Although we are now about 16-months into the liberals bashing Trump, and continuing to live the lie that Hillary would have been better, we aren’t seeing much progress by either side.

Instead, the game of “He said – she said” continues…and it has absolutely nothing to do with Russian influence.  Anyone every really look into Uranium One?  No?  Email server?  No.

Tawdry affairs of Trump long before he became president?  Oh hell yeah.  Which just this morning we’re reading how a former Playboy model has reached a negotiated settlement allowing her to talk freely about Trump.

But, is it any business of the media, let alone a special prosecutor?  Keep in mind timing:  Trump didn’t run until 2016.  And about the timing of Trump’s reported affair Wikipedia puts it like this: “In November 2016, The Wall Street Journal reported that McDougal had told her friend that she had an affair with a married Donald Trump from 2006 to 2007, with various sources quoting that it had lasted from ten months to a year.”

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Interestingly, the media – which largely gave Bill Clinton a pass on his WHBJ deal – sees Trump now as somehow unfit for office.

When you look at how the liberal press coverage is running, it’s clear there are two agendas in play.  first is to cripple the Trump presidency, lest he continue draining the swamp.  And secondly, keeping the Robert Mueller Hooker and Fishing Expedition running as long as possible.

See, for example, the NY Times pathetic OpEd piece “The Smearing of Robert Mueller.

Look closely at the picture of Mueller the Times used and them compare it with something more current from, oh, Wikipedia, for example.

It looks to my totally untrained eye like the Times is trying to given an impression of Mueller as being much younger than he is.  Moreover, while the Times wags a finger  toward Sean Hannity’s charges and says there’s nothing to back it up, we so far have don’t have anything more incriminating on Trump than as a very rich businessman, he frequented hookers, some of whom appear to have “renegotiated terms” after the fact.

NOT on the front page of the NY Times (when I looked) was “Comey memos could land Rosenstein in contempt of Congress: Top Democrat” which may be a huge deal.  Deadline for production of the Comey memos (all of them) is Monday.

Wanna bet they get redacted and any incriminating ones, especially with higher ups  (Loretta Lynch?)just get “lost?”

Did you also notice “Comey friend hints forthcoming report could be damning for Loretta Lynch?”  Again, odd oped in the NY Times reads to us like circling of wagons.  The old newsman term to have ready is “Firewalling.”  As in Lynch and then Obama…

All because of a simple fact:  Give any man a billion dollars and see if beautiful women start to show up…all over the place when word slips out.

This psychodrama train wreck continues in the Wall Street Journal today, too: “Cohen Would Turn Against President if Charged, Counselor Warned Trump.

When was the last time you heard a lawyer telling a former client that their choice of legal representatives was brilliant?

Not one article I’ve seen has mentioned that Mueller’s “Russia turned fly fishing/hookers” probe could result in all the convictions ever…and still be meaningless.  You see, Trump as the sitting president would be able to issue instant pardons, if he had a mind to.  It’s the kind of little detail that gets overlooked.

If I were president, I’d get a second special prosecutor appointed as soon as possible to look into the other party.  And the one we’d recommend?

Alan Dershowitz.

Or, replace Jeff Sessions with Dershowitz who in our view would be more action-oriented and less process and people constrained.

Just sayin’.

Meantime, several leading political figures are demanding quick action on reports of unusual surveillance activity  in the District of Whateverness.

Oil Prices Rising

And they’re now at the highest levels since the previous administration was in the WHouse.  See Despite Increasing Focus on Electric Vehicles, Global Oil Demand Still Growing in the Short Term, Supporting Refining Margins, IHS Markit Says.

Also notice that gold and silver are firming?  Silver futures were up to $17.25 when I looked earlier.  Meanwhile, Bitcoins are around $8,200…but we figure this is as much about “George Soros is buying BTC’s” hype as anything.

While it’s not investment advice, if someone gave you the choice between 475-ounces of silver or ONE Bitcoin, please don’t tell me you’re that foolish!

Philly Fed Outlook

Just out:  Manufacturing data continues to improve:

“he diffusion index for current general activity edged 1 point higher, from 22.3 in March to 23.2 this month (see Chart 1). Nearly 37 percent of the manufacturers reported increases in overall activity this month, while 14 percent reported decreases. The indexes for current new orders and shipments remained positive but fell 17 points and 9 points, respectively.

In a picture:

Speaking of Philadelphia: Murder?

Police are investigating the “suspicious” death of former White House advisor H.R, McMaster’s father.

File under “Open Cases.”

Prime Time

Amazon crosses the 100-million mark in Prime customers.  One of which writes here and was one of the first to sign up way back when.

Dissing Predictions

We notice the media just can’t seem to wait before dissing a prediction about the end of the world. Here’s what I mean: “Rapture prediction for April 23 just latest of kooky doomsday calls.”


While there’s no question that it hasn’t happened in the past 736,679.5 days (2018.3 years), we will still bite our tongues until April 24th.

Meantime, time to fix a bathroom floor, so moron the ‘morrow…