Wind – Plus How the FedGov and Fed Takes America’s Money

Big topic on the ham bands this morning (hi to the 3785 group) is the big wind up in Colorado.  Winds hitting 100 miles an hour – along with wind-driven wildfires – are all being hotly discussed.

If you lack the license, antenna, and means to talk to locals, try stories like Colorado cities evacuated due to threat of wildfires, high winds and the related wildfires in Wildfires trigger evacuation orders in Colorado, displacing thousands.

Word from the 75-meter groups is on the order of 500+ homes and an entire subdivision leveled.

Money Check

Since there is little else going on, and I found this whiteboard marker to huff, how about we make one more pass at “financial education” on the topic of Inflation?

Although the market had a modest pullback Thursday and is setting up for a small decline at the open today (On Friday, December 31, 2021, the bond market will close at 2 PM ET says my trading platform) the market has done a masterful job deluding the sheep this year.

With the modest decline at the close Thursday, the market gains this year are “only” up (using our Aggregate Index method), like so:

Thursday Aggregate close:  41, 780.18

Equivalent day last year: 34,036.37

Points gained:  7,743.81

Percentage gained:  22.7515742… percent.

Now, let me table the Case-Shiller Real Estate gains for the year to give you a non-notional asset:  Home prices, says their report Tuesday, were up 19.1 percent.

Here’s how Screwing Americans Works

As I explained Thursday, the Monetary Base is up 25.5% as far as the Federal Reserve has let out of the bag (they open bags a month late to keep you from making a reasoned financial decision, which makes fleecing you easier).

Here’s the core of the scam:

If you bought $100,000 worth of stocks a year ago, they would have an (average Aggregate) price if sold Thursday of?  $122,751.57.

Of this, $22,751.57 would be taxable income.  Lower rate, but purchasing power may have been zero!

See the Problem?  When government makes up 25.5% more monetary base, the payoff is they make oodles on illusionary gains.

There have been people (including Ures truly) calling for taxes to be based on an inflation-adjusted basis.  In other words, if your Purchasing Power Parity (PPP income) didn’t actually go up, then your taxes wouldn’t.

As The Tax Foundation reported:

“The IRS used to use the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as a measure of inflation prior to 2018.[1] However, with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA), the IRS now uses the Chained Consumer Price Index (C-CPI) to adjust income thresholds, deduction amounts, and credit values accordingly.”

Let’s Play the Tax Game!

MFJ (married filing jointly) for 2021:

And, let’s see how that lined up this year in the IRS Advisory note which has some MFJ info:

Let’s push some numbers.  First, how about the $19,900 couple in 2021:  10% pushes out to $1990.00 of tax.

This year, we KNOW that just to keep up with the rate of increase in housing prices, this couple would need to make 19.1% more.  Which would point to a top of bracket for the very low-income people of $23,700.90.

Notice that IRS only provides a to poor folk’s bracket adjustment of 3.26%.  Above that, up to the 12% bracket.

Let’s underline that:  In a world where even Social Security went up over 5%, the IRS “process” moves the bracket top up 3.26%.

This is called “bracket creep” and it’s one of the statistical techniques employed by the insider-trading Congress to screw the poor while they make money off the backs of working people.

Speaking of which, go read Nancy Pelosi buys call options for Google, Disney stocks and get back to us with a blood pressure note.  Buying Disney?  Is the Covid cloud going to lift?  Some insider knowledge hinted-at or just an inflation play?  Way above our pay grade.

But our first point today is when government can use an artificially low “inflation rate” to get more money out of you, they will.

What’s REAL Inflation

Which brings us to offering our “Honesty in Inflation” law proposal:  Make all branches of government (Social Security, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Labor Department, Census, Congressional Budget Office, and yes, even IRS, use EXACTLY the same inflation rate.

As things stand now, Congress allows dishonesty to propagate as a multiplicity of rates.  I can’t see how the Founders would have stood for that for a second.

I do realize that this would jam brackets up.  But when comes to economic honesty, it’s like pregnancy, there’s no such thing as “just a little honest.”

Government left that long ago.

War Watch

The Joe Bumbling administration has embarked on a dangerous game of (pardon this) dick-measuring over eastern Europe in general and Ukraine in particular.

Brandon’s side reads like Biden tells Putin U.S. and allies will ‘respond decisively’ if Russia moves on Ukraine.

The reality though is that Brandon doesn’t get to really TELL the Russians much of anything. More accurately Russia Warns U.S. It Will ‘Eliminate Unacceptable Threats’ after Putin-Biden Talks.

Which is why Ure continues in a modest short position.  Which the market responded to with a 90-point Dow drop Thursday and seems likely to open down another 75 early.

Although we don’t offer financial advice, our view is that people holding long positions over the holiday weekend may be off their rockers.

Xi’an’s Woes

Speculation continues to slowly spread as to what’s really going on in Xi’an, a Chinese city of 13-million, which is just at 10-days of severe lockdown.  Xi’an: Cries for help and food in quarantined Chinese city – BBC News.

The problem we’re having with this story is the Chinese reaction – which is at the fringe of their Zero Covid policy – may be driven by a (so far) hidden variable.

We continue wondering, for example, what could happen if the local rodent population, which lights off with hemorrhagic Hantavirus every fall, were to cross with a highly contagious strain of CV-19.  Like Delta or Omicron.

Maybe the Chinese are operating with an abundance of caution?  Still, stories like Xi’an lockdown: ‘Starving’ residents survive on a bowl of porridge do nothing to assuage our worst nightmares.  On top of 2022 being the big “virus year” in my consigliere’s cycle workChina punishes people trying to flee Covid controls in Xi’an.

Meantime, omicron’s hold is gaining in Asia as Hong Kong says Omicron has spread locally despite strict rules.

Short Snorts

While our outlook for whole-year 2022 inflation at 13.8 percent remains on the table, a couple of stories hint the crack-up of the global supply chain may have nearly as much impact as runaway compound interest on national debt, plus massive underemployment due to Covid.

See Inflation and supply chain crisis continue into 2022 along with Ikea Hikes Prices by Almost 10% Due to Supply Chain Crisis to help scale your fears.

There’s a reason we’ve been telling you to “Get your seeds and growing supplies right now!”  2022 could be America’s first “Food-Challenged” year in a long time.

Might also tuck this away as a background contexter for Ukraine war stories: SovEcon: Black Sea Wheat Crop is to Exceed 110 MMT in 2022.  There’s more than petroleum in that region.

And Good Riddance to 2021:  New Year’s Eve celebrations worldwide muted for 2nd straight year | CBC News.

ATR: Personal Milestones

We will be lighting up another boneless prime rib this afternoon.  And some vino and micro-qued potatoes.  These latter are microwaved Yukon Golds which are then put on the bread rack in the BBQ so as to get that really nice crispy potato skin.

I will go light on breakfast and pass on lunch “in training” for it all.

Probably the biggest changes around here this year were Elaine’s hip surgeries.  Two total hip replacements later, we’re very pleased with the results.  Although it resulted in a “management problem” for me:  She wants to get up on ladders and do things.  I see that as too high a risk to be allowed.  Paranoia or love?  You make the call.

I’m hoping to get a lot of shop cleaning and organizing done this weekend.

Oh, and the Christmas (grow) Room is on hold.  Elaine hated the redwood color stain and wanted the whole thing taken down, but with a coat of oil-based flat black over the stain next week, it stays.  She came up with the compromise.

Honestly, I was dreading the idea of taking down new construction.  Only upside I could come up with would be how to turn a “red flagged” project into a “kit” for later use.

Charts only on Peoplenomics tomorrow.  Don’t forget ShopTalk Sunday if you’re a maker of more than (just) money…

Write when you get rich (or put it off till next year, lol),

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George Ure
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63 thoughts on “Wind – Plus How the FedGov and Fed Takes America’s Money”

  1. Guide for the Married Man
    Rule No. 1 – NEVER make a change in decor without approval from the higher ups.
    Rule No. 2 – Remember Rule No. 1.
    Rule No. 3 – It’s cheaper to keep her.
    Happy New Year to you and Lady E. And thanks for all your work providing a forum for all this foolishness.

  2. You are indeed quite smitten and in love with the lovely Mrs. Ure, this much is obvious. You are also quite correct to keep her from ascending ladders.
    It matters not how great she is at “doing things” as you said but as we mature, things like our eyesight and coordination deteriorate sometimes unnoticeable until it’s too late. But I am sure you already know that.

    Put anything taller than a 5 ft step ladder away for use by the younger ones. Says the guy who got yelled at for trying to climb up to repair his damaged Dipole yesterday. He had to wait for Mrs. Hawkeye to go to the ladies club meeting to do so withou being accosted.

  3. Morning George

    I’m not surprised you heard about the wild fires in Colorado on you Ham. I found out about them on YouTube yesterday evening, kinda late. Then started searching for more info about what was going on.

    Back in the day, an event like that would be Breaking News and everyone was made aware, promptly. Back when it was good to know what was going on in America. Now I guess, media figures, (it doesn’t concern you) so they don’t interrupt people while they play games on their phone.

    Internet news lags behind, as does cable news, quite often, if not always. I found I24 (eye-24) News out of Israel, which I find more interesting than hearing politicians argue about things they’ll never resolve.

    I’ve seen some big disasters that should have been announced by the national emergency service, but weren’t. 911 wasn’t. And there was a weather event in 2012 when a derecho knocked out power as it crossed the country, and no one ahead of it was warned. And then the more localized disasters are just left to happen … unless you have the alert app. for certain types of disasters.

    Without adequate systems and announcements, there appears to be higher causalities lately.

    But then with so much staged weather reports for ratings sake, who’s gonna believe it after so many times of crying wolf?

    You made the comment once that, if we are ever attacked, we won’t know until we hear the bombs going off. I think you’re right about that.

    Somebody needs to fix this shit.

    (I said, —> “shit” to show my masculinity today.) Sorry for slacking yesterday. Lol.

    Have a good day, George.


  4. Personally., I don’t hold out much hope for 2022., but I do for you. I hope that everyone here has a peaceful and prosperous New Year. Make it a Great One, folks !

  5. “ On top of 2022 being the big “virus year” in my consigliere’s cycle work. China punishes people trying to flee Covid controls in Xi’an.”

    When I canceled our Jamaica vacation in late January 2020, it was right after I heard Comrade Xi say “we have a grave situation here.” The Chinese are not usually known for this kind of hyperbole.

    Right now, I am more concerned about a China/Taiwan war than Russia/Ukraine. We are just over a month way from the Beijing Winter Olympic games. Diplomats have cancelled attendance. The NHL has cancelled participation in hockey. I think there is a lot more to come as athletes either come down with COVID and cannot travel, or get there, get it and be quarantined for weeks or just decide not to go.

    At the rate COVID is spreading in China and around the world and with strict testing protocols, this thing could collapse just like the 2020 Summer Olympic games. The outfall could be disastrous lead to the war we all fear IMHO.

    • strange reports – Ureope – mil radio broadcasting…”nukes” & ‘warfare”????

      Fear mongers gonna monger..

      free to move about the Globe – F-em..all flights outta PHL this week to FL, and Caribbean booked solid.
      I saw several airline employees trying to get just a jump seat space on outgoing to sunshine flights. Hell even jezzy(kayne) is down here breathing the sunshine & Belizean vibe.

      Cruise ship sick outs proven statistical LIES- Stanford prof. stats genius– avg age of cruise ship passengers is up there in “grayscale”. Covert19 bullshite death/infections were equal to or Lower than AVERAGE Mortality rate of cruise ship passenger populations.

      Like the Beastie Boys say – You gotta fight for the right…to PARTY!

      Got your Moosehead chilling ? or U be more of Labatts kinda Hockey fan ? Molsen ?

    • That is a concern.. but I think China will wait.. if it’s a poison pawn trap.. they will let us make the first move. On both the Ukraine and Taiwan..
      They know we can’t keep our mitts off of anything and we have been testing their borders regularly ..
      Once we spread out they know we will be at our weakest..
      Then on top of it Brandon and his smuggling illegals into the country.. if any of those are what they said they would do then we would be hit from multiple angles .. remember china marched across Vietnam in six days. Just to tell them don’t do it again.. we depend on them for everything.. they own a chunk of our deficit and over two hundred key industries still producing in the country. Along with grain export companies.

  6. Temperatures are predicted to fall from 69 degF Saturday to 18 degF on Sunday morning here local, with wind. Will the Texas grid be ready? There seems to be a diversity of opinion:

    18 degF for one night is really a fairly mild stress test. I would expect more now that winter is finally arriving.

    Maybe someday ERCOT will get around to mandating EMP hardening as well.

  7. Have hope for 2022, and have a Happy New Year.

    George, you ask “Is the Covid cloud going to lift?”

    South Africa is over the hump with omicron new cases, and their deaths are falling for several weeks now.

    The UK, new cases are still climbing, the deaths are still falling.

    Even in the US you can see deaths* trending downward since mid November.

    All of this while there is a reported shortage of test kits. How many cases (of the sniffles) are going unmeasured as deaths are falling? We’ve hit a crossover point, with cases hitting unknown and incredible heights yet how many stories are you seeing of “morgue overflow”? What the experts are saying about omicron is bearing out for now. And it should be an inoculation if you get it, which displaces the other strains.

    *lower deaths could be attributed to: better care, better treatments, and vaccines doing what they are advertised to do which is prevent more severe infections.

  8. An addition to Another Georges Guide.
    1. Never START a project without plans, design and sample material, paint, finishes and approval from the higher ups.

    Hate to see an incredible economy and my businesses record profitable 2021 go away tonight, but am confident that 2022 will bring us more record sales and incredible good will! I hope the same good will for you George!

    • Thanks Mark.

      Guilty. A few good-sized commercial build-outs ago, a fine architecht taught me all about the approval process and the color and trim boards…it’s really a good idea.

      Thing on this job was that I had a verbal project OK, but when the view changed, the job was red-flagged.

      She was wise enough to see that a grow room would be a nice feature – because in the summer (June 1 on) there are only two ways to grow food here: Some kind of air conditioning, or a “deep trench” earth-sheltered greenhouse (which dissipates a lot of heat into the ground). This one was a couple of solar panels and an existing swamp cooler.

      What I screwed up was no wet signature on the plan. But that would have required an actual plan…and I really enjoy building (with the Code in mind) but plan? Whazzah plan?

      Difference between attacking a build with AutoCad, zoning approval, and wet sign off on loads, or an old-time pallet and “something in mind” and a piece of canvas about yea-wide… The fun’s in making it all fit and work…Except for the odd look at my RefDesk, who needs plans>?

      • I oversaw the new construction of a TV building that was mostly poured concrete single story high. Owners insisted that a rep. from the Architect was on site daily to check on any errors. Nice young college grad girl in a hard hat and dress showed up daily at the construction site with not much to do. Expert foreman of the build team was reviewing drawings about halfway through the build when he discovered an elevation error of 1/2 inch documented from one end of the building to the other. Called the architect girl over and she was totally flummoxed & had to go back to the office to consult with designers to learn which end of the building had the correct dimensions. Held up construction for the whole day, but the owner was justified in insisting on the architect rep on site for ‘No Errors’.

      • hey George, You know what works super super good? I used to know this guy who got the containers for those big windmill motors for the wind farms. They just give them away. My buddy used to go down there and strap one to his flatbed trailer pay the guy like $200 for one and go sell them for $1000. They are Huge! They completely water proof and big enough to park a car in one of those, build your own door and close off the open side. full enclosed. Hell of a hydroponics shelter. I knew a few guys who used them and put grow lamps in them. LOL

        just an idea.

        hi Mark, Thanks again for the coffee at the paper moon a couple years ago. Definingly a highlight for 2020 for me, just like when i went tube floating on the Colorado River with the second highest producing wall street women. What a spectacular last 2 years. hoping you the best!


    • We had our best year ever in 2020 and it was going to be even better in 2021 so we sold and got out. It might have been the top for our industry or it might get better, but I got tired of raising prices. Just don’t see customers being willing to pay more and got the gut feeling they were at the tipping point of moving to a cheaper alternative coming soon from the government.
      Hope your 2022 is better and hope we were wrong about selling, but know we were right about selling for our situation.

    • ya remember I was seeing all these references to Colorado last year. so much it was driving me nuts. i couldn’t figure it out. remember brother bob, ash replenishes the soil. makes it rich for new growth.

      why do ya think i smoke. LOL! *joking

      im so blessed. it just trips me the f out sometimes. i wouldnt believe half of it if someone else told me. even my friends who been with me all the way in the last 2 years think, Jesus DUDE! i never met anyone who has a life like yours. i think all the time. WOW DUDE! whats next? hahahahhahahh

      hope you have a very good year 2022!

  9. Comrades,

    Throwing caution to the wind, allow me to shout out to all in the peanut gallery and U-know-who keeping the lights on:

    Happy New Year!!

    (belated to Len)

  10. “Without adequate systems and announcements, there appears to be higher causalities lately. ”

    You’ve identified needs and wants of society. More taxes are needed.

    Like Kentucky. Building codes and inspectors are evil government gimmicks…. Until the Big Bad Wolf rolls in and starts huffing ‘n puffing. Then everyone has a FEMA claim.

    But in the final analysis warnings are a scam. During the 911 attacks Howard Stern did a better job warning people from the radio microphone than all of government and all their tax funded warning systems.

    We see dam failures all over the place. Inspectors are being paid to make sure it doesn’t happen. It’s easier to fill out a FEMA request after the disaster.

    • Well, KY does have building codes and inspectors. From what I see they work.
      But not even rebar and foot thick concrete can withstand a direct hit from a F3 tornado.
      There was lots of advance warning….but you always think it will hit somewhere else or just blow over. And in the dark you can’t see it coming until. too late. The survivors all said it was there and gone in a few seconds.
      As far as FEMA, typical government bullshit…would not allow cleanup volunteers without vaccine proof…..The locals took charge and helped ten times better than FEMA, even the unvaccinated. In a few seconds there were thousands of homeless people, Insurance will make most whole. The ones who have to rely on FEMA have a nightmare ahead.

      • “Nickel side bet says FEMA will require proof of vax for any assistance!~”

        OTFLMAO… Ok so which class do they target.. did I tell you about my Nieces FEMA assistance..
        Their home was hit by a tornado.. Fema came in we are here to help….. then a flood hit and took the remanence of what was there gone.. I had told her.. do not expect fema to help at all… she said no everyone was assured they were going to get the assistance it was coming after they assess all the damage etc..
        so even though I said collect as much of the raw resources there was was not done.. they were waiting for them to send out cleanup crews etc.. when it came time to get the assistance promised.. the upper class were the ones that got really nice assistance.. because they were just laborers.. it was twenty bucks and cheerful good luck to ya..
        Now we had an engineer that was homeless and needed a place to live.. He designed and built deep water Oil drilling platforms.. Katrina hit.. same thing FEMA promised to help.. they to did nothing.. Then.. when it came time to get help.. it was a penny on the dollar from their home owners insurance and nothing from FEMA…That put them in a spin.. Then the second punch was an oil platform was drilling down with a faulty materials.. and it blew up the oil platform.. he was called in to give his estimate at what the failing point was.. He told the truth and was black balled..ended up homeless and a family that pretty much abandoned him.. he couldn’t get a job cleaning cages at the dog pound and he had all the right degree’s..He ended up living in my spare bedroom.. smart man.. but he couldn’t get over what had happened to him and how swiftly it had happened and was very bitter about the whole ordeal.
        So does it matter what in the hell FEMA will require.. not really they would be the last group I would anticipate helping out a regular working man in a catastrophic incident..
        My nieces situation was one of the reasons I got the CEB press.
        I have the leggo mold and the mortar mold.. I bought two.. one for a village to build a school and clinic.. etc.. and one for me.. the cost of the machine was like two hundred fifty dollars shipping on the other hand to the USA was a nightmare and really really expensive..
        . One was I have always wanted to build a building with Rammed Earth.. and I had thought that if nothing else I would get it down there and help rebuild their home.. ( Shipping was a nightmare for getting it to the USA.. and I wouldn’t have been able to do that it took way longer for me to get it than it took for them to send her on her way) The bank of course took back the land

      • “But not even rebar and foot thick concrete can withstand a direct hit from a F3 tornado.”

        Wrong. It will withstand an EF-5.

        What it may not withstand is the debris chucked at it by an EF-3.

        An F-3 has no problem picking up a box truck or school bus, if it hits it just right. A school bus traveling 200mph won’t take out a section of reinforced concrete, but it will put a sizeable dent in it, and throw thousands of pieces of concrete shrapnel on its side-opposite. An F-4 or F-5 can chuck a large tractor (no crumple zones), which can breach a reinforced wall like a really big cannonball…

      • “no problem picking up a box truck or school bus, if it hits it just right. ”

        I totally agree Ray.. trailer parks are a hit the hardest…the wind gets under the trailer and it flips like a deck of cards..
        I was in a semi.. my load was 50 ton’s.. the weather man was calling for flurries. The storm hit so hard with straight line winds that it slid the truck across the road.. had it hit the truck from a different angle it would have easily flipped the truck..

  11. Happy New Year George!

    I ran across this video on a thread over at Zero Hedge. I don’t know anything about the guy in this video but he sure raise some good points about how a few people / corporations own almost everything and control all of the media. I thought I would share it with you and your readers. It is an hour long but I found it very good. You can see it here:

    • An excellent “connect the dots” video Scott. Thank you for sharing.

      “You will own nothing and you will be happy”

      • I’m still wondering why the local real estate tax bills were mysteriously delayed two months so nobody could find out the amount or pay it during 2021. I’m still waiting for mine, though they were supposed to be mailed on the 29th of December. My spidey sense tells me that there’s a reason they didn’t want the bills available at the proper time, and I’m quite suspicious of that reason. IMHO, it can’t be good.

      • They did that around here just before the last bond vote like people didn’t know already what their taxes were going to be. Simply showing the resultant tax increase was going to be more than 20% shot the bond down in flames anyway and to top it off the local tax assessor was shown to be in cahoots with the real estate people – after he told me “oh yes, we work for everyone in the county”. Ya, right. Haven’t heard anything from him since then.

  12. Dude, I got to get. I’m moving with a quickness in a new direction. Everyone I talk to says 2021 sucked and are still bitching about 2020. I gotta tell ya, 2020 was probably the most amazing and fun year of life on this planet! I cant even tell you it all. I wouldnt believe it if it wasnt all true! Everything from surfing in Ocean Beach, snowboarding at Big Bear, golfing at Cypress Point in Pebel Beach with PGA Masters, to creating a website, blog, youtube channel and podcast on my phone on a Saturday in my buddies basement and donating 50% of the proceeds to the Spokane Gospil mission, to hitting 5 jackpots in an hour at the Quest Casino in Spokane on to pick up someone who was stuck at the casino, putting a $20 in the machine while they were using the bathroom. The winning $15,900 in an hour. Hahaha. To camping at the grand canyon, redwood forest to hanging out in Hollywood with A list celeberaties to 2021 being even MORE amazing just fucking Rad! shooting the shit with my buddy james and the Quarterback for the Rams at Lumen Field while watching the Seagals warm up on the field and we are the only ones in the entire stadium out in the seats. to hanging out back stage with cold play, Drop Kick Murphies, Foo Fighters, Eric Church and Melissa Ethridge, to just fucking wow! Meeting Joe Walsh back stage at the Eagles concert to ending up in the Elevator with Elon Musk. I can not even tell you how much cool stuff has happened and the wildest super good stuff I did and experienced this last year. I am astonished at Gods goodness in my life! I have done more “once in a life time “stuff in the last 2 years than most people ever experience over many life times. Bumble bees being my friends just thinking im a flower, hahaha to Eagles eating there prey over my car, to being visited at 3 am by 3 owls, to now i have a couple blue jays that come hang out every morning with me when im outsode doing my meditation. Doesnt matter what time i go outside to do meditation. As soon as i step out the door and get comfy with my books they fly down and hang out next to me. Its fricken winter. Hahaha. Last week i have a humming bird that comes and visits my office and hangs out. I never seen a humming bird in the city let alone in the winter with snow on the ground. My personal assistant says hey there is a humming bird out there with you. I said yah. It just comes and buzzes by me while im out having a smoke and think about things. She says i never seen one in the winter! I said im kinda weird like that. Hahahhha

    I woke up this morning with a HUGE smile, jumped out of bed and said, THANK YOU DUDE for another day of life! I’m super excited to see what you have planed for the day! I’m sooooo stoked see what is in store for 2022!!! Just wow! My only secret really is, that I’m the wretch that Amazing Grace Saved! And every day is a fricken miracle.

    I will try to stop by every now and then see what you guys are talking about but I’m moving in a new direction super fast. And I don’t want to be on the internet that much anymore. LOL

    Hope you all a very good new year.

    Truly! I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate!!

    Cue: ~ Tsunami ~

    By DVBBS and Borgeous.

    Love that song.

  13. In Michigan there was a school shooting. A lawyer has filed two $100,000,000 lawsuits agaisnt the school district.

    The community is made-up of 9,094 households.

    If the district loses the lawsuit each household of the community is on the hook for 22K.

    Who should be responsible for paying the lawsuit tab?

    We could take a property ownership snapshot for the community on the day of incident. Whosoever owned is on the hook for 22K. Make the debt non-bankruptable. Spread it to the state? Create a federal superfund?

    • There are two $50,000,000 lawsuits along with the two $100,000,000 lawsuits, $300,000,000 total. They’ll win too.

      9,094 households will need to flash $33,000 per. That’s a spicy meatball when it comes to special assessments.

    • The insurance the school is required to have will defend the suit or settle out of court and pay for it. The cost to the taxpayers will be an increase in the insurance premium in future years…much less than 22k per household.

  14. “Ikea To Hike Prices By 9% Due To Supply Chain Woes”

    is the headline all over the Internet. I fail to see where there would be ANY “supply chain issue,” shipping logs from Than to Stockholm, using the same traincars and trucks over the same tracks and roads they’ve used for the past half-century, yet the clueless teevee drone will believe this dreck, mostly because (s)he has no idea what “inflation” really means.

    BTW, was passing through a waiting room this morning. Dunno what “news”network was on the tube but this was the topic, and the report stated IKEA would hike their prices 50% across the board, at midnight, tonight…

  15. “Speaking of which, go read Nancy Pelosi buys call options for Google, Disney stocks and get back to us with a blood pressure note. Buying Disney? Is the Covid cloud going to lift?”

    Not necessarily. Remember, Disney owns a full one-third of the entire entertainment industry, including singers, dancers, actors, venues, production facilities, AND means of distribution & dissemination. The mouse and his amusement parks are a very small slice of the whole…

  16. “There’s a reason we’ve been telling you to “Get your seeds and growing supplies right now!”

    Just got my first package of exotics: Dwarf lemon, lime, orange, pineapple, and banana, because suffering 400yo sailing maladies is not on my list of things to do. I’ve another package coming — figure most will take two years to produce but I don’t know. I’ll put them in pots tonight, and read about how to grow them tomorrow, while everybody’s watching football…

    • I started early. I bought the whole ‘fruit farm’. I’ve got Mountain Apple, Pineapples (including the sweet white variety), Lychee, Breadfruit, Lemon, Papaya, Raspberries, Mango, Tangerine, and a Cacao tree just starting to produce chocolate beans. And about 130 inches of annual rainfall to support it all. I must have about ten bushels of tangerines on the tree, with sticks supporting the branches so they don’t break. Been giving away buckets of tangerines to all the neighbors and friends.

      • I’ve got two cacao and a tangerine that’ve been languishing for two years — not dead or dormant, but also not flourishing either. I’m thinking they like real sun a lot more than they like my grow-lights (and I probably need to tweak the soil.)

        Mango & papaya are on the way, along with strawberries and (Michigan) blueberries. The Michigan berries are huge — the size of small Concord grapes — probably not as flavorful as Maine or Canadian, but I don’t know for sure, and am willing to make the sacrifice to find out…

      • A friend sent a picture of a ribeye from Sam’s in response to that Twitter feed, or hashtag. $19.78/lb – $451.97 total, 22.85 net wt. Wish those yearling bulls we sold a couple of weeks ago went for close to that!

      • Bill, I can deal with the price. Prime rib and porterhouse are never on my shopping list and only show up in my cart when they hit the markdown cooler and I’ve a hankering.

        What I have a real problem with, is the dishonesty.

        Coffee’s ten bucks a pound. That’s fine. That’s okay. I don’t like it, but I’m going to pay it. However, when I see it packaged in 9.6oz-10.3oz bags or cans and placed on the “1-pound shelf,” I get really pissy, both because I don’t like to be lied to, and because it insults me that companies think they can lie and no-one will notice, AND ALMOST NO-ONE DOES!!

    • that is how they manage profit.. people see the same size box or can.. but product inside changes..a mental thing.. what you see you imagine you have..

  17. That was a really good cover up the temple of Satan . Aka Wall Street did on Friday . Wow . Really keen to hear what Ackerman thinks tomorrow . Sunday

  18. Comrades,

    Maybe it’s just me, but today is the first time that I am reading in multiple msm reports of omicron perhaps signaling a shift of covid19 from pandemic to endemic. If so, what will the herd think of its brave new world? Shooting for the stars or diving into the abyss? ?

    Plumbers will be working Sunday?

  19. Biden tells Putin U.S. and allies will ‘respond decisively’ if Russia moves on Ukraine. / More accurately Russia Warns U.S. It Will ‘Eliminate Unacceptable Threats’ after Putin-Biden Talks.

    The problem here is Biden is a bully and a coward, and full of bluster. Everyone on the International diplomatic stage knows it, and no one respects him. Putin is highly-respected. Nobody on the planet believes Putin has even a single yellow bone in his body, or that he will do other than exactly what he says he will do, when he says he will do it. Nor does anyone doubt his ability to do so…

    • Putin calling Biden..
      Was that the second or third warning to stop messing with them and their border.
      How many has Xi given us now..
      Just watch.. it’s a poison pawn trap..and we hurt our allies when we abandoned them.. how much do they trust this administration and with all the news coverage in their countries. Do they believe that this is a pay to play administration in office now.
      From what I’ve read it’s very questionable if theres any trust left.

      • “From what I’ve read it’s very questionable if theres any trust left.”

        Dude, we screwed a minimum of 281,000 of our own citizens and allies in Afghanistan, leaving them to die horribly. Why would anybody trust or rely on this Administration for, or with anything?

  20. I’m wondering if that $19,900 couple is actually a $43,900 couple due to the first $24,000 not being taxed. Even if that’s the case, the monetary base/negative inflation is still a very valid point. I know a billionaire who has been sitting on millions in gold and gold royalty stocks for years with little to show for it. Perhaps he didn’t understand Ure point either.
    Rumors of wars seem to be moving gold/silver up and/or the perception of inflation. Risk has been on this week in the markets while gold/silver have also been moving higher. Thankful to have gotten in on some a couple weeks ago when price came down to match the September 29 low. We’ll see if that double bottom holds if the vaccine die off gets worse going forward.

    Happy New Year…get some D3 in ya and put some Ivermectin on the shelf and get out and get back to enjoying your lives…it’s less risky now than if we were dealing with the seasonal flu. Ivermectin can be used to kill the seasonal flu too. (Or keep you from getting it to begin with if taken as a preventative.)

    • “I know a billionaire who has been sitting on millions in gold”

      That doesn’t sound very comfortable at all..
      Gold is ok if it holds value and you can find people that desire it.. the Inca, Aztecs and Mayans valued corn. Gold was just for decorative…
      When the Egyptians went through climate change it was was for decorating..
      If.. you had five pounds of flour and a bv hungry family.and there wasn’t any to be had.. and someone came up with a lb of gold .. how much flour would you sell for how much.. we seen th toilet paper selling for more than silver and my grand daughter was offered 30 dollars an ounce for hand sanitizer.. masks that sold for a penny increase to over a dollar..fights looting over simple things..not that long ago..
      In the early 1800’s a glass of water sold for 3 ounces of gold.
      A bath meal and getting laid cost less.. coffee and sugar was unaffordable a luxury item..
      Gold is a collective item and to get rid of it you have to find a collector..

      • Gold is like a gun. Not having it when you need it is a sad situation. There’ll always be somewhere it will be accepted.

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