WW3, Trump Stew, and “So What?”

It may be worth watching the news several times this weekend because the world is going into “Turn on the Blender Mode.”

At the macro level, there is a meeting of the G20 in Argentina.  There’s more, but the top of the Wikipedia entry on point begins with…

The G20 (or Group of Twenty) is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the European Union, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Founded in 1999 with the aim to discuss policy pertaining to the promotion of international financial stability,”

The key thing to watch at these “big powers” meetings is what’s on the menu…  No, not the dinner menu…the topics menu.  Here’s (roughly in order) what to keep an eye on:

WW3 and Mueller = Trump Stew

There are two major ingredient in this dish:  We have Ukraine yelling that they want NATO help and the term WW3 is being bandied about.

Normally, we would blow off such hyperbole, but the Russians have moved up their advanced missile systems to their part of Ukraine and – depending on Vlad Putin’s (poker tell) reading of Trump, he will seize none, some, or all of Ukraine in coming weeks.

And that’s why the Trump administration has bowed to internal hawks like John (gimme a war) Bolton… The smart people in D.C. don’t want to get Putin a chance to “get a read” on Trump.

But that is only our first ingredient.  Like a good stew, there’s a delicare “mixing of flavors” at play here.  Because with the latest Michael Cohen disclosures, there’s now a question about whether Donald Trump continued thinking (working?) toward a Trump property in Moscow.  Why, there’s even talk that one of the “sweeteners” might have been a Penthouse for (ingredient #1, Vlad Putin) from (Individual #1, DJT) to moe things along.

As usual, the POTUS is tweet storming.

Meantime, we have headlines related to Ukraine using terms like WW3 Alert and sounding like war is imminent.

Odd to make “stew in a blender” so maybe this weekend is more properly viewed as the sous vide approach.  Because Ukraine is a pretty good-sized roast, we wouldn’t expect anything for a week ior three.  But, holidays are a grand time for war-making.

Is Xi Kidding?

Our “blender” concept begins to look more like a “garbage disposal” when we get to the Chinese footwork on trade.  They’re dancing all over the place which has caused something of a disco fever to breakout in markets, although it looks more to us like negotiation Boogaloo.

As Xi Jinping and Donald Trump try to talk about trade, we wonder how much of a distraction the :”stew” will be.  Notwithstanding, the Chinese have been trying to sound conciliatory and that has helped their markets recover a bit this week, but Trump needs to “put some points on the board” because his policies (not to mention his onetime attorney) have been pulling the rug out from under him lately.  Yes, I refer to the Ford and Harley and other job cuts.

We expect Zi to employ a “love in the front, knife in the back” negotiating style.

Madness on Bordering May Flare

Remember, in our thinking processes about multi-spectral warfare, it’s not out of the question that the global socialists (which we assume Vlad Putin to be working) to press Central America drug gangs to send people north to stage a “media invasion” of America.

Sympathetic media are running “human interest” angles (a hunger strike? really?) which is tantamount to a fifth column action, but we’ve decried the lack of problems of too much “news capacity” and the Ure Curve of Information Distribution before.

The WHAT?”   (UCID)

Welcome back to Extensible Thinking 501.

If you missed it:  In a “clean” news environment, you have a very sharp “information curve” – just like selectivity curves of a radio receiver.

What happens when the information curve broadens out too much, the “pass-band” of the channel begins to include more and more opinion – oftentimes based on a single fact – which in turn manipulates public sentiment.  Hand me a cocktail napkin and one of my rollerball pens…

OK, second drawing to think about – since this is a lesson in extensible thinking:

This is what a receiver selectivity measurement series looks like.

Specifically, we’re looking at three bandwidth settings of the old Hallicrafters SX-117 I just finished restoring.

As you can see, (or not, depending on coffee loading so far) there’s a narrow pass-band (500 Hz wide) which is dandy for Morse code.  Then the wider pass-band is for single side-band (SSB) voice reception.  Finally, the “widest” setting is for AM (which we lovingly call ancient modulation).

Once you see and comprehend how receiver selectivity works, there’s hardly any effort required to extend the concept to the general realm of information.

Except (instead of bandwidth setting in KHz) our three “bandwidth settings” when we are personally in “information gathering modes” will range from the sharp/narrow setting (facts only) to the analog to the somewhat wider SSB/voice bandwidth…which we would call news facts plus some basic context.

Last, but not least, as we lose our personal selectivity (which is the “new” ‘Merican Way” and what the Useless Media due to hyperextension is about) what we observe is that additional bandwidth is mostly BSand  opinion.

UCID Application Note

In radio receiver design, this is useless bandwidth if it doesn’t contribute to the desired signal you’re trying to receive.  In the UCID theory, similarly, all this extra bandwidth in social, extreme, cause and opinion clusters  doesn’t add a damn thing to the (useful) core news content.

Depending on which of the “news side-bands” you tune in to, liberal or conservative, for example, your views will be slanted one way or the other based on the “news” plus whichever “extended side-bands” of news and opinion you self-program.

The usable takeaway this morning is getting hold of your own “selectivity knob”  So as we look at a potentially Big Weekend, we can assume there are three settings:

Facts”  What are the “actual” results of Putin, Xi, Border, Ukraine?

Fact plus Contexts:  What are the pertinent historical and settled legal and financial drivers of above events?

Fact, Context & Opinion:All of the above, but mostly buried by efforts to drive you to agreement with the proselytizer.

Once you get personal control of your inputs, your need for the proselytizer class of “pseudo news” goes away and you can focus on the important decision in life.

Like what’s for breakfast.


Ah, the One Chart that Matters, is it?  OK, based on early futures readings:

Dow futures were down 135 when I looked earlier.  BTC was under $4,000 so we continue to look at the BTFD (buy the freaking dips) crowd and wonder how they have avoided being committed for so long… On, in a narrower channel view Bitcoin falls over 7 percent, heads towards one-year low.

And in OTHER Snews

here are a few items that should be “out of the pass-band” for you:

Maybe these are hugely important in your life but not in Ure life.


There is one story that really caught our eye: Mystery seismic waves ripple around the world and no felt it or understands why: report.

Since I fancy myself a writer (see books tab above) I remember seeing a plot like this in one of the books I read recently.  Couldn’t find the name of that one (involved using seismic waves for mining and there were moster mutant crabs on the island where the scenes were set) but it’s a terribly familiar plot line.

Serial novelist Clive (car collector extraordinaire) Cussler tackled the plot in one of his books: Shock Wave (Dirk Pitt Adventure).  Lots of good adventuring in that one…oh, and a sea monster in the lagoon.

Thing is, we pay particular note when “oddball” stories like this come along.  Because – and we’ve mentioned this before – we’ve had a sense over the past couple of decades that the veils are thinning.  In other words, the line that divides thought from reality seems to be wearing a bit.

Incidences of ESP, psi in general, and other phenomenon are gently ascending.  Not all at once, or evenly.  Yet still…there are the novels and there is a 17second cycling to this event that defies convention.

And that’s what real news is about.

Should mention the Dow futures have been cut to down only 73 at press time, so the “friends of the Fed” seem to be holding things up as we “cross over the Valley of Death in the 1929 rhymes…

Moron the ‘morrow



19 thoughts on “WW3, Trump Stew, and “So What?””

  1. The anomalous vibrations, that is a horse head in the bed. That’s “look at the headlines tomorrow, see what we can do”, kind of demonstration. It happened with the giant spiral in Norway that one time, there have been others. The real powers of the world have to demonstrate things they keep holstered, some kind of energy “weapon”. The cycle time is a dead giveaway.

  2. Dear George, I have read your “woo woo” stories over the years with great interest. In my own experience, I have for years been randomly seeing the number eleven, as in casually glancing at the clock, or the computer or the tv. it has been happening a lot more frequently lately, and while I don’t know what it means, it feels like it means something. perhaps you or your readers have heard of this and could shed some light on what it might mean. kind regards sjkb

    • One explanation may by what psychologists and neurologists call Apophenia, which is the evolutionary tendency to see and interpret patterns. Often random patterns (much like rolling ‘snake eyes’ three times out of five) are interpreted as somehow being meaningful. This tendency is also called patternicity.

      RE: seeing ’11’ all the time can be interpreted per the above as merely your ‘paying attention when you see the number 11,’ when in reality you also encounter numerous other numerical sequences or patterns throughout each day.

      Some other fun and woo woo possibilities:

      – Numerologically, number 11 represents illumination; it is a power number
      – The typical solar cycle lasts 11 years
      – The number 11 is the Aquarian number since Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac
      – The Bible states that Antichrist will be the 11th Horn to appear on the world scene [Daniel 7:7-8] and the Illuminati recognizes “11? as one of the major numbers of their Antichrist

  3. George when I was actively trading found using monthly and weekly charts to get overall trend of market involved in to be of great value before becoming engrossed in dailys. Remember The Trend is Your Friend.

  4. Now George why would Russia want the Ukraine,after all we have made a failed state out of the Ukraine, and it would take one trillion dollars so I read to even make it a state rather than a third world republic ,as millions have left some to Russia some to Poland and others to other countries in the EU, and believe me Russia is not going to spend that kind of money on the Ukraine.In the near future the Ukraine will cease to exisit as the break-a-way parts join the Russian Federation,Poland will take the area bordering on Poland and without a doubt other parts will be absorbed by other countries in the region,meanwhile they spend billions of OUR tax dollars stirring the pot>>>>>

  5. I understand from the press, Buckaroo Banzai was making another run thru the mountains at the time of the “Mystery seismic waves ripple around the world”. Just a thought……

  6. S.B. – I have it on pretty good authority from a highly functioning Numerologist, that the # 11 showing up all the time is Universe(Ureverse?) telling you that its is Open to you and ANYTHING you want to create. That resonates with me, so its good..
    On the other hand, if like me, you keep seeing 666 well than dam. Ure on your own!

    • For some reason I’ve not figured out yet my reoccurring number in life seems to be 243. It was the caliber of rifle I used when I got my first deer and it played a reoccurring role in different things in life. Perhaps I’m just programmed to notice it but it’s always been uncanny when I get my usual wake up calls several times a night 2:43 is all too often on the clock and other digital readouts I happen to see at any given moment of the day. It pops up all over the place sometimes and then it’ll be a few months before I see it again with any frequency. Just one of the weird things in life I put up with.

  7. The earth “vibrations” caught my attention too. Yes, it could be some sort of device/weapon that started it, but I’ve no idea what it could really be. Some sort of magma/water/steam siphon system operating at a resonance point under the earth? Who knows? And what can we do about it anyway? It’s certainly worth keeping mind in case it repeats.

    The Norway spiral, the apparent rockets from the ocean off LA, world leaders visiting Antarctica, predictions of an ice age starting very soon, and now this. Someone knows more than we do.

    Regarding information: It seems there’s no really good source of high Q info. Getting the live feeds from events is very noisy, but has the advantage of low bias. Multiple live feeds can reduce the noise to a degree. Processed “news” seems to contain only the one fact that the event “allegedly happened”. The rest is worthless propaganda. Watching markets(all) and currency moves concurrently can be an indicator of the importance of an event on the world stage, though that can be confounding if there are too many events.

    • “The earth “vibrations””

      Could be the awakening of “fighting machines” ….”which come from an undisclosed alien world” ….”tripods were long ago brought to Earth, having been buried underground sometime in its distant past. ”

      – War of the Worlds

  8. Since the odds of rolling an 11 using 2 dice are 1 in 18 times or 5.556%, there is a good chance you will think you see the number 11 more than usual or more than any other number because your subconcious as Warhammer said is on alert to seek 11 & exclude all other numbers.

    You need to conduct a study, recording all numbers you see over a 30 day period & do it twice.

  9. It took a lot of energy to cause that ripple. A LOT. As in thousands of megatons…

    The source could not have been Earthborne, or every climate and geology tool on the planet would’ve recorded it, and source triangulations made before it subsided.

    Therefore I suspect it was a gravitational or magnetic injection into the Planet. Dunno if the Sun hiccuped, we had a flyby of some object, or what, but nothing of importance supplanted the junk in my inbox today, so I’d guess the cause was not ol’ Sol…

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