We May be Late

No sign of our power crew hour 12 of outage in the ice storm.

Elaine has been reading and kitchen puttering.

Mountain House and Soul net for lunch.

Will get dIesel tomorrow.

But here is the point… If the power doesn’t come up tonight then the Thu! Column may be de ok ayed.

Gone camping while

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8 thoughts on “We May be Late”

  1. we went a little over a month in 80 ice took down the power.. took that long for them to get a truck there.. a few years ago.. one quarter of the state was without power for about a year before they could get it back up..
    the electricians around here are busy putting in whole house backup systems.. my sister had one put on her place in Tenn when they had a tornado and then a flood that wiped everything out…
    I personally will get the backup generator if I cannot convince the boss to let me get a battery backup system.. battery backup system is great and much better because in a shtf scenario I don’t have to make gas.. in one way or another.. It would be off grid..
    I did buy the rocket heater.. just getting the parts for the chimney.. we already have a pellet stove.. I want the versitility to burn what ever is available..
    in 80 this is the stove or one just like it that we had at the time kept us nice and warm
    SHTF and there may not be energy to push the natural gas along the pipes.. which is where the rocket heater makes sense..
    got you in my thoughts and prayers..

  2. Even IN the City after one big ice storm about 20 years ago it took the crews 3 weeks to get some entire neighborhoods back on line … and during that time the temps plunged to -10 to -20 for nearly a week on end, and stayed below freezing for the entire duration.

    The spring following that event it seemed EVERY HOUSE in the ritzy areas that had been without power for a couple of weeks or more was having backup generators installed.

    Ice storms can do extensive damage that can take WEEKS to repair … just google The Great Quebec Ice Storm … which was back about 1990. It made a mess out of most of the entire Province of Quebec and it took MONTHS to totally repair the electrical grid. Entire towns of 20,000 to 30,000 were without electrical power in MID WINTER for more than 4 weeks!! (and mid winter in Quebec IS a cold time of year!!)

    Hopefully your power will be restored soon … but since this was a multi day ice storm covering a wide area it could well take up to a week before the crews reach your rural neighborhood and get you restored.

    Stay warm and safe!!

  3. What the heck is going on in Alice Springs, NT, Aussiland? Saw quite a few videos on the situation on YT last night. Sounds like Mad Max has made his de-butt.

    • Re: Pope Francis vs. Woot
      feat. Amazons

      Woody Be Sad,

      Deutsche Welle’s freelance photographer unmasked a fascinating image of Congolese men gathered together as The Holy Father delivered a sermon in Kinsasha during the papal visit to one of the world’s populous Catholic nations. The edited-for-size image has been substantially cropped. However, initially it depicted half a dozen of the men wearing n95 masks. All but one were wearing their mask around their forehead as though emulating geometric-lined wooden headdress of the Kuba tribal king lineage represented by Kuba Nyim Kot a-Mbweeky III and his 7 wives since 1969.

      The DW image featured a man in the crowd holding a sign which translates to “we want peace in the east.” It’s kind of ironic that the Pope has appealed for peace to the male military junta ruling Congo. Meanwhile his faithful followers appear to be paying homage to a matriarchal tribal king whose monarchy was officially eliminated by colonial rulers 140 years ago. The tribal king’s name includes that of his mother and his mother’s mother. Apparently the supreme being in their story of creation is a woman.

      Rome is burning?

      Power out?

      Here’s DJ George lighting a candle and spreading some illumination.


  4. Hang in there! Mamma told us there’d be days like this. An ounce of preparation is worth a ton of worry. Look on the bright side, it could be worse.

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