What the Fed Missed: Multi-core Economics

Eventually, this concept will have to emerge from the lab and into the light of economic day.

But this morning we lay out an interesting treatise on how the Fed revealed in Janet Yellen’s Friday speed that they are “perception limited” by conventional economics.

Long article this morning, so three cups may be needed.

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6 thoughts on “What the Fed Missed: Multi-core Economics”

  1. I live in the pacific northwest. So far, none of the storm activity has matched the fear that was peddled. The media began telling us about the approaching storm on Tuesday, with Thursday being the day the storms arrive. Well, so far I’ve not see anything that matches the fear peddling we’ve seen so far. It seems the mainstream media is nothing but a promoter of fear, panic and prejudice.

    • Well, it is Sat., and the wind is causing multiple problems in Portland – power lines getting felled by trees – ditto for cable – transformers blowing – power out – blocked roads etc. And earlier – when you said that things were ‘okay’ – on the Oregon coast we had six(!) tornadoes – with definite damage . . .

      • I live in Portland too. Got some winds around 4pm. In terms of how the media pumped up this storm , it was not that bad. Seen windier days and heavier rainfall too. It was nothing near a sky is falling event at all, where I live on the east side. The beach got hit worse though…

      • I apologize, it may have ‘only’ been two tornadoes – we don’t normally get tornadoes in Oregon – earthquakes, yeah – nasty wet winters, yeah – and just wait til you’ve experienced a silver thaw! (Hugging a telephone pole covered in two inches of ice is not recommended, but then everything was covered in two inches of ice and I had yet to figure out how to walk in the stuff . . . oh, the joys of winter in the PNW.)

  2. Just a note: Banks owned homes are showing up at a rate of two or three a week here in west Mi. My son is looking for a house before rates go up. Many of them are no longer live able, due to being empty so long. The market is pretty hot around here. New houses and apartment buildings being started every day.

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