Writing UrbanSurvival means never having to say you’re sorry.  At least, not too often.

That’s a point I take some pride in because if there’s one thing 50 years of chasing down news (*among other exploits) has taught me, it’s to take the longer view and do so in a measured way.

To review:  When the Climate Pimps came along, selling “Global Warming” what did we do?  <Looked at the data sets sound familiar?>

Yes, since the last Ice Age the world has been slowly warming up, but it’s NOT something we can write a check to (or allow government to confiscate from us each, personally) and reverse.  God, Mother Nature, and computational thermodynamics don’t take tax money; sorry to break it to you… Still, we went partial solar in ’08…

But climate histrionics?  Listen: We live in an age that is on the mental edge because we focus too much on apps and have relegated clear, critical personal thinking to mass-appeal sources – most of which are full-a-da-brown-stuff.

As I have been telling you, between the lines at times:  Governments worldwide have a HUGE problem with too few resources and too many people.  In order to save the planet, they are not-so-gingerly morphing what humans do to low-pollution activities, easily monetized, highly-emotional, pushed on easily divisible groups, using mainly mental/emotional activities.  Need proof?  Try this one on:
Study: Collaborative video games could increase office productivity.”

Who’s being “gamed?”

This is why – big picture now – when you look around, same-gender relations are being promoted en masse – we suspise for their near-zero birth rate.  We also see lingo-slinging at work as terms like abuse are used by those unable to accept criticism or discipline. It’s all wreaks  the “softening of America.”  The attack on reproducers, the subversion of People of Action and Principle. White-Anglo heritage?  SHAME!!!

The policy of watering down the 80% majority to the low 6-0’s now was down without a vote.  But, through open borders…cheaper labor sources which we exploit in America but carefully wrapped in a flag of “Equality”  Damn slick marketing, I’ll admit.  So.where does it end?  Which is why I refer you to Jordan Petersen and David Goggins.

When headlines pass like “New university ranking system includes the cultural perspective,” my hair stands on end.

Silly cranky old-fart me: I thought the major ranking of colleges was on who made people smartest at the best price point…  OMG, I am an old reprobate.  Cultural sensitivity is being witlessly monetized by the dunderheads who haven’t figured out one of our simplest Axioms:  If you have a phone, that IS your culture…  (Hard to believe people can’t grok that…just like “Fish school” we now have humans swarming (like bees) online…).  With stinging results.
America doesn’t have much to apologize for, except on a cold morning like this, “warming” to this morning’s point: Swallowing Climate instead of seeing it as yet another monetization scheme.

Here’s something to consider:  Coldest EVER – as in recorded human history – in Chicago and much of the upper Midwest today.

Some headlines as back-up data for the assertion:

Yet, the data will slowly prove our views right.  Just as we didn’t buy 2012 (hook line and) but we were open to fresh data, and the same as we passed on “subsidence” of the planet, so, too, we await the data on climate.

However, I spent several hours Monday tearing down long-term climate data from the nearest “official” weather station that has data back to 1920:  Tyler, Texas:

Tyler, Texas, 1985 to most recent data is shown.  One thing we don’t understand, except (of course) we really do:  Why won’t NOAA let you download the whole data series?   It has to be “chunked” and joined.  My suspicion?  Since our premise is that that climate is a monetization scheme, “throttling” of data from a place (like Tyler) where heat islanding due to development would just be too damn inconvenient a Truth to have floating around.

I ask myself:  Why would people whose jobs depend on climate change want to throttle data?

Don’t let me rain on your parade.  Anyone who doesn’t understand that your hand doesn’t get cold before you put it on a hot stove is a Climate Jihadist and will swallow any nonsense that comes along.  Screw the data, yes kids.  Your phone is your Reality…your culture…and sadly, your co-victims.  Touch screen, touch-brain. (GAFL)

Who needs discipline and critical thought when you have a data plan?

Info-Gulch II: Data Starved Markets

While we wait for Housing data to cross from (more reliable, non-government) sources, the Bureau of Economic Analysis has issued its new data release schedule:

Gross Domestic Product by State for the third quarter of 2018, originally scheduled for release on Tuesday, Jan. 29.
The “advance,” or initial, estimates of Gross Domestic Product for the fourth quarter of 2018 and for all of 2018, originally scheduled for release Wednesday, Jan. 30.
Personal Income and Outlays for December 2018, originally scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 31.
U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services for December 2018, originally scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Gee, we can hardly wait.

Useful or Informative Data

Harley’s shares tumble on disappointing earnings.

Verizon sees no increase in 2019 profit, misses fourth-quarter revenue estimate

PG&E, owner of biggest U.S. power utility, files for bankruptcy

Xerox profit, forecast beat estimates; shares jump

Lockheed Martin profit misses estimates, shares slip

2018 US Securities Class Action Filings Break New Records; NERA Economic Consulting Releases Annual Securities Class Action Trends Report.

It’s Tuesday and still Everything’s a Business Model.