Wait! What About the Climate Hype?

Writing UrbanSurvival means never having to say you’re sorry.  At least, not too often.

That’s a point I take some pride in because if there’s one thing 50 years of chasing down news (*among other exploits) has taught me, it’s to take the longer view and do so in a measured way.

To review:  When the Climate Pimps came along, selling “Global Warming” what did we do?  <Looked at the data sets sound familiar?>

Yes, since the last Ice Age the world has been slowly warming up, but it’s NOT something we can write a check to (or allow government to confiscate from us each, personally) and reverse.  God, Mother Nature, and computational thermodynamics don’t take tax money; sorry to break it to you… Still, we went partial solar in ’08…

But climate histrionics?  Listen: We live in an age that is on the mental edge because we focus too much on apps and have relegated clear, critical personal thinking to mass-appeal sources – most of which are full-a-da-brown-stuff.

As I have been telling you, between the lines at times:  Governments worldwide have a HUGE problem with too few resources and too many people.  In order to save the planet, they are not-so-gingerly morphing what humans do to low-pollution activities, easily monetized, highly-emotional, pushed on easily divisible groups, using mainly mental/emotional activities.  Need proof?  Try this one on:
Study: Collaborative video games could increase office productivity.”

Who’s being “gamed?”

This is why – big picture now – when you look around, same-gender relations are being promoted en masse – we suspise for their near-zero birth rate.  We also see lingo-slinging at work as terms like abuse are used by those unable to accept criticism or discipline. It’s all wreaks  the “softening of America.”  The attack on reproducers, the subversion of People of Action and Principle. White-Anglo heritage?  SHAME!!!

The policy of watering down the 80% majority to the low 6-0’s now was down without a vote.  But, through open borders…cheaper labor sources which we exploit in America but carefully wrapped in a flag of “Equality”  Damn slick marketing, I’ll admit.  So.where does it end?  Which is why I refer you to Jordan Petersen and David Goggins.

When headlines pass like “New university ranking system includes the cultural perspective,” my hair stands on end.

Silly cranky old-fart me: I thought the major ranking of colleges was on who made people smartest at the best price point…  OMG, I am an old reprobate.  Cultural sensitivity is being witlessly monetized by the dunderheads who haven’t figured out one of our simplest Axioms:  If you have a phone, that IS your culture…  (Hard to believe people can’t grok that…just like “Fish school” we now have humans swarming (like bees) online…).  With stinging results.
America doesn’t have much to apologize for, except on a cold morning like this, “warming” to this morning’s point: Swallowing Climate instead of seeing it as yet another monetization scheme.

Here’s something to consider:  Coldest EVER – as in recorded human history – in Chicago and much of the upper Midwest today.

Some headlines as back-up data for the assertion:

Yet, the data will slowly prove our views right.  Just as we didn’t buy 2012 (hook line and) but we were open to fresh data, and the same as we passed on “subsidence” of the planet, so, too, we await the data on climate.

However, I spent several hours Monday tearing down long-term climate data from the nearest “official” weather station that has data back to 1920:  Tyler, Texas:

Tyler, Texas, 1985 to most recent data is shown.  One thing we don’t understand, except (of course) we really do:  Why won’t NOAA let you download the whole data series?   It has to be “chunked” and joined.  My suspicion?  Since our premise is that that climate is a monetization scheme, “throttling” of data from a place (like Tyler) where heat islanding due to development would just be too damn inconvenient a Truth to have floating around.

I ask myself:  Why would people whose jobs depend on climate change want to throttle data?

Don’t let me rain on your parade.  Anyone who doesn’t understand that your hand doesn’t get cold before you put it on a hot stove is a Climate Jihadist and will swallow any nonsense that comes along.  Screw the data, yes kids.  Your phone is your Reality…your culture…and sadly, your co-victims.  Touch screen, touch-brain. (GAFL)

Who needs discipline and critical thought when you have a data plan?

Info-Gulch II: Data Starved Markets

While we wait for Housing data to cross from (more reliable, non-government) sources, the Bureau of Economic Analysis has issued its new data release schedule:

Gross Domestic Product by State for the third quarter of 2018, originally scheduled for release on Tuesday, Jan. 29.
The “advance,” or initial, estimates of Gross Domestic Product for the fourth quarter of 2018 and for all of 2018, originally scheduled for release Wednesday, Jan. 30.
Personal Income and Outlays for December 2018, originally scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 31.
U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services for December 2018, originally scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Gee, we can hardly wait.

Useful or Informative Data

Harley’s shares tumble on disappointing earnings.

Verizon sees no increase in 2019 profit, misses fourth-quarter revenue estimate

PG&E, owner of biggest U.S. power utility, files for bankruptcy

Xerox profit, forecast beat estimates; shares jump

Lockheed Martin profit misses estimates, shares slip

2018 US Securities Class Action Filings Break New Records; NERA Economic Consulting Releases Annual Securities Class Action Trends Report.

It’s Tuesday and still Everything’s a Business Model.

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28 thoughts on “Wait! What About the Climate Hype?”

  1. I love solar..we put in our first kw a few years before you.. The cost per 100 watt panel was around 1500.00 a piece.. The last 3kw system after rebates and free shipping was well under 500.00 not counting install.
    I have one panel that some kids from MIT,Boston Tec. Cal tech and BYU missed when installing a set for extra summer credit.
    That one panel is my seed panel to convince my wife we need more.. If we received credit like a lot of states offer we would only have the 57.00 connection fee. On average we produce from 20kw to 37kw a day. Half is backup only.
    Everyone already knows that I think the idiots that have designed the grid as drooling idiots that designed it only for control and profit,leaving it totally wide open for a catastrophic event and collapse, jeopardizing national security . But then..they make way more than I do and I’m just some idiot in the middle of nowhere, so in reality which one of us is the real drooling idiot.lol.

    • You are not the idiot. We all have the ability to take care of ourselves and families to some degree. Total independence is not an option unless you want to live like a Bigfoot in the wilderness. I applaud your clear thinking and efforts.

    • The grid was never “designed.” It was built with the best technology available, in sections, as manufacturing and money allowed. The sections were eventually phase-matched and “grid-tied” into a single power grid.

      You like to read…

      Try this:


      It is a history of the General Electric Massive Power Transformer facility at Pittsfield, Mass and the MPT dev team at Schenectady, New York. It doesn’t jibe perfectly with the history of the Westinghouse Massive Power Transformer facility at Muncie, or the Allis-Chalmers Massive Power Transformer facility at Terre Haute, both in Indiana, which I read up on some years ago, but it’s close.

      “LPTs” or Large Power Transformers (100MVA and above) start at about 50 tons and range up to about 400 tons. There are probably 15,000-16,000 of these in the U.S. grid, somewhere (no one knows for sure, where or how many — there could be as few as 12k or more than 22k.) The MPTs range from 400 tons to over 1200 tons — The one I saw a photo of was as big as a two story house (I’ve seen the flatcar that hauled it, in-person.) AFAIK the “grid” is comprised of 37 of these MPTs, which feed the LPTs which, in-turn feed the millions of smaller transformers at substations.

      The transformers have a finite lifespan (you can find news photos of LPTs exploding in Chicago, and in Queens.) They ALL are subject to destruction via EMP. When GE and Westinghouse were in full swing, it took 10 months to make an MPT. ABB and Siemens eventually acquired all American transformer tech and manufacturing facilities. The only place MPTs are currently built is the ABB factory in China, which can crank out ~9 per year (at its peak, I believe GE could make 17 per year but my memory is fuzzy – that might be a combined number from GE and Westinghouse.) ‘Point is, a Carrington redux, or a HEMP attack over CONUS, and we’re outta power for almost 5 years, assuming we play nicey-nice with China. A long Carrington, and the folks in China will be too worried about their next meal to build any transformers for anybody.

      Would hardening the grid prevent a years-long massive power outage? I don’t know, nor does anyone else, but it could, and doing ANYTHING is better than doing nothing at-all, which is what we’ve done up to this point. I see stuff like this, and wonder who gains, if North America gets thrust back into the 18th Century…

  2. Okay Mike, I know since George wrote about Climate Change, you are going to troll him with your bridge analogy: “If 97% of the engineers said that a bridge was not safe to drive on, would you cross it?”
    Fine. Can you explain where your 97% of scientist agree on global warming comes from? Allow me. It comes mainly from a paper done by a guy named Cook. He reviewed the literature on climate change. He started by downloading several thousand papers that included the key words ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’. Of those, 66% of those papers took no position on human interaction with the environment. Of the remaining 34%, 33% stated that human activity had at least a contributing factor to climate change. Divide 33 by 34 and you get 97%.
    Let’s continue. The key here is ‘at least a contributing factor’. Of those 34% of papers that took a position, he placed the ones that had endorsed human activity as contributing to climate change into two categories: endorsed with qualification and endorsed without qualification. The first category contained all the papers that took the position that human activity is the primary (over 50%) driver of global warming. The rest went into the other category, meaning the impact of human activity could be 1%, 10%, or 100% of climate change. The first represented 1.6% of the papers (that is of the 34% that endorsed a position on human activity, so about 0.5% of the total on climate change and global warming). Moreover, several scientists are on record as stating that Cook misrepresented their work.
    Everything is a business model.

  3. Polar vortex are becoming a normal winter weather condition, maybe it’s my imagination, but their frequency may have increased with severity. Does anyone know if the stuff that is being spray in our atmosphere, may be collecting at the poles and displacing the cold air. Like in a burning building or a chemical explosion the air is lower, stop,drop,roll.

  4. Well its downright balmy up here in Saskatchewan Canada, -30F with the windchill, -50F
    Two days ago it was 30 and raining. Love our weather.

  5. If same sex partnerships are encouraged on one end of the spectrum to control population growth, the immigrant end of the equation will wildly dilute the desired ‘same sex’ effect – arguably, immigration will produce a tsunami of traditional procreating relationships, continuing the upwardly spiraling geometric population growth curve.

    All too soon the U.S. of A. may be forced to consider adopting a China-like ‘one child’ policy for one or more generations in order to halt the current geometric population growth dynamics and move more towards a more accurate linear growth curve with predictive recursive relationships.

    • I have to concur. As a White American male hetero-retro-sexual, I have no interest in the gay agenda beyond making sure it doesn’t interfere with my access to the opposite sex. The biological imperative for most is to mate with the opposite sex, and most of the time it’s not for pro-creation. Most males would rather engage with a sex doll/robot or abstain than be involved with another male. We still don’t have available male birth control, and we have open borders for fertile people. No reason not to sterilize people(male and female) as a condition for an immigrant visa. We face a worldwide Malthusian crisis that will only be resolved by the Four Horsemen, or a massive effort to sterilize at least 90% of the less productive and intelligent humans. This is NOT politically correct, but unless we want ourselves and ours to die in horrible ways, we’re better off maintaining a much lower population worldwide.

      Sex won’t be stopped. It’s the primary driver of all economies and most humans. It’s true for all life, not just us. Preventing conception is better than terminating pregnancies, and is both much cheaper and less politically polarizing. Cheap ways to do this include vaccinations(voluntary or otherwise), and even aerial spraying of sterilizing agents. We need to start massive incentives to do this. Unfortunately, there are no economic models that thrive with a diminishing population.

      I don’t like these choices at all, but personally, I see no alternative other than the natural ones of disease, war, starvation, etc.

  6. “never having to say you’re sorry. At least, not too often. ”

    I wish I didn’t lol…

    I need to listen to my wife more.. She says I can be rude and insensitive and talk at people rather than with people and I don’t even know it.

    I’m trying to help this old vet..he’s homeles and Living in the bitter cold in an old car with issues. When he Went to retire from the military it seems they miss placed portions of his records so the couldn’t give him the retirement until they fixed it.after the first year It put him on the street living in his car.
    My wife said I shouldn’t butt my fat head into it because A senator is working feverishly hard on correcting it..yeah I bet..
    But in the end I seemed to let him move on the couch so he didn’t freeze with all this global warming..an airplane mechanic and computer guidance control ..

    • Looking: “I need to listen to my wife more. She says I can be rude and insensitive”

      Welcome to my world.

    • What did I learn so far from this old man…

      Any one of us can be forced to live on the street, after a little adversity.
      What I am doing for us is making sure we have adequate sleeping bags to withstand arctic temperatures. So I ordered some ..
      I cannot solve a lazy senator or dysfunctional record keeping.
      But I have noticed he suffers from PTSD from wars he’s been to and will have some friends stop by for coffee and a Danish, hopefully he will ask them to help.
      There are some things that they can do to assist right away with if he’s willing.
      No man or woman that dedicated their life for our country should be forced to live in that kind of situation.
      He reminds me of the can man that lived in a dumpster..

  7. hey george,
    you mentioned 2012.
    have you run across robert felix?
    that is a fellow who thinks outside the box.
    his second book, ‘magnetic reversals and evolutionary leaps’
    permanently bent my brain…lol

  8. WHY THE STOCK MARKET WILL CRASH BEFORE THE 2020 ELECTION (unless Trump wakes up, which doesn’t look probable) (But not before URE INDEX 30,000 so the Deep State can pocket more money & claim credit due to a weak Trump further increasing Trump’s unpopularity). For the US to prosper, the Global community must have faith in our government, so they can have faith in our dollar. If the world does not support the dollar & our debt, Wall Street will collapse. Looking at our Government with this current mess doesn’t garner world support, in fact, just the opposite. If PT can’t turn the government around, he will turn the markets down in a big way & be blamed for it by the American Voters (both Deplorables & Liberals). The 2020 election will be the greatest liberal landslide of all times. The Deep State doesn’t care because a world depression will give them the opportunity to establish their end goal of a World Government controlled by them. Sort of the same way Hitler came into power. They won’t be any better, only greedier.

    • The following words are from another website. Do note that trump is surrounding by corrupt officials (judges, FBI, police, controlled mass media, congress, etc) so it is amazing that anyone could last in such a situation. The level of anti-Trump sentiment reflects the damage he is doing to the elite. Talk about against all odds …

      “They are in a panic (- the Ruling Elites). A panic like I can’t even begin to describe or explain.

      They, the Ruling Elites, are saying that Trump is destroying everything. He’s systematically step by step dismantling all of their plans that they have spent 50 years building up trying to form a world government.

      And he’s destroying all of it and they are doing everything they can to pull him down, doing everything they can to remove him, destroy him and so fourth, but so far they have not been able to.

      And they (the Ruling Elites) know that they can not allow this thing (their world order) to fall apart with him (President Trump) heading it up, because he will destroy them.

      So there’s a battle in world government circles like we have never ever ever seen.”

  9. Mark, you may be right about Pres. Trump being dumb. Even dumber than the 2 Bushes. Along with his ego, lack of action, & Twitter Acct, he is making a mess of things. A big departure from my previous posts, but it is what it is.

    • I sometimes wonder.. Are these presidents really as dumb as I sometimes think they are.

      Or was there a little slight of hand being played on them while in office.

      I see Trump being played from so many angles.
      By so many people, even those that he should be able to count on for support. That I think the only option he sees that he has is the people on Twitter and the general public.
      I would like to think I could stand strong. But unfortunately i would of probably caved a long time ago. Took the payouts and played their game.
      he’s a salmon going upstream trying to do the right thing for the country he loves.

    • Here is the deal ECS,

      I didn’t want Trump, nor did I think him to be THIS dumb…and I do not relish in the fact that he presently is a disaster. I am a Republican, not a liberal as many think on this site…and one that is worried about our country.

      What IS important to me, however and should be of importance to every single voter out there is that we all should have high expectations, the utmost respect and reverence for all of our elected officials…that’s rare… Nobody is going to perfect, but at the very least they should have a vocabulary that’s better than a 5th grader, knowledge of world events that goes beyond Fox and Friends, and junior college drop out radio hosts, and goals and strategies for the White House that are a bit more ambitious than TV and poll ratings results.

      Trump has his base…God bless them…they think he is somehow going to pull a rabbit out of his hat and actually win at something that somehow is going to change their lives. They will have a long wait…No president is ever going to do that. They all need to realize that only they are responsible for their own lives and actions.

      I was listening to Kamala Harris last night. She definitely has a dynamic personality and is incredibly intelligent. And, she started off strong, but ended up defaulting to the same BS rhetoric that all politicians spout. One such topic was that she wants free college education. Huh? Don’t tell me that unless you are ready to explain how the hell it’s going to be paid for. If you raise taxes to pay for it, then IT ISN’T FREE!!! I abhor Blanket campaign promises. If a politician wants to stand out…then Be Bold and be specific. So what if voters are bored with the details…Specifics should be the one criteria we all should demand for all candidates. Spell it out and give us time to ponder the implications.

      This is why I hate Trump. He not only is the opposite of specific. He makes zero sense when he talks, makes things up as he goes and lies incessantly as if no one will notice. He is the Mr. Obvious of really bad Politicians. They don’t get any worse than this clown. Yet, people cheer about an analog wall, when we should be embracing a digital solution. He disguises a tax plan to be for the people, when it really only benefits the rich corporations. He talks about his great relationships with Russia, North Korea and negotiating skills with Iran…but today the Chiefs of Intelligence rebuked the President by saying North Korea is not getting rid of their nuclear weapons, Russia is an existing and dangerous threat to our country and ISIS is not defeated.

      We are living in dangerous times with a very dangerous President. Thanks ECS for noticing.

      • I see why you are so concerned about who is president. I have never given credit to any president for the success or failure of any business I have been in.
        The dollar is doomed regardless of who is, was, or will be president.

      • But Mark, Bernie already told us how to fund free education for all: “A one cent per transaction tax on all stock market trades…”

        ‘Course if you do the math, the Markets are open about 250 days per year, and average 1.1bln trades per day, which works out to $55mln/week, or $2.75bln per (250 day) year.

        I’m not motivated enough to dig into this farther than when I first published these numbers here, but I’d be willing to bet $2.75bln wouldn’t pay the grounds and support staffs at just the California colleges.

        When I ran the numbers last year, there were 20.1mln full-time college kids in the U.S. — don’t remember the number of institutions of higher learning, but it was in the same data dump as that 20.1mln number, and probably in my post from last year.

        ‘Point is, the numbers don’t work. 100x the numbers don’t work. Politicians say this crap, and get away with it, because nobody checks the numbers. Then they implement a bad law or bad policy, can’t get rid of it, and have to find a way to fund it. This is the principal reason the U.S. is in the shape it’s in, today…

        • 2.75 billion is budget dust. 1/8363th of orf the fed debt. Ergo, Bernie would pay off the national debt…NEVER. because it compounds more than that per year. At 3 PERCENT, the interest alone on the debt is $69-billion per year.
          Perhaps Warren, Bill, Tim, Donald, even Howard…could please school Bernie how the math works?
          Meantime, what was the outcome with Bernies wife and the school funds and is that their control channel into him still??
          Jeez, people…

  10. Climate HYPE is right. It is entertaining (for a few minutes, at least) watching The Weather Channel or a weather spot on TV “news,” and just listening to the “meteorologists” attempt to make every “weather event” sound like its life-changing or world-ending. One of TWC gals today, in a “conversation” with her co-host, made the statement: “We’ve got to convince people [that] a Winter Storm Warning is every bit as meaningful and dangerous as a Tornado Warning. ISYN!

    What’s going on outside, from Fargo, east, is called “winter.” I was in Michigan Monday and yesterday. Nobody talked about the weather, because it is “ordinary” and typical for this time of year. I didn’t like driving the Interstates @ 15mph in spots, because there was white-out snow and visibility was ~40ft., but it’s something I’ve done for 40 years now, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT WEATHER DOES SOMETIMES, in the winter.

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