Welcome to “Next Year”

Charts only today, as you’re on a holiday schedule. And, Ure on a holiday schedule, too.

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George Ure
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16 thoughts on “Welcome to “Next Year””

  1. just read G.A.’s latest post. I agree with him 100%, he see’sssssssss same as me…Bready…
    God bless us ALL…Luke 21:36….Peace & Love to ALL.

  2. Good point on the small amount of selling at year end. No large profit taking or restructuring of portfolios. Makes me think that the rally is still on. 2020 is looking to be “THE YEAR OF THE TRUMP”.

    I saw a young lad, about 6, wearing a “Trump In 2020” hat. I told him, “If you were a Democrat, you could vote.”

    • Most year end selling is typically tax loss selling – most defer selling to the New Year for tax reasons however: that doesn’t preclude the market from moving higher as long as the Fed continues to gas markets…..

  3. George, Elaine, Zeus and the Culvert Kat do have a very Healthy New Year. I have enjoyed the last year with all of you and plan on doing so for many coming years.

    Podcast: I enjoyed it and the variety of topics. Lead in was a bit long for me. Making $$ isn’t my thing any more, but keeping what I have is.

    Future is full of ‘troubles’ and of course we don’t know which one will hit us first and if it will be a catastrophic event or a descending event over months or years.

    Take care and keep putting out ideas. Thanks for all.

    • Merry Christmas Mark if you’re in the grape business beware of the phyiloxera and there’s very little profit in the prevention.
      what can you do you can experiment around with the charivari, but in an Electronics form.

      • Alpha George wait we know you have what’s called wild boars out there wild hogs and you go you’re going to get into Terminism. Specially the doctrine of William Ockham who stated that universals are abstract terms or predicables rather than either real existence or mere vocal sounds.
        Sweet dreams on that one. Lol

  4. George – Just listened to your first podcast. Great Job. In fact, I decided to re-subscribe to your service because I prefer a podcast format. We all process in slightly different ways, and I prefer an audio format, although I will read your posts as well. Don’t worry about the goofy sound effects. Leave that department to Howard Stern. Your mission, should you accept it, is to do one and only one thing: provide actionable information to your subscribers to make their lives better.

    Here’s the deal. There is a great gulf between those who seek out and use information and those who do not because they are too busy with sports, porn, ‘Celebrity gossip’, and other useless information. I don’t buy into us living in bad times. We live in the best of times and the worst of times as Dickens would say. If you seek out and use actionable information, you live in the best of times.

    • Shhh! Yes, but as I explain (in Saturday’s PN) the only way to get out of financializing everything is tgo disperse the power to make to the home level.
      Like the (genius) guy behind ultra-make explained it: Can I email you a desk lamp?

  5. The wife, Elaine she is going to come up with more borough ideas.
    Oh and stock markets going to keep going up this month with pretentious, lol

  6. Recent tweet from POTUS/BOOB…

    “One of my greatest honors was to have gotten CHOICE approved for our great Veterans. Others have tried for decades, and failed! “

    The responses….This is a lie.

    The Veterans Choice Act was actually signed by Barack Obama nearly six years ago. John McCain was the driving force behind the 2014 bill. He was a co-sponsor along with Bernie Sanders.

    Trump’s entire life is based on taking credit for the hard work of others.

  7. Congrats on your new venture George! While I’m still finishing my current projects, you strike out in yet another direction. I do agree though, and my dear daughter and her husband are monetizing to a degree in that field already. It would seem that there’s always opportunities for those that are willing to find trends early and do the work to position themselves. When I can make space, I’ll be playing catch up.

    Until then, I’m finalizing resolutions that are realistic and WILL be kept! I’m writing them down and pasting them on the wall!

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