Wired in Ogden (The Coffee War) and Housing Starts

(Ogden, UT)  —  There is an invisible line that is crossed in America; not unlike the Mason-Dixon Line of pre-Civil War days.

It seems to run from about Phoenix  (Scottsdale specifically), on up through Utah, and then up north to about Montana.   From there, the line turns right and runs  down just south of Chicago and then due East.

Unlike most of the lines we talk about today, this one doesn’t divide up the turf between the Bloods and Crips.  It isn’t a red state-blue state kind of thing.

It is “The Coffee Line.”

Near as I can figure it, Ogden (or Salt Lake just a few miles south) is a natural barrier.  Common-sense Mormon folk doesn’t seem to go in for caffeine as ,much as folks further north and out west of here.

To the southeast of “The Ogden Line” a cup of coffee is a cup of coffee.

On this side of the Ogden Line, a cup of coffee is an Event.  Specially marketed, specially roasted, with a matching branded coffeemaker, and matching napkins.  It’s all part of making people partisans in the Coffee War.

.There are social phenomena that seem to follow the line.  Real Estate prices look to be a bit higher on the north and western sides of the line.  On the south, Folgers and Maxwell House and a big Mr. Coffee seem to propel people just fine.  On this side of the Coffee Line, however, people are nervous and speak about twice as fast as people in Texas.

Not they seem to actually get across any more.  But they are as high-strung as junkies on Day Three of withdrawal about things.

If this morning’s report from the front line seems a big radical, it’s with good reason.  I’ve thrown in with the Coffeeists and have three cups of Seattle’s Best Coffee in me.  My typing fingers are twitching like a man possessed, I’m sweating in unusual places, and even my vision is reacting; pulsing a bit from  this morning’s bean-up.

Fortunately, my brain isn’t operating any faster.  But the twitching?  That should help maintain our usual number of errors.  Which in turn will keep it clear which side of the Coffee Line out allegiances presently lay.

Housing Starts

We have data hot off the server from the Census Bureau  to review this morning.  Although it hardly seems necessary since this being an election year,  there’s no question that we are all supposed to be admiring the Emperor’s new clothes..,,

Privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits in June were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,153,000.  This is 1.5 percent (±1.3%) above the revised May rate of 1,136,000, but is 13.6 percent (±0.6%) below the June 2015 estimate of 1,334,000.
Single-family authorizations in June were at a rate of 738,000; this is 1.0 percent (±1.5%)* above the revised May figure of 731,000.  Authorizations of units in buildings with five units or more were at a rate of 384,000 in June.

Privately-owned housing starts in June were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,189,000.  This is 4.8 percent (±13.5%)* above the revised May estimate of 1,135,000, but is 2.0 percent (±12.9%)* below the June 2015 rate of 1,213,000.

Single-family housing starts in June were at a rate of 778,000; this is 4.4 percent (±15.8%)* above the revised May figure of 745,000.  The June rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 392,000.

Privately-owned housing completions in June were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,147,000.  This is 12.3 percent (±10.7%) above the revised May estimate of 1,021,000 and is 18.7 percent (±14.9%) above the June 2015 rate of 966,000.

Single-family housing completions in June were at a rate of 752,000; this is 3.7 percent (±10.2%)* above the revised May rate of 725,000.  The June rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 386,000.

The titanic demographic forces are battling things out presently…and because we don’t have any “snake swallowed the pig” bulges in demographics for a long time to come (*with the exception of immigrants), one reason why open borders actually make a tiny bit of economic sense is so lumber companies won’t all bite the bullet at the same time..

When you think about it, king-size bed is less than 50 square feet so yes, micro houses do make sense especially if you haven’t been through a government crime training program (prison) to prepare you for the felonious life, or politics, so you can  afford a large home.

The Terrorist Daily

I used to publish a sub report called The Daily Bomber a while back.  But our marketing plans for that blew up in our faces.  So this morning we launch Terrorist Daily.

Our highly esteemed, but not yet Nobel Peace Prize winner news analyst up in Winnipeg offers this:

Dear Mr. Ure,

Is the judiciary losing relevance? Police in Germany purportedly have chased and killed an Afghani suspect who allegedly attacked train passengers with a knife and axe. Interesting how MSM headlines may infer the suspect was an adult rather than the apparent child he was. 


Good point.  We have scheduled political correctness training for our entire Winnipeg Bureau, since the perp was 17.

While it’s true that 17 is a “child” here ion the Divided States, and while true that screaming and axe swinging isn’t normal behavior for a “child,”  anyone coming at others with intent to “dispatch” kaffirs forfeits access to Child Services Counseling.  Same thing with an AK or body-bomb.

You see, terrorism is much more akin to demonic possession than most people give credit.  Except in the case of child-aged instruments of Death, the possession isn’t by means of some conjured-up Devil.

Why, the Devil doesn’t need to even stir, once sick, power hungry humans figure out the “possession” trick, as they have.  While it’s going great guns (*and bombs) in the Middle East now, the human’s satiating their egos through possession of children is coming here as well.

So in meta terms, the German authorities were merely performing an exorcism in which the k possessed didn’t survive the the rite.

As long as we’re on the demonic side of things, the Blass Mass use of candles for summoning may be fading.  This as one headline tells how “Chilling ‘f**k the police’ Black Lives Matter note found near squad car that was torched ‘with a Molotov cocktail’ outside a Florida mosque.”

Terrorism – in all its forms – is something the media just can’t get right.  Did you see, for example, how a British channel has a female reporter wearing Muslim headgear to cover the Nice killings?

Terrorism is not a specific act, but rather a continuum of behaviors.  It’s goal is to wrest social control away from the democratic majority and we have multiple actors all making the bums rush worldwide.

It is entirely preventable, of course.  But since we have useless “leaders” who are unable to lead based on society-wide positive goals that are both achievable and tangible, people do not feel involved and here comes the demonic possessed while leadership is napping.

Where to for Stocks?

Damn fine email to share:

Dear George:  (See chart here)

Supply and Demand. At the top, the red line is “Supply.” “Demand” (the green line, top) is Above Supply. Unless and until we get real “Supply” (sellers for real) it will be difficult for the Joke to Drop. If we get real “Supply” then expect a test of support. “Where is support?” you may ask… Easy! 17,480 or 15,500. Poof! Take you pick!! Lower looks easier here, but “Somebody” with $$$$ keeps on buyin! Rest Regards to you! W!

And we expect when the bond bottom comes in, the strong hands will accumulate like crazy…so this is just initial firming, if I’m right.

Still, too much short-term “news risk” for me, so we will await a better short term entry.

After the Housing data, things were flat to slightly down.

Time to head out for Oregon…and work on tomorrow’s Peoplenomics.com report.

15 thoughts on “Wired in Ogden (The Coffee War) and Housing Starts”

  1. You are surprised and a bit stunned by what you are seeing on the road. Imagine what it is like for some youth who has grown up a conservative Muslim in a third world country being overwhelmed by the sea of obscene materiality/sexuality found in many western countries.

    To share a perspective, in California a young Indian college graduate told us, “in 18 years in my home, I never saw my mothers body exposed as much as I see women exposed in public every day here in California.

    Or consider George, you going to a major trance concert with the lights, 100+ decibel sound for hours, thousands of people, at least half of them on ecstasy or some other drug. I keep telling you, isolating in Texas has made you a foreigner in your own culture. Sit down with a table of twenty somethings for a couple of hours, and you might think they are from a foreign country. You don’t share their media, their music, their technology, their food or their dress.

    In 1967 I came off the ranch to college and suffered an episode of PTSD by the second semester. We cannot even imagine the effect our culture has on these young people. For them, it’s not just a matter of assimilating, it’s a matter of psychological survival.

    And that young man with a knife. He didn’t do anything that the average westerner has not witnessed in the entertainment media 20 or 30 times, at least. He quite likely has actually seen that scenario in real life before, most certainly has witnessed violence first hand. Now imagine 2 million like him just moved to Texas. That’s Germany, with half the land area.

    • George, if you can sit at a table of 20-somethings for two hours without your head exploding, you’re a better man than I.

      EE speaks truth, but left out “values,” “morals,” and “direction.” They play the “if I don’t let anyone else speak, my opinion must be correct” game annoyingly well, and have no use for concrete fact or common sense, if it runs in apposition to their belief. They also have no attention span, and while, in general, they “believe” in “sustainability,” have no clue how to apply sustainability concepts to manufactured products, and lack the ability to comprehend why they should want to. “Quality” doesn’t exist for them, because they’ve never experienced it…

  2. My contribution to coffee: Last Wednesday I contracted a severe neck pain. I couldn’t move my head right nor left w/o pain. Spent 6 hours Saturday om my laptop looking for acupuncture pressure points and self massage videos to fix my pain. Succeeded about 80% with some pain left. Sunday I proceeded to walk to Central Park and on my way I bought myself a coffee. (Had not drank coffee in more than one year!!) Lo ans behold, I discovered NO MORE PAIN after I had finished my cup of coffee. There may be something to it. ;-)

  3. ” Lower looks easier here, but “Somebody” with $$$$ keeps on buyin! Rest Regards to you! W!

    Yes, been around a very long time now…its called the 3P, or Triple P or better know as the “Plunge Protectin Team”. Theyre the ones ‘buyin’ if you can call it that? Its al gonna implode eventually when the most will be fooled by it, ie on the wrong side of the market, or even in it at all, as in hte market shuts down.

  4. If Ogden is the line, Java is a Universe apart. Here, $10 will get you a CUP of Kopi Luwak on a tray with lots of utensils, condiments and a silver cup cover with a reclining luwak (civet cat) on top. Gotta pay the price to convince folks to pick beans outta sh*t. Damn fine cuppa, though. There’s a reason “java” is slang for coffee.

    If you’re feeling brave, try the ‘durian gajah’ with your kopi. It’s a local fruit(ish) plucked from elephant sh*t. Helluva combo platter. It all goes well with gov’t statistics.

  5. Well gosh, down here in south LA we are very specific about the brands of coffee we drink- and I am not even much of a coffee drinker. Community coffee with chicory (local) and also C&M. People make fun of the other national brands like Folgers….so not sure where we fall on your map- not exactly southeast- but we are passionate about coffee!

    • Oh, you are west of the line, so yep, coffeenistas all. My regards to the Troika in Sacto, BTW

      • Sorry, but isn’t ‘LA’ in the poster’s message – south Louisiana – and ‘Community Coffee’ a famous brand ‘down there’ – My late husband used to get the stuff mailed to him out to the PNW. (I’m not a coffee fan myself, but the bricks we got were hard to ignore.)

        Though I do like a good coffee liquor . . .

  6. Also of note with regard to attacker on train, I heard it reported on fox that he was shouting “God is great” in the midst of the attack, but I suspect he was actually shouting “Allahu Akbar”. If my suspicion is correct, why on earth would they not have said he was shouting god is great in Arabic or he was shouting ” Allahu Akbar”, which is Arabic for god is great. Seems like strangely disingenuous reporting.

    • that’s easy: The mainstream media can’t get shit right even if it’s running down their leg. I mean, come on… kah-ching

    • Your suspicion is correct.

      Administration policy on the reporting of terror-inspiring acts committed by fundamentalist Muslims changed last week. It is now, officially “not PC” to use the actual Arabic quote in reporting these incidents. Perps are either not to be quoted, or [to be] translated into English before dissemination to the public. One of the U.S.’ major problems is that the mainstream media has become the Liberal Establishment’s bitch.

      Goebbels is smiling in his grave…

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