You know what a Palindrome is, right?

It’s a number, word, or phrase that is spelled the same when reversed.

A number example would be 838.

A few word examples would be Abba, racecar, and tat.

A phrase example is “no x in Nixon.”

Now that we’re “pal ‘n” here the overnight from Ure fave  oneironaut.

It was a restless night.  The “dream space” was “cloggy” and not much was coming through, save a kind of jumbled view of two ships colliding in front of a green-backgrounded city of some kind.

So I woke up.  “Alexa, time?”   “The time is 1:01 AM.”

Back to sleep, only to wake up a while later.  “Alexa, time?”  “ The time is 2:02 AM.”

Sheesh.  The night was going slower than mud.  Back to the pillow.

Until waiting up, again. , “Alexa, time?”  “ The time is 3:03 AM.”

Oh, my, this was a bit odd – hitting three in a row.  Wondering if I could make it four, it was head into the pillow again.

I awoke next to an strange noise, part electronic, part animal.  And a few second later, Elaine, still asleep said “E.B…E.B…”

“Alexa, time?”  “The time is 3:45…”

“Elaine, why are you saying E.B.?  What were you dreaming…try to remember…”

Uh…Elaine Bates…you were asking me my initials…”

“No, I was asleep.  Did you hear that strange noise?”

Probably the cat…maybe a stifled sneeze…”

“I’ve been waking up about every hour since 1:01, 2:02, 3:”03, and now 3-4-5…palindrome times except the last.  I’m going back to sleep,, then…”

But not for her.  She laid bed thinking about that.


“Alexa…time?”  “The time is 4:14 AM.”

“What dear?”

“I’ve been waking up about every hour, too.”

“Yeah, very strange night in Dream Realms…”

I got up at 4:34 after we chatted for a while.

And posted this note a 5:35…  Happy palindrome Sunday.

PS: Write when you wake up,