What’s NOT in "Dimensions Next Door"

Ure is tired this morning — that’s what happens when one stays up all night and talks on CoastToCoastAM with George Noory.  As a result,, this morning we will have a blissfully to-the-point discussion of the charts and the new book (and print edition with free Kindle version) is just out, Dimensions Next Door: Hacking Space-time

You see, the problem is I left something out – and it’s important.  So we will get to that after a few headlines and a look at the market..

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19 thoughts on “What’s NOT in "Dimensions Next Door"”

  1. I only caught a little bit of your conversation last night with Noory but I wrote down a note to myself to ask you about the idea of the crown and a nail that could be bent to encircle the head for a type of caffeine effect– to which Noory replied “don’t try this at home”– an unnecessary comment by him– instead of going further down that line of thought. Am I getting this right? Thanks.

  2. George:
    point to ponder today.
    You speak a lot about signal generation, and processing, and broadcasting, but what about listening. If you are not blowing the horn or beating the drum, how do you know what this process sounds like, so you can replicate it.
    How about a discussion on speakers/monitors and reproduction equipment?
    Kids these days have grown up listening to all music on phones and ear buds, they never have sat down in a room with the TV off and listened to the music they say they love on a system that plays it like it should sound.
    I got in the attic and dragged out all the old HI FI stuff, amplifiers, pre-amps, and speakers (a combo of the old Radio Shack metal bookshelf 9″ boxes and a 10″ powered subwoofer) and let Jr. hear what music sounds like. Now it is up in his crash pad being run by an old 1060’s EV-25 amp to power his game console.
    What does URE listening room look like and what sorts of equipment does it have, to play back they signals in HiFi? That concept has kind of disappeared from the market, and as we “cocoon” more, ought to be brought back.

    • Whoops, that was a 1960’s EV 25, a little class A 25 watt transistor amplifier that I had been using as a headphone amp. I have some old equipment but it isn’t medieval (although the kids think I might be.)
      I have bigger, more powerful systems but that little amp has always been a favorite, it just has a nice sound of the things played through it.

    • At one point I lived in an apartment and a neighbor had barking dogs. I downloaded software that was supposed to generate high frequency sounds. The idea was to create frequencies that made the dogs uncomfortable while their owners were home.

      I amplified the sounds and sent them through my speakers – the speakers had 15″ woofers and horns as opposed to tweeters.

      I never did get the dogs to howl.

  3. When the crytocurrency money returns to the stock market, that should provide additional upside to the already high market. I would assume that the amount would be in the billions. But what is high…look at bitcoin.

  4. Two comments:

    1. I’ve come across both 400Hz and 1000Hz Mil-surplus machinery, so I’d assume 1kHz genset windings were not terribly uncommon.

    2. A good-quality digital sample is designed to fool human auditory capabilities, such that we believe we’re “hearing” an actual instrument. Perhaps, though, it doesn’t fool Mother Nature, irrespective of the sampling rate. Mayhaps an actual instrument (or instruments), playing actual notes, is key? If so, you’d still have to determine whether [woo, WOAH!] occurred from a perfect harmony, or from the variation in timbre or the natural dissonance inherent in even “identical” instruments tuned identically (these are the things which make every performance of a live orchestral piece unique, or for simplicity’s sake, make the difference between a violin built by Antonio Stradivari and one built today by Jupiter so striking.)

  5. I got very interested in listening last night, but a big fade on the AM station happened and the subject of moving things with sound and motivation of objects by sound has me hooked. I worked in stealth technology, and know how to manipulate RF. I think I would love to talk with the author.

  6. Just listened to the podcast of last night’s Coast to Coast show. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Good work. Get some sleep tonight?

  7. What I like to listen to when I read or just deep relaxation isn’t really music. Well yes and no.
    I am a firm believer in harmonics. If you think about it a form of harmonic frequency is involved in everything from the action of an atom and everything is energy.
    Now my other thought and question actually was brought up at the dentist office this morning about a news story on the bitcoin. Where is its headquarters. Industry sends their manufacturing and business headquarters outside the USA to avoid paying taxes. The ultimate wealthy the same thing they invest their money and even their residence for the same reasons to avoid paying taxes on income and capital gains. If IF bitcoin is eventually recognized as a bank with their bank headquarters outside the borders of the USA would it then become a tax haven for the common laborer exempt from taxation? And if so and the Macarena group pass a law to tax profits. Would everyone investing beyond our borders both corporate and private then be included in having to pay taxes on those investments?
    The news story revolved around a young man that invested a thousand dollars he received and at this point every twelve minutes makes a million dollars off of bitcoin increasing

  8. Any possibility of a physical in print version of the missing manual? I seriously enjoyed listening to you last night Mr. Ure! Especially when you were talking about how disturbances of aircraft possibly distorting time came from 3-bladed propeller’ed aircraft… Very strange as one aircraft I’m getting ready to fly has a 3 blade hertzel on it.

  9. —-Meantime, our next invention is something I call the “Intention Machine” – the idea is building a machine that will amplify human intentions.—-

    Before reading this, I thought that maybe that is what the sound is doing.

    In regards to the flight that arrived way too early and other things, those intentions may have been simply resting deep within oneself.

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