Trade War with Mexico, SynGro, Bullets to Come

SynGro:  Short for Synthetic Growth and a long-term event-sequencing for socialist global domination.  (Although not a socialist can articulate it since the strategy has been hijacked by State Actors, but follow along because this all makes total sense…)

Let me lay this out as one might in a PowerPoint so you can follow along.

  1. Mexico is paying off its Wealthy Class by exporting its population to the USA.

The Wealthy Class are the crooks at the top which have generally exploited the Mexican working classes (who really are the victims here.)  This upper crust includes a lot of billionaires and the drug cartel kingpins with a side-order of external state players (like China) who see an easy win.

Here’s how the mechanics of the exploitation work out:

Suppose you have 10 people and they own $10,000 worth of property in Mexico.  Simple division says each person has, on average $1,000 worth of property.

Now, export two of the 10-people to the USA.  Leaves eight people in Mexico.  Here’s the critical math part:  The eight people remaining still have $10,000 worth of property BUT $10,000 divided by 8 means the average ownership is $1,250 worth of property.  My point?  Export 20% of your people and increase effective domestic wealth concentrations by 25%.  Fun with math, huh?

Is this really what Mexico is doing?

Yes, so argues the data.

In fact, the population of Mexico (2017 data) is 125-millon people and the number of illegal aliens here in the US consists of about 11-million from Mexico plus (sharpen your darts here) another 1 to 4to 10 million from further south.  There are estimates into the 30-million range.  11-million is likely a somewhat conservative number.  The Migration Policy Institute offers this “Between 2016 and 2017, the Mexican immigrant population shrunk by about 300,000, from 11.6 million to 11.3 million..”

Yes, but that’s still about 1 person 10, not 2- in 10.”

We don’t have a clue what that math works out as.  By some accounts, Mexico’s reported population (125-million) includes its citizens living abroad.  Others say no.

All we can say for sure is that in addition to the the living-abroad exploitation is a multi-variate.

2. Care to delineate?

Sure:  Authoritatively, Wikipedia offers some solid data here:

Mexico is the third largest remittance receiving country in the world, with a total of $25.7 billion received in 2015. The vast majority of these remittances come from the U.S. In all, only $500 million of the $25.7 billion in remittances came from sources other than the United States.

This means the Mexicans in the US send, on average, $2,336 per year back to Mexico.  Jot down $25.2 billion.

Now, value of drugs coming in over the Mexico border.

CNN offers an idea of scale here:  “Mexican drug cartels take in between $19 billion and $29 billion annually from drug sales in the US..”  For our purposes, we will jot down another $24-billion.

And, as The Heritage Foundation notes, there’s a huge human cost to the drug, especially “Fentanyl is now the leading cause of fatal drug overdoses. In 2017 alone, 49,000 Americans lost their lives to fentanyl.

There’s also human trafficking and hard to put both a body count and a dollar value on that.

Now let’s pause for a moment and see how the Business Model works out for those internationalists (Soros, et all) who are trying to bust-up America into smaller, more manageable and exploitable business units.

The Mexico Reconquista Business Model:

Mexico gets:

Population dilution bonus:  11.1% domestic “growth”

Drug Revenues:     $24-billion.

Money Sent Home:  $25.2 billion.

Total Benefit to Mexico?  $393 per citizen directly plus 11.1% appreciation for the wealthy on Mexico hard assets such as farm land.  This doesn’t count payoffs to crooked officials and it doesn’t pardon the exploitation of the poor who are the victims of the model.

Still, we present this as a simple view of Synthetic Growth.

There is a US counterpart, too:  We pay much higher education costs due to ESL and remediation.  If you didn’t know, while Mexico claims to have “universal education” the fact is, people who were born rural and don’t have a birth certificate don’t get educated.

Wouldn’t you love to hear the US liberals scream if we adopted, as a country, a policy of 100% turn-about is fair play reciprocity?

Is the Trump Response Rational?

A 5% tariff on Mexico goods beginning June 10.  A 30% tariff would be justifiable on economic grounds, as we have just laid out.  (People hate a numerically-based argument, especially when the numbers are solid.)

So, how much is US trade with Mexico worth?  Here’s a number to chew on:  $151-billion annually through March of this year.

Honestly, $7.55 billion (which is what the Trump tariff pencils to) is little more than a slap-on-the-wrist when Mexico is getting almost $50-billion a year in money sent home plus drug money, and that’s before we put in tourism from the US or human trafficking into the mix.  Big money in those business models, huh?

This will be a hard one for readers to swallow, but yes, some prices may go up for things…but we shall see.

There’s no such thing as honesty in international accounting, but Trump knows an ugly and bitter fact:  It we don’t shut down the border with Mexico, being white will become a minority in America well before the presently projected date of 2043 (by Census).  A new minority declining by 35% in 70 years and without a single vote. Sound like genocide?   Congress sold out the people, but in slow motion.  Death by a thousand cuts.

And if the border isn’t closed?  Trump will be booted out of office.

It some ways, it’s a lateralized version of the Synthetic Growth Invasion business model that allowed Muslims to win the Battle of Tours on a delayed basis of 1,273-years to the 2015 firm evidence of their reconquest of Europe becoming undeniable..

We note that the Mexico replay of history is on a shorter delay-loop now.  The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was inked in 1848, so the Reconquista for the Mexican Cession land is, to date, on a 172-year replay clock.

Except, instead of wanting just the six states involved in the 1848 cession, Mexico (and MS-13) also want the drug business in big cities like Chicago.  Payback war for the US government’s support of United Fruit more than 100-years ago?

Against the larger view of history, traitorous obstructionists (and Obama-appointed liberal judges “ruling from the bench“) are not building a defensive line and are operating effectively as a fifth column that will eventually (and necessarily as traitors are always deceived true believers)  lead to domestic warfare in the USA.  Not today, though.  We need to get to the economic collapse and the scuttling of Trump that the left has on tap.

The next chapter will, therefore, be the liberalistas of the lefty-owned press attacking Trump and urgently calling for his impeachment because the real crooks didn’t win in 2016. Lies oft told and all that.

We now return you to the less carefully scripted distractions report.

Markets to Puke, Blame Fed

An hour before the open, Dow futures were down almost 300.

We see the crooked-hand of the Federal Reserve in this decline.  The latest H.6 money supply shows that in the last 90-days, the annual rate of increase in the money supply has been less than zero percent.

You get that by seeing in Table 1, the older 90-day moving average annualized to a 4.1 percent money inflation (90-days annualized).  But with it aa 0.1 percent annualized in the last month, it is clear that not only has the Fed slammed on the brakes, but they are now skidding out of control.

Was Donald Trump right to call-out Fed Boss Jerry Powell?  Almost a month ago, CNBC ran with “Federal Reserve fends off efforts to be politicized by President Trump, for now.”

But now, we can see quite clearly that Trump was telegraphing (without QAnon) that the Fed was going to crater things.

One reason?  There is an inversion of the yield curve and in banking circles, the Fed needs to kill money growth to jack up the long term rates and get past the inversion.  Trump, probably seeing the Fed data real-time, called it right.  Most people are too busy hating Trump to sit back and roll with the house.

Of course to do that, a huge market decline is necessary and Trump, obviously, would have preferred that the Fed operate more cautiously.

We can almost see S&P 2,000 and Dow digits back into the high teens coming…

Personal Income Data

Looked pretty good this morning when released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis:

Personal income increased $92.8 billion (0.5 percent) in April according to estimates released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Disposable personal income (DPI) increased $69.3 billion (0.4 percent) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) increased $40.8 billion (0.3 percent).

Real DPI increased 0.1 percent in April and Real PCE decreased less than 0.1 percent. The PCE price index increased 0.3 percent. Excluding food and energy, the PCE price index increased 0.2 percent.

Dow futures were still down 280 after the data.

News for the Idiotic Masses

Australian tattooed model taunts police over assault arrest warrant: ‘You’ll never catch me’ .  (This is news?)

Political Music Lesson? “Cher may be having trouble getting people to buy tickets for Canada concert

Lies told by Government Dept: Acting FDA chief says regulators don’t know much about CBD despite ‘explosion of interest’ .  Might we suggrest he leaf-up on “What is Patent 6,630,507: Why the feds hold a patent on CBD treatments”? The US government  patent on cannabinoids was issued in 2003. (How f*cking dumb do they think we are, for crying out loud?)

Selling out Jews? California Dems propose resolution linking Israeli government to massacre at Pittsburgh synagogue.  The party seems to be trying to piss off everyone, doesn’t it?

New Schedule:  Peoplenomics-only on Wednesday.  Thanks for all the feedback.

Off now to make things write…

55 thoughts on “Trade War with Mexico, SynGro, Bullets to Come”

  1. This is so silly – just place a 75% tax on all money grams going south of the border – the illegal aliens will leave – but the sad reality is the USSA doesn’t want them to leave …….

    • Correct you are Clawsy.

      George also needs to include the billions in profits from human trafficking from a leaking border. Women and children crossing illegally are the primary source for sex traffickers. A recent well researched article on child sex trafficking in the USA stated that a young boy or girl can generate $150-200k per year. And if a woman complains about losing her child, she simply disappears into this system as well. The money and humans from this trafficking filter up to the very highest levels of government, both state and federal. As one insider put it, Washington DC, where the rich and powerful have parties, the hookers go home in limos, and the kids go to the dump in trash bags.

    • Clawsey… just fine the snot out of corporations hiring illegal aliens.. fine and seize the assets of the CEO and board of directors. If it continues seize assets just like they do for drug trafficking..
      Do the same for housing.. no federal those for taxpaying citizens.. those that want to stay give them a card but they get no benefits till they are citizens..they pay taxes and a non resident tax..
      No one with millions at stake will take the chance of losing it all so they c azz save a hundred dollars a week in taxes

  2. Until repeat offending users are punished there is no possibility of winning the drug war.

    • There’s no possibility ever! Wars are never won, except in the newsstream. We never won the wars on poverty, illiteracy, prostitution, gambling, or any other “war” run by a government agency.

      The solution is decriminalization – aka – removing laws against substances, NOT regulating the hell out of them. Regulating pot opened the door to more illegal marketing even in states that are legal. Yes, we should strongly enforce laws on pure products and have them labeled accurately. That was the original intention of the FDA. We have a special problem with addictive drugs, especially the opioids, since they have such a narrow L/D ratio. People are physically addicted and don’t know the dosages to handle the addiction and even if they did, the street products are unknown, and DEA rules prohibit labs from running quantitative analyses for them. Harm reduction should start there. If we decriminalized everything except the opioids and known killer drugs, we’d have a good start, and there would be manpower available to deal with the ones that matter. Fentanyl is a special problem, since it’s a very useful drug in a medical context and is schedule II, and is also active at a very low dose with the classical opioid L/D ratio. Ultimately we need to decriminalize everything, consistent with enforcing labeling laws.

      MDMA is relatively harmless vs fentanyl(or alcohol), yet both of the latter are more legal and available than MDMA. We need to stop talking about “drugs” and start talking about individual substances.

      • Sharply and accurately delineated goal
        initial logistics
        battle plan
        exit strategy
        plan for R,R,& R (replace, repair, and reparations, once victory becomes likely)

        We have not had a battle plan for any conflict since WW-II, except for “Desert Storm.” The results speak for themselves.

        It is not possible to formulate a battle plan for a “social war” like the “war on drugs” or the “war on poverty.” It is impossible to succinctly delineate either a goal or an exit, because every political hack “moves the goalposts,” or “hides the issue,” usually for personal or political gain.

        Fentanyl, and fentanyl-laced heroin are now killing as many people every year as cars, guns, rat poison, fireworks, tractors, and knives combined (it’s also showing up in cocaine, crack, meth, X, MDMA, and counterfeit oxy, and I’ve seen fentanyl-doped pot. Methylfentanyl is the latest bane in these parts — it’s 40-100x stronger than fentanyl. Yet fentanyl and its analogues are not a problem (for the Congresscritters who’re on the Cartels’ payrolls) and everybody’s panning the Prez for saying it is, and for trying to do stuff like make naloxone OTC…

    • John
      Wat is it 67 percent are incarcerated for marijuana fifty grand plus per inmate its costing every single taxpayer money for a product that isn’t as addicting as alcohol and is used by one in three citizens.
      It has more positive useful products than can be thought of. Has historically been honored as a wonder plant..
      Where its legalized there’s been fewer crimes accidents and harder drug use has been reduced taxes have been so good..
      No legalize the plant let pharmaceutical companies research it.. tax it regulate it..let farmers have a new crop .. JMHO

      • I’m not sure but was it toilet paper production why it was deemed evil.. some billionaire has saw dust..
        Now alcohol ..

  3. PN only Wednesdays workz for this Nogoodnik.
    Luv the idea of sticking it to Mexico, US should completely bankrupt the country (like we did our own), buy them out at $0.40 on the dollar, send illegals back to work on upgrading and fixing energy Infrastructure, then flip it back to Mexican elites at nice profit, while holding back some ownership interests for long term income flow.. brilliant no?

    One question – if any readership was in a position as CEO of XYZ corp, and their compensation was directly linked to companies Stock price/performance – is there ANYONE who can honestly say they would not Approve of such a plan in their company, knowing with such a plan U will reap millions of dollars a year?

    Honesty is the KEY word – you lying dogs who say U would not – simple human nature.

  4. Thanks for the work up on the Mexican situation. I have always put the blame for the social situation in the latin countries on the Catholic Church.

  5. “Trump is Telegraphing “, “Trump, probably seeing the Fed data real-time, called it right.”

    Give me a break. Trump can’t spell telegraph let alone have any foresight into matters that don’t involve porn stars, Laughable Fox News suck up entertainers and golf. Trump is just a puppet of His own appointees…at least the ones that are left…which equates to the people with zero scruples that still praise his orange face and fake hair to get their way, line their billionaire pockets even more..(yes, we are talking about you Mnuchin, DeVos, Ross, ) and then go have a drink amongst themselves and talk about what an idiot Trump is.

      • If Trump ever studied economics he should have failed the course as his 6 bankruptcies shows,its strange that when the Fed/bankers cut the money supply its lol well almost treason to listen to the folks, but when they jack it to the moon or use use public money to buy back the toxic waste from the banks vaults, or buy up stocks on the market so that it goes from 500 points down to 500 points up at the end of the day why then they are only lol doing their job.

      • Touche’ And people who readily call “idiot” on “other” people whom they don’t know and have never met are usually idiots themselves!
        And if Trump is an idiot, please explain how he wiped out the entire GOP field, plus Hitlery with all her lying, deceit, and “insurance policy” (the dossier).

      • Check your facts again George, Trump never went to class. He faked his way through Wharton the way he is faking his way through this Presidency. There are about 100 testimonials to Trump and his fake Wharton diploma. There is so much publicity on Felicity Huffman and the rich getting their kids into college now…This has been going on for decades…and Fred Trump did the same for his kids. His sister made the most of it. Donald…not so much.

        It’s pretty obvious. The way he talks and writes, I am surprised he made it out of 3rd grade legitimately.

      • Oh Gerorge.. just take a peek at that Pelosi face… what’s not to love or trust…

      • “He faked his way through Wharton ”

        MY GOD MARK…..

        You obviously haven’t visited with half of the kids graduating college today..
        It is more than obvious that a vast majority of them faked their way.Or reading the paper.

        its been like that since before I was a child.. the more money you have you pretty much can get whatever your daddy or mommy want for you.Laws are way different for a wealthy man or woman or their children than a poor… you have a piece of paper.. you will get a higher wage than those without.Your mommy or daddy has money.. well you can run around throwing cocaine at people and it won’t even get you a slap on the hand…..
        not to mention the odds of them getting a speeding ticket are quite slim.. the same thing with wealthy peoples kids…

      • “idiot” on “other” people whom they don’t know and have never met are usuall””

        Amen W/D….

        Years ago I quit a group..because they thought everyone walking around was drooling idiots.. and they were old razz me because I hadn’t gotten further .
        I have always said..everyone is a genius in their own way in life..

        It’s the opportunity that passes each of us and having the ability to see them and seize them..

        • Actually there is a zone effect here.
          ///moderate/// ///real questionable/// ///hopeless idiots///
          Extremely stupid? Extremely partisan? Don’t waste time on ’em
          Based on statistics.
          I will work with questionable, no sweat.

    • Mark, thanks for posting your spew. Makes me smile, seeing that your head is still spinning. It is like Trump has created a perpetual motion machine in there
      Better stock up on meds for 2020

      • The perpetual motion that Trump has created is the spinning out of control idiocy of his Presidency that is causing Vertigo like vomiting for all those that listen to HIS spew.

        I really hate saying this so many times!!!! I am not a liberal. I am a REPUBLICAN!!! I don’t want a Democrat in the White House. I want a Republican that speaks English and has a brain. We are being dumbed down by this lunatic.

        I see the same thing as George Conway, husband of Kellyanne. He is a staunch Republican. I have yet to talk to a Republican of sound mind that doesn’t think Trump is a total loser. Why can’t you see that? Impeach the idiot and have a real, thinking man or woman that can win in charge.

      • Mark, you are as much a Republican as Elizabeth Warren is Native American. That’s the problem with the Republican party, too many RINO’s.

  6. Ure,

    Present a current study of past and expected changes in Congressional representation from legal and illegal immigration

    Note that representation means money and influence is flowing from low to high immigration states. It also implies low immigration states are disproportionately funding the process.

    Last I saw, something like 38 reps have been transferred from low to high immigration states.

    And you wonder why appropriate legislation and immigration law enforcement seems so lacking. Look no further.

    What will it be with the coming census?

    Either Iowa or Wisconsin will lose one rep in the coming census. Probably, another 10 will be lost to high immigration states?

    Here in Minnesota, the state demographer in the last census and also the coming census, is trying to get everyone counted, i.e., illegal aliens, “refugees”, vacationers, etc, counted. Too bad the census doesn’t imply citizens. Fear of losing a rep is the reason.

    Note it is circular.

    You mention White Genocide, but representation is the method. Sadly, American Blacks are becoming a footnote, displaced.

    Odd that 11 – 30 million illegal aliens have more representation than do citizens equal to 5 – 8 states. Midwest and Red, usually.

    As was said by a Mexican immigration leader roughly 40 years ago, we will take over the U.S. (reconquesta) at the ballot box.

    • “Either Iowa or Wisconsin will lose one rep in the coming census”

      I am curious.. how many would everyone loose if everyone came up for a vote at the same time..

      The way I see it even if half were voted out this election there’s enough of an influence left to sway the others through their influences.. take the tea party.. big ideals swayed in less than a year.. same old shirt different day

  7. I might point out that how Europe came out of the dark ages was that the Black Plague killed off half the population, everybody then had twice as much money, and the renaissance began.

    So be warned, Americans, if you are in the “too small to save” category, the solution to the economic problem is your demise. If you are a net “consumer,” not putting as much into the system as you take out, you are at risk.

    The immigration problem from Mexico started when the government took land from millions of small farmers and put it into the hands of big corporations. Big agriculture and big machinery put landless millions into the big cities unemployed, so they began going north. During and after the 2007 financial crisis, migration from Mexico became NET NEGATIVE! But to not let good trafficking networks go to waste, they began bringing in folks from Central America. And that is the problem continuing today. Coyotes bringing people across the border charge $3-5k per person. If even half the 40 million illegals paid this, we are looking at serious bucks here.

    In spite of all the wall rhetoric, bottom line is that nobody is going to screw with the kind of revenue this immigration situation is generating.

    • Ecuador,
      You are spot on there. I have been saying this for years. Wall or no wall, Big Ag will find a way to bring people across the border. Always have and always will. No machine or robot can do the work in Orchards, berry fields, produce fields etc. Most of this has to be picked by hand and handled gently. We as consumers certainly don’t like imperfect produce for whatever reason. It’s these workers that end up staying or seeking asylum after the harvest seasons are over.

      The wall is just a political football to be tossed around until the next election cycle.

  8. George – how could we ever question the Federal Reserves authority?

    2007 – B. Burnanke “ the sub-prime sector on the broader housing market will likely be limited.”
    2008 – the Burnanke “..problems in sub-prime market seems likely contained ”

    2019 – J. Powell “ debt does NOT present the kind of elevated risks to the stability of the financial system that would lead to broad harm to households”

    $1.15 Trillion (with a T) in outstanding US leveraged loans (corp “sub-prime” debt) currently.

    Context: $600 Billion (with a B) housing sub-prime debt at peak.

    Deutsche Bank currently trading right around $6.75 – gee wonder if they are too late in spinning off new “incumbered debt” unit..did tremor felt this AM really be a prime domino falling in global financial system slo mo wreak…

    Got BTC’s, Gold/Silver, Index Puts, Short Stock…”guns & butter” ?

  9. Tariffs are self-abuse. The trade imbalance is there because most American consumers are “mindless”.

    Americans “mindlessly” consume. There are clues everywhere.

    These people paying credit card payments month after month, year into year are mindless. Who would just hand over a part of their production for nothing? The mindless do.

    These people who have HELOC debt yet cannot account for every penny spent are mindless. Stay away from these people. They are mindless and also reckless.

    Next month you’ll see how mindless the American really is. Out of one side of their mouth the mindless will complain about trade with China, yet they mindlessly spend their production on fireworks and plastic flags that exclusively come from…. Typically, they’ll dismiss their own interest, “We’re having fun”.

    Hershey is Made in Mexico. If you see people choking down S’mores, smack all the S’mores out of their hands and explain to them they are mindless and why. (Good luck and make sure you are wearing running shoes because people do not like looking in the mirror.)

    The mindless might shop Amazon, yet complain about country of origin choice. Anyone using the Internet, yet cannot source products are the mindless.

    We’re surrounded.


    adjective: mindless

    1. acting or done without justification or concern for the consequences.

  10. George

    “eventually (and necessarily as traitors are always deceived true believers) lead to domestic warfare in the USA.”

    Sadly I believe you are right on target!

    About those Federal Judges, are there laws on the books that limit their scope or physical area of control? If they impinge on the Presidents lawful actions can he tell them to go take a hike?

    It’s Push come to Shove time!

    As much as I like President Trump I wish he had some genes from General Patton!

    Pray for America!!!!!

  11. George, time for Conservatives to join the real world.
    Current immigration laws are old and antiquated. But you need actual laws to reform the old ones. (The reason is the judicial doctrine of ‘occupying the area’ which is a longstanding limitation on judicial legislation.)
    The Conservatives had total control of the government, true, but they only had so much juice. We could have gotten those restrictive immigration laws, if the Conservatives had not chosen to spend their juice on tax cuts for the rich over conservative immigration reform. So it goes. Just a standard bait and switch on the Base. Now the Base either has to be happy with a far, far less conservative immigration package, or simply wait another 10-15 years until their juice comes back around. Either way, time to move on emotionally.
    And oh, BTW, if you want to take away drug profits, simple, legalize it. Sixty plus years has taught us that winning a war on drugs is simply impossible. Only creates an artificial monopoly, and makes the bad guys’ profits bigger. Look to the Portugal model. Best, Mike.

  12. at 15 percent long bond i break even in 7 years from the looting of my retirement. income generating accounts not counting “accounted” inflation or the 1000 percent inflation of insider adjusted distressed asset inflation ….suckers…

  13. When 10 year olds know where the drug dealers live but the cops and the border patrols etc. are bought off we will never ever stop the drug flow until all drugs are legalized and the drug trade will grind to a halt……….

    • Mandatory death sentence within 30 days for all convicted drug dealers. See how quickly the drug problem is solved.

  14. George,

    You said above…”If we don’t shut down the border with Mexico, being white will become a minority in America well before the presently projected date of 2043 (by Census).”

    Imagine if 400 years ago, the Montauk Tribe leader had said what you said….”If we don’t shut down the border, being Montauk, Iroquios, Mohecan, etc will become a minority in our tribal nation.”

    America was never white until Europeans colonized…but save for isolationist China at the time, we very well could have been a nation of Asians.

    Much of the migration into America has been indigenous Aztec people from Mexico and Mayans from Guatemala and Honduras, because the European populace/governments there has not made it easy for them. They are ostracized in their own native land their ancestors have inhabited for thousands of years. So, they migrate where they feel they are going to have a better chance to make a living. The same can be said for Southern Italians and Sicilians…They were the poorest of Italy and 5.3 million between 1880 and 1920. came over to live a better life…many without the proper paperwork. 4.5 million Irish came during the Great famine.

    On another note of interest to what is happening today….Imagine this…The Know Nothing Movement in the mid 1800’s empowered by populist fears that the country was being overwhelmed by Catholics who were often regarded as hostile to American values and controlled by the Pope in Rome. Sounds like Trump has some of this ancestral wingnut blood in him.

    Also of note, Lebanese and Syrian immigrants settled in large numbers in the late 19th and 20th centuries. About this time, Nativists as they were called raised the issue of whether America was a melting pot or a dumping ground. Sound familiar?

    The bottom line is…All of these groups assimilated into what America has become today and the immigrants coming into this country today will be like the Italians, Irish, Syrians, Polish, Lebanese that came here over 150 years ago.

    • BS. They don’t assimilate and you know it. Illegal is illegal. Massive UN population replacement. Another genocide, this time of whites. Massive transfer of wealth and turning this country third world. Nice racewash.

      • They absolutely assimilate and I most certainly know it. Way, way more than you evidently. And what law says that America must be a majority of whites anyway? According to the Declaration of Independence, aren’t ALL MEN created equal?

        I live in a very diverse California, and as a moderate Republican, I embrace that my friends and colleagues, along with my own employees are a mix of different races and nationalities. That’s one reason I moved my family here from the Midwest. I wanted my kids to embrace diverse cultures, speak different languages, become players on the world stage. It worked and they have become invaluable to their tech companies they work for as a result.

        My real estate team is a mix of Persian, Korean, Hispanic, and European blood. Yet, they are 100% American. There is no such thing as American born race. The closest thing to that is the Native Americans, who at some point migrated from a land chain somewhere on the Asian continent.

        This is a world of many cultures. They have a right to be here as much as we do in their countries. There are a lot of expats in foreign countries…Do they deserve or receive this type of bigotry in those countries? No.

      • The thing that stays the same about you, Mark, is your inability to grasp facts and truth.

  15. George got this idea so thought would pass on. Noticed Andy offered to do a weekly column. You could use as filler for Sunday. If he would not limit his column to beating the same drum each time, could possibly be a good addition to your venue. Know from his writings that he has the ability to enlighten us on a variety of topics.

  16. George, you’ve outlined a disturbingly clear business model based on exporting people.

    Sadly, you’ve also clarified an economic model and incentive for genocide. Countries that have experienced genocide within current memory are very much aware of it and won’t as easily go for it. We have no such experience and need to be aware that it CAN happen, usually with little if any warning.

    Both Russia and China do remember. Demonizing one class, ethnicity or other attribute of a demographic is a first step in this process. Controlling the press, communication and travel is another.

  17. I resent the comment that “illegals” don’t assimilate. M brother married a beautiful Guatemalan illegal senorita 30 plus years ago. They had 5 children, today those children are sports announcers, cops, nurses and
    IT principals. Nobody talks about the Cuban migrants that have taken over a whole county in Florida and are still landing and welcomed with copious benefits to this day. You can’t get a job in Miami if you aren’t bi lingual and there are huge sectors where English is never spoken and never will be. Those are the immigrants who don’t assimilate but nobody wants to talk about the. Because they are traditional republican voters.
    Ps. I am bilingual thanks to the California school system

    • I guess my question is (since she married) if she was not therefore “legal?”

      My understanding of the comment want it was toward the coyote traffic and the MS_13 types and, arguably (hold the statistics) these groups don’t have much buy-in to the American Way. Obviously she does and is to be admired and respected for doing things right…

      Just saying… OTOH, I was in Miami a LOT in my airline days and back then, you could get a job and habla norte only

      And that, arguably defines how that rolls. ALL of my Cuban friends learned English and got their kics into law school as soon as they could and are highly successful. Marielitos> Not so much

      We gotta keep to the data

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