Woo-Woo: Sci-Fi Adventure Dreams

With the elections behind us (but will the headlines really ever stop about them?), I’ll be on CoastToCoastAM tonight with George Noory, if everything goes according to plan.

One of the topics – other than the obvious about the economy and our curious way of looking at it – will be my latest book, Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Dream.

The book recounts some of my personal adventures in The Realms (those places where we go in our dreams) and how for those of us who work at it, a healthy and active dream-life allows some of us “live two lives.”  That is, one life while awake in the “nominal shared reality” and another, quite distinct and different, in our dreams.

The book offers some speculation about what consciousness is, where we come from and how the larger Universe may fit together.

Imagine, if you will, that the very core of your being is like a bird.  You’re off flying around and it’s quite a pleasant day.

Seeing some phone wires, you decide to land on them.  After landing, you find they are quite pleasant to walk on, too.  So you slide around on them….only to find yourself eventually sliding into the telephone company’s Central Office.  A soft, almost veil-like door, closes as you enter and except for extreme moment of stress, you find yourself in the Central Office.

Now for the interesting part:  What if instead of a bird, that critter that was flying around was your soul or essence?  What’s more, what if the telephone lines were the nervous system of the human body?  And the brain was the Central Office?

Through a window of wakefulness, you behold the waking world.

This is not a perfect analogy, but it should get you to thinking and asking the Bigger Questions that get drowned out by the high “noise floor” of daily life.  Noise from sources like…

  • That SOB who cut you off on the freeway.
  • The election with all the noise attendant to that.
  • Big national noise like news on immigration, wars, guns, social media…
  • And Money, of course.
  • Now, toss in the non-stop T&A displays of the glitterati and what is it?

In two words?  Waking Life.  It is what it is…

When we sleep, there are millions of unprocessed thoughts.  The person’s soul or essence can leave the Central Office and go off to process things in peace and quiet.  Sometimes it will be “day residue” – leftovers from the waking-state.  Other times, it will be mental adventures that piece together the incomplete snippets of life and weave interesting adventures.

But here’s the thing:  When you wake – especially from a totally vivid dream – ask yourself how well can you recall the dream?  And then – when you find it “remembers” as easily and clearly with the same detail level as yesterday’s lunch – the follow-on question becomes obvious.

Which side of waking is real….is there only One?  Or, perhaps BOTH?

To answer the question, I’ve been dream-logging for several years.  Not voluntarily.  Logging isn’t something I do every morning usually.  When  there are significant dreams – like those involving death, accidents, and dreams that tell the future?  Yes, I do write those down.  A fair sample is in the book.

The point of this morning is to share a few of the dreams  that have been along since the book was put up on Amazon.

As I tell you what follows, remember this all transpired in ONE single night’s active, lucid dreaming.  Put another way I “lived” a couple of DAYS in just a matter of a few hours.

It’s why working on learning lucid dreaming and attendant high recall technique is so rewarding.

A Night of Sci-Fi – Dream #1

This night had started like any other.  I had a nice meal a few hours before bedtime and a very deep, restful, dreamless sleep followed from my 7:30 PM bedtime.  It lasted until about 1:30 AM.  A trip to unwind a kidney and it was back to sleep in a matter of moments.  1:45 AM, or so…

My first awareness crossing back over into sleep was that I was with a group of engineers of some kind.  I had some skills both in electronics and in writing and in this dream, I was an expert in these fields and I’d been assigned to interview a number of engineers on the project and do some writing.  I’m looking forward to getting back to that.  But not on this visit.

There was something odd about what they were working on.  It had something to do with electronics, but I also noticed the complete lack of any electronics being around.  No computers, no calculators, no printers…  Just engineers sitting in what looked like old-fashioned oak library chairs, sitting as desks and peering through large open books.

They had writing devices but these were not pencils or pens.  They would make entries in separate books. It was as though all were working on a Big Problem of some kind that could only be solved by working through millions of discrete mental thoughts and some math and then it was on to the next tidbit.

I don’t know how this “knowing” came to me, but as I stood watching, it came to mind that one engineer before me was exactly the one I needed to speak with.

The Gate is Open,” he announced and motioned me over.

An odd way for an engineer to speak.  On the Waking Side people look up and ask “May I help you?”  or “Is there anything I can do for you?”  So I asked him about this odd concept.  His answer was instructive.

We can all be very much more precise HERE,” he began.  “When people are on the Other Side (which I took to mean waking-states) they deal with people superficially.  Because of that, people don’t fully HEAR the people they’re dealing with.  So, when you come to me and want to know something about The Project, my saying “The Gate is Open” means that my total consciousness is focused on You.  All awareness is focused on answer, telling, discussing – whatever IT is that you have brought to me.

What’s more, when I am deeply focused on some of the intractable problems we’re trying to solve over Here, you are expected as a Team Member to leave us alone and not break-up our thoughts.  We may be into a day…even three or four days…thinking on one small, but critical problem.  When we are, it’s understood that “Our Gate is Closed.”

It made sense.  I couldn’t count the times in broadcasting, education, software, airlines, and all the other industries I’ve worked in over here on the Waking Side, how many people don’t actually Open The Gate.  They tend to crack the door open, but only wide enough to get a superficial impression, hand back a superficial response, and return to their work.

It may have something to do with how Time functions in the Dream Realms.  People are able to focus more deeply, but to allow it to be so means being in an environment where “The Gate is Closed” is also respected.

I half-chuckled about it.  My wife Elaine and I live in a nearly remote part of the East Texas Outback – where there’s not even cell phone coverage on most of the property.  It’s easy to us tow see the Gate-Open, Gate-Closed even with each other.

But, in the Cities?  In the grand distraction and in the high  fuzz noise world of the modern waking-state?  I think you know the answer to that one…

Dream #2

After meeting with the Engineer, I wandered up to a “control room” where new worlds were being discovered and logged by a team of 20-30 people.

There  were electronics here and they seemed to be space-based.  A gun-sight looking computer display occupied the center of the room between two cabinets of super-computers.  And, as it moved the “gun sight” around, a series of “gels” were applied that made other planets – not previously apparent, come into view.

I stopped one of the technicians who was walking past me and asked him to explain.

When we live on Earth, we look out into space with optical and radio instruments and we estimated that the closest would be ab out 10-light-years away.  But now that we have multispectral analytical tools, we can see other, much-close systems.  Some are only a couple of light-years distant.”

Not quiet sure I was following, I asked him to explain a bit more.

We live in a sea of infinite vibrations.  Where these collide there are wave-fronts.  Knowing this, we figured out that OTHER wave-fronts could exist and that all we had to do what tune-in to the new frequencies and we could “jump Worlds.

You did hear about what happened, right?”

“No, I haven’t…what happened?”

We made contact…but it was in a most unexpected way…”

Dream #3

I left the exoplanet search center…understanding that the “gels” which were being used to remap space, were not merely optical in nature. Instead, they revealed ALL the wave-fronts and systems and they were being mapped so we could all travel between them eventually.

As I was walking, the scene shifted to a satellite in space.

It seems that at some point in the future (if it hasn’t already happened and no one knows about it yet) that were were a series of satellites in orbit around the world designed to keep track of where all nuclear materials were being refined.

The basis of this satellite was something like a wash tub full of liquid hydrogen.  When particles from Earth came through the tube of cryogenic whatever, they would set off detectors.  With some math, and knowing the satellite’s position and orientation, the location on earth of the nuclear materials could be figured.

Until, that is, one of the satellites sprung a leak.

This was considered an extremely urgent event.  The monitoring system was part of the global Trust-but-Verify that had kept us from blowing each other up.

Then came the oddity:  While Americans on the ground were planning a repair mission, a large object had appeared in the satellite constellation.  It had moved over to the vicinity ofo the damaged detector craft.

A few hours later, the detection satellite came back on line…and quite miraculously, it seemed to function perfectly.

The Americans didn’t trust the restoration…so the repair shuttle came up as planned a couple of weeks later.

As they arrived at the satellite, they could see the two big solar arrays and a perfectly performed patch job on the hull of the detection bird.  A gold plate had been flawlessly welded in place with the most precise metalwork anyone could imagine.

And the work seems to be “signed” with an odd sequence of hieroglyphics.   No one was sure exactly what they said, but the meaning seemed clear.

You are almost there…keep up the good work…we’re doing what we feel is fair for you…”

It wasn’t the “contact” anyone had ever  imagined.  And quite sadly, I sensed, it was one of those events that might never be made public…since to do so would change too many things for the Power on Earth.

Dream #4

The scene changed and I was back on what in the sleeping-state was my “home planet” of sorts.

I was out on the water in a power boat with some friends and we were cruising what was in my mind as right to left doing about 5 knows in what was an open 18-foot displacement hull boat.

I noticed what looked like a large catamaran that looked like it had flipped over.  This boat was big – maybe 40 feet – but very spindly and delicately rigged.

It hadn’t gone completely over, and as I watched, the crew of two or three people carefully positioning large counterweights on the keels that were out of the water.  Letting out the main sheet, the water spilled from the full sail which was about 75-feet long that became 75-feet tall when righted.

I began to circle around to the right (starboard) and as I circled upwind of them, they got the boat underway.

At first, it wasn’t very fast, but then the crew put out a spinnaker, so I turned harder starboard and matched them standing off their port quarter.

I  noted them picking up speed, so I edged up the throttle of the vessel I was steering.  About 9-on the speedometer (mid scale, needle almost straight up) my boat began to shake.  But the sailboat accelerated a bit more and then I’ll be damned:  It began to rise out of the water.

I slowed my boat below the speed of “9”: and it settled in.  When I looked to where the sailboat had been, it was now climbing through 500-feet in a 20-degree upward pitch by the bow.

In a flash of insight I began to understand the alternate physics of my Dream Realm home world.

You see, on Earth, we turn speed into force.  But in The Realms it’s possible to directly convert speed into LIFT.

That explained oh, so much!

For example, in my book, I have marveled at the amazing performance of my red bi-plane.  Yet now that I had seen how the catamaran had taken flight, it all made sense…perfect sense, in fact.  Just a different set of physics.

One other mystery cleared, as well.

Many times in my Realms I have been able to run and “jump onto air” as though it was almost like a hover-board.  I couldn’t go too far…maybe a few blocks before I’d have to run (building up speed again) and then jump on again.  I could do this for hours, though, and it was great fun.

But, I’d never fully comprehended the HOW it worked part.  This adventure sorted that out and made me long to bring that kind of technology back to the waking-state world.  But, alas, different physics on each side of the “veils of sleep.”

The beep of the alarm brought me back… it was 5 AM and time to begin writing for the mundane world of the Waking-State.

Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy the hell out of life and the living.  But the Second Life is unbelievably awesomely cool, too.

Enough so that I don’t mind the ridicule or laughs that these adventures may bring.  If this is what “comes after Life” I find myself wondering “What can I bring to the Party?”

Write when you get rich,


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  1. The answer to your question about ‘when the headlines will stop being about the election?’ How about a couple of years – about the same amount of time as Donald Trump’s bringing up Hillary Clinton as his opponent as his defeated rival in the 2016 election?

    Jeez man, give it a rest! You won already! (Bug-a-boo indeed!)

  2. Have you noticed, dreams seem to occur just before waking up. They seem to end with a wake up call!

  3. George,

    Do you ever go back to the same neighborhoods or towns in the dream world? (And recognize them as such: gee, I’ve been here before.)

  4. In esoteric philosophy studies, it was said that the Ascended Masters work on solutions to intractable problems in our realm, and, when arriving at a solution, then work on how to reveal it to us without violating our free will plus our need to grow and work through our own problems. Sounds similar to what you observed.

  5. G,

    I had a dream that I clearly remember.

    In the dream I was shown a topographic map of Asia. Mongolia centered and the focus.

    On this map the border around Mongolia turned to a neon color yellow. After, a second border of Mongolia appeared.

    The second border was offset about 200 miles from the original making Mongolia larger. This border turned to a neon red color.

    Whomever I was “with” in the dream said, “They’re getting ready to expand their borders”.

  6. “You see, on Earth, we turn speed into force. But in The Realms it’s possible to directly convert speed into LIFT.”

    But ‘lift’ is a type of force!

  7. Hello, I have a friend that will not use computer and he would like to be in touch with you do you have a mailing address by chance?

    • Yes, we have an email as well as a physical address – you’ll find it if you look here or the Peoplenomics.com site.
      If your friend is afraid of cpus, type it and send it for them
      We have the whole “bomb and poison prevention protocol here” – and on behalf of the guys in the surveillance van, please don’t make their work harder. Just email it.
      If there’s a dark force trying to keep tabs on all, it’s easier to do via Provo than these poor bastards down the street when its cold out…just sayin…

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