Woo-Woo 2019: Past Life “Education”

I was sitting in our recording studio Sunday morning with the cuppa coffee when it hit me:  I’m a damn fine studio builder and when it comes to mixing, yeah, I can probably hold me own.

Thing is – and it’s weird to sit in a studio and contemplate this – I’m honestly not much of a musician.

Sure, I can wring music out of many things – and I can beat on drums a bit, but not with enough consistency, style, of panache to have the remotest of chances to make performance-level music.

Tools?  Presonus mixer, some dialed-in large diaphragm condenser mics that I’ve upgraded with improved electronics.  Not quite as good as a $1,600 Neumann TLM-193 Cardioid Condenser Microphone, but certainly as good as the lower-end of the Neumann line.  Especially with a choice of pre-amps including a 16-channel old-school analog mixer and a tube-type mic pre.  Yep, we can bend sounds around pretty damn good.

Toss in our fascination with use of sound (using a wide range of VST’s like Garritan World Instruments) and adjustable delay lines for the back-of-house speakers…well, most audiophiles would be impressed.

Except, I’m not much of a musician, as I was saying.

This got me to pondering how – with age 70 only a couple of short months off – how can I hack the problem.

Yes, there may be a way:  Use of Past Life Regression.

I’ve already got a strong sense that human life is semi-repeating.  As I explained in my latest book, the body inhabited is sort of like birds coming back to rest on the same, or quite similar phone lines…life after life.

But, here’s the key part:  I’m pretty sure that knowledge – like how to play musical instruments – is coded into our DNA.

I think the two biggest breakthroughs in education will come from use of “light crowns” and past life regression therapy.

The light crown, as you’ll remember from my book on hacking space-time, is a love wave 660-1,000 nm light source headband. It’s purpose is to :”recharge the brain.”  Every time a neuron fires there’s a photon released, so putting photons back into the brain makes sense.

A quick search of the government’s PubMed.gov website reveals a quickly-growing series of papers indicating that not only does low-level red laser-light therapy heal brain injury, speed bone healing, but it also amps-up athletic performance as explained in Clinical and scientific recommendations for the use of photobiomodulation therapy in exercise performance enhancement and post-exercise recovery: current evidence and future directions..

Which is why, several years ago on the Peoplenomics side of the house, we speculated that one reason people “bow down to those wearing crowns” is that illuminating certain parts of the scalp with certain light frequencies may enhance lot’s of other aspects of your being.  The gems of a crown acting as light filters, right?

In my experiments, I built a number of LED “light crowns” and used 660 and 700 nm LEDs with placement over the trigeminal nerve packs (temples, both sides) and an array over the center of the forehead.

To date, I haven’t worked out a means of structured learning to the degree where testing learning (and retention) could be measured in an objectified way.  That project is on our GetTuit  which is one file up from the RoundTuit file.

The OTHER track to retrieve deeply stored DNA-encoded skills would be to undergo a series of past life regressions.

Do they work?  Depends who you ask.  But, this Wikipedia entry sums up the process neatly and – here’s the catch!past life work involves recalling memories:

“The technique used during past-life regression involves the subject answering a series of questions while hypnotized to reveal identity and events of alleged past lives, a method similar to that used in recovered memory therapy and one that, similarly, often misrepresents memory as a faithful recording of previous events rather than a constructed set of recollections. The use of hypnosis and suggestive questions can tend to leave the subject particularly likely to hold distorted or false memories.[3] The source of the memories is often more likely cryptomnesia and confabulations that combine experiences, knowledge, imagination and suggestion or guidance from the hypnotist than recall of a previous existence. Once created, those memories are indistinguishable from memories based on events that occurred during the subject’s life.[1][2] Memories reported during past-life regression have been investigated, and revealed historical inaccuracies that are easily explained through a basic knowledge of history, elements of popular culture or books that discuss historical events. Experiments with subjects undergoing past-life regression indicate that a belief in reincarnation and suggestions by the hypnotist are the two most important factors regarding the contents of memories reported.[

It is only logical that IF life is cyclical and we come back time and again, that at some point we would live as male, female, and some of the between ranges.  And sure, in a media immersive world, it would be only natural that “day residue” as dream experts like Chris McCleary might label it – would show up in hypnosis.  A kind of “waking-state dream.”

So here’s the project for 2019 broken down into a work plan.

  • Get back on a regular light crown use schedule (I tend to “overcharge” if not careful – use of a LC can, in my experience, be very much like too much coffee…speed perhaps?
  • Tackle a new topic – maybe make another run at ingesting Stephen Wolfram’s non-trivial The Mathematica Book, Fifth Edition.
  • Try to apply some of his concepts to the trading techniques that we cover on the Peoplenomics side of things.

These three projects ought to be doable in January.  The past life regression is another problem.  Here’s the work plan:

  • Find a qualified past life regression therapist who is interested in “bringing back” skills and talents from past lives into here and now.
  • Go through a specific skill retrieval (music, advanced math (more calculus anyone?), or superb woodworking or gem-crafting skills.

I favor music because other than a run-in with piano as a student of Mrs. Shimamura and my exposure in studio and broadcast settings, I’m useless on things like  guitars, violins, any of the woodwinds or brass.  Hell, even being able to carry a tune on a harmonica would be great.

I know this is a far-fetched idea, but I’ve had it on my to do list for years and now it seems like it’s time to move on it.

Elaine and I are willing to travel a ways to find the right facilitator so if you know of a great one – not someone who does it as a part-time hobby – please send me a note (George@ure.net).

The early work has already begun – that’s my read the literature approach.  Some of the readings:

This is one aspect of life seemed like a good background process to work in the year ahead.  I’ll let you know how far it gets.

Other than a big, overstuffed chair in our living room that seems to move on its own lately (about 2-inches to the south east) at unpredictable intervals – but evidenced by dimples in the rug from the old location to it’s “new place” – we have been somewhat woo-woo free lately.

Kinda miss the really odd/woo-woo stuff…

Write when you get rich,  and have a very Happy New Year.



30 thoughts on “Woo-Woo 2019: Past Life “Education””

  1. G – an idea or two for ponder on your reinvigorated journey of and with Light.
    Identifying the stones that made up Arron’s Breastplate in Bible, would be a grail like investigation, incorporating said stones into light crown project might produce some interesting “vibrations”.
    Have a slightly different angle/opinion on past life regressions. This could be thought of as Past Life Re – Membering..as in Collecting and Processing all past lives experiences and knowledge.

    Recalling and bringing back together the Whole U as it were. Human brain not large enough storage capacity for all the “members” collective knowledge. Access to and ability to process and or extract information from the indescribable “all” and Ure past members will require deep, guided meditation (s) or Peyote…a dangerous, fraught with risk path “up the mountain”. However you choose to get up the “mountain” does not matta, just keep climbing Baby..cause when you get to the top U will a whole new mountain range behind the one U climbed!
    Wishing U and Ure’s a Peaceful,Healthful and Prosperous New Year…2019 – Re Member and grow Ure light that U are.

  2. Ure theory really ‘resonates,’ George! String Theory posits that at the most elemtary level of our physical selves, we are each composed of trillions vibrating strings of energy (as is every other physical structure in our universe). In a sense, if String Theory holds any merit, we are each a massive, multi-dimensional sub-atomic orchestra of ‘good vibrations.’ (nods to The Beach Boys)

    Happy 2019!

  3. ” there’s even a $35 online course to recover skills already at “RETRIEVE PAST-LIFE SKILLS – A Guided Regression to Retrieve Past-Life Skills, Talents, & Knowledge” Might give that a try, too.”

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Save the $35.00 if you were born in the USA and a male.. then you already know it.. See as an american born male you have innate abilities to understand everything technical.. .. that is why they publish directions the way they do.. first five different languages.. then English for the ladies.. then pictures for the men that know it but just can’t visualize it at that moment..

    • I’m immediately thought of IKEA – couldn’t easily assemble without those pictures. Or putting on/taking off my Deere garden tractor attachments. Love those Deere manuals.

  4. There are some very good self hypnosis Past Life Regression tapes on the net including a pretty good between life regression. I tried it maybe 20 times and had 10 very good hits including a totally unexpected life as an Inuit native american. Long story short I saw myself dying as an Inuit Elder and an eagle came by (on a spiritual level) to say good bye and for one long second, I was in his head and could feel exactly how an eagle thinks and reacts. I remained in an altered state for probably an hour after the experience was over. It was very cool. The other thing I saw was the same people over and over in various lives. I have the mp3’s but cannot locate the original link.

  5. I would love to do the same thing. I will research people near me around Sedona. If I find someone, I would invite you to stay in my vacation rental, for free of course.

  6. I have done past life regression without hypnosis by simply getting into it and willing it to happen. A psychic tipped me off to the circumstance so I approached it in a session with my therapist who simply listened as I recounted what I was seeing and experiencing. It covered the events immediately before my just past life death and the death itself. I was killed in one of the London bombings of WW2. I was born this time in winter 1946. Strangely, or not, two people have told me I have a slight British accent in spite of being a lifelong Okie.

    I also have had spontaneous recall of snapshots in other past lives. There is no question in my mind that reincarnation is a fact.




  8. About retrieving past lives…What if ones past lives were a complete mess and worthless and devoid of any worthwhile skills? There is that chance right? That would be sort of depressing. Instead of channeling past lives…what about mirroring the lives of successful people in the present and work towards improving our present selves? I am all for past life short cuts…but if that past life was a disaster, the result could be a short circuit of the present self.

    • Mark, I have been told for many years that we are here to learn lessons that we missed in our last incarnation. I didnt put to much faith in that theory until doing some age regression several years back. Now if my advanced years am seeing that everything I have done from a small one until now is working on learning my lessons. Sure you can model someone else you consider a success but it only works if it adds to you learning. If your past life was a piece of crap then this go round you are here to work on not making the same mistakes. Remember this, its not the amount of marbles you acquire, as marbles can and will break. Its the lessons you are learning in acquiring and breaking that are your life path. Also marbles can be anything that is happening in your life. This small missive may require much pondering but somewhere down the road it might make sense.

    • Why don’t you read about Edgar Cayce? Then you would get the answer you are seeking. He had a ‘wasted past life’. It wasn’t worthless. It was a process to this last life that he lived where he gave the world his life in service. Read “There is a River” by Thomas Sugrue if you would like a better idea and insight into past lives. As a matter of fact, spend the next 5 years researching and studying Edgar Cayce then you will ‘see’ more than you already know, and know more than you think you know, and end up not knowing anything and being a real smart dude.

  9. The Kryon and past lives

    Kryon on the coming weather cycle-get off the grid


    Here is a very clear channelling about what Kryon called “The Great Love Story.” It’s actually about the coming weather cycle, plus more. Kryon’s message is about the real story behind the coming weather shift, and the fact that it is NOT DOOM for the planet any more than the last cycle one was in 1460 through 1550. Those years were some of the coldest on record in Europe, and were caused by solar activity, which is a cycle that is coming again. But the love story is why it’s happening.

  10. Keeping with my theory that there is no past or future, only the present made me Look inside myself to see if we could have past lives. As you look inside you see the I AM – infinity, where all is possible, so past lives may be a solid theory. But you need a professional guiding you to view your past lives. The mind will trick you if it isn’t being analyzed in a controlled environment by a professional.

    • Aw, shucks, ECS, one gets a full-view of past lives in dreams (and other avenues) without a professional present! It’s not a theory to those of us experienced in the know.

  11. Dude -George,

    Repair Cafes – UrE Palestine Perk

    Check out the concept – brought over the pond via Netherlands. Really neat idea for anyone with mad repair skills like the Professor.
    Catching on here in N.E.

  12. Be careful when you attach those electrodes to your temple as too much Voltage may cause your Eyes to light up.

    • Not electrodes! Optodes.

      Too much NIR will cause discomfort from heating. Other than that, I’m not aware of any negative effects provided that eyes are protected. Modulation of the NIR is being researched and is not well understood. YMMV.

      I don’t believe that George is using serious optical power, and for many effects, it’s not needed.

    • “Be careful when you attach those electrodes”

      LOL LOL LOL LOL I think of this old electic stimulator my grandma had.. LOL LOL LOL put three d batteries in it and it is suppose to stimulate the skin..


      LOL LOL LOL LOL I was about six I think and thought this is the coolest thing in the world.. put batteries in it turned it on and whamo..knocked me on my tail.. LOL LOL LOL
      as I grew I would look at this and at times isolate myself so I wasn’t ground and touch someone.. it was the most fun toy of my youth. what was funny is..
      there is an anal probe LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
      I never could get anyone to try it.. I got the biggest thrill out of this thing.. today we use Tens units which work.. just not as agressive as this thing was.. you could touch it to a door knob.. and wait for someone to just grab on.. LOL LOL….the scalp massager was suppose to stimulate growth LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.. the only thing that grew was you when you filled your shoes up LOL LOL…

      Unfortunately… my mother took it away from me and threw it away when I was like seven.. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL….I think she thought my siblings were conspiring against me LOL LOL LOL

  13. This isn’t the same show I use to watch but close enough. Realistic sort of..our first furniture was out of papers and cardboard there wasn’t any place to get free furniture.. The show I watched would challenge affluent corporate leaders but it was only on about six episodes.

    • There’s one thing on this show that I am pretty sure the vast majority didn’t notice… and since I do have some experience with this type of work and the situation I can tell you first hand they made the mistake and didn’t even give it a second thought. this is something that the vast majority of bottom feeders miss to and usually make the changes needed after the oh shizt scenario..
      You see..Reagan, George Sr. and I think George Jr.. to stimulate the economy did a number of things. there were cheese lines, Peanut butter( the best ever.. people didn’t like it because they didn’t realize they removed the oil to make it a long term storage item) then they gave back tax rebates.. and because they just couldn’t keep doing that and didn’t want to raise the taxes of those that they had just reduced their tax expenses. to keep the economy going on long term. they prefigured how taxes was deducted from your wage.. you pay the same taxes but when they deduct your tax they actually put an extra five dollars in your check.. now.. on top of that problem.. Day Labor pays daily… taxes deducted on a fifty dollars is not what it would be on a five hundred dollar paycheck.. Day labor does this because.. wait for it.. their donation is the same as the laborer.. oops.. they same tax money you still have to pay the tax money. they loose the cost of writing the check which is about a dime.. so comparatively they same money even though their book keeping is more.. if the couple would have had to live a year during the worst months of the year they would have had to scrape up the taxes on a fifty thousand dollar a year position even though it is day labor..without any dependents..
      as a bottom feeder you always have deducted at a higher single rate plus twenty extra to barely pull even on the taxes..for a married couple..
      the IRS is one corporation I make sure never to make any questionable deductions at all.. it is one thing if you have it and can play Russian roulette with them but if your a bottom feeder they will go after you like stink on Shizt.. the rules are different for bottom feeders than the top of the pile..

      • Yes, LOOB. One time there was 2 ways to calculate my tax situation, I obviously did it wrong, and the IRS chose the other way, so they sent me a bill for $82.00. Meantime, what’s his name in the Treasury Dept under Bush junior, went without paying his back taxes of $45,000, I believe. We also know of many other high-profile folks who don’t pay their taxes! But, the bottom feeders pay in speeding tickets, parking tickets, warrants, toll road taxes, and every which way but loose, or they will end up in the slammer. One real deal is to stay out of the slammer the exit fees are high, and they are not refundable for poor service.

  14. From your column: “A quick search of the government’s PubMed.gov website reveals a quickly-growing series of papers indicating that not only does low-level red laser-light therapy heal brain injury, speed bone healing, but it also amps-up athletic performance as explained in Clinical and scientific recommendations for the use of photobiomodulation therapy in exercise performance enhancement and post-exercise recovery: current evidence and future directions..”

    I, a couple of times in the last several years posted here about a dream I had in the mid 90’s. I saw a room bathed in red light with a spinal damaged person in a type of air inflated red suit which allowed this person to stand without pain or strain on the spine as the red light bathed the person to heal it. I accepted that I saw a healing room of the future. Glad to see that my dream is on its way to coming true.

    A person, of course, cannot look directly at the sun without causing irreversible damage to the retina (don’t do it). Yet, one can close one’s eyes and then look at the sun. The first color to come into the field of inner vision is RED. Let this color dwelve deep within and heal. Spend short periods of time doing this and one will feel reinvigorated.

  15. I’ve been trying to learn music the past several years as a 62 year old. I have been filled with doubts as to the purpose. I think knowledge does transfer life time to life time as you say, but maybe, not exactly as you say. My experience is that it is about practice, practice, practice. It takes a lot of time.

  16. I’m not sure regression would be of any use for locating musical talent. Contemporary musical “talent” is a seamless molding of technical expertise with one’s spiritual essence. Possessing the talent to play an instrument isn’t enough — ya gots ta have soul, too, and be able to weave the two into a fabric of singularity that’s greater than its parts — and that fabric is a unique 20th Century American invention…

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