Word from the Future

This morning’s report is interesting if you are working up a view of things to come – so that you may prep, plan, prepare, call a priest, or whatever moves you.

Not only does a recent Federal Reserve working paper look at using the language in news to forecast the future, but we have some oddities to discuss from the Nostracodeus project and odd haps at the www.nationaldreamcenter.com site, as well.

After news nips, our charts, and maybe a warm-up of the bean.

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10 thoughts on “Word from the Future”

    • There will not be an economic collapse for another 3 years and change. I dont care what insider says what or even what the rothchilds say. They follow orders just like everyone else

      Japan will go first.

  1. Dream … Was putting dollars in a elevator, as one does in a vending machine, but it kept spitting them back. So looked in my wallet and there was a copy size piece of white paper with “3 Dollar Bill” embossed at the top, like stationary. That, went into the machine differently, i had to slide it up to the top of the elevator door … Where it got jammed. The elevator door turned into long plastic flaps, secured at the top, and hanging to the bottom, and the elevator began lighting up and lights strobing. I hesitated getting in and some guy holding a brief case and wearing a grey trench coat rushed past me and went in. At that moment the elevator car went down with tremendous speed and exploded below. I stood there watching this until I woke up.

    • If enough interest is shown, We will consider publishing again. But, not so early in the day this time. I’m seventy one and need extra sleep so my wrinkles will look good for the chicks.

      Furthermore, George should not have to pay for the site, as he did for our first two years. It is likely a small fee would be charged for access.

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