Weekend War Expansions

But which one? The ones overseas or the one on American soil?  We have data to review.

Plus in our ChartPack section, we’ll explain why we elected to carry a cash position into the weekend.

With odds of a peaceful weekend in trouble, we’ll keep tightly focused on the Big Things that really matter most.

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George Ure
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50 thoughts on “Weekend War Expansions”

  1. George Ure: I have experienced enough over 70+ years to be open to believing there are different classes of “watchers” and that many of them are benevolent and will offer help.

    ‘Five Shiny Dimes’

    “I know Angels are waiting to serve anyone who is ready for their help. They share their warm, light-infusing touch when least expected and most needed. I have met angels before, several times that I know of and more that I suspect were passed because I was in too big of a hurry.”


    • I believe that I have personally been touched by angels.. at least 3 times when I needed them the most.
      or they touched another’s heart to reach out..
      I think of the parable of the nets.. when Jesus said during the end days heavenly father will send down his angels to protect the believers..

  2. “Our favorite “working man’s song” for Labor Day.”

    May I submit these lyrics from the late Gordon Lightfoot’s song “Sundown”

    “Sometimes I think it’s a sin
    When I feel like I’m winning, when I’m losing again”

  3. Good morning to All from Costa Rica. This caught my eye: “But with the recent political assassination, we were thinking staying in America wasn’t such a bad idea.”

    Each Wednesday an international group of us guys get together for lunch. Almost at every lunch we look at world matters and generally say “Thank God that we are here.” My USofA children tend to agree with this in that we are here.

    Life is what you make of it so Pay Attention. In my area farming and ranching is the norm. Crime is mostly petty stuff but as the drug cartels (Mexican now) move into the urban areas serious crime increases.

    So when the event occurs we have water, local food, good neighbors and pleasant living. Will we survive? Who really knows but it is a very pleasant place to to live until The End Of The World As We Know It.

    • Much as I hate to let my secret out of the bag, I can say much the same things about my corner of volcano jungle. And I have a 2500 mile wide moat that keeps a lot of the riff-raff out. If the supply ships stop coming in, I will survive… just a bit more primitive. Chicken Papaya soup for dinner last night… all local ingredients. The world’s largest cattle ranch, Parker Ranch, surrounds the slopes of Mauna Kea. We have local beef, too.

      • Hi Hank,
        Navigation question. My wife and I were there in 2000. We had taken the road to Hana the day before but where the turn off to Hana was I just wanted to keep going but I was out voted and went on the Hana. We went on up the road the next day. Straight north from the whaling village along the coast. stopped at a few turn offs to see the view. Kept going north until we came to a little house off on the side of the road with the most spectacular view of the ocean. a few yards past there the road ended at a gate with no trespassing signs. there were signs of cattle but didn’t see any. Could that have been the Parker Ranch?

        • The Parker Ranch is located on the Big Island, not on Maui. Headquarters are in Waimea town and the ranch is the huge grasslands that surround Mauna Kea mountain on the north and west sides.

    • one of my “wives” Dianna lives in Siedlce, Poland. she is a former European super model. very very sweet girl. very beautiful.

      met her and the Lithuania Princes under the space needle and took them to sushi.

      she wanted to marry me. really really wanted to marry me and wanted me to move to Poland. she would have paid everything to get me to move over there and into her flat, which what we consider in America “a loft apartment”.

      but I’m in Wyoming now. I should have married her. lol

      I will say a prayer for her and her family.

    • have you ever seen a European super model wearing nothing but your button up shirt and cowboy hat making breakfast in your kitchen?

      it is a site, you will never forget.

      the reason I didn’t marry her nor marry the playboy bunnies one who begged me on her knees is, I have a path to follow. I’m living it out.

      and how much more valuable is it when I do meet my next wife for her to know, I turned down super models, play boy centerfolds and everything in between to choose her over everyone else. when I only had blind faith existed.

      when I could have had the most beautiful women in the world, I chose her instead.

      and I will know its her, the moment I see her.

    • honestly George, I don’t know who was more beautiful. Dianna from Poland or Bodill the smoking hot Swedish scientist who wanted me to marry her and move to Amsterdam. lol.

      European women are an exotic and… different kind of beautiful than American girls.

      that accent though, huba huba. so beautiful.

      I could be living in Amsterdam right now.

      but I’m in Wyoming. lol

      OK adventure time. whoohooo!

      • oh.. hahah bananna. hahaha

        you remember that girl George. the playboy centerfold i sent you a picture of. she was holding a bannana in her hand like a phone. about a year or so back. very very beautiful brunette. she is a 5 time harley davidson calender girl. some of of Ure Readers probably have that calender hanging in their shop or garage. lol she also runway modeled for juicy coture and victoria secret in new york city. lol

        she is the one who begged me to marry her crying on her knees. my mother in Alaska told me you should marry her! she has her pwn money, she is a good cook, super loves you to no end and has forgiven you for some really stupid shit andy. she is beautiful and doesnt want kids. all she wants to do is be with you and buy a double wide in the woods.

        im an idiot sometimes.

        funny thing is, i run into her at the weirdest times in the weirdest places. i ran into her standing at a cross walk in LA waiting to cross when i hadnt talked to her in a year. i ran into her another time at a conveince store in sea side oregon and we had no idea either of us were there.

        she has this book. its like her prized posession. its a really old like from the 1600s gypsy astrology book. it has different signs in it than mainstream astrology. she was born under the sign of the Hell Raiser. i was born under the sign of the fucking Cosmic Cornicopia. haha.or some shit like that. whatever the fuck that means. hahaha.

        she gave me the biggest compliment out of any woman i ever met. we were sitting in the living room watching scooby doo sharing a bowl of lucky charms in a giant tuperware bowl. i was using a soup ladel to eat mine.

        this fella, the crew chief for the red bull Formula One racing team calls her cell phone, she answers and he says, we are racing in mulan spain, i will rent you a chateo and pay for your entire trip over and a shopping trip, if ya want to come over and hang out in the pits with me. i have to work at the race of course but you will have a good time. she looks over at me and says thank you for the generous offer. im busy. and hangs up the phone then lays her head on my shoulder points at the TV and says, i think the janitor did it.

        im dumb. i should have married her.

        if i run into her at the bannana store in wyoming? because i run into her in the weirdest places. i wont let her go this time.

        the bananna store is
        my first turn on my adventure in wyoming.

        funny, i think of where my life would be had i made different choices this morning. i saw the banana store and rememebered that picture she sent me holding a banana in her hand like a phone. the one i sent you george.

        she said after i said no to marring her, “i dont ever want to talk to you again. i got on my knees Andy and begged you.”

        im dumb sometimes. and i will say, this aint the easy path. because if i would have married her? i wouldnt be making a turn at the bananna store in wyoming.

        if i run into Drea today. i will marry her. and go buy a doublewide in the woods and live happily ever after with her and a couple cats. like she wants. that is her dream.

        because it could happen.


      • I got friendly with a beautiful girl from Belgium who was part of the wait staff working at an Embassy party in a country estate on the Normandy coast, the early 70’s. Don’t ask, long story. She took me back into a pantry and all was going along just fine but I found out just how “exotic” she was when the lower half of her outfit came off. Apparently, her use of soap water, and razor were not frequent if at all ever.
        Fortunately, for me anyway, we were interrupted and I was spared any possible exposure to who knows what.
        And no, it was definitely not a walk on the wild side.

        • doing the mother terresa LOL LOL….
          actually it is quite a common tradition for european women to not bathe as often as we are accustomed to in the USA..
          a young woman that I know went to the islands for school.. and the one thing she found was that they didn’t have regular water pressure.. it was intermittent.. It is the same way with different cultural beliefs.. so none of that surprises me at all..


  4. Comrade Ure,

    We got Ure expansion..

    The talmudic empire – you know Ure current rainbow democracy, bee panicking right now. DarthSquab plans be unraveling and falling apart all over the globe. Russkies be kicking it in his ass, but good.

    Whats sarmata2 is ready and waiting to eradicate these aforementioned cockroaches.

    No worries – Russia is invincible, according to Comrade Poooteeen – INVINCIBLE.

    Anzo as more RUSsian tanks roll thru Donesk area, we say to all you Rainbow Democracy/Talmudic Empire “darkies” out there lurking..

    what one of my fav Chechen heros once said,

    “See Ya at the Elbe” – M. Visaitor

  5. Burning Man is now a sea of slimy sticky mud, as a result of heavy rains during the peak arrival time. Non-emergency vehicle travel is banned, and the access road is blocked. Officials are warning attendees to conserve food and water.
    Some of the burning artwork may be too wet to light.
    And some folks paid big bucks for their Labor Day holiday there.
    And more showers are predicted.

    • So now it’s the “Drowning Man” festival. Just after a tropical storm remnant goes thru. People obviously never watch the weather forcasts, because.. “It never rains in California…”

      • I sat on the wet ground in the rain for six hours to watch Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks sing that. When they started the concert (finally… after cancelling two opening acts) the rain stopped and we had a ‘storm light’ sundown like we had not seen in months.

  6. re: “War Expansions”
    feat: Consilium


    I think I read somewhere or other that Hungary again voted against giving more war money to Ukraine at this past week’s EU informal confab in Toledo, Spain? Apparently Ukraine is still blacklisting OTP Bank owned by a Hungarian billionaire friend of Mr. Orban.

    I thought EU nations were contributing war goods to Ukraine and that was that. However it turns out that there is an EU “off-budget” mechanism which can be billed under certain conditions. The war fund is named the “European Peace Facility” and has grown from €2.5 billion to €12 billion. The organization’s webpage notes its current roster of 9 conflicts with Niger being the most recent engagement. One imagines that Gabon will be added to the list as time permits?


    • “European Peace Facility”

      Where oh where have I heard this?

      “War is peace, ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery”………… I can’t quite remember…….

      • LOL LOL you mean 1984 Orwell LOL LOL LOL what a paradox

        Heck he predicted the political environment today way back in 1945 animal farm LOL LOL LOL
        “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
        sums up why nothing at all will come of the biden situation.. they walk.. take their fifty silver coins they got for access and walk.Will they stay in the USA though..
        what we see is the pony show for votes LOL…
        I do believe it is getting closer though..
        when they let Kim loose then we will see it all first hand.. it will be massive pandemonium..

    • Re: War Expansion
      feat: plausible deniability?


      Sunday evening “Deutsche Welle” had a newsfeed page going which I can no longer retrieve. It contained mention that the Ukraine defense minister, Reznikov, has been dismissed. A couple of hours in time earlier, the next prior newsfeed release spoke of F-16 Ukraine pilot training. It also mentioned that the nation’s supplying the F-16 planes had required written word from Ukraine that the planes would not attack Russian territory. The DW report noted that defense minister Reznikov had provided those letters. Now with Reznikov gone, are those letters with the F-16 attack area promises worth anything?

  7. George

    Go Here:


    View the 15 minute video of Joe Rohan, and Randall Carlson.

    Prepare to have your mind opened to a new level of engineering!

    Or should I say the engineering of the civilization prior to the great disaster of 12800 years ago.

    You won’t regret spending the 15 minutes!

  8. Hi, George,

    I was a Jimmy Buffett fan since “Come Monday” was released. I still love listening to the songs on A1A, as they always make me smile. I caught one of his concerts in Michigan back in 1980-81 time frame. It was fabulous. He had just gotten Sam Clayton to join his band for a short while after Little Feat broke up due to the death of Lowell George. I worked in Michigan for two years back then when I was running title for oil and gas interests. Anyway, I will continue to enjoy Jimmy Buffett’s music. I also have three of his books that he authored. It’s five o’clock somewhere!

  9. I have been watching the collapse of Ecuador over the past few weeks. Looks as though it’s gonna go full blown civil war. [ For no reason what-so-ever.] The ex-pat that I know who moved there two years ago., flew out last week., back to Montana. He is pretty sure there will be nothing left of his small house when and if he gets back. He did get “everything of importance” packed-up and hidden away at a friends’ house [ a ‘local’ Ecuadorian.]
    I am not in over the weekend. Seems everything is right on the verge of ___________.
    My “Lunch Money Account” is up 59.2% for August. .., but it should be noted that I was very aggressive, multiple trades. The plan now is to ‘wind-on-down’., slow my pace, “a lot”, and start watching for big moves, down, or up., in multiple sectors.
    I traded one stock this whole year – Option/Put and made a little over 8 %. I no longer like trading individual stocks.., too damn easy to get trapped & wiped with so much big-money floating around. Not my game anymore.

    I don’t see much happening this coming week.., internationally, or economically., but, considering how things have gone lately – that’s when we should be keeping a close eye on the news and stock futures – right??

    One of my favorites from Jimmy Buffet / introduced by Buffet /
    “Come Monday”

    • One of our exspec ops sources who had been working security for a mine down Bolivia way is back in conus. Tude is shit’s gonna blow in that region while Uncle is distracted on too many fronts and you may be thought of as echoing the outlook.
      Manufacturers resource wars are a bitch when you’ve got resources…

      Cia Assessment: https://www.cia.gov/the-world-factbook/countries/ecuador/summaries/#economy

      “Highly informal South American economy; USD currency user; major banana exporter; hard hit by COVID-19; macroeconomic fragility from oil dependency; successful debt restructuring; China funding budget deficits; social unrest hampering economic activity.


      CIA also notices Chicoms in Bolivia https://www.cia.gov/the-world-factbook/countries/bolivia/summaries/#economy

      “Resource-rich economy benefits during commodity booms; has bestowed juridical rights to Mother Earth, impacting extraction industries; increasing Chinese lithium mining trade relations; hard hit by COVID-19; increased fiscal spending amid poverty increases; rampant banking and finance corruption.

      Sounds just like home, don’t it?

      • https://apnews.com/article/argentina-bolivia-iran-defense-mou-2cb8c5917fdb6d3e01af4c67af969797

        It is the poison pawn trap.. while we have been busy tearing up other peoples countries so that a few can benefit they have been gathering those we left behind.. from the prospective of the wastelands.. every country that we have ???? HELPED????? has signed an agreement.. and while we have been busy chasing numbers .. they have been gathering the resourse countries of our outsourced industries.. from nuts to bolts.. the gained us.. we dumbed down our youth they pushed theirs to gain knoweledge…

      • “Tude is shit’s gonna blow in that region while Uncle is distracted on too many fronts and you may be thought of as echoing the outlook.”

        What makes you believe we’re “distracted?”

        What if we’re not, and it’s all “A part of the plan?”

        There, I just switched the music playing in Andy’s head from Fleetwood Mac to Dan Fogelberg, and nobody noticed… ;-)

    • Sorry to break the news that J. Buffet is no longer with us.

      Looks like the other shoe is dropping for the South American expats, courtesy of insane foreign policy.

      The Chicoms are doing mining in Ecuador. And where there are Chicom employers, there is revolution sponsorship.

  10. Looks as though Ford just got a huge bail-out. Can they make it work?
    The U.S. Department of Energy announced that it will be giving Ford and S Korean battery producer SK On, a $9.2 billion loan to build 3 electric vehicle factories.
    “Not since the advent of the auto industry 100 years ago have we seen a government investment like that,” [ Bloomberg ]

  11. https://www.ntd.com/over-1600-scientists-sign-no-climate-emergency-declaration_938916.html

    I would not have signed this declaration years ago but science requires changing conclusions to match the facts. Same goes for the COVID “emergency” foisted on us 3 years ago and other “science light” scare tactics brought to us by power hungry politicians.

    Good science takes all the facts and draws conclusions.
    Bad science reaches conclusions that meet your goal and ignores facts that don’t support them.

    • BIC
      The Great Barrington Declaration to counter official Covid-19 policy is up to 938,000 signatures since written in 2020.
      Hopefully this one will catch up soon.
      I have never believed in the Climate Change scam, since it started in the late 60’s with Rachel Carlson’s “Silent Spring.”
      I tell every Scientist and Engineer I am around, “They have been telling us we are all going to die in 5 years, for 50 years now. They say unless we adopt their Great 5 Year Plan and give them all our Money and Freedom, we are DOOMED. We must surrender our Money and Liberty so they can save us. If we don’t we are selfish, mean and evil, and deserve jail or death.
      So tell me when does the dying start.
      Population is higher than ever, especially in places that don’t adopt this plan.
      They say the ice will melt (in the late 60s-70s it was global cooling and we would be an giant ice ball) and the sea levels would rise.
      And yet Barry and Big Mike bought a seacoast $18.8MM villa that is less than 36 INCHES above sea level.
      Watch what they do, not what they say.
      Their own predictions have proven them wrong, over and over.

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