V.O.D. – Secret to Great Investments?

Virtualization of Desires is a pretty damn interesting topic:  What it means, simply, is that the objects of human desires in the bricks and mortar period of industrialization be beginning to fade.

Not that the “new age” will roll in overnight (as Elon Musk just found out); there are bumps in technology.  But what it drags behind it is a transition period that we’re fast approaching defined as when humans are no longer required to do much “work” – and so economics will have to adjust by coming up with a different basis of compensating people.

This morning, a look at what the charts are hinting as, where all this virtualization leads, and a call for a technology equivalent of the Environmental Impact Statement.  Because until we get our economic plans in order and until government adjusts, the Singularity might become synonymous with Collapse.

We label this “The Melt.”

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6 thoughts on “V.O.D. – Secret to Great Investments?”

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