Why "The News" Business Model is Obsolete

What’s more, News is going Consumer-direct.

Join us this morning for a step into the world of Mesh Networks and you’ll see with astounding clarity how Trump has radically changed the playing field of “Old Style News” dissemination.

With the network topology in plain site, of course the NY Times will have to reduce its newsroom staffing.  To say nothing of CNN.

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12 thoughts on “Why "The News" Business Model is Obsolete”

    • This ad may be a hoax, however, it did already happen in many cities across America including the one I live in. The interstate was shut down by PAID SOROS protestors and the chief of police let them do it. He was a Sanctuary city police chief so he likes to let people trample all over our laws. He now has taken his ‘trade skills’ to Houston where he can work some more of his sanctuary city magic on the law abiding population. The protestors in DC this week, the majority of them are paid AND bused in from all over the country. These are not grassroots protestors, this is a continued attempt to start a color revolution in America!

    • Alex Jones reveals an exciting new contest paying thousands for exposing rapist Bill Clinton.

      The protests are part of a contest announced Friday on the Alex Jones Show offering payouts to anyone who can do one of the following while on local or national television:

      a) $1k for visual: Wear Infowars “Bill Clinton Rape” shirt on television for at least 5 seconds

      b) $5k for visual/audio: Anyone who can be vocally heard saying “Bill Clinton is a rapist” while wearing the shirt or displaying similar imagery.

      • As though wearing a shirt and yelling Bill Clinton is a Rapist…which is TRUE, is equal to setting a city on fire and looting and destroying property. One is legal and the other is not. Do you also remember the Hillary rally where the guy wearing the shirt who yelled Bill Clinton is a Rapist was chased out, thrown down the stairs and beaten till he was hospitalized near death because Hillary told the crowd to go get him, that he needed an “intervention”? You are surely nothing but a troll.

      • Trump Tells Crowd to ‘Knock the Crap Out’ of Protesters, Offers to Pay Legal Fees during Iowa Speech

        AEE – I still think calling strangers names is not a good survival mechanism. Maybe it is in Ecuador, but in most places I’ve been to you’ll find yourself in hot water. Maybe you’re more comfortable because of the anonymity of the Internet?

  1. Re: Italy earthquake

    I remember from the dim past reading a “prophecy” that the Pope would have to flee destruction of Rome. At that time, it was assumed to be warfare. But, with volcano and earthquake activity increasing, maybe Mother Nature is the perp.

  2. HeY George, Im trying to find the name of them noodles you so crazy about…I think yoou got them up in Washington? You got the link to the noodle shop? Hearing alot of bad stuff about regular ramens….thanks

    • Rose Brand Products/ Tsue Chong company on S. Weller St in Seattle makes ’em
      Call to order – they send like 5 or 10 five pound boxes at a time. Not free, but damn good and vy high egg content

  3. The news model is not obsolete. The problem is that integrity, especially in the USA, has become obsolete. You can call yourself an honest person, but you still pay taxes that pay for torture, genocide and war that presently has more than 6 million people refugees from their own homes.

    Just google some pictures of war torn Syrian cities, and remember there are still two million Iraq refugees who do not live in permanent housing courtesy of that war that “ended” years ago.

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