Suits” to “Crowns”

Got to hand it to Meghan Markle…

The MSM is totally agush (that a word?) with stories like How the World Reacted to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Engagement.

On our 24/7 news monitoring site, there were 13-stories about this while Christmas stories were absent and there was only a single “cyber” anything story.

Will the Donna be advising?

The Week Ahead

I won’t bore you with the usual Treasury products offerings today.  Although look for come possible reaction around 10 Eastern when the Dallas Fed survey and some home sales data come out.

The biggies this week are the S&P/Case-Shiller/CoreLogic home sales data coming tomorrow morning.  Since this comes out at our regular publishing time (8 Central) we will do a follow-up posting update around 8:20.  That gives me time to warm up the coffee and read the press release…

GDP Wednesday, Personal Income Thursday, and motor vehicle sales Friday.  These last kind of dribble-out so it will really not clarify for a few hours.

In the short-term (like today)? This Reuters report captures the moment: Asia stocks hit by China, South Korea weakness, euro at 2-month high.

About all you’d need to add is Bitcoin has blown through our $9,500 forecast and is at $9,770 each when converted to Fed paper.

Oh, and futures are up 24 a couple of hours ahead of the opening.

On that…have a fine Cyber Hype Day.  Ure is off to resurrect a computer and study for his next round of eye tests this week.

And I’ll be doing a fine expose’ on my relationship to Mercury in Retrograde tomorrow in the Coping section.

So, mor’on the ‘morrow…

14 thoughts on “YAOH (Yet Another Obama Hangover)”

  1. Looks like the stock market is on a bitcoin rally. If bitcoin can go over $9,500, why can’t the DOW go over 50,000 which should put it at or around the 1929 high per George’s Peoplenomic’s chart. Then sell short.

  2. re: the whole shopping thing…I just spoke with a friend who was born in Poland but has lived here for many years. She remarked that Thanksgiving is an American holiday and how sad it is that it is completely eclipsed by everywhere Christmas (music, decor, candy etc) and Christmas the hype about all the shopping.
    I told her I completely agree although I thought it was because I am Jewish and Christmas is not that big a holiday for me but I sort of wonder if maybe it is more to do with just not getting a chance to enjoy holidays one at a time

  3. I purchased the Etekcity Lasergrip 630 Infrared Thermometer George mentioned in a previous post. It works great. I measure the inside & outside temp at various times during the day & the oven when my wife is cooking. PS – I am easily amused.

      • They are great toys, useful too! I check the thermal resistance of windows, walls, ceiling, then compare it with outside temps. Good way to find places with greatest heat loss.

  4. The company my husband works for had a computer glitch on Saturday and Sunday with the counter on promotional items. When the inventory got down to zero it reset and sold them again. 2,200 more than they have in stock, and not an item that can be reordered. He’s wishing his had crashed. ;).
    Good luck taming the cyber demons!

  5. George, the Conservatives have control of all three branches, and they still may not be able to pass The Billionaire Tax Giveaway. Nor the cheaper, broader healthcare coverage, because, you know, like, nobody wants that. But thank goodness we have the Kneeler-in-Chief policing football sidelines!!

    It’s been a year. If I want to hear talk about feelings, I’ll turn on Ellen. Can’t these Conservatives stop whining and start winning? Mike.

    • Hi Mike…the one critique of your comments that I would offer is that it is the Republicans that are in control. That does not necessarily mean Conservatives. Hence the term RINO.

    • Unlike Democrats, which can be labeled “liberal” because the “moderate Democrat” died out in the 1970s, Republicans can only be blanket-labeled “conservatives” by MSM wonks whose desire is to “program” that idea into the heads of their low attention-span audiences. Neither branch of Congress has been populated by more than 20% conservatives, since Wilson. Trump’s agenda is conservative, not because he is one (because he’s not), but because his agenda makes more sense from a common sense standpoint, than the dreck the liberals (from both parties) have foist on the citizenry since LBJ…

  6. Goerge,
    Can you explain the ramping up of bit coin? I have a son who tells me I am crazy for not gettng involved in bit coin. Another son tells me he has inlaws that have made a killing on them. Are these just the scam they appear to be or do they have some real legs behind them? Investment or scam? It doesn’t seem real to me that bit coins can be at $8700 each?? People are buying portions of coins for a $100 here and $100 there? What is their backing and when does this run end?

    • They are a scam… But as long as everybody plays the game and pretends they’re not, there’s bucketloads of money to be made. When “market confidence” gets shaken, the house of cards will crash — kinda like the Dow and all other fiat currencies. George doesn’t like them, because at least physical fiat money is backed by a nation. There is nothing backing Bitcoin or the other cyber-currencies, except blind faith…

  7. Consider a little research about Obama touring the world this week. He wants to control the UN and it appears he will be the next Secretary General. According to the constitution isn’t that illegal? But then he wishes to trash the constitution.

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