Worldview: U.S. Dept. of Insanity Working Overtime

This is, in military terms, one of those mornings which offers a “target rich environment” for the thoughtful man who’s just trying to get along in the world.

It seems as though a particular kind of disease is making its way around the country – and although I haven’t found an “official name” for it, I think it could be described and “get-in-everyone-else’s-stuff” and forget about the real purpose in life.

Some examples, in serial fashion, fall together out of this morning’s headlines.

Let’s start with prez Obama’s tripping in Europe.  Turns out that he now stands accused of cherry picking questions for his “press conference.” The charges come from the reasonable people of the UK who are trying to Brexit – British Exit from the basically bankrupt (financially and morally) EU which has been foisting the false dawn of economic recover on member states such as Germany…a long tale (and kinda sad) that we’ve been through before.  Mayor of London is seriously pissed, but what’s he gonna do about it when the “he’s just another racist” card is played?  And rest assured on that

Wait!  Hold the phone (or other portable device) It’s already in the works.  “Boris Johnson criticised for ‘racist’ Obama comments”. And see “Boris Johnson accused of ‘dog whistle racism’ over controversial Barack Obama Kenya remarks,” too while we’re at it.

Of course there were those supporting Boris, like the article  Boris Johnson was not racist about Barack Obama, says Iain Duncan Smith…but pay them no mind.  The only judgment call is whether a sitting US president should dictate the internal affairs of England.  And if we get into the litany of how many foreign leaders come to lecture our Congress, it will be a long and not very interesting morning.  So back to point, then…

It’s bad enough that our president has time to go sticking his nose into the affairs of England, but now here comes the Anointed (and yet to be charged) One and she is climbing on this bandwagon, too.

Naturally, there are some reasonable people in America who don’t like this kind of crap – along with the mindless import of people who don’t want to assimilate, so here we have the story about how 60,000 Pennsylvanians have switched from being Democrats to something else.

Now, of course, this is going to help Donald the Trump, who is gaining a bit more lead overs Ted Cruz…but part of that may be helped along by an incredibly long email making the rounds about Ted.  The whole point of the email comes down to two things.

The first is the assertion that Ted’s dad was passing out leaflets back when along with one L.H. Oswald in Dallas.  Oh, but it gets better…

Seems that Ted’s mom, was (or was not) an American citizen when Ted was born (in Canada) and that she and Ted’s dad were listed as being Canadian voters.  And, says this sly slammer email, that means Ted would have had to declare his American Citizenship at the local US Embassy, which didn’t happen.

The good news in all this?  Obama is not the only one of “questionable” birthright to hold the office of president.  Not that it will ever get resolved and no, we don’t vouch for the accuracy of anything in the email, other than to report is is making the rounds.  You can find the details online over here.

As if these antics aren’t enough to have you questioning Ure sanity, it gets even worse.  The governor of Virginia, a businessman and pol whose previous gigs have included being head of the national democratic party, is pardoning more than 200-thousand felons in Virginia – and a fair guess is that the majority will vote the straight democratic ticket.

If this all begins to sound as though American politics is written by someone with an insane sense of humor, give yourself a green star, drinking up, and get to work.

Immigration:  More Bad News for the No Borders Crowd

Not like I haven’t mentioned this a few gazillion times, but look at the headline from the Washington Examiner today:  “Report: Children of refugees get more federal benefits than poor U.S. kids.”

Well, of course this is absolutely no surprise because the clowns at the top are dead-set against America the old  (hard work and innovation to get ahead) and they want to replace it with something else.

In point of fact, they are doing a tremendous job of it, too.  Need further proof?  Well how’s about the story in the Washington Free Beacon that No one works in 1 in 5 UF families, then?

Oh, sure, if you’re a “bring in more of those who hate us” supporter, you can diss the sources and claim they are all part of a (rabid) right-wing conspiracy.  But as always, we just look at the data, regardless of the source. 

Here comes another (as I beat the drum and repeat loudly that embracing open borders is economic suicide speeded-up):  “CDC Official Warned Staff of Health, Safety Risks During Influx of Illegal Alien Minors: “Plan on Many of the Kids Having TB,” “Be Wary of Personal Safety.”

My, doesn’t this kind of crap make you want to support the Obama executive orders and push-down and data-twisting on open borders and “catch & release?”

I’d say the whole country is insane – especially on mornings like this when the flow of the news points so elegantly in that direction – but if you haven’t figured it out by now, you must be a little bit slow or still a believer in the myth of America..a ship long-ago sailed..

UrbanSurvival and Further Mental Health Notes

I suppose you have heard about Beyoncé becoming a bat-swinging urban terrorist in her latest effort?  See the story “Beyoncé Goes to Bat in New Video: “Role Model” Smashes Set to Smithereens With Skipping Children” if you need details.

But it sort of sets the stage for the grown-up discussion about America’s mental health which is what I through we’d do this morning in short form.

Just one article is all you need:  Why are we so bored?  We live in a world of constant entertainment – but is too much stimulation boring?

Makes sense to me…I mean as much as Viagra or traffic circles.

One actionable point (in this mess of headlines, other than vote and vote often) is this little bit out of CBS New York:  Study: ‘Toxic Friendships’ can lead to Serious Health Problems.”

If you have an incredible library, you’d pull out a copy of “The Mind and Cancer”  (Tom McLaughlin) circa 1990 and mutter something like “Kinda slow to pick up the drift, ain’t they?”  Yeah, but there’s all that money for drug research…and maybe now that we know that a huge portion of studies can’t be replicated, maybe we will become Social Worker Nation next.  You know, mass employment and recovery for the masses?

Economics:  Nothing Matters Until Thursday

As I was explaining (with a bunch of charts of how the market behaved around other Fed increases, decreases, and 50-state Hold-em’s. the real news this week really stacks into Wednesday afternoon when the Fed decision is announced, and on Thursday when the decision is actually implemented in the markets.

No matter what the Fed does will likely be wrong in the very short-term.  If they raise rates, that will mean the economy is doing well enough that they can- and if they do, there will be a brief decline while the commercials load up and then run the market up in following weeks – because that would screw the bond holders and they would logically kick the tires on stocks looking for a new hot dice game.

On the other hand, if the Fed does nothing (a fairly safe bet) we will witness gnashing and whining that Obama isn’t doing enough – and sure, this will bolster the case for the sweet short-term stimulus of open borders and all the rest of it.

If you are suspicious of the meetings between fedsters and the Obamanation – because when they don’t talk it usually means a screw job is coming, we have to wonder if that Big German Bank is still in serious trouble and how – either in this case or some future Too Big To Fail (TBTF) whether the American taxpayer would sit still for a heist like this?

For now, it’s a theoretical question, but only just for now.,

Between now and then:  there are some housing numbers and a Dallas Fed report later on this morning.  The Case Shiller Housing Report tomorrow morning along with Durable Goods.  Wednesday morning an international trade number shows up and then the Fed decision in the afternoon.

GDP and the aftermath of the Fed comes Thursday and by Friday we will be ready for the latest fairytales about personal income and expenses.

Of course Thursday morning is when I go in for eye surgery, so we shall see more Friday, I hope.

The Pope on Code

Loved this:  Pope tells teens ‘happiness not an app’.

Foe heaven’s sake, don’t tell the developers or they won’t come in today.

17 thoughts on “Worldview: U.S. Dept. of Insanity Working Overtime”

  1. Well Now George, seems you have gone Way More ” National Enquire-ish” on us this Morning!!!

    Anyway you could Expand More on Your Secret -“the real purpose in life”- so that those of us who have yet to receive your knowledge, can perhaps decipher the ‘Real’ reason for your bitterness towards All that is Not Your Secret?????

    • @Al

      remember even George is entitled to voice his opinion..especially on HIS web site…your opinion is printed for us to see, and in MY opinion you are a little ‘short sighted’…

      • @dan
        Said Nothing about George Not having the Right to HIS opinion on HIS website!
        George is Way so NOT thin skinned as to allow my piddlyAss comments to affect HIS content!
        Was just probing for what Really ‘cranked his tractor’ in the context of HIS ‘real purpose of life’?? And how, on any given day, he tells a story of great literary excellence and brain stimulating substance(yes MY Opinion) Only, to produce- in the second part- a type of caustic, bitter, ‘Limberger’ style attack production for those people, places, or things that Don’t fit ‘the purpose’.
        If it were not for the 83% of what I consider Enjoyabe and Informative information George delivers, I would Not have stayed with him for probably over 4 years!
        Guess I don’t understand why this would be considered ‘short sighted’ ?

  2. I so appreciate your column. It is lonely out here being the sole informed, sane person in sight. It’s also why I live with cats.

  3. The governor of Virginia, ….. is pardoning more than 200-thousand felons in Virginia – and a fair guess is that the majority will vote the straight democratic ticket.

    Not sure pardont is the correct word here…shes lettin em vote, but its not a Monopoly ‘get out of jail FREE’ card. Least as I udnerstand it?

  4. All my life I’ve always heard something like this: “Why didn’t anybody terminate these people in time?” Military Officers — is anyone listening? (Perhaps, you shouldn’t print this, but at mt age, who cares anymore with few exceptions and unfortunately, they are the rulers ;-)) Why can’t we choose ‘Wise Kings?’ Too stupid with all their education, perhaps.

    • boy.. I was trying not to put my two cents worth in but can’t help it.. It doesn’t matter if they have the worst work ethics in the world.. or that they would be fired from any other job in the country for being a bad employee.. they still have a 98 percent chance of keeping that position..

  5. Terminal madness in the end times. Thanks for finally noticing. For you, the USA is just irritatingly insane. From my viewpoint, it’s terrifyingly insane.

    And BTW, this election process and all the attention being directed to is as relevant as the last song played by the band on the Titanic. The elections are a Weapon of Mass Distraction and mind control, as are government statistics (which are all lies/misleading) and any economic statistic with a delta of less than 2%, which makes it statistically insignificant.

    Ever consider TPTB want you to SEE the dirt going on to enforce that feeling of helplessness? Makes the welcoming arms of a chemically induced stupor as a coping mechanism look pretty good, doesn’t it? My advise is still to expatriate or find yourself some good chemicals to help you cope.

    What I saw five years ago is finally coming into view to Americans, at least those who choose to take a look.

    That’s how it looks from Ecuador.

  6. First let me state with no reservations that I don’t like any of the Republican presidential candidates. With that in mind, there are some things to consider about this ‘sly slammer email’ that you mentioned.

    Second, who do these allegations benefit? If Cruz is disqualified then primarily Trump eliminates his main opponent, and can control – and be nominated for the presidency.

    One might look further but remember the streetlight rule – in a dark street, when you lose your wallet, it pays to look under the streetlight first before checking out in the dark.

    Okay, I’m off my soapbox.

  7. I can’t imagine getting bored from using viagra, presuming that they had a good reason to use it in the beginning. Anyone that does is simply so unaware that they can’t enjoy life without someone scripting it for them.

    Of course, with the right lady, no scripting is necessary, and it can go on for days, or a lifetime.

    I agree with the female poster about the cats – at least she knows how to enjoy life.

    • Without the right ‘mindset’ anything can become ‘boring’, and some of the worst crimes happen because someone gets ‘bored’.

      Better that one understand early in life that it’s not the amount of physical ‘loot’ one gets that counts – but rather the how and why of one’s existence . . . that will never be ‘boring’! It is a failure of the person, not the environment, if you are ‘bored’.

  8. “There were one in five families in the United States in 2015, or 19.7 percent, in which no one in the family worked, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

    And the official unemployment rate in the greater depression is what, really??

  9. Anything can be toxic: a parent, a spouse, a friend, a relative, a job, a boss, a meal, a drink, a drug, a trip, you name it…I think that this article going on about ‘friendships’, though is missing the most potentially toxic relationship of marriage (when it’s bad, it is really bad)!

    When it is good, it bestows much benefits.

    Look, for example, Obama and the Missus, they have survived the raising of 2 children and her not picking his underwear off of the floor (yeah, she said that as documented in the Time Magazine article while he was running for Pres) AND the rumors of his cocaine fueled gay lifestyle as documented by, certain people. And then let’s look at the Clinton’s – numerous documented rapes, affairs (on both sides) and a possible child that is not even Bill’s, yet that marriage endures and neither appear to be ‘toxic’! Now that would be a great study that the US government could fund: “When is a Toxic Marriage Not Toxic?”

    George, I hear your voice: “Everything Is A Business Model.”

    • Yes, everything is a business model, but what I’m getting from your comment is that toxic relationships don’t negatively affect toxic people. Neither of your examples are of normal people at all.

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