WW III: Coming Attractions, Sept Rate Cut Looms

We might as well begin with a check of how WW III is expanding as most Americans seem intent to sleep through it.

The highlights – mainly whitewashed by the corporate -globalist press:

  • Turkey says it is quitting NATO over a lack of action on Gaza. But the U.S. – which wants a ground corridor to the underbelly of Russia is playing it all down. Turkey is anchored in the West despite split on Gaza, US envoy says.
  • But maybe not.  We hear that Turkey may have approached China about BRICS membership.
  • And there are reports Turkey wants to set up a corridor to Azerbaijan.

Which means – potentially – that NATO could be checked from crossing into Turkey and Turkey is trying to get access to the Caspian.

The top of this map is Ukraine, and you can see how NATO would love to have continues access to Turkey.  Which – absent NATO influence – would be able to throttle future gas pipelines into southern Europe.

The arrow (mid map) shows where Turkey seems intent on linking up.

If you’re not following this – latest Guns of August rhyme, don’t feel alone. A lot of knowledgeable people are being (near as we can figure it) kept in the dark buy American media.  Which did a dandy job of burying the Hunter Laptop story – letting statues of limitations run out in some aspects – and deliberately not underscoring the multiple Biden administration foreign policy blunders to date.

No, we are not alone.  Check this out:

I can’t count the times over the past quarter century UrbanSurvival has been publishing we have told you the American media is full of itself.  But, here we go again.  WW III is lining out, hard lines are being drawn, and the Felon Father in the White House wants four more years.

We agree.  We just think those shouldn’t be in Washington, D.C.

September Rate Cut Bet

Fed inaction on rates was another non-surprise.  According to the forward-looking economic projections, here’s what the (US Fed) view of future looks like in brief:

The Fed seems to believe the fairytale (at least for public consumption) of a “soft landing” although in on-air commentary on Bloomberg, their panel seemed to recall only once such “soft landing” in the past half-century.  But, hey! Don’t let the facts and history get in the way.

Ostensibly the mainstream reporting goes Federal Reserve projects just one US interest rate cut this year.  Our Cynic’s Calendar has September 18th circled for the cut. Ure welcome to play along at home.  “Fixt!” (the Home Edition).  No houses on Boardwalk in this one, eh?

Around here, at age 75, we have seen enough broken promises on all fronts, to keep a ground war in Europe, Taiwan becoming Chinese controlled, the eventual subjugation of resource-rich countries into BRICS and the eventual passing of the American crime families.

Because China has locked up more illegal money than the Biden family. Fentanyl pills are getting deadlier amid deepening ties between Mexico’s cartels and China: DEA report warns.

Things could get worse…but be patient, we’re afraid they will.

Markets Ahead

U.S. markets are on the verge of going parabolic upwards – as a last gasp of reason we suppose.  This with the Fed waffling about any rate cuts, while we consider it a shoo-in that a cut to help Biden will be along in September.  So, with everything “fixed” for now, why not higher?

We notice that BTC is not sharing in the bubbly – $67,808 at press time.  And while gold was around $2,330, Silver was down almost a buck and back under $30 that it crested earlier this week.

Unemployment Nudges

Yeah, still there, but worth an eyeing just to keep it real:

And how did it feel?

Producer Prices Overview

“The Producer Price Index for final demand declined 0.2 percent in May, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices increased 0.5 percent in April and edged down 0.1 percent in March.  On an unadjusted basis, the index for final demand advanced 2.2 percent for the 12 months ended in May.

The May decrease in final demand prices can be attributed to a 0.8-percent decline in the index for final demand goods. Prices for final demand services were unchanged.

Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services were unchanged in May following a 0.5-percent increase in April. For the 12 months ended in May, the index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services rose 3.2 percent.

Looks to us like a fine time to be taking a vacation from trading for a while. The market is following path projected in our Screaming Rally or Collapse? – Peoplenomics® article a couple of weeks back.

Messes for the Masses

Liberal Court notes: Feds step in to prosecute Chicago gangsters accused of random murder of National Guardsman, 19, after Soros-backed DA Kim Foxx didn’t bother | Daily Mail Online

My dime store MBA and memorizing terms like “amortization” and “payback period” obviously colors how I read: G7 to agree $50-bn Ukraine loan at Italy summit.

Not a good day at the front, incidentally: Nightmarish 24 hours for the Ukrainian Armed Forces with 1,800 casualties: Mercenary bases, airfields, S-300 batteries and weapons depots were hit. Wars are like that…never fun.

Pandemic? No…just supply chain crazy-talk: Why China Would Struggle to Invade Taiwan (cfr.org). Apparently, they are not the only ones: Taiwan self defence groups prepare for war with China. And we know how well Western coaching has paid off in Ukraine, yeh?

Covid statistical leakage continues: Number Of Children Who Died After COVID Shots Much Higher Than VAERS Reports Indicate, Analyst Says.

Game time!  Let’s compare attorneys general!

Wait a minute…HOW LONG to the Hunter Biden sentencing date?  Speedy justice?  WTF?

You did catch this, right? Pro-Gun Organization Issues Statement About Hunter Biden and Donald Trump’s Loss Of Gun Rights.

Open Borders idiocy with ISIS members caught this week. DHS Vetting Fails Again, Ignorance of Islamic Threat Shows as Eight ISIS Terrorists Enter U.S. Illegally, Find Sanctuary in Leftist Cities.

Go Woke, Go Broke dept: New Disney Star Wars Show Gets Worst Ratings In Franchise History.

And before you decide to put a rental in an overnight rental pool, you might want to have a read of Squatters refuse to leave AirBNB rental in North Carolina: ‘If you try to enter, we will press charges’.  Quite a country we have going when the wrongs have rights than those with rights who are wronged, huh?

And we think he earned it: Tesla Shareholders Approve Elon Musk’s Historic $56 Billion Pay Deal. Sure, the lefties hate him. So, we think of him as earning “hazardous duty pay.”

At the Ranch: Tech Bench Notes

I’m doing the first of two articles for our ShopTalk Sunday this week on 3D printers and upgrades.  The first is on the install of a new Swiss Micro direct drive extruder for one of my CR-10 V2 machines.  The other will be a CR-10 V2 clearance-priced unit assembly off eBay.

This means I needed to clean off the electronics bench in my office (again).  And to free up some additional space, I’ve been looking at monitor swing arms and boy, are they inexpensive now.  I wanted to get the new oscilloscope to where I could view it from either work surface and wow – did it come out great!

This led into the “blind alley” of shop design – where a fellow can get lost and spend months.  Where were the “swing away shelves” and the “swing-away soldering stations on Amazon?

The good news was that Vevor had a hell of a deal on computer monitor mounts. They are on sale today for under $10-bucks each!  It’s a VEVOR Single Monitor Mount with USB, Supports 13″-35″ Screen, Gas Spring Monitor Arm for Flat/Curved Computer Screens, Holds up to 26.4 lbs, with C-Clamp/Grommet Mounting Base, VESA Mount 75/100mm and you can’t even begin to buy the hardware alone at this price.

The unit has lit USB ports around it (the base plugs into your source) and for $10-bucks?  Absolutely jaw-dropping. I just ordered another one to “have on hand.”

And then – because I have visions of having a laptop at the shop bench – and a swing-arm for the SMT soldering station, I picked up a NB North Bayou Laptop Mount with Adjustable Tray for 10-17” Notebook, Full Motion Arm with VESA Plate for 17-30” Monitor (Within 4.4~19.8lbs), Clamp-on Grommet Mounting H100-FP.  That was $38-bucks, which was a little more than Mr. Cheap had in mind, but there was a $15 coupon (!!!) so you do the math.

I don’t know why, but swing-arms for tech are wildly underpriced on Amazon if you do a little shopping and there are a ton of things you can do with these.  Some – with wall mounts – might be suitable for mounting a small HF ham radio in the “180-room” where we do our afternoon cocktails.  Yeah, baby!

But there was a problem.  While I was on Amazon, I also found that the price of small handheld oscilloscopes has come down.  I happened to hit a $40 coupon for a ?2C53P Plus Upgraded Model FNIRSI 3in1 Oscilloscope/Multimeter/DDS Signal Generator Tablet Touch Screen Portable Digital Automotive Oscilloscope 2 Channel 50MHz Bandwidth 250Ms/S Counts 4.3 inches .  Signal generator included: The maximum output of the signal generator is 10MHz, with a step of 1Hz.  Will I get a alignment useable third harmonic on 10-meters?  Inquiring minds…  So, with the coupon a hamburger over $100…which is also one hell of a deal.

Seriously: I’m going on an Amazon Diet – no more shop tools for a while or I will have to start hiring people and set up a custom fab and assembly shop….

Elaine thinks I’m nuts.  And the lady’s always right, of course.

And still no sign of a Hallicrafters PS500 power supply I need. Started a WTB campaign on QTH.com Wednesday…but only a PS150 found so far…and got some of those…

Write when you get rich,


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68 thoughts on “WW III: Coming Attractions, Sept Rate Cut Looms”

  1. (“Wait a minute…HOW LONG to the Hunter Biden sentencing date? Speedy justice? WTF?”)

    I totally believe with the dual standards of law that He walks..he won’t even get a speeding ticket..
    two and a half years ago some foreign tv channels on the internet played HB hotel surveillance tapes of his stays while making deals for the brand along with reports of what the bio labs were doing over in ukraine..it was disturbing and disgusting..
    Now it appears they are going to show them again.. of course we already knew all about it it he had several accounts where he shared videos.


    • Loob, that is stuff you do NOT see on the USA TV channels as the TV is controlled propaganda
      bait feeding stations for the bug eaters
      “Guardians of the Pedophiles” Q showed the movies/live action now playing out

      Now that the “dairy” and the “laptop from hell” are in court evidence, the deniers can go back and eat more bait

      something in the air, ‘tells me’ we are awaking from a majic spell that controls the human mind as a collective and keeps them in ignorant darkness,
      “you will sail off the edge,,,” they said
      Q is the 17th letter and seems to be President Donald Trump’s favorite number,
      forget the story line look with your own eyes ’17’ flags behind Trump is more common than this one article tries to misdirect

      “Q” spread information about the pedophilia that seems to be rampant in DC and in Hollywood, seems to be a common link in those that lead US, as we are led by law and by TVnews +movies

      and OH YA the Jan 6 narrative of nasty Nancy is coming into the light,,, she is gonna need more vodka

    • Demon possessed ? Sexual Predator ? Brilliant Classicist ? Expert in ancient Greek ? – Author of The Chemical Muse.

      Link is to interview from Danny Jones podcast with Dr. Ammon Hillman. Note the manuscripts he holds near and dear were said be forged by Benedictine monks over course of 2 centuries by jesuit Librarian Jean Hardouin – the man entrusted to translate the New Testament for the church, a translation that is church cannon to this day.
      Rome came after this guy while at Univ. Wisconsin – danger danger !

      3 pt. buckle up for this one – 3 hrs long interview – it is muffled/redacted over sensitive words due youtube police..This warning is for REAL – dont get too close..Demons be treacherous at best..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dY-roDpHWI

      • Yes.. that is an interesting I terview..lol lol he wouldn’t be allowed to talk religion around here either…lol lol
        I have read a book or two..which had me questioning things when I was a teen ager..the people I asked skirted around the issues.. it wasn’t until I read the translations ofthe dead sea scrolls that it started to really come clear.. its like our constitution and bill of rights.. what our fore fathers wanted and the stuff that’s been shoved in it to tear it apart from what the original vision was. What we have now and the message given is not what was intended..its the same in the bible..all that deal around the basic history that was added so that their community would be and act to their satisfaction and their wants and desires..
        the true message is still there the true mission is still there but you have to decide what that message is to you… for Easter I read the message sent by Pontius Pilot.. what we were taught is not the same.. I read the quotes in red..

    • COOL!

      Maybe this time around, lots of people will get to notice how cute M—- O—-‘s bare 15yo ass was, lying next to naked Hunter while they were sharing semen and that crack pipe in her bed, in the mansion on Pa Avenue.

      Late 2013, IIRC…

      F’ing sick pervs, all of ’em! The hell of it is, they’re the ones who’ll survive, when it starts raining nukes.

      • Exactly… the bunkers were made for them.. they blur out all the nasty crap..
        what gets me is you’ll see one after another complaining about the past and how ancestors were mistreated.. yet they support slave traders, child molesters, drug smugglers, and much much worse..then convince neighbors to destroy each others homes destroy their local merchants shops beat and kill each other rape and pillage their own neighborhoods..
        that’s like ha I g someone on one of those home remodeling shows come up convince someone to get them and their friends together to tear up their own house with the promise that a full crew will show up in three days to rebuild it.. then they never show up.. it just shock me.. and the people buy it..BLM and Antifa getting them to refund the only protection they had.. not once did they hold one of those demonstrations in the neighborhoods of those making the laws.. only in their neighborhood..

  2. ” Elaine thinks I’m nuts. And the lady’s always right, of course. ” Beware my friend!! It doesn’t take much to loose one’s mind; It’s just one issue too much and there you go gently into the night ;-(.

      • Does anyone make a hammer with an LED on it?

        Another subject: Jorge, with Russian subs in Florida waters, and your new Omni RX which receives down to below 8kc…what do you know about comms in that range and have you listened there on your Omni?

        I’ve heard the WWV time signal around 60kc, and stuff at 40kc, 32, 18kc, maybe 6 or 8. Subs are around 18?

        • Time to fire up the spec A and some long wire. 1/4 lambda pencils out to how far? Think about Mister Hertz in the Single Digit Range. End of transmission LOL..

  3. Yeah yeah Erdo going Cold Turkey..dumb asses.

    Chief, did see the our glorious Missile Drills off Ure southern Floridian coast yesterday ? Gorskov and Kasan performed very admirably as did their hypersonics.

    Gobble, gobble?
    Ever wonder what would happen to nato navies in Black Sea should the Turks close the Bosporus Straights ? Shooting Ducks in a barrel anybody?

    Nah thats not the half of it – Think about Russia giving ALL of our enemy’s the latest and greatest Weapons in their Arsenal. Knowing as you do that if it is announced publicly as being “planned” it has already happened. Imagine Hezzbollah with hypersonics…”rut row Wraggy!”

    All you Yanks get a Scooby snack if you guessed ukraine/is-ra -el/ nato are F-ed with a capital T.

    Yessir – Ure president sure does instill a lot of confidence in the World populace..tons. bwhahahahahahahahahahahahah

    Natasha – these nato flavoured sausages from the meat grinder no good, very greasy with bad or no flavor..not fit for animal feed, they refuse, even the nulands/pigs refuse.

    • I wonder how Putin would do with a crazy idea. Say “Ure wants to dig out an animal pond” somewhere on the property.
      So I ask Putin to message his fleet “One deer pond for Ure, on the house.”
      A half-hour later, big crater appears on the south end of ranch. Deer get water, I skip dozer rental, Putin says “we were invited” and I charge the govt. big bucks (tax free strings) for access to inspect the hole for the pond. UrbanSurvival ends up on every prime time show in ‘Mercia and Elaine gets a senior modeling deal…
      So, does this break any federal laws? Hmm…
      (Did I skip my meds at brekkie?)

      • The Feds will claim eminent domain for a ‘navigable waterway’ and you will be imprisoned for colluding with a foreign power for an attack on US soil. (And you thought it was yours?)

      • The pond is a good idea and serves as a retention pond/food supply (fish)/fire suppression resource.

        The fire is approaching. How long would it take to pull 1,000,000 gallons of water from the ground w/pump Vs the pond? With the pond your land would be saturated within 5 minutes.

        Dress up the electrical/fiber pole as a palm tree.

    • re: Bend it Like Rivaldo
      feat: Constantinople


      Never mind the sausage, there are reports of unsanitary conditions and moldy bread being served to G-7 protective police services housed aboard their 20 year old cruiseship lodging recently renamed as “Goddess of the Night”. The vessel has recently returned from a refurbishment in a Turkish shipyard as it is readied for its July adults-only cruise launch offering an “ultimate party experience”. The Greek ship owner appears to have encountered a favorable change of fortune a dozen years ago following a contentious $100 million Gulf of Aden oil tanker post-hijacking insurance settlement. This past Monday, he reportedly took over a famed century old football club AEK (Athletic Union of Constantinople) Athens for €90 million. The team was founded in 1924 by Greek refugees from Constantinople. Their current jersey sponsor is the former Greek state gambling monopoly, now privatized. The sponsor’s private Czech parent is headquartered in the favorable climes of Cyprus.

  4. hi all . the rumors of my death and demise are greatly overlied . yes as we wait for the grand event i notice more and more of those ive known for a long time have been profiled by AI and mrna shedding to think as they are programmed . the world has become a sinister ,evil metroplois of sodom and gamorah everywhere . the event at any moment will define light and dark . a few are in the ether zone . the rest please yourself

    • Great to have you back among the thinking and writing, Len. Hope health and spirits are high.
      Meanwhile, we’ll take Gamora, with a can of bear spray and body armor over that trip to Chicago behind curtain #2..even with the optional spin for a six-pack of Soros DA’s….

      • federal laws – smederal laws!

        Just Change the Game, G..ala Capt. & the Kirk-kobayashi maru.


        Now where did we hear bout trojan horses and Eth ETF approval before ?

        Did some one say Bitethedusttay?

        Hear machine guns ready 2 go – https://youtu.be/HnCgN4knr0Y?si=VVvNBIcnxtWXQFTS – taint what you thought…

        momo you dont – lil late 4 that, taint it?

        * “Crypto Physics” all shitcoins values will eventually reach ZERO. (less than 10 exceptions 2 rule).

        Peace !

        • Yes BCN , its fascinating to watch the same players that you saw lurking but with culpable deniability around Mt Gox, FTX, and Now Leading the Solana charge after ETH became too expensive to do business on [GAS Fees].A great honey pot to attrack retail flys and their capital into its sticky depths away from the coins with legal clarity BTC ETH XRP……. Popcorn at the ready

          Do your own homework homegamers. Not Advice.

          Got [select] Blockchain?

    • Glad to see your back.. hope your doing good.
      I hear ya …its definitely not the same country we had four years ago…
      I wonder if there’s angels walking around and my what would they think and do.. there are days I have to get out the pliers and pinch myself to make sure I haven’t entered the twilight zone…
      enter below

  5. (“Seriously: I’m going on an Amazon Diet – no more shop tools for a while or I will have to start hiring people and set up a custom fab and assembly shop….”)

    lol lol I’m not allowed to go to the hardware store un -chaperoned

  6. thanks george . health and spirits are very low . they came for me 9 years ago and have not let up . strokes from fda banned meds available in oz freely. plenty of deaths . thats nothing i would need to write for hours. you george are an inspiration wish i could have a beer . yeah do it one day . short shorty short short , and then on signal , gold gold gold forever . they are all sick every everywhere .

  7. I’m attitudinally burned out now from Doom Porn.

    (Not from here, on “urban,” but from MSM and late night radio and other mass bullshit sources.) (Here I find Intelligence and Helpful Practicality; on MSM I find fear and Really Bad Thinking in the vapid extreme.)

    I’m dropping out of the Doom Loop — at least for now.
    Today, I’m filling six, 5-gallon plastic jugs with deadly Di-Hydrogen Oxide with a small garni of Clorox as my last official act in Prepping. From here on, I got what I got — and that’s it.

    Hope for (but not expect), The Best.

    As long as water, sewer, electricity, internet, phone and Kable TeeVee all stay up, I’m gonna say I been dancing to the tune for SO long, that I just don’t give a shit anymore, and I’ll surf the Emerging Reality best I can with what I got. Since my much beloved wife is gone now, a bit under a year, it’s hard to work up much “Warrior Spirit” anymore — no damsels in distress to be a hero for. Just me.

    (Not that expect all those services — or maybe ANY of those services to stay up in a Really Bad Day Scenario…)

    So… Fuck it. I’m just gonna watch. (..and Hope it turns aside from Madness in time.) (It could.)

    Other people got the stick , and it’s “their leg.”
    I’m in seat 36B

    • Hopefully you either got a wood burning inert for Ure fireplace or one of Physics Fire Grates. Remember that miserable summers are followed close on by deadly winters.

      • No. I would not be physically able to tend it anyway. Nope, I’m at the mercy of the Fates.
        I’m resigned to going out in one of the first deeply challenging waves. A certain amount, I can do — but not a whole lot.

        The gas log fireplace proved to be inadequate when the bad guys shot out our electrical substation 2 years ago. 250 gals of propane will keep it going a long time, but the heat is minimal.

        My entire neighborhood (6,000 homes) has the electric power undergrounded — so as long as the high lines stay up — or get repaired quickly — I should be ok. No choice possible now. It is what it is.

    • I’m with you, William. Lost my soulmate about the same time as you. I’m also weary from Doom Porn, and the folks that frequent this site seem like the only sane ones left.
      Perhaps in the next life we and our soulmates will return to dance in a more rational world.

    • (“I’m dropping out of the Doom Loop — at least for now.
      Today, I’m filling six, 5-gallon plastic jugs with deadly Di-Hydrogen Oxide “)

      my t-shirt came lol lol lol

  8. “…, with the Fed waffling about any rate cuts, while we consider it a shoo-in that a cut to help Biden will be along in September.”
    Lets work with that assumption., shall we –
    Every rate cut, a pivot, by the Federal Reserve in the last 60 some-odd years has created a market sell-off. Average decline has been 42.5%.[ every single time.] So.., Rate Cut in mid-September – by the end of September, early October the stock market will drop around 40%. But, from what point., what price ? If the stock market climbs the wall-of-worry throughout the Summer and works its way up another ten, fifteen percent.., then that coming sell-off will wipe that all out and place the S&P500 at roughly 3,560. About 1,860 points below the current price of 5,420.
    The pivot sell-off has been anywhere from 25% to 58%., but it has always occurred every time the Federal Reserve has reversed course on interest rates. A pivot.
    One would tend to believe that would NOT be very helpful to the Biden campaign. [ Or whoever is campaigning for the Democrats.] In fact, it would be somewhat detrimental. A cut in October would be even worse timing. No time to recover.
    If this is a politically motivated move on the interest rates., then it would seem that an interest rate cut should be done much sooner., [ July?] so that the markets have some time to recover before the election. [., but what would a July cut do to inflation? ] ., and I do not believe July is on anyone’s calendar.
    A rate cut in Sept., or Oct would severely undermine Biden’s campaign.

    • What if? [ and we are talking on the long mission] , CUSIPs will dissapear and all company stocks will be reissued as Non Fungible Tokens [NFT’s] on Block Chain? Same goes for your non home title locked mortgage.

      Aint generational disruption grand? It is if youre positioned correctly,.

  9. 2 days ago, Judge Maryellen Noreika estimated that sentencing would occur 120 days after the conviction, when she will determine whether Hunter Biden will face jail time, though she has yet to set a firm date.
    I do not understand why it should take so long., but that’s the way it is done now-a-days.
    120 days.., that’s early October ?

  10. Folks,

    G-7 leaders arriving to the Italian hosted get-together were treated to individual greetings from PM Meloni, leader of the ruling Brothers of Italy party. President Biden was pictured kissing her on her head. Tomorrow he is scheduled to meet the Pope.

    • re: Egnazia: road to peace
      feat: 5th Satire of Horace


      “Lend me your ears”, to paraphrase the Bard’s “Julius Caesar”. Leaders of the G-7 tribes are gathered at the luxurious Borgo Egnazio resort nestled on 45 acres of Adriatic shores on Italy’s boot, and nuptials site of two famous American entertainers as well as a past Indo-American senior vp of Google.

      The resort apparently owes its name to the nearby Roman ruins of Egnazia currently under archeological excavation. The site was origin of the unifying road through Macedonia to the Black Sea edges of the Roman Republic begun in 146 bc by the plebeian tribesman Gneus Egnatius.

      Despite the voting desires of the tribes in the Social War (War of the Allies) 91-87 bc, the democratic Republic was destined for the rubbish heap of history. All hail Caesar!

      Long live the King!

    • re: “Coming Attractions”
      feat: the end of pravda


      President Putin’s “Iron Doll”, Mrs. Skabeyeva, offers the latest in Kremlin-speak on Russia-1 state television’s 60-Minut dot su featuring B-52s near Kalingrad and Abrams tanks allegedly going poof in Ukraine. The telegenic Mrs. S. apparently studied journalism at The University of St. Petersburg. Her cv describes her entry into post-secondary study as a “student” and then growing up in the “presidential pool”. Her schooling was covered by a scholarship from the Vladimir Potenin Foundation. The Feb. 2024 Bloomberg rich list places Mr. Potenin as the 2nd wealthiest Russian at $31 billion. He was first deputy prime minister of Russia under Boris Yeltsin.

      Let’s join DJ George bringing us “Europe” that won the 1982 Swedish Rock Championship. Later they climbed the charts with a little ditty called –

      “The Final Countdown”.

    • That thought had crossed my mind. There are a lot of people that simply do not like him., and/or fear him., and some of them are really unfriendly.
      – It’s a “wait-n-see” event., that will change the course of Turkey’s history. For better-or-worse.

      • Nostradamus Quatrain I-52
        The two wicked ones conjoined in Scorpio,
        The great seignior murdered in his hall:
        Plague to the Church by the King newly joined,
        Europe low and Septentrionale [Russian].

        “The great seignior murdered in his hall” does indicate that Erdogan will be murdered in Turkey and in his grand palace.

      • Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, Volume I, G. A. Stewart, 2017, Page 529

        Unfortunately, for President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, that type of notoriety does not sit well with The Masters of the Game. As I predicted on my website, in 2016 the CIA had a bullet with Erdogan’s name on it. The CIA has funded Middle Eastern, African, and South American dictators and homicidal maniacs since World War II.

        In Chapter Ten, Quatrain I-52, I touched upon the prediction of the assassination of a Turkish leader, “the great Seignior murdered in his hall”, “Europe low and Septentrionale [Russian]”. This leader is most likely President Tayyip Erdogan. His ambition and separation from NATO ignites a larger war.

        Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2013, Page 548
        Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 445

  11. NATO lost Turkey during 2020 when the Hagia Sophia was converted back into a mosque. 2020 marked the fall of Constantinople.

    “The Hagia Sophia will open for Friday prayers on July 24, Erdogan said. “Since its status as a museum is changed, we are canceling the entrance fees,” he said. “Like all our mosques, its doors will be open to everyone – Muslim or non- Muslim.”

    – Jul 10, 2020

  12. Heard some where that Putin is talking about putting nukes in mexico. Seems the mexicans elected a commie bimbo.

    • What a cowinkydink, W !

      I got space for 1 Bastion P systems at Che BCN in Belize = Caribbean Covered.

      Lease negotiations ongoing, equipment is “in route” with one 3 man crew trained and ready to deploy..Still working out the amt Rent/ BTC per Month..down to the fractions.

      -BBastion P:
      1 Command & Control vehicle
      4 launcher vehicles
      4 loader vehicles
      8 “starter” P-800 Oniks missiles

      Night Watch to CO – you see that shooting star ?
      CO- what shoo

      Just another great Navy Day..

  13. ” Nightmarish 24 hours for the Ukrainian Armed Forces with 1,800 casualties: Mercenary bases, airfields, S-300 batteries and weapons depots were hit. ”

    Still having visions of that tail ball gunner in a Tupolev flying over us low and slow diligently snapping photos with his camera [somewhere in the N Atlantic],and yes Boris was flying that low.

    Back to the tail gunner, wonder if he was able to have any offspring as that TU-95 was being “lit up” by the Navy’s finest 2MW fire control tracking radar at the time? Some things never change.

    Got Block Chain?

  14. Dammit George! A $10 swing arm monitor mount. Now I have to get one (or two) before you buy them all out (again)!

  15. WHOA! Tried ordering two of the $10 monitor arms. Did NOT want to sign up for ‘Prime’. Shipping from non-Amazon dealer was $48. Order total $71 was cancelled by me. Damn crooks. “Too good to be true”.

    • By the time we watch a few flicks and land 66 pounds of dry cat food a month, and that’s before the $55 dollar o-scope deals and the monitor arms…well, it pencils out for us.
      And there’s a Prime Day coming in July – so to us, Prime really is one of those rare “good deals” for some of us.

  16. More muck from the misinformation mills, as usual:

    Rair Foundation, poor reliability rating:

    loob, Rumble’s reputation:

    Worry Nerds, the petrodollar is gone, is MBS the Mabus in Nosty’s script, Saudis can join the BRICS team now…

    • There seems to be a high correlation between your dislike of a source and your political preconceptions.

      Around here, your views are (like everyone else’s) 1/8,000,000,000,000th of the whole. Hence we share sources more than opinion when possible.

      • The cult brain can’t do critical thinking, that’s obvious…enjoy your alternate reality while it lasts…

        • classic cult behavior while wearing her knitted pussy cult hat on a 90degree day in Golden CO
          as she has shorts and sleeveless top
          1min 50 sec video of a young woman cutting/shredding the American flag at the Boulder police dept, honoring their fallen fellow officers
          Keith Raniere’s NXVIM is a cult and Stormy is a member,,, they as a group share TDS and most likely other diseases as well

          YouTube censors the posters but Rumble is more ‘free speech’,,, seems some folks just plain hate the good ole’ US Constitution, Bill of Rights NUMBER ONE on the list,
          but they call US haters

  17. “WW III is lining out, hard lines are being drawn, and the Felon Father in the White House wants four more years.”

    I had to watch a half-minute of the “Felon Father” beg for money, before utub would let me watch this video…

    not impressed

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