Will Trade Hype Unwind?

Sorting out the future, are we?  Well, seems simple enough.  But it’s not.

One reason is uncertainty about China.  On the positive side, the report that Futures Flat After China Invites Top US Trade Negotiators For More Talks could be seen as an encouraging sign.

Yet, as of this morning, we are back to wondering if this (is it a small iii of a Wave 5???) could be about to roll down to a support zone and thus set up the final blow-off top into Christmas?

This chart may – or may not – have any predictive value.  But, we are in a position where at least several weeks of “trade hype” could be unwound.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Now, if you were a high-roller with $40-bucks for an annual subscription to Peoplenomics.com (our in-depth side where we focus on only one or two “just ahead” kind of issues). you’d remember in the 1929 blow-off there was a short “sideways period about in this area before the final run up.  I won’t spoil the rest, just let’s let it go with yeah, a rally is  possible.

All depends on Trade, Trumpeachment, and Traffic.

OK, I get trade and the Trumpeachment, but what do you mean traffic?”

Things in motion, dear reader.  Movement.  Activity.  Human worker bees.

Two examples: And I think you’ll see why I sure wouldn’t advise the Donald to hype “stock market” any more.  I think this sucker has “clay feet” after reading this week’s national traffic reports.

See if this doesn’t stand your hair on end:

“For this week, total U.S. weekly rail traffic was 501,249 carloads and intermodal units, down 8.4 percent compared with the same week last year.

Total carloads for the week ending November 16 were 239,647 carloads, down 8.9 percent compared with the same week in 2018, while U.S. weekly intermodal volume was 261,602 containers and trailers, down 7.9 percent compared to 2018.

One of the 10 carload commodity groups posted an increase compared with the same week in 2018. It was petroleum and petroleum products, up 1,357 carloads, to 13,977. Commodity groups that posted decreases compared with the same week in 2018 included coal, down 13,610 carloads, to 72,611; metallic ores and metals, down 4,729 carloads, to 19,017; and nonmetallic minerals, down 3,069 carloads, to 30,184.”

We don’t expect it to get much better, since the grain harvest numbers may yet disappoint this year.   Agriculture.com is warning about the “Slow start to the 2020 Wheat Crop” and  The Pig Site says “Daily US grain report: US farmers continue to struggle gathering their crops, grain futures firm.

True confessions:  I get a lot more from  The Pig Site most days than Daily Beast‘s of other sorts.  One class seems mainly political while the other tracks things like “prices firming” which matters more than all the politics in the world.  Politics doesn’t put food on the table, unless you’re Hunter Biden, know what I mean?

Sure seems to me like the GOP has hitched its wagon to a turd just waiting to ..ah….er….you know.  Though markets could keep up the illusion through year end.

Sole indicators…Ure focused on Outliers, maybe?”

No chance, Bucko.  Not like that.  We also have the latest Port Data, to consider.

Port of Long Beach was down 7.4 percent last month inbound while exports were up 9.8%.  Over the viaduct, Port of Los Angeles reported loaded inbound was down 19.15% and exports also down 19.27%

Strategic advice to Trump?  Keep you Trade Cud Low.

“Where’s the Stock Rally From?”

Mars?  The “usual suspects” I’m afraid:

Stock Buy-backs:  #1 con and reason for a Depression to come.  Reason?  Research is down and buy-backs are up.  Compensation managers (*and boards of directors) are self-serving pricks during greed frenzies like this one.  Prompting the  Financial Times to spill how “Managers are enriching themselves at shareholders’ expense —Stock buyback and issuance programmes are an overlooked transfer of wealth.

I’m not going to take you deep on this.  Just should be obvious that companies ought to be investing in hot, new, gotta have it product lines (which comes from R&D) rather than this hopeless orgy of mahogany foxhole greed and wealth concentration going around.

A second reason is a lot of X-er’s think they are God’s gift to investing because they began to buy stocks in 2009 and, frankly, any  idiot could have bought the market and stayed long from the April 2009 lows and made money.  It’s such a fad that even former hyped things (Bitcoins, remember them?) are back under $8,000 ($7,871 when I looked).

You know, it’s just  laughable, this whole “crypto flippo.”  We kept hearing “Bit coins are limited so they just have to go UP…” goes the frequent spew.  Truth?  Can you handle it? What the Bit-zealots don’t tell you is that anyone can start up a “currency” of their own.  There are  no barriers to entry.  In the Grown Up’s world of investing, no barriers means unlimited competition.  Simple as that.

Don’t believe me?  Once there was A Crypto. 2009.  Bitcoin.  Now there are 1,600 (that’s a 2018 count).  So when I need some comic relief, I go play YouTube videos and podcasts of self-proclaimed geniuses in crypto-land.  It’s as stupid as the shortage of pink Tulips during Tulipmania in th 1600’s…but don’t let me ruin your party.

I’m just saying anyone touting cryptos is either dishonest or a fool.  Doesn’t mean that they can’t have a good run and take others to the cleaners for a while.  Such things, however, in the unerring movement of the “Hidden Hand” of economics, tend to resolve in much the same way as Russian Roulette.  You win…until you don’t.

(After my tears of laughter dry, and I’m up from rolling on the floor, I write down incomprehensible strings of characters and declare myself a ga-zillionairre in Urecoins.  Because, the utter truth of the cryptos is their ONLY value is that someone else doesn’t have a number.  (My incomprehensible numbers are on paper, so unlike Bitcrypts, they will work in a power outage…)

Now, you could ask a simple question here:  “ Who is less honest?  The CEO who is buying back their own stock to  scam on options (which will be taxed at the 20% long term rate level, which is why Ure argues there’s no justification for long-term tax breaks since we’re swimming in dark pools of capital as my friend Howard explained) or are the Coinsters less honest???”

Hmmm… pick-pockets or bank robbers…which soul weighs more?  See how the question is pointless?  Bad, tainted, greedy souls are just that.  The expression of that Darkness doesn’t specifically matter much, does it?

Ray Dalio says the global economy is heading for a ‘great sag’.  I call it “hitting the fan” but you’re tracking, I trust.

Oh boy…  Back to the snews…

What’s Worth Knowing

I still haven’t seen a high crime of misdemeanor out of the Shiff-show/’Circus yet.   Even if the money was held, so what?  Obama held money… It got spent and there was no stopwatch in the bill…so WTF, am I right?  Sheesh.

This leads to the next logical question:  If Trump doesn’t win in 2020, who will be the democrat I will be whistleblowing on the day aftrer the election?  Guidance from the other democrat circus (ring 2). Dems unite against POTUS, spar over qualifications for WH..  Maybe one not in the debate…like Bloomberg?  (ring 3)?  Hmmm…

Say, did you see the Man arrested at airport for impersonating pilot. Maybe Adam Schiff could be arrested for impersonating a congressman. Coup leading is illegal, isn’t it? USC 2385?  With no impeachable crime being charged, like that demo lawyer said, it’s a coup.  Ought to be treated like one.  We gotta wonder why is Bill Barr snoozing through it?

Also, another one the MSM will unreport: Ukrainian MP Claims $7.4 Billion Obama-Linked Laundering, Puts Biden Group Take At $16.5 Million. Where will Hunter’s child support following the DNA test come from? Oh my…

Also on the legal front Nebraska the first state to help Trump’s quest for citizenship data. We hope Texas follows suit.

Censorship is back: Nudity and sex scenes guidance launched for UK directors. Britain, unable to get out from under the thumb of the EU is being pushed into ever-more thought control, as we see it. Government just loves to tell people what to think.  Unless your name is Andrew, who the FBI wants to talk with about Epstein…

Hype and BS are never-ending:  As “Climate Emergency” Is Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year 2019. Seriously?

Sorry to say, even the once reliable O.E.D. has now begun to fall over in the high winds of P.C. and DSMD (digitally-spread mental disorders).

Write when yrou get rich,






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44 thoughts on “Will Trade Hype Unwind?”

  1. ” companies ought to be investing in hot, new, gotta have it product lines (which comes from R&D) rather than this hopeless orgy of mahogany foxhole greed and wealth concentration going around.”

    Isn’t it strange how the ancients had the answers long before christ was born…

    “There are three classes of men: lovers of wisdom, lovers of honor, and lovers of gain.” – Plato

    “Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.” – Plato

    “Excellence is not a gift, but a skill that takes practice. We do not act rightly because we are excellent, in fact we achieve excellence by acting rightly.” – Plato

    “Wars and revolutions and battles are due simply and solely to the body and its desires. All wars are undertaken for the acquisition of wealth; and the reason why we have to acquire wealth is the body, because we are slaves in its service.

    • The second quote of Plato is equal to Proverbs 22:6 and I’m pretty sure there’s another one just like it in the NT somewhere. The thing is, unfortunately, the idea of training a child in the way he SHOULD go has been misinterpreted to mean, basically, molding them into what a parent (figure) thinks is best for them. You have to know the child well enough to see what and where their strong suits are before you should try and guide them.

      We need to lose our fear of realizing so much of our Bible has been sourced from a widely divergent pool of knowledge.

    • Plato seems to have forgotten about the largest class of men: “Lovers of women”. Wisdom, honor and gain are quite secondary to that focus for many of us.

  2. One question I keep asking on other websites regarding cryptos was “how were the stolen crypto units restored when someone hacked the big exchange a few years back?” If each crypto unit is a unique blockchain … whatever … how do you magically create into existence, if digital can be considered “existence”, all the units that were stolen? Cryptos have always been no different than digi-dollars since then to me. I’ve yet to have that question answered in any way other than snide remarks and slurs – which make as much difference to me as the cryptos themselves.

    • precisely – each BTC is unique and transparent – therefore leaves a “trail”. Takes lots of time and processing to track them – but they can be traced-recovered- and “activated” out of cold storage -not recreated. They are not secure in that sense – need to utilize a Coin Mixer when engaging in transactions BTC’s U dont want made public to the “authorities”
      Monero is the Secure and Untraceable crypto of choice for those who need to be stealthy.

      Not Bitcoin = Sh!& coin, inho

      No Bitcoin 4 U!

      • “So a money for crooks off the books only? This is the future? We are fkcd”

        That’s my take on it to…
        Just like greece , Argentina etc.. once it implodes and the true value of that currency was realized people had to rely on other things to survive.. in countries where a cup of coffee is two months income the people just dont turn over and die. The plumber is still a plumber a secretary is still proficient in her job..back during the reagan recession I traded my labor and skills to survive..
        Young college girls today in the usa rather than date some guy for a big mac and fries or a Budweiser will seek out avenues to offset the high costs of an education. to the tune of one in five.


        Like myself I traded a year of my life working off a surgical debt for a surgery my ex wife had that was ten times what someone in my church had ..same doctor the exact same procedure the same day..

        My new friend traded all his personal belongings his home and land everything. All of us no matter their station in life will be in the exact same position..what makes us us is what we will have ..

      • Nothing is “untraceable.” Cryptos use a pseudorandom encryption scheme. Pseudorandom numbers are spawned from a “seed.” Derive the seed and all encryption strings for all coins, or parts thereof, become exploitable. NSA doesn’t brute-force crack stuff unless they have to — they derive the seed, then brute-force one encrypted item using all possible keys which can be spawned from the seed (which takes microseconds of their computer-farm time, BTW.) Once they solve the first item, the remainder become completely transparent to their equipment. This is why there’s only one uncrackable cipher, and it is not adaptable to computer use…

    • “how were the stolen crypto units restored when someone hacked the big exchange a few years back?”

      That’san easy one to answer Bill….

      Crypto currency is an electronic number..its only value is the value people give it..its existence is only among the electronic circuitry and computer code..its an imaginary value..
      Just like the dollar bill.. it’s made up not covered by anything or the new facebook money..it to is made up only backed by a certificate backed by an imaginary sorce.
      I think that They will just add the numbers back on.. where the federal reserve just prints more.. similar to a bank banks don’t really carry the papered currency theirs is also on an electronic circuit to.. numbers spread out to others wanting numbers to obtain things..

      Sort of like a wet dream… The imaginary image is where all the pleasure lies..
      Of course that’s only my take on it..

  3. A Coup ? NSS!

    Ever since the Boomers allowed CIA & Deep State to get away with ASSASSINATING President John F. Kennedy..with only ONE Magic bullet – the USA has been a BANANA REPUBLIC.

    Under such a corrupt system can it be any wonder that Bitcoins were created – it was Never about the Value – U greedsters just cant seem to see through the noise – to bad that.

    Triple lever up/down those fancy pieces of TP – such a clean-pristine method of increasing ones store of FAKE Fiat- of wait thats an oxy-moron..moron tomorrow no doubt!

    NO Bitcoin 4 U !

    • No, not greedsters …crybabies> Cash is only worth what someone is willing to give. You don’t like that you can have a bag of silver coins that are expensive to trade and not really fluid. Gold is the same and too expensive for jewelers to use (jewelry is the main user of gold) so the back drop is failing.

      I’ll invent a cheap currency and award myself a large chunk of it for my efforts. Who the hell would buy that other than snowflakes or some other kind of flake? What they really need is magic necklaces to cure their spine injuries from spending the day bent over their camera/phone/games. I got a design I’ll sell ya.

      • “I’ll invent a cheap currency and award myself a large chunk of it for my efforts.”

        Amen lawn….
        I personally love peanuts…so my currency would be backed by peanuts…. each exchangeable for a different quantity.
        Ir coffee beans..another good currency backer..
        Better than seeing what’s in my wallet that basically says its backed by well wishes lol lol

    • Since most boomers were still in grade school when Kennedy was assassinated, how were they supposed to stop the CIA while they were being indoctrinated in our “institutions” of education?

      • Anti War Demonstrators Generation..they were on their way – U know the rest of the story ..DIA senior officer daughter = Sharon Tate, Timothy Leary ..tune in to tune out, just to name a few social engineering projects executed on the “sheeps”

        Sucks to realize we R SLAVES living inside an Illusion – inside of a bigger “illusion”.

        But hey at least the boomers put a man on the moon – supposedly..

      • Dam..Mr. Wackey…I am not sure if the rumors are true or not.. but I heard a dosey that the demoncraps suspect russian involvement and there should be a full inquiry as to whether or not our administration had some involvement..
        Maybe they should ad that shizt yo this circus they have going now..maybe their anonymous whistle blower heard someone mention they heard someone talk about someone that somebody knew.. it would solve the decades old mystery..

        Then my curiosity has it.. there are people that truly believe all the crap they have been spreading for three years in their attempt to destroy this administration. would they believe that shizt to if they did add that line of questioning..
        Has DJT made mistakes yes is he flamboyant absolutely narcissistic yep.. but hes trying to do the right thing..for what I think are the right reasons..

  4. If we were smart and did it like they do in other countries, we would execute the coup plotters. Much less likely to ever happen again.

    • Unfortunately Rick…
      The puppeteers have their mitts in other countries politics as well..
      They just aren’t as flamboyant about how they manipulate them..
      Here it legal open season on politicians

    • Which is why people like “Pencil Neck” can be as audacious as he can – they have abosolutely NO fear of the American people. Each one of them ought to be hanging from a lightpost in D.C. They haven’t changed since Davy Crockett told them all to go to Hell!

      • the quick answer is it can all be changed with one word…….


        and not for the guy in office.. start changing the diaper .. eventually they will see a trend.. if there is a policy you want changed.. then mail a letter.. not an email but a letter.. as a group to everyone in congress..
        do this every week.. or every day if you want them to come in from recess and do the work quick..

        I was once told that if I didn’t like something on television to write the network.. they assume that for every letter they get is equal to ten thousand television watchers…. if congress got fifty thousand letters simply saying that they would like to see this change.. for each of the congressment.. if you have ever been in DC you know.. that would shut that town down.. there would be so many trucks delivering to the capital they would have to hire hundreds if not thousands of people just to lift and toss.. it would be main stream news..
        No big scary demonstrations.. no neighborhood burnings.. just a simple letter..

        basic rule of marketing.. in your face and often….


  5. One might ask how it can be so, but even the sitting President of the U.S. is not able to see information relating to unidentified flying objects.

    Bill Clinton tasked then Asst. Attny General Webster Hubble with uncovering information about UFOs, from Roswell onward. Hubble was largely unsuccessful, save for getting an admission from then CIA Director James Woolsey that UFOs were considered a “national security threat” and were assigned to “Project SIGN” and “Project SAUCER” for further evaluation. More than this was never released to Hubble.

    Jimmy Carter made a request for NASA to investigate UFOs after publicly recounting his own experience in 1969. NASA politely declined the request.

    Even Ronnie Reagan and a pilot he was flying wiht had an experience while near Bakersfield CA. The bright white object followed them, overtook them, then shot “straight up into heaven.”

    The CIA readily admits the agency investigated UFOs with what it call “low key investigations” (LKIs). Undoubtably, many sightings were actually glimpses of highly classified CIA funded aircraft (SR-71, U-2, ???) and possible Russian versions of similar high tech spy vehicles. Interestingly, CIA LKIs also included paranormal and extrasensory phenomena. See: https://www.cia.gov/library/center-for-the-study-of-intelligence/kent-csi/vol40no5/pdf/v40i5a09p.pdf

    • “but even the sitting President of the U.S. is not able to see information relating to unidentified flying objects.”

      They do get to know…
      They may not be able to read all the research but they do get to hear the story ..

      My curiosity was satisfied decades ago.. my thought is this.
      The USA is about the only country that hasn’t opened the doors and let everyone know what they know or close to it.. (actually there was an evening news story with senators scientists and military that let the bag out on what they knew..the story was interesting I was cooking and didn’t record it..then it was gone..not anywhere could you find any transcript that it had ever existed..)
      Maybe we don’t want to know the rest of the story..

      • Ok LOOB, this is like the 5th time you have teased us with the fact that your curiousity was satisfied decades ago. Would you please share the details so we can ALL get a chance to be satisfied??? :) :) :)….

      • I honestly don’t think I can give specifics asking for satisfaction…. all I can say is I heard all the stories that I believe as factual..from someone that was credible to me..

    • Warhammer

      On October 6, 2017 I made the following comment:

      “I wonder how Operation Majestic also know as the Majestic 12 fits in with your theoretical Directorate 153 scenario? After President Truman left office Majestic 12 seems to have gone rouge. Maybe they became the seed of a directorate 153 style structure that now tries to run every thing?”

      Operation Majestic 12 in theory was President Truman’s response to the Roswell Incident. That was a recovery of an alien space vehicle.
      The evidence for the Roswell recovery in the form of death bed confessions in quantity is strong and there is evidence for the existence of Majestic 12.

      See the work of Stanton Friedman for Roswell witnesses.

      In 2018 an actual copy of a MAJESTIC 12 GROUP SPECIAL OPERATIONS MANUAL was obtained by a UFO researcher.
      It was labeled as TO 12D1-3-11-1. TO stands for technical order which are widely used in the military especially the Air Force.

      The manual top header was RESTRICTED SOM1-01.
      It’s security rating is TOP SECRET/MAJIC EYES ONLY


      This document was given close study and is believed to be real as it’s type face was produced on a government linotype machine where the Z letter routinely produced a defect due to being seldom used. Other items in the document lends credence to it being the real thing.

      Linda Mouton Howe is the investigator into this manual.

      Too many people world wide see things in the sky that are now ours. I believe that the UFO study was given over to the corporate world to keep it very dark. This made it easy for the MAJESTIC group to form the beginnings of a separate government inside the Federal government. That made it easy for global elites to infiltrate and take over it’s operation.

      After that happened they had no trouble telling any President to go pound sand!

      It would take the application of military power to turn this around. They say Disclosure is coming. I don’t believe we will ever see the government disclose alien visitation. To mush control by the Elites would have to be relinquished.

      The question you posed has long trouble me, but now I have a rudimentary understanding concept of what has happened.

      Thanks for having the courage to ask the question!

    • Warhammer, your comment is spot-on.
      What happened following the crashed disc retrieval about 30 miles N of Roswell, NM was the beginning of the “Deep State” IMO. Just now reading Maj Corso’s book “Day after Roswell” where he lays it all out. He was in charge of “Foreign Technology” which wasn’t just the stuff we captured from the Germans and Russians, it was also lasers, night vision, Kevlar, and the integrated circuit, which was how we jumped from tubes to transistors so quickly. Maj Corso was in charge of doling out pieces to be developed into weaponry and products.
      Had we not captured that crashed disc, chances are our world would be a much different place.

    • “even the sitting President of the U.S. is not able to see information relating to unidentified flying objects.”

      To quote from the movie “Independence Day,” “it’s called plausible deniability…”

      Since da Prez has the absolute right to declassify anything he so-chooses, the brass which are in the know (I’d assume not more than 8-12 MILs, and <3 at DoJ, at any one time), don't tell him, and don't allow him to know their specialized compartment exists.

    • I’ve never understood the denial by political authorities. “Flying saucers” have been accepted as existing, and prowling our atmosphere since long before Sputnik, heck, long before the Wright Brothers.

      Are our “leaders” so conceited they fear open knowledge of demonstrably superior beings would challenge their leadership? Does the Catholic Church fear people are so egotistic we’d commit mass suicide if we had confirmation we were not at the top of the food chain? The Vatican’s astronomers would have no trouble spinning extraterrestrials’ existence into their existing Church dogma. It would screw with Islamic dogma, but not that of any other major religion, and it might validate self-defining Hebrew, so what is the problem…really?

  6. George,
    -Not a bad observation:
    “Compensation managers (*and boards of directors) are self-serving pricks during greed frenzies like this one.”
    Tell me again why we offloaded 5% of corporate America’s expense sheets onto the national debt? For stock buybacks? How naive of America to think they’d use the money in any way except greedy self interest.
    (Instead of using their last political power on an immigration package. Which tells us that the Money wing still runs the Republican party over the Race wing.)
    But at least we’re waking up (maybe? hopefully?) to the Conservatives’ continued looting of the Treasury.
    -And, oh, BTW, impeachment and removal is specifically stated in the Constitution. Thus, by definition, it cannot be a Coup d’état. Now that Sondland has confirmed the core allegation of the “drug deal,” i.e., the ransoming US defense money fighting Russian armed expansion for Trump’s personal gain, the real question is whether the R’s will continue to support the Gotti, err, I mean the Trump, crime syndicate. The jury’s still out on that one. (Ouch, pardon the pun.)
    Best, Mike

    • Maybe I miss them, but not sure how many of the corporate leaders are conservative. Most of the ones I read about seem to lean on the liberal side of the spectrum, at least with their public comments. It certainly could be many on the conservative side may be hesitant to speak their beliefs publicly and have the resulting outcry from liberals to no longer use their company products (Home Depot, Chick-Fil-a comes to mind).

      “But at least we’re waking up (maybe? hopefully?) to the Conservatives’ continued looting of the Treasury.”


      I am sure there are conservatives getting in on the graft, but sure you cannot believe this is a single political party problem? You seem to have a belief that only one side is fully corrupt, in my belief 90% are corrupt on all sides of national power. You cannot trust anything that any of them say and very little reporting is actually done on actions, only words.

      Certainly nothing stopping any of the Ds from donating more of their net worth to the Treasury, but of course actions should speak much louder then words.

    • Mike,You turn things around
      impeachment is for crimes committed in office
      the coup was planned and started before President Trump was sworn in

      you want to know about drug deals,,study up on adrenochrome

      the dark state is being dismantled,,,it is the plan,,military at it’s best,,,sworn to protect and defend the Constitution,,,, dumb asses will be butt hurt at first but they wiil soon see the light,,lovers of evil, will meet the punisher
      Best, Other brother Darrell
      popcorn,,,on with the show

    • mike did you miss the afternoon rebuttal of Turner and Jordan. sondland made it all up (lied) geez get over your self

  7. George

    “which soul weighs more?”

    Very Egyptian!

    They should hope that ostrich feathers are used on the scale of justice.

  8. Thinking about the comment section, new comments at the top.

    I must be way-off in how I organize reading. Admittedly back when G was polling, I didn’t say anything.

    What do you guys do, scroll to the middle of page then slip up and down until you happen to see the newest comments? Seems inefficient to me.

    I think the new comments should be at the top. That way, we hit Page Down once and are at the bottom of the page/start of the comments, roll up one or twice to find the fresh material.

  9. “Politics doesn’t put food on the table, unless you’re Hunter Biden, know what I mean?”

    Above issue, in my mind, is 100x more important than what seems currently “the issues with our POTUS.” Yet, few voters seem to care; It’s outright disgusting!!

    I’ve given up on the public, because we all should be acting like the folks in Hon Kong on account of that ;-(

    • ” Yet, few voters seem to care; It’s outright disgusting!!”

      bolshevic…. everyone cares.. I think the biggest thing has to do with marketing….

      basic rule in marketing is..”marketing guru Ed Mayer came up with this simple-and-sweet method for calculating proper response to a marketing campaign: 40 percent of a campaign’s success should come from the audience; 40 percent should be due to the product or offer; and the last 20 percent should be the result of creative. Basically, Mayer suggested that flashy colors and catchy jingles only go so far in attracting attention for a business…

      and the oldest rule…

      the 80/20 rule still holds true in business – almost everywhere a business leader looks. For example, 80 percent of a business’s sales will come from 20 percent of its customers; 20 percent of a business’s products will make up about 80 percent of its sales; 80 percent of a business’s social media posts are read by 20 percent of the audience, while 20 percent of the audience will supply 80 percent of replies. ”

      to consider a basic mailer.. send one out.. it goes in the trash.. send out a second one in a few weeks.. it to gets a glance then in the trash.. the third time.. HEY I HEARD ABOUT THIS… or
      ever notice the high ticket items are at face level.. the inexpensive same thing are high and low.. and at a checkout at childs level.. right in your face repetition.. and MSM has been shoving it in our face up to forty times in a half hour for three years..
      As a cat fish.. I know a lot of other catfish laborers trying to tread water at the bottom of the pond hopeing a morsel scrap comes our way.. they for the most part have to work multiple jobs and with school activities.. they just don’t have time to research things.. so… the constant barage of attacks are right in your face.. tell you your going to loose money if there is change..( even though more jobs at home does make sense.. more self pride etc.. ) that isn’t what everyone is being told..

      Seriously…. ask yourself this question.. HOW MANY WITCHES WERE THERE IN SALEM….just before the famous trial..

      ( the answer I came up with.. was there wasn’t any.. but that is what we have going on publicly by the dem..)What is forgotten is SHIZT on the hill runs down.. and if they succeed in the witch burning.. it will affect each of us.. but then that is only my opinion from what I see and have read..


      • Indeed! This question always perplexes me: “Why didn’t anyone eliminate Hitler and/or Stalin, or Caligula, for that matter?” All of these”gentlemen” were easily accessible for a period from10 to 20 years before the assumed real power. Voting has been proven ineffectual as we all know. ;-(

  10. Somehow, the “Man arrested for impersonating Pilot” caused my brain to cue up Foster Brooks’ “Hold the Plane” routine from the 1960s (“You’d better hold that plane…!” “But sir, why should we hold the plane for you?” “Because I’m the pilot!”), which is actually funnier than his “Drunk Pilot” routine from The Dean Martin Show, but somehow seems to not have survived into the Internet age…

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