War of Wunder Weapons?

We open our thinking toolkit – which includes the hypothetical Directorate 153 – today as we wonder what’s been going on at Area 51. And if that might have something to do with the U.S./NATO willingness to egg Russia (and whoever else) into a nuclear showdown.

However, as we face another morning of escalation potential in the Middle East in 3 hot zones, in Europe along the Ukraine and possibly now the NATO supporters of that war’s frontiers, there’s a new pot about to boil over in maritime territory held by the Philippines – and China wants to expand there oh so badly.

While our view is entirely fictional,; my consigliere has been asking me for months to “…ponder why Victoria Nuland and the other neo-turned-libcons at State are willing to put it “all out there.”

Is it runaway ideology?  Not likely – smart people don’t make moves unless they believe there’s a winnable play to be made.

But, as you will see in today’s speculative journey into the shadowlands of mythical intelligence units, there may be a lot more than a rabbit down this rabbit hole.  Could be aliens are playing us,..

If course there’s the usual news flow to be mined, as well.  So coffee up and let’s ride. We trust you remember of the Wunderwaffen worked out for Germany in WWII?

Into the Twilight Zone of future?

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George Ure
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18 thoughts on “War of Wunder Weapons?”

  1. George,

    Major Second Fractal Nonlinearity?

    Why did significant one day crashes occur on 19 Oct 1987 and on 6 May 2010? What news precipitated these events? The explanation of Fractal Macroeconomics is that both occurred in the terminal 2x to 2.5x window of second fractals, when nonlinear price devaluations occur in saturated FOMO oversold markets. 1929 to 1932 occurred at the end of a US hegemonic 90 year second fractal occurring as a 36/90 year series starting in 1807.

    Currently, this is year 31 of a 13/31-33 year 1982 first and second fractal series and day 113-114 (for the SPX and DAX respectively) of a 56/112-140 day October 2023 first and second fractal series. The system is in the terminal 2x to 2.5x second fractal windows. For the Wilshire 25 June 2024 did not exceed its 18 June 2024 nominal peak but did serve as a secondary near peak valuation of a 8/24/22 month fractal growth series from the March 2020 low.

    The asset debt system is in the time windows of both the 1982 and Oct 2023 second fractal nonlinearity.

    Will there be an incipient (and AI propelled) flash crash?

    US total market cap to GDP ratio was at 192.2 % on 24 June 2024, still 7% below its 2021 199.5% peak.

    So much debt since 2020 (as a % of GDP) from both governmental and private sources has produced relatively so little GDP.

    Expect the unexpected.

  2. Bill Gates new venture – Apeel. Turns our fruit into rubber. Look into his latest attempt to lower our population. It’s not aliens it our own elite . Killing us quietly.

    • Funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – should raise a few serious questions., but also from the World Economic Forum., that is a Red Flag waving.

      • Noticed fruit had been rotting from the inside out for a good year and a half or so….then read about Apeel within the last year….explains it all.?

  3. Wonder weapons..ya mean like the Sparkleies ? We got a similar hand held device – a Dazzler. What they hit ex fbi directors car with up NE ways several years ago- oh to be free. Ya know the cover upper in chief, ever wonder why he was brought into PSU for big ugly pedo scandal involving sandusky & Childrens Charity ? Never heard names of big name donors ??/of course not – got swept under rug good and fast..
    Speaking of secret weapons – whaddya think ukraine had been all about – prior to obongo/bribem/metabio ? Wide open weapons market – same exact source for rogue nukes purchased by ceres colony corp(mkultra sponsors) for revenge pollution/insult attack on pleiadies grp. Something about left over SS24 nukes frm soviets..blk mkt..victorbout..9/11..hunter.

    Ure directorate sounds like the “society of the red shield” aka DVD..cept those darklins luv to torture and kill Kids..see Madeline…only question is who was EU leader/bureaucrat who ordered her up off a menu/picture..

    Deepest rabbithole you have ever pondered ? Buckle up B&G’s this ride is FUGLY as FUGLY can be-Great ponders though..https://www.theinteldrop.org/2024/06/26/metabiota-theyre-all-in-it-epstein-maxwells-ukraine-biowar-firm-did-covid-for-trump-and-now-works-for-biden/

    *If youse intel guys are underground VA..Who is in Moon, PA, better yet who is in that big city underground colorado springs..subterranean like.

      • Steevo, you should try YANDEX, clean results, not stuffed with lame stream media. I know that it is Russian, but have found it better than Duck and Dogpile. So many rabbit holes yet to be explored….

        • only place you can search real research/science topics like Atlantis..and actually get real results back….careful, caution advised..ya know the old saw…”You cant handle the truth”

          ..lots of that – been meaning to share/suggest YANDEX on here..Thanks. Everyone on board should be better informed with this resource..

  4. North Korea has confirmed that they are sending an engineer battalion to the Ukraine in support of Russia.
    – This comes just weeks after Russia and North Korea signed a military support agreement – that each would immediately come to the aide of the other, if either one was attacked.

  5. TodayNV source: US diplomat’s body found in Kyiv
    [ Kiev ] hotel room, no signs of injury. door was locked from the inside – The body of a deceased US Embassy attaché was found in his room at the Hilton Hotel in Kyiv around 11 a.m. EET on June 25, according to NV and police sources.
    The Biden Administration has taken a major step in allowing US military contractors to deploy to the Ukraine. [ There are an awful lot of ex SEALS, Rangers and Green berets that will sign up for that. Mercenaries, by any other name. ]
    Lithuania says they are ready to deploy and train troops in Ukraine if needed. [ Lithuania has an Army?? I thought Girl Scouts selling thin mints was the only uniformed personnel in the entire country. Who knew ? ]

  6. Again, while all you home gamers are [with good cause] alarmed and distracted by the Kabuki…….


    The You S Gubmint will accept Bitcoin in payments. Color us surprised as I beleive this legislation is only a formality, but the action serves a greater purpose in terms of signaling.

    Reminds me of Cliff’s work where [Everything of value in the future will be in Satoshi’s. Everyones language refered to money in terms of how many Satoshis something costs to buy. ]. Not Advice do your own homework .

  7. re: “Shall We Dance”, 1937
    feat: Fred & Ginger


    Yesterday the knives and cutlery were out in the Buckingham Palace Ballroom at the King’s State Banquet for the visiting Emperor and Empress of Japan. The evening’s music programme began with “At Henry’s Table”, a joyful recollection of the glutinous King Henry VIII and epicurean times.

    The main course of the three course dinner was anchored by the flat-faced, left-eyed fish – baked filet of Cornish turbot (from the Prince of Wales Duchy?). The delicacy is immortalized in Juvenal’s Satire IV from the 120’s ad as Rome is sensed to be in a stage of unraveling. Various drink pairings were on tap. The denouement perhaps was the offered cuvée rosé champagne “with ripe red fruit aromas” whose website boasts of its dropping like “a paving stone” during the 1968 Paris riots. Dessert was centered around an “ice cream bomb” on a peachy bed.

    The guest list included Andrew Lloyd Webber. His “Phantom of the Opera” was played to those gathered no doubt eliciting an out of this world celebration feasting upon musical boats of rapture.

    As entitled guests carry their plagues to lifeboats in tempestuous seas, let’s join DJ George on deck just returned from a Texas nature bath and the luncheon table. It was good enough to close down the Palace Ballroom last night. Here we go with George Gershwin and
    “Shall We Dance?”

    State Banquet Programme:

  8. Smoked stuffed onions..
    cut an onion as if your going to make onion rings.

    pop out the center and keep a ring the center about an inch ..
    take hamburger
    one green pepper blended one egg and about a quarter cup of bread crumbs..
    1 tbsp. bar-b-que spice mix well..
    on the inside of the larger onion ring pack the hamburger around the inside place the smaller onion ring inside it.
    wrap bacon around the stuffed onion.
    place on smoker and smoke at 250 degrees for a half hour turn and finish smoking the grilled onion ring till done.

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