Coping: Woo-Woo and Statistics

This morning as Elaine and I head for the Tom Jones’ concert in Tulsa tomorrow night.

Elaine’s thrilled about the trip, but a bit less so with my planning.

Since selling our old Beechcraft, I haven’t been able to get “flight planning” out of my mind….Besides, I go for the woo-woo.

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Something that’s pretty clear to me  and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before – is that Woo-Woo and Statistics are closely related.

When something happens all the time – like gravity – it is a “certainty” that you can build things around.  Like airplanes.

As something becomes less certain, like down in the 50-50 area as in the famous Schrödinger’s cat experiment – things get much less certain.  In fact, guides quantum physics: The whole future is sort of “voted” into existence by the global mind, consisting of expectations of lots of “cat deciders.”

Nowhere can you find more of thing kind of “raw edge” than at a casino.  So, if you have a crackpot idea…bring it along and try it out.

On this trip, the experiments will include the new horseshoe ring, a rabbits foot, plus an assortment of Mobius strips both in the car and small ones “on the person” in the casino.

The other day I mentioned the Mobius capacitor patent (here) and this is a device that (again, in one of those weird dreams of mine overnight) was somehow linked to the mythical flux capacitor in the movie “Back to the Future.”  Remember the time travel began at 88 MPH?

You take a simple thing, like a Mobius capacitor, and on the bench it just sits there.  But, like so many other things, we don’t really sit down and run through the whole “properties” list of everyday objects.  We assume that because gravity applies to one object, it will apply to all and that’s the end of it.

But there are certain objects I’m really drawn to.  Like the Mobius capacitor.  I would bet almost any amount you care to name that you don’t know anyone personally who has set up a “box” of Mobius strips and driven then on a long trip just “for the hell of it.”

Yet, this is exactly how things might be found.

No, tossing the Vitamix blender in the air will probably not discover new properties of physics.  BUT, when you find something with a unique property that’s when you build up a “properties list” to test.

For example, there is some (highly speculative) science that purports that plasma in a fluorescent tube, at the right frequency and alignments may act as a gravity shield.

About here, I get real interested.

Ditto the force fed plasma on the leading edge of super secret military aircraft.  Maybe some of the plasma world is not fully explored yet.  A lot of us grew up with only three states of matter:  Solid, liquid, and gas.  Plasma is the fourth state and since generating it is not something you just find in the appliance row at Best Buy, there’s very little actual home experimenting that’s been done.

The first – and obvious question here is:  Does Plasma act any differently in the vicinity of a single-sided topological anomaly?  (The Mobius…)  No clue.

Statistically, the odds ought to be smaller than 1:100.  But now we come back to the casino.  For we now that if the odds are 1:100 in any game, if you play, you could hit a run and do 2:20, for example.  Or, an adverse run so you go 1:1000 with no hits.

But, like a friend of mine said back in the day, “I know playing the Lotto is a fool’s game.  BUT if I don’t buy ONE ticket, I lock my odds at zero.”  He was ex tech staff at Los Alamos.

Each time we go to a casino I try something different.  This week, I will be working on “Static” along with horseshoes and orgone (with the bits of foil we’re bringing).

I figure $50 bucks per “experiment” and with each failure I get a bonus.  When “sheep” go to the casino and lose, all they get is fleeced.  When we go, I always come back with tiny scraps of knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

And that makes the trip fascinating.  Casinos are where woo-woo (of things like luck, fortune, wealth, and so forth) collide every pull with statistical probabilities.

I don’t expect to win more than a few million this trip, but we shall see.

Meantime, the Trip is probably over-planned.

For example, I know the first Arby sandwiches come out at the Pilot truck stop in Sulfur Springs, Texas, as 10 AM sharp.  Research, research, research, right?

Since it’s 89 miles, or 100-110 minutes (allowing for small town speed bumps along the way) and adding in 5 or 10-minutes for fuel and peeing, that means a crisp 8 AM departure is what the flight plan calls for…

It will never happen, of course.  (Elaine likes spontaneity when traveling.  Me too…it’s just whether I will have a Max or Ultimate in my order at 10:02.  She thinks more like side trips and stopping at novel places…it’s a 350 mile negotiation, lol.

Panama Bates will be in before 8, but that means we won’t really be out the door until 8:10 and then it’s 10-minutes to the main highway north…

You can see how this works…

Elaine says I should chill….and obligingly, I turn down the a/c a bit.

Gas prices will be in the high two’s or low three’s.  We manage to keep ourselves endlessly entertained figuring out where the break-even point between premium and regular is.  Premium gets better mileage, but not so much better as to warrant the price.  Hint:  The delta is different between “flat-landing” or doing mountain or high altitude driving.

A new addition to the trip this time is a sketchbook.  A couple of pencils and it will give me a chance to make endless lists along the way when Elaine’s driving.  As soon as we get home, I will go through them and see if any of it was all that damn important in the first place….

But it’s one distraction to keep me from playing driving instructor.  Show me a husband who ain’t…

We had new carpet installed on the screen porch Thursday afternoon.  I’ve been pushing like crazy to get everything done in the past several weeks so when we get home from this trip will can cocoon for the summer in the air conditioned parts of the house.  Got a huge list of things done and the old joint looks better.

It’s one of these things that’s wrong with modern America.  nd us.

The drought is setting in here.  There’s only a hint of rain in the forecast, and likely just spit and a promise, at that.

Cattle going to market here is going up.  In fact, live cattle was down $2.58 in the commodity trading Thursday.  Feeder cattle was up, but I look for that to come down as the longer-term weather patterns go into the replay of the 1930’s.

The latest drought prediction maps over here shows the five-corners area (Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and New Mexico (six, actually, since Washington DC is everywhere), suggests things will improve by August, or so.

That would account for the rally on the feeder calves, but my bet’s on drought continuing.  It has before, and it comes around regardless of party of environmental/climate frenzy.  We’ve just gotten better on monetiZing everything.

Tulsa is on the Arkansas River and most days, you can see barge traffic.  We’re wondering how the river will hold up as the seasonal drought digs in.

As of this morning, the Arkansas was running 2.06 feet with flood stage up at 19 feet.  We have to wonder what will happen to agriculture and energy movement there, and maybe on the Mississippi if things get too dry this  summer.  Doesn’t do a lot of good to have good crop production if you can’t get product to market.

One of our readers, Andy, has a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL for short) an grinds 18-gears in Seattle.

Judging by his reports and all the signs we see on bit OTR rigs, picking up a CDL and driving a big rig may have a higher return on investment than a college degree.

And done right, now student loan debt to pay back.

Remember, no one says you have to go to college…that’s programming.

There is an online calculator for everything.  Already, using this tool, Roads included.  I know to have $7 cash ready for the Indian Nation Turnpike.

This will result in Elaine having to listen to at least an hour of my fuming and snarling about how once a road is paid for, it should not be “bought again” just because governments have out-spent their income.

But, of course, that ain’t going to change.

My whole packing exercise took me 6-minutes.  Going for three days?  Get fresh clothes on out of the shower, so one change of everything for Saturday, and another for Sunday to get home.  Having mastered counting to “2” by the 10th grade (or, was it 11th?), it was easy to find two shirts, two shorts, two pairs of socks, and so on.

Even remembered my “lucky loafers” in the event my tennis shoes (or “static winning” wi8th or without a side of orgone) aren’t doing the trick.

Elaine’s been up since about 4:30 AM working on her ensemble. Fact is, she could wear jeans and a T shirt and most men start to drool…so anything more is simple over-kill.  But she like to dress well.

I got a half-hour fashion show Thursday afternoon as she tried on endless varieties of this and that’s.  As she explains, it “Has to be right” or I’m not going…”

She’s one of 18 such people left in America.  Half of the others are TV news tarts.

The people we see in casinos, especially in off-hours, look like panhandlers come in for a shower and a bed. ISYN. We’re appalled by the disappearance of pride in appearance.

Drug continue to take their devastating toll on America.  I’m not kidding – even in Tulsa.  Overdose deaths in Oklahoma were up 265% between 2010 and 2016.

Thanks, Open Border Idiots who, along with MS-13 are doing their damnedest to wreck America.

One of our reasons for traveling to casinos instead of the “corporate hotels” is that casinos are more security conscious – for the most part.

Taking a page from Las Vegas’ failure in casino hotel security a while back, I checked things out closely.  No Saudi princes are expected in Tulsa this weekend.

ON this day in history, 1860Abraham Lincoln wins the Republican Party presidential nomination over William H. Seward, who later becomes the United States Secretary of State.

I mention this because there was a time when republicans actually did what the said they would.  Hopefully, we’re back to those times.

Which leads to asking why breaking campaign promises isn’t a felony?  Lying after putting your hand on a Bible an d being sworn in to public office seems a little arbitrary.

I think the pols should be accountable for the lies they tell to Win.

Speaking of rivers as we were a few paragraphs up:  Today is the birthday (1933) of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Off to do the outside windows while we await some news to wrap up this morning.  Peoplenomics charts will be up Sunday night, or so goes the current plan…subject to change.

It’s hard to be in a bad mood.  I ended up with the cute blond, the Lexus, and reservations for dinner and a show with friends. Just wish I could have had it all at 30, not almost 70…

Write when you get rich…and  bonum fortuna!

17 thoughts on “Coping: Woo-Woo and Statistics”

  1. Dehumidifier problems… I know why they have the pump.. and thought I would share it.
    Yesterday I was getting things ready for the stifling heat. Went over to my solar powered beer chiller ( you have to pack ice in it. Not to cool but to keep the drinks from freezing. And cool while the suns down.) anyway.. I noticed that on the expansion chamber there is residual moisture that didn’t return to the coolant tank. ( the coolant is mixed in water.) they have the pump to return any residual moisture.
    I wished I would have had some vacuum tubes for mine in mine. Instead I used a great deal of C relative and R egionaly A ccessable P arts that i had laying around.

  2. Phew… Oklahoma… been there my daughter lived there till I talked some sense into her.. my curiosity is why would you even care to dress nice for that place..
    it is the only place I have ever been that I got the impression … well I won’t go there.. it is just better to stay around sane people. I can say they have great beans..

    • I do have a joke.i use to think jokes about Arkansas was out there but.. how many Oklahomans does it take to screw in a light bulb?
      Answer: I don’t know. I failed at getting that job done. Lol
      I did fail to even after I gave the speech.. why should I have more pride in your place than you reminded me of this kid at the lumberyard that had no idea what a ruler or yard stick was..

  3. George, since you like the Woo-Woo stuff to give you an edge, I’ll throw you a bone today. Point of Fortune is your greatest of tools to “win” in the Quantum and Sub-Quantum arena. Get an Ephi and tune it to your personal settings based upon birthday, location, coordinate system, etc. Hint: Geocentric and Right Ascension are the most consistent. Plot your (current) Point of Fortune Conjunct to your Natal Birthdate, and use an orb 12 minutes either side of that as your “all-in” test bed. Note that it moves forward about 54 minutes (or so) per day, and represents your most intuitive and right-brained period of the day. The casino has a similar paradigm. When your PoF waveform overlaps with the casinos, Ka-Ching! In fact, that is the stuff W-2Gs are made of. Tweak it and confirm it? Once you find the favorable PoF wave lineup, you can observe the forward movement each 24 hour day by tracking your wins. If you are truly gifted in the art of Astrophysics, Astrology, and Numerology (etc), you can predict both of the wave forms by incorporating the Moon’s energy contribution (pos or neg) at coincidental sq/trine/conj aspects. Happy hunting!

  4. May you & the Mrs have a safe and exciting trip. You guys sound just like me and my wife, fashion show included.

  5. Hey, consider yourself lucky. My ex chilled at -70 C and then stuck me with a 3 year mortgage payment to stupidity.

    Let’s try an experiment in Quantum Entanglement. I’ll try a good luck test at the Hard Rock Casino on Saturday night.

    Break a leg!

  6. At 70 maybe you and Elaine can start touring the world and writing and youtubing about it.

    Aren’t you glad you don’t have goats or cattle or dogs or other animals to take care of wow you’re almost 70 and free to go wherever you want !!! are you going to be one of those that goes to Mars when they have the first flight for a holiday visit.

    That would be an experience to write about and film it on YouTube and looking forward to it.

    While you’re there on Mars maybe you can spread the message May all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it

  7. Have to agree with you about the people one sees in the casinos – just returned from a househunting trip to Vegas – stayed at the all fancy new Cosmopolitan on the strip – 65th floor – however, one could not say that they were staying in ‘nice’ diggs – everyone was walking around in super casual with flip flops…And when we went to the ‘usual spots’ – Bellagio, Paris, etc – one would have thought we were in the middle of a spring break for Boomers – nothing, absolutely nothing suggested an upgrade in appearances – t-shirts, jeans, shorts, flip flops…..even went out to dinner to a ‘fancy’ place – only one male was wearing a suit coat – others showed up in shorts, golf shirts, etc.
    Super casual has taken over America

    • I went to Vegas in the laate 50s and you had to have a jacket and tie on to get into the strip joints. Liked it.

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