Democrats and OTHER Turkeys

With the Schiff-Show wrapped up – and the democrats doing a HUGE favor to the nation in two ways.  The coming week will let America move on to “the  other turkeys.”  And speaking of the bird, let’s raise one toward Washington (and both parties) as Congress will go home and get off TV for a while.  Most of us can get on with the serious business of “stuffing” ourselves without the professional “wish boning” of the country..

The good things about the hearings – and notice how these are quickly being “disappeared” from the MSM news cycle – are they have shown us the following:

  1. Yes, there IS  a Deep State.
  2. Much of it IS inside the State Dept. where despite Pompeo offers, and direct order from Trump, there’s a boatload of “holier than thou’s”  that just can’t seem to follow orders.” Blue blood pricks (and prickettes) who don’t follow  the law.
  3. That is, it’s the President who conducts foreign policy, and any way he wants.  Not these arrogant, self-important, bubble-headed know-it-alls who have made a career out of war-mongering and useless process.  They hate Trump because unlike past administrations, he’s happy to color outside “their decreed channels.”  Yep, got it.
  4. As a bonous, we know the names of some key people who are deeply anti-Trump and who are, effectively,  in league with the coup leaders (democrats like Schiff, Pelosi, and the clown posse from the Wednesday night stand-up).

Been a hell of a week, hasn’t it?  At least next week’s TURKEYS will be honest Americans.  Like most, getting a bit…er…baked.

Bonus?  The gravy we’ll be talking about will be a medium brown instead of being payoffs via foundations and next of kin gigs.


Oh, sure.  The democrats want this electioneering stunt to disappear now.  Because if it doesn’t, it will reveal Hunter Biden was the “channel” for Joe Biden.  Who, laughably, is still held up as a legit wannabe for 2020.  AYFKM?

And on the Foundation front, did you see where “Peter Schweizer on Clinton Foundation’s money troubles: ‘They don’t have influence to sell’?

Maybe a grand jury ought to be looking into Epstein, Clinton, and the rest of the gigantic quid pro quo machinery that’s all part of The Swamp.  If Trump is “fair game” why aren’t these people and their enterprises?

Next Week, Statistically

Relax.  Putting up with the crap in the news this week has earned you a break, starting tomorrow.

In the upcoming 9-days (from Miller Time tonight to a week from Monday) most people will work 3-days.  That’s working 33% of the time which, truth be told, sounds about right.

The few retail stock brokers, recycled as “wealth managers” who haven’t been replaced by machinery yet, will come in for National Call Your Broker Day, which is the day after Turkey when the markets be open a half day.  That’s pencils out to a 38.9% work week.

The folks who will suffer most will be police, fire, and medical personnel.  Some of them will work Thursday through Sunday next week.  Their revenge?  When they pull a 7 or 8-dayer for the opening of trout season next spring.

A couple of other planning notes for the week ahead:

Be sure and click here for 2018’s (Coping: The 5th Annual “Turkey Leftovers” Column) to read our often-repeated recipe for the 13-Coins S.S.T. sandwich – which is the best use of leftover turkey ever invented. Still on their “secret menu” which many great restaurants have, but most gen X-er’s are clueless about.

Or, if driving to Seattle is off the table (afraid of a little snow on I-90, are we?) you can turn south for a meander to the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY.  The GoToLouisville website offers this:

“A Hot Brown is a hot open-faced sandwich originally created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, by Fred K. Schmidt in 1926. It was one of two signature sandwiches created by chefs at the Brown Hotel shortly after its founding in 1923.”

The main ingredients are turkey and mushrooms in a white sauce, some crisp bacon, toast points, grated (then melted) cheese on top.  My bud Chet Rogers suggested a “Light, buttery Chardonnay” matches well.  But, to my uncouth palate this is one of those rare dishes where a White Zin is useful.

Kicking and screamed, dragged back to point… I recommend “calling in well” Monday and Tuesday.  They fake either a “medical emergency” (which could be as simple as running out of vodka, or as serious as diareaha) Wednesday.  “Forgot to set my alarm” which you call in around lunch-time Friday.

You did take notes, right?

News Slop Never Stops

Just as the party was about to start (damn!).  Well, if’n we must (don’t forget the King Ranch dinner rolls on the shopping list!!!):

Next Stop for the Global Digital Uprising (GDU)?  Israel: Netanyahu says fraud allegations are an attempted coup. Except, this time, we expect plenty of “smoking gun” evidence.

Remember how supportive we were when the Ukraine phone call was put on a secure server, over complaints of demoncrats? Why Ure’s truly even suggested the reason dems were pissed was because it would prevent coup members from getting in and altering documents.

Remarkably, now we have proof-of-concept from coup-friendly CNN:Former FBI lawyer under investigation after allegedly altering document in 2016 Russia probe.”  He’s already moved on…but where’s the crim-probe?  See how The Big Fix works in DC?

We have lightly penciled in Dec. 9 th for the IG Horowitz report and potential perp-walk.  Honest turkey should be in one end and out the other by then.  Which will leave America hungry for the other sort turkey in there, somewhere.

Prediction:  Horowitz will paper over the crimes against Trump and will let the coup leaders walk.  See, he’s been around Washington long enough to be politically neutered as we figure it.  We fearlessly predict his report will attempt to be along the lines of a property settlement decree in family law court.

Instead, he should stand up for the Constitution – by the book – but that would reduce DC to shambles so he will be excusifying lest America be divided.  My faith in his work is (telling you up from) higly skeptical.  Everyone in DC has a “control file.”  We just don’t see his, yet.

Out of State Drivers?  When we saw the story Bad weather leads to 50 vehicle pileup up in Denver, we just had to wonder whether there was an “out of stater” in there somewhere.  Just like Seattle drivers are expert in the rain, native Coloradans are generally good snow and slippery stuff drivers.  Or,, with the ganj now legal, have people forgotten their skills over summer? 28, light snow and slippery as hell… and we’ve seen first-hand how Colorado drivers on I-25 leave about 10-inches between vehicles at 80-100 MPH between brake-slammings.

Gads – Nukes!  So is it China or the NorKs as Russian media report Russian Watchdog Detects ‘Radiation Incident’ in South China Sea?

Markets Mired.  In Trade War hype as Mood Sours After Global Times Says “Tariffs Rollback” Needed For Trade Deal; China Will “Fight Back” If Escalation Seen. The early future’s have our charts looking like this:

Not drawn (maybe tomorrow on the subscriber site) is the breakdown of what looks to us like a minior iv or (iii) oi V might have been just done with upside running room into early next week.

But, if I really believed  that, I wouldn’t be sitting in cash, would I?

One needs to take time and consider the larger play going on.  Fed H.6 money creation, (M1, 90-day rate annualized) argues the market advance should pause (6.6% annualized M1 growth).  But the Repo Depot of the NY Fed is on a roll, slathering another  $74.45 billion of one-day repo’s Thursday and then another 9-day $29.2 billion.  That’s waving  the Magic Wand of liquidity to the tune of $103.65/

Key thing to consider today is to observe (over here) whether the Fed wants the market to be a  turkey for Trump, or if they will  goose it, for their pals?

We’ve got some shrimp pizza to reheat for breakfast…so maybe when that’s down, things will make more sense.  Remember that 15-minutes into today’s session the PMI Composite Flash will be released and that could move the market, too…

Just out:  $80.6 billion in repo’s – rally?  Here we come.  Wave that magic wand of liquidity, suckas…

Write when you get rich,

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41 thoughts on “Democrats and OTHER Turkeys”

  1. George – looks as though Winter is here – to Stay..

    just don’t tell your resident genius climatologist Mike.

    Never mind Zharkovas model has been 97% accurate – one of only 2 to predict solar cycle 24 to be Weaker than 23 – only 2 out of 150 models predicted this (<.02%) – last time was Maunder Minimum when only 2 of 4 magnetic fields phase shifted, all 4 are in phase shift now.
    -as any Hunter – Farmer- Outdoorsmen – or pro. soldier/warfighter knows – Cold KILLS/Welcome to Starvation.

    Thankfully we in the US of A have some rather significant new sources of heat..see Rep. Shartwell ripping ass on MSMBC live – simulated infrared version. Perhaps someday they can even burn all the human feces on the streets of GayFrancisco for heat – over 25,000 reports of feces posted to cities 311 reporting system in past 6 months. whatwhatwhat? Go ahead [ ] – deny it – project – and lie lie lie till it accepted as fact. bwahahaha

      • Dam and here I thought the plan was to send congress to cold areas on recess to even out global temeratures..
        It’s a good thing Congress didnt go to the arctic either Antarctica or the north pole..the melt off would make the predictions of Florida being under water true..

    • “Thankfully we in the US of A have some rather significant new sources of heat.”

      Just hope to god the puppeteers dont suddenly stop…..E/D

      They might be charged with a crime after most of congress got their heads stuck up their azz’s far enough to smother them.. but then I’m sure theres staff members at the ready with the jaws of life . In their job… it’s best to have all the emergency equipment available.

  2. “most people will work 3-days.”

    Not true in the laboring class.. there aren’t any holidays..

    somebody has to keep the machine running LOL LOL LOL…
    went close to forty years without one holiday off.. LOL…
    if you work medical.. well they may say they have a set of condo’s for those with over x years of working.. or offer the winter cruise to the working staff.. what they don’t tell you is.. you can’t go LOL LOL LOL…. because of the work schedule.. the last five or six years I would give away my 80 hours of vacation to someone out sick the let go anyone that gets sick enough to have to miss more than a couple of days.. even one days illness is a not to do.. so they can use a couple of weeks pay since they will be out job hunting…( medical.. you have to be there.. its a work short staff industry…) and they hire point.even if you take a vacation they don’t pay you for it and you have to be there your scheduled weekend or rotation shift… most industries hire point.. you may get it off from one employer.. but since most people now work two jobs.. you end up working the second one..
    then my normal work week was about a hundred hours give or take.. my wife is on the 65 hour work week now.. they gave her an extra day off.. for the holidays..
    the ones getting vacations and holidays is usually administration… they get the benefits to.. big changes since the seventies..

  3. Based on your top of the column comments…

    1. Trump is the deep state.
    2. ““holier than thou’s” that just can’t seem to follow orders.” Blue blood pricks (and prickettes) who don’t follow the law.‘??? Really George???Since when is being honest, following protocol and the US Constitution prickish? The world needs more whistle blowers. Too many jerks getting away with not following the rule of law. If a superior asked me to do something I knew was wrong…I would give them the flying middle finger. Come to think of it…I have done that…I survived. More people need to take that Don’t F*# with me attitude…It works…But one must know with 1000% certainty they are right…I believe the Witnesses in This impeachment hearing. They are a heck of a lot more qualified than the boob in the POTUS chair.

    3.”That is, it’s the President who conducts foreign policy, and any way he wants.” No…This President can’t spell “ FORE-IN” Policy, let alone conduct it. He is a mob rule Bum and thank Goodness there are Patriots out there protecting us from world wide disasters like the Mob Boss we have as a….Idiot in charge.
    4. It’s a good thing we have Patriots…They aren’t anti-Trump. They are anti being an idiot like Trump.

      • Musk is a survivor and can laugh at a Mis-step. The truck is futuristic and of course you focused on the negative and not the fact that a sledge hammer didn’t dent the Exterior of the car. And about the window…If a huge baseball size ball bearing was thrown at any other window, it would have shattered in a zillion pieces. I was impressed.

      • speaking about the self driving cars…. and legality if it was in an accident or seized for transmitting illegal substances…..
        who would be responsible for the accident or crime.. if…
        someone rented a self driving car to drive to a designated public address.. using a fake id and credit card…
        then put in a stuffed dummy and the cargo.. and sent the car on its way to the designated delivery spot….
        would the rental place take the blame.. or the car manufacturer.. since the rentor was essentially non existant and the passenger in the drivers seat is a blow up doll..its the car that is accually committing the crime or accident..
        just curious…

    • ,,,,,,,its time to dissect mark and his controllers by reciprocating, because mark hates trump so much ,trump will reciprocate marks bier desires,watch as the sirocco favors trump,is mark ready to become a sweet-gale..from my heart i hate to see mark suffer like hopefully mark will not continue with his derogatory square which puts him in the middle of all bad vibrations (know) BECAUSE WE ARE IN a SUPER SPIRITUAL WAR that’s not only us on this planet but those that are your ancestors,so mark take a deep breath and reconnect and fill the bottom of your lungs from the bottom all the way to the top chakra on the top of your head,SYNIZESIS. May all beings be lovingly fulfilled -SO BE IT Yes you to mark

      • You are right blpg, we are in a Super Spiritual War…except the negativity and bad vibrations that will be expunged will be Trump and his supporters. So, take a deep breath and reconnect with truth.

      • Because this is a super spiritual war doesn’t matter whether your Democratic or Republican both sides are going down, subclinical Wall Street connection

      • Your thoughts have wings and the thoughts that are being bombarded to you is called the old Empire and the force that is taking over is called the domain force. The old Empire as about making everyone slaves and Ice about pedophilia and it’s about Spirit cooking it’s about keeping the truth from the masses and it’s about locking you in they artificially take photos love you someone when they spiked your drink why you’re in bed with a young child and they hold that over you and the hard part is people who are against Trump are the majority of the people I’ve been caught bye not their own intention but by devious people ,they want to control you and this is how the system works from the top down from the Vatican to the queen did the Rothschilds rockafellas and everybody in between, so no that is not your fault mark and you were ganged up on and put into a situation that goes against your normal integrity ,, Trump has been giving thousands of people throughout the government agencies the chance to stand down rather than them being prosecuted and they have they understand that they were framed into doing those bad things, now mark your time for you to talk is coming closer from within the closet.
        Remember I all beings be lovingly fulfilled financially fulfilled and readily fulfilled and you too Mark.

  4. George,
    -Again with the Deep State? The weight of the evidence against Trump was compelling, overwhelming and damning. Sorry.
    -Or, we’ve changed a norm, and like with steroids, the D’s are going to have to cheat too to keep up. If so, bad news for a whole host of domestic groups as the R’s and D’s outbid each other for foreign interests. Best, Mike.

    • Here we go again: What did Trump do that was impeachable?

      (Same shit as Obama or all other presidents IN THE CONFUCTY OF FOREIGN POLICY)? I smell white shame and racism…(sniff sniff)

      • Being a boob…that’s what Trump did. I think an amendment to the constitution should read..if you are dumb as a box of hammers, you are impeachable. That pretty much would take care of the Trump Presidency.

      • Trump went to Penn…courtesy of Daddy and his crooked influence that would make Lori Laughlin and Felicity Huffman look totally innocent today…but didn’t study at Penn. Or talk to my New York colleagues. That bit of info is extremely main stream in New York and the entire eastern seaboard. Has been for decades. Before being POTUS, Trump was the Clown Prince of New York Remember. Nobody took him seriously. You need to read more George.

      • No, Mark. Trump went to Fordham, then transferred into UPenn and Wharton before his junior year. His admission to Wharton was based on his standing in the underclass ECON Department at Fordham, not his family’s money. Trumpbucks could have bought his way into Penn (anyone with the minimum required SAT score can go to an Ivy League school, if they can pay the tuition), but not Wharton — that had to be earned.

  5. George

    A very important and insightful interview of Rudy Giuliani by Glen Beck from two days ago is on youtube, The Mayor discussed the Deep State interference by the State Department into all corruption investigations by the FBI and Justice Department with the over sight of guess who – George Soros. It run about 25 minutes and is free.

    If by some chance the House of Representatives censures President Trump he should do the following.

    Order an embroidered Scarlet Red letter C about 3 inches high on a brilliant white 4 inch by 4 inch patch. He should wear this patch on his suit jacket not sown but using large brass safety pins to affix it to the jacket.

    He should wear this for several days to show the world what a joke the impeachment hearing have been.

    • …Again, accurate, as per my sources.

      It just occurred to me, Glenn Beck was one of the first hard-core “never-Trumpers.”

      I haven’t listened to him in ~5 years.

      What changed his mind?

      Or is he still a NTr, but discovered there was something going on which was more-important than his feelings about DJT?

  6. Ure ‘on FIRE’ today, George. The blathering, self-flagellating hyper-progressives do not care one iota about the sanctity of the Constitution and due process for the President. They have proven themselves nothing more than political snipers, ignoring the legislative needs of the nation to try and deliver death by a thousand cuts to Trump. But this President has thick skin that clots amazingly quickly. With FBI IG Michael Horowitz about to drop a giant turd into the progressive punch bowl come December with his FISA investigation report, added to the highly questionable evidence regarding impeachable offenses by Trump, the Dimms are about to enter panic mode. I expect a full court media press by the House Committee to try and sully Trump before his Senate trial and subsequent exoneration after due process is diligently served (unlike Adam Shiff’s crazy train impeachment circus).

    • The ti break this to you Warhammer….the IG Horowitz report is a nothing burger. A few very low level people made some errors and that’s about it. Those errors had nothing to do with the validity of the actual investigation. There are videos of Trump screaming at Barr a few days ago…Many think it is in response to this report.

      • Mark,post a link to said video of Trump screaming at Barr

        I read the Daily Mail link George posted on sat. morning,,I will wait for the actual report,,,,,,,,,,appear weak when you are strong,,,who said that?

  7. The kangaroo court hearings are finally over? Hooray! I’ve been avoiding TV because every time I see that bug-eyed pencil-neck Schitt I want to throw a dart at his balloon head. Stocking up on popcorn for the Senate trial now to watch the DemoPricks get a spanking.

  8. Hi George, Happy Thanksgiving, Been reading your writing for over 10 years, your the best, thank you for all you do, Have to agree with OUT OF Work Steve comment yesterday, The new posts at the top were WAY better, I think a lot of us check your site a few times a day to see the new comments, reading the page from the bottom up is a lot harder for me, saw other people post they liked it best the way it was before, Just my thought, Thanks again for all you do for us, Love, Tim

  9. I credit DJT with helping to restore my faith that maybe, just maybe, things might be a little better for me next year. I haven’t really had those thoughts in a long time.
    If someone had told me a decade ago that someone like DJT would become the great hope of the American heartland, I would have thought them mad. And yet, DJT has exceeded my wildest expectations in his first term.
    I hope the rest of you have a good and optimistic holiday season as well.

      • But of course, Jon…

        Trump totally caused the rains from the Rockies to the Eastern Seaboard, which shortened this year’s growing seasons by over two months and trashed farm yields…


      • Jon- Can you explain why the House and Senate passed the Hong Kong resolutions? I mean, if the welfare of the country is solely dependent on giving away the store to your Chinese comrades, then why would both houses of Congress bare their butts at the Chinese leadership, in a bipartisan solidarity display? Apparently even American lefties are seeing the Chinese brown shirts for what they really are: an aggressive expansionist fascist bully regime. Not even the congressional leftists are buying the delusional propaganda of you and and the corporate brown-shirt news media hacks. I make my remarks based on observation; you base your world view on fringe leftist propaganda that the mainstream lefties are not even going for any more. Maybe you should get out in countryside more often.

    • Name one thing he had done to make your life better. Educate me!!!! He has cost me a hell of a lot of money in added taxes.

      • That’s interesting. My Federal taxes went down. Are you blaming DJT for the CA state and local tax haircut you volunteered for? Somebody has to pay for all those CA socialist give-away programs; why should it be voters in other states? You want to live in a socialist nirvana, but you don’t want to be looted by the brown shirts. Now we’re talking real delusion.

      • Um, you answered your own question:

        He did away with the tax subsidy you formerly enjoyed, which has put more money in millions of peoples’ pockets (mine included.) If you lived in Texas or Tennessee, you’d have seen no change in your taxes. Because you live in a State which imposes confiscatory State taxes, you are now merely seeing the effect of that huge sucking sound (coming from the direction of Sacramento) on your billfold, a sound which the IRS formerly dampened, at the expense of others.

        You can (and I’m sure will) use this information to “hate Trump,” but I hope you’re big enough to understand all he’s done WRT your Line 34 (or whatever it is, now) is open your eyes to an injustice the IRS has wrought upon the residents of States which don’t impose unreasonable taxes on their residents, by stealing from us to subsidize your taxes.

        Its actual source is your Statehouse, not D.C. If Sacramento (and Albany, Hartford, Trenton, Springfield, etc.) wouldn’t spend tens, or hundreds of billions they don’t have, a Federal exemption for State taxes paid would be irrelevant…

  10. Pish. The only “channel” which Hunter Biden was, or could even be, is a communications subcarrier to and from the Obama Administration. The dude is 49 going on 17 and probably still requires the crayons at Dennys, to keep himself from bothering the other patrons.

    The State Department has been a commie cesspool since FDR loaded it. Upper-level government bureaucrats serve for life, merely being shuffled when Administrations change, but State bureaucrats are pretty much only shuffled between State Department posts (note that aside from “Ambassadors,” who often come from outside and make pretty figureheads, the diplomats who actually run things, only change, en masse, when we have a Democratic Administration.) These bureaucrats are what pundits refer to as the “deep state,” because they’ve either never seen the lower level of the rabbit hole, or its depth and breadth so-overwhelm them that their brains shut down and they can’t acknowledge its existence. The State imbeds are communist “one-worlder” ideologues, “useful idiots” with petit diplomatic clout. They are NOT the puppetmasters who actually pull the strings.

    Unless there’ve been new, and actual allegations, Netanyahu is correct. The political machinery Mr. Obama installed in Israel is still there (funded now by Soros, not by the American taxpayers, as it was during the previous election cycle) and is using the same process to attempt an overthrow in Israel that they are using to attempt an overthrow in the U.S. — Basically, they’re throwing mud and innuendo against the wall to see if anything will stick. Unfortunately, Israel is a Parlimentary System, and therefore, if BeBe’s coalition drops into the minority, he loses the legal protections we take for granted (like “presumption of innocence” and “confronting accusers…” Oh, wait. Haven’t the Democrats in the House already taken those away from Mr. Trump…?)

    That FBI shyster under investigation is rumored to be about to be joined by a number of FBI Field Agents who will be alleged to have altered both physical and documentary evidence on several occasions. My “fly in the room” doesn’t know what investigations or cases might be (or might have been) influenced by these allegations, should they prove prosecutable. Messrs, Barr, Durham, and Horowitz (a Clinton appointee, BTW) have my respect and admiration because their staffs have done an extraordinary job of not leaking ANYTHING. Perhaps there’s been nothing to leak, but I find that somehow, harder to believe than that these guys actually have a modicum of respect for their jobs and the Law…

    “Everyone in DC has a “control file.””

    …And that really is the rub, n’est ce pas?

    “Mood Sours After Global Times Says “Tariffs Rollback” Needed For Trade Deal; China Will “Fight Back” If Escalation Seen.”

    I don’t care what kind of verbal diarrhea any financial ANALyst spews. There is NO CHANCE of a substantive trade deal with China, until after the 2020 U.S. Election. Any trade/tariffs crap which comes from any ANALyst in the interim is a self-serving attempt to short-term bump the Markets — nothing more.

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