WW III: Slow Boil & Data Dump Thursday

Our (soon to be Mars-like) “simmer on” planet continues its escalation toward unthinkable devastation.  But seems no one cares.  Instead, a higher open for stocks and “normalcy” is ruling the House of Cards.

We will get into Markets in a sec. But first, remembering “Must be Present to Win” is an immutable law, we’ll begin with…

The War Game

As we explained yesterday (on Peoplenomics), the only obstacle to Global War is the waiting game between Israel (which is likely to use nuclear “bunker busters”) and Russia (likely to use tactical nukes) on NATO/Ukraine.  Neither wants the blame for First Use.  Since history will judge this “The War Crime that lit-off World War III.”

For now, the “low simmers” of Global War include the U.S.-Mexico front, the China-Taiwan front, the North vs. South Korea front, the Turkey-Cyprus front, the Serbia-Kosovo front, the Ukraine-Russia front, the Israel-Iran front, and (escaping notice of many) the India-Pakistan front. Global conflagration could ignite from any of these.

Another escalation looming is a direct flare-up between Russia and Turkey, which is a NATO member.  This means Russia further engaged NATO directly this week as Russia Carries Out Missile Strikes Against Turkish Ships In Kherson – Charter’97 .

Some offer the potential for “slow escalation” from the standpoint of American investors, while others are quick. As an example of the slow ignition, we just learned this week how India, Pakistan came ‘too close’ to nuclear conflagration in 2019: Pompeo (thekashmirwalla.com).

The prospect of the 10-minute flashover arises as Russia has routed hypersonic missile carrying hardware into the Atlantic.  Vladimir Putin stages provocative war games with ‘hypersonic missile launch’ – Mirror Online.

Curiously, American neocons have known they are playing “risky business” as they began running the New York nuclear “public service announcements” in the middle of last year.  If you haven’t seen them yet, they are on Youtube here.  We would have thought NOT pressing WW III would have been a dandy “public service.”  Not my wheelhouse, not my shipwreck.

That’s Cynical George’s battle space overview.

Simmer is Heating Up

The problem Biden administration planners are facing is akin to the juggling of “hot potatoes.”

This weekend, for example, the U.S. and Israel will be holding drills (but will it remain just practice) to simulate an attack on Iranian nuclear enrichment and weapon assembly areas. As The Drive reports: Biggest U.S.-Israel War Games Ever Are Underway.  We can’t think of a slicker move than for the “exercise” to “go live” when expectations are low.

But such braggadocio is worrisome for home war gamers because everyone knows (or should, at some level) that a country that doesn’t have a Budget deal, can hardly afford to piss away resources when there are at least nine conflict fronts to address.

The hottest of these is, of course, Ukraine.  Which – having receive promises of improved technology tanks from the (slow) Biden administration, is now demanding advanced aircraft, as well: Ukraine will now push for F-16 fighter jets, government adviser says | The Hill,

The problem (and it’s part of the deceptive neocon playbook) is that as soon as enough advanced war materiel is in hand, Ukraine will begin striking behind the current front.  Oh, yeah, this means the neocons are still trying to goad Russia into first use.  Ukraine Predicts Attacks on Major Russian Cities (thedailybeast.com).

From here, it’s only a matter of time. Flash, boom, bang. Sis, boom, bah.

Rolling Through the Data

I wish all these reports didn’t drop at 8:30 AM Eastern – because it gives me only a few minutes to post.  But let’s run through them:

Durable Goods Orders

Our problem child in the data is Durable Goods weren’t just good – they were so strong that they give the Fed room to raise a half or more next week.

Gross Domestic Product

This report was fairly close to expectations:

International Trade

This was also much higher than expected:

Part of this could be blamed on the falling Dollar, though, since it takes more (of weaker bucks) to buy the same goods.

Inventories Data

Inventories is seen “in bounds” mainly.

New Unemployment Claims

This shows falling new filers and again, is supportive of a Fed rate hike, as we figure:

We went short going into the close Wednesday – purely a gamble –  but it was a difficult coin toss.  See, if the numbers themselves are good, then the Fed next week may raise rates 1/2 a percent (my money’s on this pick).  If the numbers are bad in the market’s view, then the hype will turn into “With so much bad, the Fed will only raise a quarter…”  Which will send the markets up ahead of the Fed, which will then raise a half point anyway and the market could see a hard-down next week.  Wars, pandemics, and D.C. idiots with no budget, aside.

The News Compactor

News of the Seattle Communists:  Rather than expose illegal city cooperation (and support) with the Capital Hill Uprising, did you see where Seattle officials deliberately ‘purged’ thousands of CHOP-related text messages, despite ‘legal obligation’ to retain them: Federal judge? Awe, but you know ultra-woke looney lefties only apply laws to others, not themselves, right?

Social Courts the Orange Man: Meta to reinstate the Accounts of Donald Trump on Facebook and Instagram.  But now that we know how far the lefties have their [you know what’s] up their [you know what’s] will Trump fall for the bait?

Social Security Hostage-Taking:  We’ve penciled in personal planning for two months of no Social Security income based on the pricks in both parties acting like spoiled little bitches: ‘Where Are Your Cards?’ Democrats Ask GOP as Debt Ceiling Divisions Harden. (What?  You mean it’s not an act?) GTFU – look it up.

Crypto is STILL dirty money department:  Dutch central bank fines Coinbase over €3.3 million for ignoring AML, terror financing rules | NL Times. BTC today is trying to claw back to the $23,000 level today.

Roger’s Good Eyes

Long-time reader (and thus sufferer) Roger out in Tucson is (best I can remember) in his 80’s.  But still sharp as ever and always looking to the future.  So, when he sent me a link to 4 Private Longevity Research Companies (Updated 2023) (investingnews.com), I got to wondering to what degree this might have the potential to become a new hotbed for hot money?

Pardon the link to Bombshell Report: Spike Proteins Invade All Major Organs, Induce Hyperaccelerated Cellular Aging Prompting Shorter Lifespan, but is there a reason this kind of investing could be very important, sooner than later?  We wonder…

ATR: Trees and More

Paul’s Bunyon Department:  After a couple of bids, we have the 100-foot high trees between the house and shop coming down today.  Crew will work it with their bucket truck and it’s a non-trial project since there’s a big propane tank, two buildings, and a power pole with live wiring to work-around.  Might snap a few pix for ShopTalk this weekend.

Houston Bureau Well!  Thanks for the prayers on behalf of our Houston Bureau chief.  She had a successful surgery Monday, although a planned return home Tuesday was delayed by plain crappy weather in the area:

“I’m sure by now you’re aware of the god-awful storm that hit Houston yesterday. The damage was centered citywide, south Houston, Pasadena, Friendswood, Baytown, etc., then headed east towards LA, MS, AL & even parts of AR. That’s the main reason I wasn’t discharged yesterday afternoon…”

Speaking of the TXWX:  There is a chance of snow in the East Texas Outback showing up (depending on forecaster) for a week out from now.  Made a dump run Wednesday and picked up 15-gallons on diesel for the greenhouse diesel heater which continues puttering along.  Details on the install were in one of our ShopTalk Sunday pieces a while back.

Prepping:  You might want to read our prepping piece from last October on these small diesel “parking heaters.”  If the grid goes down, it’s one option to think about for the heating of a home.  Another is to take a cast iron box wood stove, or a medium-large rocket stove, and literally bury it in concrete and make a thermal mass machine, too.  You can find a lot of ideas on sites like this one A Rocket Mass Heater in a Swedish Outdoor Kitchen.

Small Chainsaws:  Since we will be up to our ears in branches from the trees, I’ve recently picked up a small Mini Chainsaw Cordless 4 Inch with Safety Lock, Rechargeable  Lithium. It was like $45 on Amazon.  Don’t know if it will be a “lifetime tool” (like a gas-fired Stihl chainsaw) but with less than a month to age 74, not as much point to buying “lifetime tools” out at this end of the spectrum.

Ham Radio Notes:  My friend (of a mere 70-years) the Major picked up a new Icom 7300 from HRO this week. With the mail-in rebate it came to just a shade under 1-kilobuck which ain’t bad.  I’d have already been on the air – having owned it 48-hours.  But he’s always been one of those “Read the Manual” kind of guys.  I still don’t have the W5GI Mystery Antenna up, so it’s not like I’m a scheduling genius, either.  A like to his Mike and Key Club NVIS presentation is expected for Sunday’s hands-on column.

Off to set up for tree slaughtering…gotta take down Elaine’s clothesline before we “branch” into real work.

Write when you get rich,


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101 thoughts on “WW III: Slow Boil & Data Dump Thursday”

    • Israel will strike first.
      They will be the most justified because Iran has threatened them for years. The media will cover for them. The rest of the dominoes will fall shortly after, doesn’t really matter the order because there will be nowhere to hide.
      We’ve all been waiting for the ” Israeli Mistake ” for some time now.

    • I keep reminding them.

      This gets zero mention in the Western Press, because WRT this particular dust-up, we are allied with the Russians, and dependent upon them to negotiate the peace over a piece of dirt that both parties want, and over which, neither is willing to compromise…

      The whole thing is a really twisted mess, which involves Iran, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, and Russia, directly. IIRC Russia is a key ally of Azerbaijan, but favors Armenia’s POV in the negotiations. Because of Russia’s negotiations, Ukraine, nominally allied with Armenia, has become an ally of Azerbaijan. “Azerbaijan” is Zoroastrian and its use pisses the Iranian Ayatollahs off. Did I mention this conflagration is a really twisted mess…?

  1. War games & provocations ~ It should be noted the our Russian friends made VEERY clear that with the delivery of Abrams/Leopards to Ukraine, ‘IF’ US/NATO supplied depleted uranium rounds this will be considered by the Russians as a use of “diry bombs” against Russian territory and they said they would respond appropriately. We’re real close to the edge now and it’s in our court completely.

  2. Inquiry:
    (Final morning replay: Current roster at end. 22!)

    I request you just say “I’m a ham,” and naught else. If you want to indicate very generally where you are, like “northeast,” or name a state – that’ll be quite enough. I’ll list user screen names (only) and see what we get, and put it on here. George has already outed himself, so that’s one. I’m one, so that’s two. Anybody else care to say? (See updated roster at end)

    No callsigns needed, or personally identifying information — just “I’m one,” will be quite enough for this purpose.

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  3. Nukes … “ Neither wants the blame for First Use.”

    As if after there is a precedent, it’s ok to fly nukes ?? That’s absurd. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Sounds childish … ever reprimand a kid and demand to know why they did something, and you get the dumb answer, “well Billy did it.” My God, grow up !!

    Nita A. Farahany
    Professor of Law and Philosophy; Director, Duke Science and Society, Duke University …

    “if you don’t like your job, QUIT. And what if there’s no place to go? What if EVERYWHERE has _____ monitoring.”


    No place to go … except where humans are monitored. And ya wonder why there are so few choices left. – narrowing the economy down to those who will monitor. – technological slavery.

    No wonder those confederate statues had to go … might recognize something.

    And did ya see the writing on the wall at APEC 2022? To be more specific, the symbol ?


    If that ain’t a swastika. Hmmm

    And if you don’t like what’s going on, you can hire an AI Attorney to plead your case. Riiiight.


    Just thought I’d share this stuff. I’m just rolling my eyes while I enjoy the coffee.

    • “No place to go … except where humans are monitored. And ya wonder why there are so few choices left.”

      This is why I consider the movie “Brazil” important…

  4. Bear on the boat:

    A short may suffer at the open but prosper later? Reading today’s econ tea leaves is ever so difficult. Too hot? Too cold? Just right? Though I remain doubtful might the Fed have engineered a Goldilocks outcome (soft landing is overused, I prefer “stuck the landing”)?

    Prior Fed rate increases won’t show fully until Q2 at earliest, possibly H2. Fed jargon (past, present and future) is higher for longer. It’s my belief we went too far too fast and the price will be paid. Truly, though many fixate on the Fed., it’s my belief they are now irrelevant having engineered a rolling recession.

    Drove for roughly 4 hours in a semi-blizzard yesterday. Drew down 12-ish gallons from my SUV in a day. Our petrol is back at $3.60-ish, still rising. I own some energy funds and have loads of personal winter stocks (multi layered) so don’t know whether to cheer or grump when at the pump.

    Speaking of, we are mid point a week of snow here in SW lower MI so by my count today is #20 of -0- gain (solar). Mind you, I sized system plan to easily available roof so machts nichts irt: template calculator but … I need to either have sacrificial heat tapes -or- know what I install do do no good for a month +/- right when I use peak power.

    Cutting trees? I coughed up cash for a feller with high ranger truck and another hourly guy to cut / split a couple years ago. That was perfekt timing given firewood went stupid shortly after. My bride ‘n I moved half a cord inside and I still have several cords in reserve. Let it snow.

    Keep a close eye on those wielding chain saws on your property. I have made one mistake in that regard and am still angry >20 years later. Pictures or it didn’t happen.

    Got options?

  5. Did you posters read an article about the bug additives in EU foodies?

    Food fortification is how the bugs are being introduced. As the West becomes poorer the food continues to morph from natural to science based.

    I think eggs are used as as a binding agent in ‘old fashioned’ food. As eggs become more expensive an egg substitute will be introduced. Maybe it’ll be bug based – slug slime souffle.

    Think of all the products that come from corn. There’s corn syrup, corn meal, corn oil, corn whisky, corn flakes, corn-based ethanol.

    Crickets are the new corn.

  6. Yo G-enuis,

    “crypto is still dirty money” its digital, fool in the woods, by definition it is clean. Ure bucks on the other hand are some of the filthiest, dirtiest, germ carry pieces of paper on the planet. Upside down nonesense Ure spewing regards crypto – NONESENSE.

    Maybe wake up and get a clue, or at least take Ure Geritol. Oh wait I forgot Ure must be a woke journalist now..Mr alleged/purported fear pumping and allegedly Soreass funded, W-E-F ‘er stooge. My bad, I forgot.

    BTC on the way to 25k, before needed/wanted pullback, then “to the Moon, Alice”.
    BCN chooses the positive, lives the positive, and creates the positive, being here Now, and letting rest of the world dine on negative “vibes”/freqs..enjoy ba-ba’s.
    Alwayz Bee Closing” (dont let archonic thoughts in) Peeps, the NRG/Ki is gaining in intensity- TheVitalSource…..Yehaw WEFers, Yehaw!

  7. Black Sabbath – “War Pigs” (1970)

    Generals gathered in their masses
    Just like witches at black masses
    Evil minds that plot destruction
    Sorcerer of death’s construction
    In the fields the bodies burning
    As the war machine keeps turning
    Death and hatred to Mankind
    Poisoning their brainwashed minds…
    Oh Lord yeah!

      • And then we have…

        Steppenwolf – “Monster” (1969)

        The cities have turned into jungles
        And corruption is strangling the land
        The police force is watching the people
        And the people just can’t understand
        We don’t know how to mind our own business
        ‘Cause the whole world’s got to be just like us
        Now we are fighting a war over there
        No matter who’s the winner, we can’t pay the cost

        ‘Cause there’s a monster on the loose
        It’s got our heads into the noose
        And it just sits there, watching

        • From: In Search Of The Miraculous – Fragments of an Unknown Teaching. The Teachings of G.I.Gurdjieff recorded by P.D.Ouspensky

          G.I. Gurdjieff – There was a question about War. How to stop wars? Wars cannot be stopped. War is the result of the slavery in which men live. Strctly speaking, men are not to blame for war. War is due to cosmic forces, to planetary influences. But in men there is no resistance whatever against these influences, and there cannot be any, because men are slaves. If they were Men and were capable of ‘doing'(had Will), they would be able to resist these influences and refrain from killing one another.’

          ‘Those who dislike war have been trying to do so almost since the creation of the world’ said G. ‘And yet there has never been such a war as the present (the First World War). Wars are not decreasing, they are increasing and war cannot be stopped by ordinary means.


    • I heard some young men around age 16 play that song 2 days ago in a garage.

      one of the best shows I’ve ever been too.

      present as ever.

      • G.I. Gurdjieff – “War is due to cosmic forces, to planetary influences.”

        Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 397

        This same Pope will die when a Third Comet is discovered.” Therefore, Nostradamus is pointing out the irony that Pope Benedict XVI’s Papacy ends with the discovery of Comet ISON, and Pope Benedict XVI dies the night a Third Comet is appearing in the night sky.

        Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) has already reached perihelion, its closest approach to the Sun; it will reach its closest approach to Earth on February 2nd, 2023. Major world events connected to today occurred in 2011 and 2012, when Comets Elenin and ISON reached perihelion. What will be in store this time?


  8. “Neither wants the blame for First Use.” I think we get first prize for first use August 6th and 9th of 45. I’m going to speculate when the first rounds of depleted uranium start flying from the treaded scrap metal the second place winner will be announced. Then the Russians can get the 3rd place participation trophy!

  9. While the guys are using their bucket truck to take down your trees, ask them if they would help put your Mystery Antenna up since they are there. Two stones with one throw so to speak!!

  10. The 19th Century Prussian military historian Carl Von Clausewitz opined that war was “policy by other means.” One does not enter war unless it maps to the national policy. The U.S. DoD states that national policy is “a broad course of action or statements of guidance adopted by the government at the national level in pursuit of national objectives.”

    The question then arises about just what really are the current U.S. national policy/policies and objectives concerning Russia v. Ukraine, Israel, Turkey v. Greece, Israel v. Iran, China v. Taiwan, India v. Pakistan, the Arctic, Antarctica and more?

    America is deeply engaged in vitriolic partisan political turmoil at home with conservatives pitted against progressives, states opposing federal oversight, financial inequity, racial turmoil, the haves v. have nots, gender issues, education, global economic, environmental and military responsibilities and an evolving 21st Century national doctrine. Without a firm domestic national policy to anchor and steer these and other issues, which unifies the nation’s resources and people together to prevent, or if prevention fails, fight a major war does not seem likely.

    Considering these critical underlying issues, it will proved difficult for the nation to engage in a long-term conflict like the two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam or Iraq. Recent U.S. actions in Afghanistan supports this line of thinking – the battle was too long, too costly and too far away to matter for most Americans, so Slow Joe and his minions made the partisan political decision to cut the ropes and let Afghanistan slip adrift. The same is likely to happen with any potential future conflict America engages in, assuming U.S. forces don’t get spanked and sent home in short order due to tepid political support back home. And only a fool would believe that our allies don’t know this. But amidst all of the domestic socio-political chaos and regional unrest, a U.S. defense industry driven economy still stands to prosper due to patches of regional conflict looming large on the global horizon.

    Add compounding factors such as shaky crypto-backed businesses, weak allied economies, evaporating jobs, inadequate food production, dwindling fresh water supplies capped by growing social unrest at home and the future does not look rosy. A mechanical analogy might be a badly misfiring race-car engine with a clueless driver and the 3 Stooges as the pit crew.

    Things that make ya go ‘hmmmm!’

    • Not sending new Abrams tanks, sending M1A1s from our mothball fleet…

      I’m still trying to figure out what Zelensky thinks he’s going to do with 300 tanks. Russia has over 12,000. They’re sitting ducks for an Abrams, but an Abrams or Leopard is a sitting duck against a half-dozen Russian tanks, and I’d use missiles or napalm, anyway. How long will a tank crew last inside a tin can that’s a thousand degrees on its skin…?

      • The top of the line Abrams has specialized armor that is highly classified and not supplied to allies or for export. Only the US army has those versions. The Ukrainians will probably be getting refurbished mothballed first generation models with export armor, not anywhere near as tough as the armor we currently use in current versions.

        James Johnson, ex-nuke

  11. Congratulations on getting those trees down … you have been posting about it for awhile now and glad to see you are getting it done before the chaos that Armstrong and Adams are calling for starting late Mar /early April. Have no idea if they are accurate wrt timing, but everyone here knows things are very very dicey and both of them seem to be indicating that whatever it is that happens will be BIG.

    The Russian missile frigate /cruiser was reported to be traveling in companion with an oiler … so the question becomes are they going to “hang out” at sea in the Mid/Western Atlantic, are they going to take a break and visit Cuba or Nicaragua? … OR are they going engage in some “activities” in the near future? Remember those hyper-sonic missiles only have a 1000km (600 mile) range, so they have to be pretty close in if they are going to use them and want to hit MULTIPLE places spread out up and down the coast. If only going for one place they can be further out.

    • Take a draftsman’s compass (divider), and set it for 700 miles radius on your East Coast map’s scale.
      Swing an arc that includes Boston, New York, and WASHDC. Note where the pin needs to be to do this. (My guess is, not too very far from Bermuda – without actually having done this yet,)

      Look for the Russki frigate near there.
      (Depending upon exactly what they’re shooting — H.E, or whatever.)

      Question: Would they want Total Devastation, or merely to frighten the be-Jezuz out of us?
      That’s what will fly. (My bet is on H.E.)

      • 100 miles west of Bermuda is the perfect placement, but were I Yevmenov, I’d place it in the Gulf, for us to worry about, whilst parking a Poseidon in Bermuda.

        A cavalry or infantry battle may be won (or lost) by chance or whim — A mech war is won by best utilization of assets…

    • “Remember those hyper-sonic missiles only have a 1000km (600 mile) range, so they have to be pretty close in if they are going to use them and want to hit MULTIPLE places spread out up and down the coast.”

      Coast, hell. If they had the ‘nads to sail up the Potomac a thousand kilometers puts Detroit, Indy, and Nashville in-range…

      I shouldn’t be surprised if they sail it into the Gulf. That’d put everything from Columbus to DFW under their guns (so to speak) and in international waters off the coast of Alabama, they’d be shielded from a Poseidon tidal wave. Joe sixpack isn’t aware of any of this, but you can be damnsure the game theoreticians in the Pentagon will be aware…

  12. With Vietnam, first it was ‘advisors’ only working with the ARVN and before you knew it, there were over 100,000+ troops there. The US doesn’t have the stomach for this continued empire building, nor should we – as Warhammer so succinctly put it, we have enough issues here at home. There is no redeeming reason we should be involved in this Ukraine mess – if only the Minsk Agreement had been honored…..

  13. How would “powdered crickets” be listed on the ingredients label?
    “Squashed crickets added as a binder?”

    • “natural flavoring” or as “spices”
      hiding the true shit in ure food is already being utilized, I AM an avid label reader,,, I like it, when they list several spices by name and then say ‘spices’ as an additional ingredient,,, what the f is that stuff?

      hiding the Truth

    • Bio Engineered Food Ingredients. Check the label on Betty Crocker mixes. Doubt it will be listed as mashed crickets yet but certainly, the time will come.
      Not to mention Beaver goo is used as a natural flavoring. I have nightmares thinking about the poor souls who have to collect that stuff and oh those poor beavers. The last time the beaver goo story was going around I showed it to the wife. She went through the kitchen and pitched everything that was processed or a mix. Fortunately, neither of us eat much cake or cookies. Although I won’t tell her about the weekly biscuits and gravy or the dinner plate sized cinnamon rolls Betty makes at the sale barn cafe Executive Committee meetings.
      I’m afraid we already consume a lot more bug parts than we are willing to admit. As my french aunt would tell us Bon Appetite. I have a story she told me during a visit to her and my uncle in Paris in the early 70’s about cats and why in French meat shops after WW2 it was a law that Rabbits had to have the ears still attached.

      • There’s more than one article but the bugs are, well, here. And they’ll be in everything.

        “The food packaging displays the scientific name for bugs such as Gryllus Bimaculatus, a species of cricket known as the two-spotted cricket.”

        “They could go into such products as nuts, snacks, pizza and pasta products, bread and rolls, crackers, sauces, meat preparations and soups, cereal bars, vegetable-based dishes, and chocolate confectionery.

        After a lengthy approval process, the European Food Safety Agency has scientifically examined the consumption of the insects and classified them as harmless to health. Cricket powder can also be used in soups, milk and milk products, pasta, sauces, potatoes and chocolate.”

        “Congress is considering similar legislation for the use of bugs to replace meat in American stores.”


      • “Not to mention Beaver goo is used as a natural flavoring. I have nightmares thinking about the poor souls who have to collect that stuff and oh those poor beavers. ”

        Seriously think about that for a minute.. Now I have made a few gallons of ice cream.. not once did I go stick my finger up a beavers butt to get the flavor inhancers LOL.. but who was that first one.. think about ammonia.. and the rules the romans had long long ago… they saved urine.. to ferment it and distill it.. because it whitened the clothing.. OK.. so who was the one that someone threw old urine on.. to find out it whitened the fabric.. or the shiney white teeth .. it was and still is a common practice to gargle with urine to whiten the teeth in some countries.. seen a frenchman with those brillian white teeth.. you buy teeth whitener.. what are you getting and whose urine made it.. LOL
        who was the first one to lick a toads azz to get high LOL LOL
        I am about ready to start making my own cottage cheese.. something they are putting in the cottage cheese in the store isn’t right.. usually they make the cheese curds then put it in a container with fresh cream.. the cheese lasts much longer that is a natural product.. the cottage cheese I have been getting lately rarely makes it a week and the ( cream) turns a nasty color that it never would turn if it was pure cream so what are they putting in it.. we will never know.. I will start making my own cottage cheese since it is really easy to make.. and I can either dry it.. or put cream with it.. my choice..
        so it isn’t the use of those items.. but who was the first..who was the first one to notice that sterilizing human waste could be used as food.. I remember reading in the world waste magazine the story that they decided to see what else it could be used for because they had a disposal problem.. no place to dump it..
        like pagpag in indonesian countries. I have visited with people that ate rats in their native countries because meat was hard to come by.. .
        with global famine coming like a freight train and idiots in control on a political level where we should be working on soluteions rather than destruction to the earth and society.. and the futility of it all.. they destroy countries for a number.. is the the number of the beast.. or is the beast the number than mankind seeks.. .. these odd foods and supplements will become part of our every day existence look at Kuru …. ground up crickets.. for years you could buy grass hoppers french fried and worms pickled in the ethnic sections of the grocery store..
        Its being the first one.. what is it that Nostradamus says about the coming famine..

      • “Bio Engineered Food Ingredients. ”

        I’m about to drop $2.29 a can to buy a bunch of Pacific and Simple condensed soups, because if you’re alone and get sick, a can of chicken soup is much easier to fix than a stock pot full of chicken & veggies you have to dice, yourself. I might also want some canned cream of chicken, mushroom, onion, potato, etc. for cooking purposes. Campbell’s (and their holdings, like “Progresso,” are all bioengineered frankenfood now…

        • I usually buy store brand foods from two different local store chains.. the reason is the store has their brands made within a five hundred mile radius.. for cream of what ever soup.. heck make up so magic mix..
          3 cups of powdered milk
          1 cup of flour
          1 cup of butter..
          Or you can substitute the one cup of flour with 1/2 cup of corn starch and 1/2 cup of flour… or one cup of corn starch.. ( I like the flour one)
          put in a mixer and mix it until it looks like cornmeal.. the put in a bottle and place in the fridge.. ( you can add salt to it to but that is the basic magic mix recipe)
          one third of a cup is equal to one can of condensed soup.. add what you want.. dehydrated celery and celery salt to make cream of celery soup.. beef broth to make gravy.. or chicken broth.. onions you name it.. easy to do cheese powder.. etc.. your combinations and flavors are only limited to your taste buds..

      • Snopes has an interesting article on beaver castoreum:


        Imagine that, Snopes supporting one of Ure reader’s anecdotes!

        More likely that the Missus will be wearing the stuff rather than finding it in a cake mix. Be wary of vanilla scented perfumes. I’ll leave off the snappy animal conservation one-liner, ’cause no matter how I phrase it, it comes off sounding a bit off-color.

  14. The outcome real economic data is consistent with QT measures and raising of the prime rate. Even with the expected 0.25 -0.5% February hike, money has been flowing into the ten year note, causing the Oct 22 high of 4.25 % to be reduced to its current value of 3.5%. Available money has flowed for the maximal time extent into the most leveraged and historically favored asset classes : equities and real estate. Even with the drop of the ten year note yield and hence mortgage rates, the population pool of possible buyers at current property valuations remains plummeted. Equity valuations can be expected to undergo nonlinear devaluation after the equity class’s maximal time growth. The US asset-debt macroeconomic hegemony is in an 1807 36/90/90/54 year cycle with a 90 year low in 1932 and a 90 year high in November 2021. The cycle from the 90 year high is 43/101/98/57 of 65 days which matches the 1807 x/2.5/2.5x/1.5x cyclical pattern.

    • erratum: The cycle from the 90 year high is 43/101/107/47 of 64 days which matches the 1807 x/2.5/2.5x/1.5x cyclical pattern. The final series to the low is (11) terminal portion of 107/28/20 of 22/16 days.

  15. What constitutes an Act of War ? You send your best military equipment, backed by your military personnel., to a foreign country to fight in their war. Wouldn’t that make you an ‘enemy combatant’ ? Doesn’t that qualify? Doesn’t that give the others the right to attack you? You shipped your stuff, with your personnel to go break their shit and kill them. Don’t they now have the same right and freehand to do the same to you?

    • Hmm @pathfinder bob. they just may have some leverage with those industries giving them some power to convince those pushing this war.. how soon we forget that one of the business models there was laundering money.. how much wasn’t it something like 37 trillion a year of money these individuals were hiding..that doesn’t take into account the many industries that have been alleged on the country in past years..

  16. As far as the U.S. and Germany sending their main battle tanks to the Ukraine:
    HJ-12 anti tank missile
    Chinese copy of US FGM-184 Javelin – first introduced in 2020 Chinese press release of their modern infantry. Reportedly is now in their third upgrade and capable of destroying western main battle tanks – like the Abrams and Leopard2.
    – You know damn well the Chinese are going to take advantage of the war in Ukraine to test their version of the Javelin against western tanks – and “rumor” has it that they have trained and supplied Russia with their ‘tank busters’. How many.., is unknown. They are expensive “field toys”.

  17. Echos of my past: Had to take down the OCF dipole so the tree trimmers could get the bucket truck in to cut trees along my perimeter. Beware the tree trimmers! One of them apparently gave me Covid, despite being outdoors and social distanced. Stay upwind.

    Glad to see the Major got an IC-7300. Now once he convinces you how good it is, and you finally get one, it will be MUCH easier for you to drastically reduce your boat anchor inventory.

  18. “This means Russia further engaged NATO directly this week as Russia Carries Out Missile Strikes Against Turkish Ships In Kherson – Charter’97 .”

    Not buyin’ it. The explosion looks like that of about a 20 pound charge. My guess would be either C-4 or a hit by a stray antiaircraft missile, and I’m leaning toward the former, because of that “no casualties” thing. If it were hit by a Russian attack missile (several hundred to several thousand pounds of high-explosive), a civilian merchant (unarmored) ship would’ve sunk. Also, if Russia were going to attack a ship or two amongst a bunch of ships, why would they not sink them all? The divot in the pavement is either a pothole or from a concrete or shrapnel impact, and the rails adjacent to it appear to have been sawed off, and not recently, judging by the rust.

  19. UNBELIEVABLE! Moderna announces development of mRNA shot to stop heart attacks.

    I wonder if that includes heart attacks induced by the Covid shots?
    Talk about ghoulish irony. Sudden death stops heart attacks, also. And now the revelations that Pfizer’s R&D is looking to ‘mutate’ the virus so they always have a cash cow to provide new shots for? We are so screwed…

    • Hank in Hawaii,

      It’s a contagion. Chairman Bill’s December “Notes” to his flock spoke of upcoming mRna vaccine researches to be supported by his Gates Foundation. These would include mRna efforts to outright cure diseases like sickle cell and hiv.

      There was no mention of investigations into a cure for the 1% disease.

  20. “Curiously, American neocons have known they are playing “risky business” as they began running the New York nuclear “public service announcements” in the middle of last year. ”

    You mean neocon Biden and neocon Hochul?

    A very small number of the people trying to get us into a shooting war with Russia are neocons. A very large number are Democrats. However, ALL of these people are Leftists…

  21. “The problem (and it’s part of the deceptive neocon playbook) is that as soon as enough advanced war materiel is in hand, Ukraine will begin striking behind the current front. Oh, yeah, this means the neocons are still trying to goad Russia into first use.”

    So, you’re referring to neocon Lloyd Austin or neocon Antony Blinken, or perhaps still referring to neocon Joe Biden…?

    60 years before “neocons” came into existence, Leftists (Democrats, “Progressives,” Socialists) were getting us into European wars.

      • There’s a reason the “Bush Republicans,” “Clinton Democrats,” Obama Democrats, and Biden Democrats play nice with her. They’re all on the same team.

        I personally prefer to call out all the low-life m-f’ers at the same time, rather than singling out just a few. Neocons are fascists, Liberals are communists, but ALL of them are Leftist Socialists and all of them are actively working to destroy the United States and create an empire from the rubble. They only truly differ in the degree of autonomy the Central Committee would allow to the individual fiefdoms…

    • “The problem (and it’s part of the deceptive neocon playbook) is that as soon as enough advanced war materiel is in hand, Ukraine will begin striking behind the current front. Oh, yeah, this means the neocons are still trying to goad Russia into first use.”

      Now.. thinking about first use kind of like.. the I never had sex with that woman.. well if she was the only one doing the work and he was sitting could he be telling the truth.. he didn’t have sex with her she had sex with him…..So would sending tanks that part of the body is radio active waste as an inner part of their shielded armor so if the tank is blown apart the radio active material spreads…. would or could that be considered first Use of radio active dirty war.. since they are using radioactive material as a shield… or would it be more of the I never used radioactive destruction to their land they did it all themselves we were just driving around looking at the scenery type excuse….

  22. The FED next week is totally irrelevant. They are extinct . Can you just look at the indicators and charts . The crash indicator just won’t stop flashing . The WWW 3 started a long time ago it could escalate at any moment to levels unseen

  23. Bank of America expects nonfarm payroll gains to turn negative this year. During the first quarter of 2023, the bank projects that the U.S. will be losing roughly 175,000 jobs a month. We have already lost 78,000 jobs – announced – from Big Tech, Banks and Builders in January.
    .., and that boys-n-girls will be the first salvo for the beginning of the recession.
    – Watch for January’s numbers.

    • Good point but as George has pointed out all “official” numbers are cooked to keep the game going . Sooner or later the band stopped playing on the titanic . The indicator is flashing its terminal . Abandon ship

  24. “Meta to reinstate the Accounts of Donald Trump on Facebook and Instagram. But now that we know will Trump fall for the bait?”

    Absolutely, but I suspect Mr. Trump will have a buffer between his keyboard and its [Enter] key. Trump is a truly great communicator, and can not afford to shun the social(ist) media, but if he’s serious about a Presidential run, I expect him to be very restrained with his comments…

  25. “‘Where Are Your Cards?’ Democrats Ask GOP as Debt Ceiling Divisions Harden.”

    “Both sides are painting each other as extreme as the GOP has threatened not to approve a debt ceiling increase without unspecified spending cuts, while the White House has remained adamant that it will not negotiate on the issue.”

    If I were McCarthy, I wouldn’t even consider raising the debt ceiling. Mr. Biden is spending billions to teach 4yos they can change their sex at will, building new greenways, woke-educating the military, subsidizing solar and wind power in places where the Sun don’t shine and da wind don’t blow, and lots of other things the Federal government is not legally entitled to do, whilst ignoring or actively going against things it is legally-required to do, like infrastructure and border enforcement.

    At least 80% of the shit we’re in, is because Democrats are always unified, and Republicans always cave in to their demands. I have popcorn at the ready, to see whether McCarthy has a backbone.

    As I said before, Social Security and Medicare are funded before anything else, except service on the national debt. If the Government lives by the Law, we’ll get our SocSec before any Congressman or Senator gets paid.

    Not raising the debt ceiling should only eliminate the government’s “discretionary spending.” SocSec is not discretionary; it is a legal obligation.

  26. I told you ages ago they would kick the can down the road to the next fed meeting then it will be the ides of March then hitlers birthday . The indicator will not stop till it’s fed . No amount of AI or robot or yankee lies can stop it . Good luck with that

  27. you know on the topic of loyalty and respect. the dance audition is tonight. I thought it was last night. but it is tonight. and I offered a free ticket with beautiful woman from Oregon to go to a buisness convenient of sorts Called “mastermind group”

    very napoleon Hill ish.

    provocative to say the least.

    the lady who invited me to be a judge at her auditions has been a friend for over 20 years. she used to run the rock girls over at KISW Seattle’s best rock for a decade.

    the very beautiful girl with the free pass to the mastermind group buisness venture. known her for a year. tempting. a very low cut black dress and pink hair.

    I will do the dance auditions as judge. because loyalty means something. not just about the beautiful women.

    on the topic of World at War:

    about a month ago I had an argument about if a cat had fleees or not with with a fella I’ve known a long time. he a self proclaimed follower of Lucifer. I don’t care what he believes

    which escalates to him deciding he wanted to whoop my ass. him being 20 years younger. now, I’m not afraid to get down in the gravel, the dirt and bloody and sweaty. even tho he has 20 years practicing to be a mui Thai boxer. the problem with people who train for sports. is they train for sports not life and death.

    I looked him in the eye, and I softly said I am law abiding legal gun owner and I have a right to defend myself and my life by all available means to me. I am currently carrying an HK .45 and will not hesitate to use it correctly if I feel my life is in danger.

    he paused then walked away.

    I never said shit about him and only talked to a few people about it., that I trusted. mostly about how something as stupid as wether the cat has flees or not could escalate to the point of let’s settle this with fists in the dirt. through no provocation of my own.

    hadn’t seen him in over a month. I have been busy on the road
    and airplanes.

    last night I was out with some mutual friends. and I saw him, he came and sat at the table with us. he didn’t talk to me directly but as I was talking to the person infront of me, I could feel him at the other end of the table and heard him say to someone else, “when I was younger I didn’t care if I lived or died. now that I’m older, I want to live and have a good life. I’ve never been afraid to die until recently. I definitely don’t want to die. I’m so happy to be Alive. so grateful to still be here. I have so much to live for.”

    I got up and excused myself and left the table and went home.

    as I walked out of the room, I didn’t look back, but I could feel him staring at me and take a deep breath of relief.

    you know what Valentine means in Latin? Healthy and Strong

    and I’m happy to hear that fella has a new lease on life. and im grateful to be of service to him.

    dance auditions tonight! whoohooo! I wonder if I will be the teacher or the student.

    que: ~ Hot for Teacher ~


    Van Halen

  28. One very important thing I’ve learned about security beyond having a good perimeter fence(or three concentric), is that there needs to be a clear field of view/fire between the fenceline and the homestead that you wish to protect. Trees and other obstructions can enable adversaries to get close using them as concealment. There’s more to life than security, and obscurity is helpful on occasion, but it would seem that it being impossible to approach without triggering motion cameras and alarms is paramount. I’m sure others know more about this than I do.

    • This is why the prudent hunker-down in-placer will install a few cameras which face toward their hovel. When an attacker is hiding from the fortress, he’s wide open to observation from afar.

  29. Re: solid gold feat. Australia


    The father of the unvaccinated Serbian tennis player favored to win the Australian Open men’s event was of course evicted from the grounds of Melbourne Park. The gentleman joined anti-social hooligans displaying Russian flags and even an image of Mr. Putin, as reported by the BBC. Such disgraceful carryings-on have been banned since an opening day match between a Russian and Ukrainian saw the waving of a Russian flag which raised the ire of the government satrap representing the Servant of the People. Of course, the chase for gold may yet still have winners from Belarus and/or Russia.

    Speaking of gold, wonderful news here of an at least $225 cheque pending from the province for all earning less than $175k to help offset hardships imposed by federal carbon taxes of the Canadian Servant of the People. Let us give tanks to them.

  30. Trump is such a great communicator, his main stations are being dumped by their carrier AT&T (OAN & Newsmax). Too much static, hurts the head (to paraphrase Joni Mitchell’s ‘You Turn Me On I’m A Radio’:




    Yep those Commie Democrats are out to get you:
    ‘The letter also recalled that some Democratic members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee asked providers in February 2021 whether they planned to “continue carrying Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN,” claiming the channels were “misinformation rumor mills and conspiracy theory hotbeds that produce content that leads to real harm.” (All three channels currently face billion-dollar defamation lawsuits from voting software companies for broadcasting debunked election fraud claims following the 2020 presidential election.)’

    • Dam .. you might be onto something there C…. them claiming they are rumor mills.. I sure and the heck wish they would shut the F@#k up about January 6th.. that is all they are talking about.. Not once did they bring up the terrorist actions of BLM and Antifa and how much damage destruction pillaging and raping of innocent victims in the poorest neighborhoods.. Not once.. instead what you hear is “Justifiable violence” there is nothing justifiable to anyone wishing to do others harm..So like you I wish they would shut up about January 6th that they keep going over and over and over and over.. it is old news.. get onto the situations now..put the past in the past.. the TS documents.. excuse me.. but … the only thing that makes something ts or confidential is that they stamped it.. everything is released to the media then they discredit it.. the reason I believe that.. is anyone that has any govt observation knows that .. they have committees and sub committees and and maybe a thousand different engineers studies etc done on any one subject.. thousands of people know it.. so tell everyone then discredit it as rumor and fear… then stamp the crap and leave the debate in the public arena as uncredible information.. but when a document is found stamped.. then that takes that subject out and makes the discredited news stories in the hot sheets credible.. https://youtu.be/qTFfthVy_pA

  31. Re: “The Hunter” feat. Madman Films


    A rivetting report is out from the “New York Post”. They describe the First Son as a “…a 52-year-old recovering crack addict who earned millions in overseas business ventures that often involved his father…” in preface to “effusive” praise offered up by The Soho art gallery owner fronting product for said First Son. Yes the artiste reflects the “unrelenting divinity within each of us”. Additionally, it’s “because his personal narrative, which gives birth to his art, is very much needed in the world”.

    Speaking of conceiving art, let us rejoin DJ Ure who leaves no stone unturned setting out a masterpiece platter of audio. Shoot up your audio levels for a cacophony of sound biding no comparison.
    “Paint It Black”


  32. Re: “The Waves” feat. Woolf at the door

    Ja, Komrades,

    Deutsche Welle quotes the Interior Minister of Schleswig-Holstein saying there is no sign of a terror motive in the train stabbing near Brokstedt today. (Praise Allah!) Two teens were killed and seven other people wounded in the attack. Allegedly a 33 year old stateless Palestinian in Germany for 9 years who had achieved three prior criminal convictions carried out the barbaric, savage assault. DW reports that the suspect was placed in police custody following a check at hospital tending to the perp’s “minor injuries”.

  33. Durable goods orders being hot…. Might just be that hard cash is being turned into survival goods. As it makes little sense to invest in the pyramid scheme or keep cash in a bank

  34. My Zero-Five 10-80 meter vertical antenna arrived Thursday. Mother nature is not helping me here in Arkansas and may be a week or so before I can work on it. 73’s K5ZZB

  35. “Satire Or Serious: “Why Didn’t The Unvaccinated Do More To Warn Us?”

    “As the world struggles to come to terms with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, one question that continues to surface is why the unvaccinated didn’t do more to warn us about the potential dangers of being injected.”

    “While well intending citizens lined up, did the right thing, and received their COVID19 vaccinations — now seeming to do more harm than good — their unvaccinated friends stood by and let them do it. Some of them said too little. Some said nothing at all.”

    “Even though they knew what we didn’t.”


    If some imbecile ever says this to me I’ll be writing my tirades from prison!

    • {Chuckle…}

      I said stuff once.

      I cited studies, research, and pre-blackout Chinese anecdotal observation (quinine and HCQ), and did so in such a manner that my opinion could be checked or researched, but that neither was a requirement for belief, for the “busier” recipients of my opinion (notice I didn’t say “advise…”)

      If people are listening, once should be sufficient.

      If they’re not, they’re too narcissistic for me to say stuff twice. I refuse to bludgeon people with facts for which they are unwilling to, or incapable of acceptance.

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    Urban Survival Site | How to Survive a Disaster in the Cityhttps://urbansurvivalsite.com

    These results are coming up before the real site on Google
    Your real site used to be first

    • George, beware. The first two are hacker-generated “ghost-forwarding” sites, from which nothing good will come. Goog used to filter these junk sites out — they stopped doing that about 10 years ago. I have yet to receive an explanation as to why…

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