Still Icy…

Just so I could say it was done…

We don’t have a crew assigned to our outage yet.

Woods alive with crashing of limbs. Maybe we will score a disaster declaration being a tree farm and all.

Elaine is reading on her onmine. Nice break from writing but v slow posting via small screen.

We are looking forward to the federal reserve decision this afternoon at 2:00 however we will not be trying to trade this 1 because with power uncertain the last thing I want to do is be caught on the wrong side of the trade with no way to back out should I need to Never mind

Tomorrow morning,  Assuming that we have power back on, I will post a few pictures of the trees that have fallen over. In the front yd there was about 125′ pc of lima came down scared the hell out of the lane and I we were out side on the screen porch watching things unfolded.

Going through an event like this does certainly tune up the prepping jeans. This morning instead of having the sirloin steak I decided that we have scrambled eggs and ham. Today, assuming there’s no scheduled crew for our electrical problems, I will be slicing up the top certain line and turning it in to an all day slow cook on the barbecue out side. That barbecue deck by the way has almost half an ” of ice on it.

Just now there was another loud crashing noise out west of the shop so I’ll sign off and go see what damage was done if anything. The ground really funds when big limbs hit the ground under these conditions truly need but it’s a good time to be inside with a heater going.

Right when you get rich..

Ps. Understand Andy’s posts more using the speech to type yeegads

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19 thoughts on “Still Icy…”

  1. WOW… just got the new tax bill for the new year.. WOW…
    It went up over a hundred dollars a month… wages didn’t go up at all.. instead they cut hours.. at most of the places.. WOW…
    texas is looking better every day..

  2. Re: “Icee”

    It was good foursight to have had the arborists completing their good work on the property before branches could crash down immediately overhead.

    • I know that sound George.

      Out here in SEMO, February 2012 we had the same kind of ice storm.
      I remember walking out to the front porch at 6AM and hearing these crisp “crack”‘s, one after the other, thinking WTF ? 1 minute later realized these are ice covered branches, limbs, and yes, whole trees succumbing to the ice.

      Be well Ure family, clean up is gonna be a bitch.

  3. Gots ta luv dat STT app, mated to spelchek…

    All you need now is a couple inches of pretty, wet, sloppy snow. Snow on top of ice was the formula that knocked my power out for 11 days, 20 years ago.

    Stay safe…

    • lol IN 80 we had an ice storm that took out the power for a little over a month.. luckily I had a gas heater similar to this one..
      I packed the food up and put it in the shed at the time.. it was below zero.. so everything stayed frozen..
      there was a bad storm a few years ago wht took out one quarter of a state for about a year.. see if they had solar towers they wouldn’t have had that bad of a problem.. it was at the furthest part from the power plant..
      there are a bunch of citizens around these parts that sees a real bad situation coming and have the electrician swamped with putting in backup power.. my sister put in back up power in tenn.. after there was a tornado and then a flood.. took their power out for I believe she said six weeks.. again a solar tower at the sub stations would have eliminated a good deal of that situation..
      unfortunately.. if you have never had something like that happen to you.. then it is a non issue.. since I suspect that this whole ukraine bidens war is going to escalate beyone comprehension.. I have boughten the rocket heater..
      a nice multi fuel heater.. I am just getting the parts for the chimney one at a time until I can get it all done.. then I will have it put in place..
      I will eventually get the backup generator if I can’t get the boss to agree to a backup solar I do have solar but it is all grid tie.. .. had an odd dream.. real to life.. the dream was that Chinese military came to the door.. and seen a symbol in chinese that basically says only love and peace live here.. and they turned and left..
      Well is it good dream or was it a precognition dream.. who knows.. I did put the symbol in the windows on the door though.. just in case it was a precognition ..

  4. Oh da wryrony – neighbors tree takes out “tree killerz” power, a day after Ure clears the power lines of obstructions on his own dam property..

    The natural/vital source is sooo funny ! Guess you aint laughing so much as much as shivering. Did Ure not consult wit da”spirits” prior to killing dem threes? It appearz that way, otherwise da “Sylphs” might have guided you in a different direction. Instead of haircutz, they got dead and wasted..seems like it kinda sucks to be a tree in Ure neighbor neighborhood lately.

    Perhaps you might be interested to see and learn about the greatest woodworker I have ever had the pleasure of owning a piece of his work, and visiting his workshop/studio/magical location in Bucks County, PA
    As deeply a spiritual kinda guy as you could ever want meet, and incredible artist..

  5. I know george has his hands full . But maybe somebody could answer . How do consumption based economies work with no consumption, no jobs, no income ? Even the “official” stats tell us that now

  6. As a teen I was a Sunday paperboy. I had collected 3 paper routes that wrapped around a large hill in my section of hometown, and I always accomplished it myself on my bike, with multiple loads in my paperboy large basket. Only one morning in all those years did I have to get my Dad up at 4am (#*X@#&??) and beg him to get the car out and help me. We had an inch of ice covering everything, and I couldn’t even keep my loaded bike upright on level ground. Once Dad and I got out into the neighborhood and he discovered how the car would stop and then slide sideways to the curb, we had to make a route plan to avoid ALL the hillside streets possible. I left him and the car on the level, while I took a few papers in my bag and walked the hilly parts to deliver a few houses, and then slide back to to the car to get the next block. Dad never scolded me for getting him up once he saw how dangerous it was outside, and we were grateful to get back home without denting car. Oh, yeah… the tree branches… everywhere!

    Best advice for an ice storm. Don’t even THINK of going outside.

  7. glad you and E are okay man.

    it seems George, Chuck Daniells is a modern day prophet.

    DUDE and the Heavenly Hosts, answered my prayer today. that works well for me and I’m sure it is useful to eveyone I meet along “the way.”

    “The Devil said, “you are not strong enough to weather the storm.”

    to which you replied,

    atleaat I didn’t those my fiddle to a hillbilly in Georgia.

  8. right after i posted that comment a Giant Bald eagle landed infront of my car at the Ampm where I was getting gas.

    of course Map has both am and pm in it.

    take that as a good sign.


    • ‘Old Abe’ the civil war eagle was from my hometown. Back in the 70s they were near extinction from DDT poisoning. But when I was 25 and began my drive to the coast… and eventually a new life in Hawaii… I spotted a Bald Eagle standing over a hole in the river ice, fishing. First one I had seen in my life. Good omen.

  9. Never ceases to amaze me how each year Ma Nature can mix up the usual components of a Winter and find a new way to throw it at us. Luckily I’ve never become stuck between the steep paved hills on the road to the ranch through the years but the past few days I’ve done a lot more sliding around OFF road than I have on them. There was a good 1/4″ to 3/8ths inch of hard ice today on the caliche and bare ground that required 4WD all the time getting around to the places the goats like to stay in conditions like this. The only good thing is that the wind isn’t blowing a gale which makes things a lot more pleasant than they’d be in that situation.

    All the icecicles on the leaves this year are pointing an accusing horizontal digit in a Northward direction before their combined weight starts them pointing downward. No limbs have fallen as they did last couple of years which has provided a good amount of firewood this year for some in the family. Today things remained solid up until it got up to 26 whereupon the sleet turned to rain and things began to get sloppy. Handling wet feed sacks is worse than when they’re dusted with sleet or snow. Sweating under 3 layers of clothes while there’s icecicles forming on your mustache isn’t fun either but it’s worth it to put a smile on a goat’s face.

    If it’s going to be this way through tomorrow I won’t be able to feed as it’ll be too wet. School and the wife’s work got called off again for tomorrow, though, so it looks like I’ll have some company and a hot meal or two through tomorrow. I may have to play a board game or two, though. People just don’t know what to do with ice around here. The EMS and FD radio has been staying hot ever since the temperature crossed the freezing mark. All you have to do is SAY the word “Ice” and you’ll have at least 3 MVA/roll overs on the roads North of us in less than an hour. It’s just what people around there do during the Winter I guess.

    Still amazed I haven’t found another dogie goat. The nannies took full advantage of the growth we had when we got our annual monsoon back in September which broke the drought of Summer. This put enough fat on them to at least get through this part of the Winter. Hopefully when everything thaws out in a couple of days the accumulated wetness will water the ground for some Winter weeds to put back what they’ve used up the past few days. It has been trending toward dust up until now.

  10. “Ps. Understand Andy’s posts more using the speech to type yeegads”

    LOL! And we all thought your spelling was bad BEFORE…?

  11. What? No whole house generator? Onan 4.5 kw runs my house, with a transfer switch btw, including a/c n furnace.

    • Thought for the future: Small diesel generator as backup for the solar batteries, in case of situations like this. It only needs to run enough to top up the batteries – maybe an hour or two a day. The alternative(ideally) is the same thing driven by the PTO on the tractor.

  12. George,
    An awful lot of time, money and effort into your solar set-up and in less than 48 hours you are talking about getting more diesel and cranking-up the genset.
    – Any thoughts on prioritizing / restricting what should be running? New /different batteries? Any changes in mind ?
    – Diesel just went over $5.01 a gallon here in my little burg.

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