Update: The Weekend Posting Schedule

Peoplenomics.com will be updated around noon- 1PM Central Saturday.

This is due to the on-going eye saga. And if you’re interested in that, I will post an update Sunday Special on the UrbanSurvival.com site.

We will then hope to roll into whatever passes for normal around here next week.

Like the doctor says, Thanks for your patients…

3 thoughts on “Update: The Weekend Posting Schedule”

  1. Best of luck with your eye problem. Now to the selling of your plane. Have no idea how long on the market, but before advertising it, did you check with your astrologer friend, since one important minor communication planet, Mercury went retro and the planet of action, machinery, etc….Mars also retro.
    Loved the comment about kids, VR and especially
    Microsoft and these stupid changes, maybe ego working, change entirely overdone. Me thinks, maybe a sickness??

  2. George, please keep us in the loop on your eye saga. We all have eyes, with varying levels of functionality, and we will all have some challenges there eventually. I certainly do, and so far, I’ve been luckier than you, yet less than some. Post if you feel up to it, otherwise, just relax and have a day of rest. We do understand. Leave the airplane and other hard decisions until they feel right for you.

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