Power breakfast aboard (turkey croissant sand.. and half bowl of chili) I am ready to face a harsh reality: I quit my long position in the QQQ’s yesterday instead of waiting for this morning.

Not that I lost money, or anything stupid like that. I didn’t.  Made money even after commish.

But the futures were looking like the Q’s might have added half a point today and that’s leaving money on the table.  Oh well.

Every now and then, a reader will ask why I don’t post my trades real-time. Simple answer: I post way after the fact so that no one can accuse me of offering financial advice. I ain’t no tout service.  You can read what I have done but what you do with your money is your business.

That said, however, we do look ahead at the economy and where things seem to be going. That’s like standing in the middle of the freeway.

For example, Monday I suggested there would be a down, a rally, and then a holiday.

We had a nice drop at the open yesterday, then things turned around in the afternoon, and we look to really toss more upside on in the early going today.

Next week leads into the holiday weekend and that usually means a few days of rally, then a decline so the commercials can get their dough off the table ahead of the long weekend. (They need something to cover bar tabs.)

For the rest of us the problem is a little longer-term.

The problem comes down to: When Bush II took office, his first year sucked. 9/11 and all that along with a biggish market decline.

Ditto for the Golfer in Chief. When he took office the swan song of housing was already into the second verse and within three months of the hand-on-Bible, the Dow was bumping off the low 6,000’s.

Basically, the historical record suggests that presidential first terms are a fine time to have an economic problem. Second terms are fine for mediocre recoveries and passing the problem on to the other party.

Which brings us to?

More Lies From Clinton

All Donald Trump has to do is shut up and look presidential to win the White House. This as another 14,900 HRC emails have come to light.

This could be worse than it appears (and it’s plenty bad since it shows how HRC used the Clinton Foundation to funnel appointments to State). The reason we say this is that the normally pro-Clinton NY Times worried the story on their front page  as “New Clinton Emails Raise Shadow Over Her Campaign…”

Even more damning is the Washington (Amazon) Post coming around to report (front page) that “Emails reveal how foundation donors got access to Clinton, State Dept. aides…

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that as CNN admits “Foundation becomes campaign issue…”

Meanwhile HRC chairman John Podesta (who may have post-election questions about his disclosures about Russia money on a high tech development) says “The Foundation has already laid out the unprecedented steps the charity will take if Hillary Clinton becomes president…”

Podesta didn’t respond the more obvious point: What about that strong-arm payments to the Foundation selling access to HRC at State… but that’s the kind of election this is.

Come to think of it, it’s not really an ELECTION.


Despite Trump raising the issue of voter fraud – and the lack of accountability and ease of hacking voting machines – it is a TRANSACTION and Hillary could hold up a bank in broad daylight on YouTube and still make it to the White House.

Transaction, not election, is the key thing to grasp.

Trump obviously gets this: Donald Trump calls for special prosecutor to investigate Clinton Foundation.

The media circus – like Hillary Opens an Already Opened Jar of Pickles to Prove She is Healthy – is so stupid, it makes me want to puke.

In broadcast programming lingo, these are lowest denominator viewer stunts. And if you want to understand why America has $20 trillion in accumulated debt? Look around yourself and count stupid people and those over-medicated.

Simple, ain’t it?

Terror on the Home Front

You know another thing that could derail the HRC Transaction for the WH? FBI Reportedly Investigating Whether Virginia Stabbings Were ISIS-inspired.

Here’s how this plays:

The myth (Big Lie) is that Obama has “kept America safe” while he’s been taking down the borders – in violation of federal law…but it’s too late to impeach, and so on.

But should the FBI admit that terror cells have popped up thanks to the lack of vetting and open borders…well THAT becomes almost an instant Trump win. All he has to do is shut up, look presidential, and maybe mention “8 More Years of Obama” which is what HRC would be – but worse.

Unless you’re a Free  Luncher – and in that case the HRC Gravy Train is just another welfare transaction.  So’s her hiring of illegals to get the vote out.  Yes sir, get people out who don’t read.

Not that we don’t have the least informed voters in the world already.

Better Late Than Never Dept.

Obama to tour flooding amid criticism that he’s late. But as we note, better never late.

Prepping Notes

My buddy Gaye has 25 Must Have Items for Your Survival Hygiene Kit on her site this morning. After thinking about it, I have a few changes to offer…

#26 is a big assortment of small airline size bottles of hooch…

#27 is Tums for those who don’t want to use the baking soda as an antacid.

Drop deodorant…add a box of Dude Wipes…

But a fine list.

Look…Up in the Sky I

OH…flash here. See what our consulting astrologer Michelle posted about the upcoming eclipse in the comments section.

“There’s an old astrological “equation”: Eclipse + Triggering Planet = Quake and/or Political Upheaval. We may see some heavy duty quakes a year from now after the August 21, 2017 total eclipse of the Sun is in full visibility as it travels across the U.S., followed less than a week later by Mars transiting over the eclipse point @ 28-29 deg Leo. See more on the path of the eclipse here: http://www.eclipse2017.org/2017/path_through_the_US.htm

What is particularly important is that the path crosses over or very near some of the critical earth change points in the US: It will pass over the Juan de Fuca fault line in Oregon, cross close to Yellowstone and its dangerous cauldron, then on to New Madrid and finally exit the US at Charleston NC, site of an historic 1886 7.3 quake, which has been called the most destructive quake in the East Coast. Of course the New Madrid quake of 1811-12 was even larger and caused more damage…and is overdue.

Because the eclipse is also conjunct the fixed star Regulus, [“the King”] many astrologers will also be talking about the eclipse being a sign of important changes in world leadership. These changes may be caused by death, revolution, or retirement. Of note: one of the astrological birth charts proposed for Trump gives his Ascendant as 29 deg Leo, the location of both Regulus and the August 2017 total eclipse. If the chart is valid, he will certainly experience important changes in his life, regardless of this year’s election outcome.

Keep an eye out for articles over the coming year discussing all the possibilities this eclipse may portend. We live in interesting times!

Have water stored and ready.

Disclosure – Tomorrow?

(Look!  Up in the Sky II?(  From the desk of warhammer:

“Beam me up! Just a stone’s throw from our ‘not so’ Old Sol!


If the media is the message, then this ‘news’ has some potentially exciting implications. Perhaps we are being conditioned to the potential existence of extraterrestrial intelligence?”

Well, aliens have landed already in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, not to mention Washington…so yeah…aliens are among us, already, lol.

And a Reader Note

A couple of people have had an issue of being served “old pages” by our speedy caching software. I changed some setting this morning which should fix things for people with old browsers.

imagePoint is that we like to have a speed page with no errors to speak of and if you are not getting fresh material daily (or nearly so) then you really need to get a modern up to date browser going.  Our Google Page Speed Insights scores are respectable.

(When someone says they are a hot-diggety web developer or code guru, run their sites through Google – that is oftentimes an eye opener.  In today’s world, Google really does count.)

Trumps mobile page speed is 45, by the way.  Hil’s is 47 and that’s within latency drift of the net…

BTW2 the minor dings we get for leverage browser caching are for elements we can’t cache *or I am too dumb to figure* – like the gold and silver charts and the ads….

Make sure you have your browser set to reload a page every time you visit it. Otherwise, who knows how far behind the times you might be.