Two-Part Tuesday: Basics then Housing

Which, if it sounds a bit oblique, means we will share our regular stuff first and then follow-on with the Housing data due to roll about 8:15 AM Central time.  I will be hitting “Publish” multiple times this morning, as storms are moving through the area and you never know about CenturyLate‘s internet service when satcoms are down.

International Trade and Advance Inventories

Advance International Trade in Goods The international trade deficit was $64.2 billion in March, up $4.3 billion from $59.9 billion in February.  Exports of goods for March were $127.6 billion, $9.1 billion less than February exports. Imports of goods for March were $191.9 billion, $4.8 billion less than February imports.

Advance Wholesale Inventories Wholesale inventories for March, adjusted for seasonal variations but not for price changes, were estimated at an end-of-month level of $650.0 billion, down 1.0 percent (±0.2 percent) from February 2020, and were down 2.0 percent (±0.9 percent) from March 2019.  The January 2020 to February 2020 percentage change was revised from down 0.7 percent (±0.2 percent) to down 0.6 percent (±0.2 percent).

Advance Retail Inventories Retail inventories for March, adjusted for seasonal variations but not for price changes, were estimated at an end-of-month level of $666.8 billion, up 0.9 percent (±0.2 percent) from February 2020, and were up 0.6 percent (±0.7 percent)* from March 2019.  The January 2020 to February 2020 percentage change was revised from down 0.3 percent (±0.2 percent) to down 0.4 percent (±0.4 percent)*.

Not a good report, at all.  How is it our trade deficit is still going up?  Not that it matters to the crack babies on Wall St – Dow futures up almost 400 at click time.

“Yeah…pandemic, 30-million lost jobs, slow reopening’s, widening trade deficit….sure, let’s rally.  A couple of thousand points?  Biden ahead of Trump?  Pour it on brothers and sisters of the revolution…”  

Is CV-19 Really “Dial-A-Pop?”

Want to some soothing, marginally paranoid speculation to roll around? 

One of our astute readers raised a dilly of a point this morning in the Comments Section (there’s one after each article):

And wait in the years to come the HIV splice that turns to Aides in millions of Americans…”

Since we know that Everything’s a Business Model, what are the odds that the Chinese scientists who may have had something to do with this have actually built the biological equivalent to a “dialable-yield” atomic weapon?  (We assume you understand the yield control concept for proper MIRV’ing?)

With the death toll (from CV19, round 1) at 3.054 million and deaths around 211.5-thousand, and the US now suffering 11.9-times  more cases than China, the preponderance of the data certainly “suggests” (as we hinted at in January when we got deep into this ) that although China  claims it is not a bioweapon, it sure seems to be acting as one.

The scary part – and this is like “Cold War II, the Bio Sequel” is that while the U.S. may  know the Chinese staged a “self-release” for staging purposes, while the U.S. and Europe were the real targets, we can see the Cold War II playing out step-wise something like this:

  1. First Step is China doing self-release.  Plausible deniability.
  2. Second Step is China’s delaying disease warnings to allow greater spread.
  3. Third Step is to “influence” the China-beholden WHO into delaying the pandemic labeling which could have triggered responses earlierr.
  4. Fourth Step is to use left-wing stooges/sympathizers to slow the U.S. (Trump) response.  Side orders of Sinophobia are serve to the Derangement Syndrome population. New ad says Trump did put “America First” — in COVID deaths.
  5. Fifth Step is China’s restriction on critical material exports to the U.S.
  6. Sixth Step is to get demanding of the U.S. in political-speak/agitprop. Payback’s a bitch for the good trade deal.
  7. Seventh Step is the U.S. reading well between the lines, withdrawing our B-52s from Guam to preserve our back-up strike force.
  8. Eighth: China messages that if the U.S. attacks, all of the “plug and plays” on the CV-19 molecule will be set loose on the world.  Oh, look, another demand: Chinese Warns US To Halt Military Operations In South China Sea .  The US, in a pickle, tries to limit public blowback by allowing YouTube Censors Viral Video Of California Doctors Criticizing “Stay-At-Home” Order. SIP is our only defensive play, for now.  Massively more so in Biowar Wave II – the payloads.
  9. Ninth: The U.S. begins a desperate research effort to find something that will plug CV-19 receptors with benign results in order to thwart Chinese leverage.  Leading into this, of course, was Pfizer aims for millions of vaccine doses this year, Germany’s infection rate rises.
  10. Tenth: Then China – sensing success in a “second strike preventative” goes ahead hardening its population (China is installing surveillance camera outside people’s front doors … and sometimes inside their homes) but eventually goes ahead with release of a second CV-19 -the payload activator.
  11.  Eleventh:  US nukes the payload cities to prevent massive US casualties.
  12. Twelveth:  China attacks the Pacific rim U.S. assets using conventional warfare (painting the U.S. and whoever is President as a  madman.
  13. Thirteenth: The U.S. massively retaliates with its own  epicanthal targeting bio weapon and “cauterizes” large sections of China.

By the time the dust settles and the world begins to recover from nuclear winter, it will be known that China misjudged U.S. resolve.  They won’t have been the first.

Thinks like the foreign EMP satellites over the U.S. every 92-minutes may somehow link to Kid Korea’s illness or death.  On the wires “Is Kim Jong Un Dead? Trump Knows How He’s Doing, But ‘Can’t Talk About It’.”  Do the cartel’s have an “in” with China, so they too can make open border demands on the U.S. and increase gang (fifth column)_ presence here in New China?  (Formerly the USA.)

Good news?  Toilet paper and the shortage of meat will be the least of our worries.

Like I said:  Dark and depressing.  Yet, the data – with the U.S. approaching twelve times the Chinese case load looks like we’ve been targeted, for sure.  Therefore, Step Eight, detail level step a)_ would be for Chinese to revise its cases count up.  There’s likely a case/ratio trigger built into biowarfare protocols, somewhere.

Sheesh.  You can see why I don’t like to think too deeply, on such things, right?

Let’s Go to the Stupid Shelf

What does the lousy left leaning media offer as sheep-food this fine morning?

I mean we can skip all the “reopening” festival stories because when evenly looked-at, it’s risky to go back.

The US Navy has declassified three UFO videos.  Why, this ought to lead to the next big psycho drama – alien disclosure.

Depression 2.0 is underwar, though the unholy alliance of financial engineers, the Feral Reverse, and the CV-19-driven energy overflow are masking it for now.  But, when you look into the details “Texas manufacturing contraction deepens, indicator plunges to historic low.”

On that note, off for a second round of what was a really delish pizza from last night.  The only problem with pizza for breakfast is the nagging “too early fooor a beer or wine with it.”

But, since we’re locked down…milk?

Write when you get “extra mutz…”  (NY’ese for mozzarella)

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30 thoughts on “Two-Part Tuesday: Basics then Housing”

  1. I found some chucky cheese tickets 2 weeks back. Lol. Italian currency for durable goods. Translation from the Universe, via my pea brain.

    It has become apparently clear I need golfing lessons. Among other things. It’s one thing grabbing 18 gears on a Eaton Fuller and its another driving 18 holes with a Wilson shifter. Both take much finesse. It’s a two fer for me as well, I get golfing lessons and my pride and ego smashed. Lol

    Its 82 fricken degrees at 542 am in the Cochella Vally. Gonna be a scorcher.

    One thing I learned in all my fights. Fear makes the opponent stronger. That an use what is available. A guy came at me with a knife and I turned with my back the metal door behind me. Most would think that would be a mistake. However, I know when he lunged tostrike, when he missed the Metal door would disarm him for me as I launched my counter strike. Because i dont care how strong a person is, their wrist will crush when that knife hits that harder object.

    Rememeber George,

    “To fight and conquer in all your battles is not with Supreme Excellence. Supreme Excellence is to win your battles without fighting.”

    Sun Tzu. ~ The Art of War. ~

    Thanks again Mark for my resume and the job recommendation! Outstanding!!!

    Off to drive 18 holes. Lol

    • The earthquake app uses motion sensors on Cell phones to establish size and triangulate the epicenter of an Earthquake. In a peer to peer network.

      It is pretty cool! That is seriously smart approach to technology. I love stuff like that.

  2. Another template on a different platform. I call this one number 7. I try to run 12 concurrently through out my day. #1 and number 12 dont have more weight on the scale than number 7. All 12 hold equal weight. The one I mentioned in my videos is template number 4. When viewed from above (one vector of perception) looks like a pie chart of one side of the coin/seesaw. As well as a combination lock, as I cycle the council to look through each jusxtoposion like View Master when I was a kid. Each jusxtoposion is a perception vector to triangulate the truth aka ball on the seesaw.

    Like that app i sent ya George for earthquakes. Good example. Uses peer to peer network of vibration on motion sensors to triangulate the impact of an earthquake and location. Good example! Just a smaller scale like the autocorrect app to Super Computer monitoring the web.

    I am only giving you two templates. I use 12. Well I guess its 13 because I have my own. Lol. I would encourage everyone to build their own thought templates. Templates are just tools. Like meditation, intuition, using witching rods to find water, fitness etc.

    Could save your life one day.

    Ok, template number 7. Than I wont blah blah blah about it anymore. Observation of this template came from reading 138 different story of creation. Including The Bible, Hermes, Myan PapaVul, Hopi, Law of One, Egyptian pre- 1st dynasty, zen fables, ELF transmissions, to name a few.

    #1. Coincidence is born of juxtaposition.
    #2. Synchronicity is born of multiple occurrences of coincidences.
    #3. Serendipity is born of multiple occurrences of synchronicity.
    #4. Miracle is born of multiple occurrences of serendipity.
    #5. A world is born of multiple occurrences of miracles.
    #6. Life is born of multiple occurrences of worlds.
    #7 and he rested.

    Common template runs in all these stories of creation. so it must be valuable to keep that as a system or template of thought.

    Slice! F@*+%@!!! Hahhahaha!

    • Thank you, Andy.

      “How to Do Automatic Writing”

      ISBN 1435711483, 9781435711488

      is added to the reading list.

      • Funny one of my potted plants is named Chandra. She is a hanging basket full of daisys. I dont know why I named her that. I just name everything dear and close to me. Lol. I was done commenting and ready to leave for a while again. Thank you.

  3. Hey Tex,

    a relaxing poem to set the mind at ease, and set the tone for the quite contemplation of hard money.

    Gold, Gold, Gold,Gold
    Bright and yellow, hard and cold
    Molten,graven, hammered and rolled,
    Heavy to get, light to hold,
    Hoarded, bartered, bought and sold,
    Stolen, borrowed, squandered, doled,
    Spurned by young, but hung by old
    To the verge of a church yard mold;
    Price of many crime untold. -T. Hood

    Any ideas how to construct a Resonance Chamber?

    Specifically interested in a Resonance Chamber capable of generating 5000 degree F temperatures – internal.

    “Frequency Generator” of some sort would be essential..

    Interested in duplicating the ancient Egyptian(goes back further in time) practice of making the legendary monatomic gold.

    Same stuff Moses had made in Holy Temple out of the golden calf – that he fed to the tribe. Supposed to be weightless when exposed to certain frequency – is that why it only took 4 dudes to carry ark made of gold/heavy.

    *Moses = Egyptian prince knew location of sacred temple, not on mountain cited in book, next one over. Sure I can get a small materials handling furnace to heat 5000 f, but Frequency/Tone Generator is Required for Heat Source.

    Like what kind of bricks were used mud? refractory? guess would need shiny hard surface..marbleface?

    Gold is where it is at & where it is going to be..imho

    BOHICA Time – bear squeeze? bear market rally? whatever it is “they” certainly did not utilize any means of “lubrication” ..owww,uhuhuhuhowww

    Got gold? Miners? Streamers?

  4. Here’s a question for OM2 or anyone out there that would know. Does crude oil have an “expiration date” while in storage? I’m sure some things settle out or separate in various types of crude but the thought occurred to me that this may be another factor in long-term storage short comings.

      • @ George and Bill….

        As long as you keep it quiet, it will store for a lifetime. However, the lighter VOCs will boil off – hence the vents on the tanks. Logically, heavy crude stores much better than light crude, capiche? If you seal it up and out of the weather (sun), no reason it won’t be the same as what in the SPR…

      • Ok, thanks OM. Just a thot (sic) that occurred to me. Didn’t know what other time constraint might be closing in on the oil companies.

  5. George;
    The center cannot hold,the tighter they squeeze the more slips between their fingers. Much unrest in china from different regions. The favor of heaven has fallen from their Leader XI.
    Economics is running rampant there as they have gradually lost factories back to vietnam, and other regions of low cost production.
    They must project strength even if they are weak and they are weak,Cannot feed themselves,Need massive amounts of oil,coal,fertilizer, FOOD, and raw materials. They have Never integrated with anyone outside China consistently. Korea, Japan,Philippines,Indonesia,Malaysia are all there competing. They are surrounded and cannot offer or project their power effectively. They have No Naval vessels capable of operating more than 1000 miles from shore. Much of their ship construction is shut down. They cannot produce a Supercarrier. They have only a 2 jump carriers. Takes 8 of them to match 1 US supercarrier.. Multiple ethnic groups. Han chinese do not like any other group,feel they are superior. That blinds them to so many things,so many options and opportunities. They repeat their history over and over again. They will fail over and over again. Same reasons.

  6. I have little doubt China will use the covid to their own strategic advantage. It has become the first move of many on the chessboard. They may not have unleashed it domestically on purpose, but once it was out ‘in the wild,’ the effects and mutation rates understood, Xi likely decided that all of humanity should be invited to the party. Having the advantage of understanding the ‘Rona epidemiological transmission profiles and subsequent physiological effects put China at a strategic advantage, one which they will surely use. As George aptly observes, we are already starting to hear geopolitical boasting and warnings from the PRC. If the U.S. decides to challenge Xi, you can bet your . . . bippy that President for Life Xi has a counter move planned and ready to execute. As they have done for over 2 millennia, the Great Dragon ideally prefers to wait patiently for their opponents to self destruct, allowing them to “win without fighting.” (Sun Tzu)

    • Warhammer,:
      “…may have not have released it domestically on purpose… Sorry, but the timing is too suspect to grant them the benefit of the doubt. Bats and snakes kissing in the wet market is a pantload to deflect condemnation. Millions of Chinese took off to travel the world during the Lunar holiday or whatever it is called there. The WuFlu lies unsuspected in the carriers of it without being obvious to them. Cheaply spreading it around the world. Quietly, and without alarming anyone.
      The advantages to them, after the spread of the new disease, is losing the economic drag of caring for their elders as they are the most expensive to maintain segment of the population and also most susceptible to it and poof! Problem solved.
      Over here, as you know, our deep state “NEVER WASTES A GOOD CRISIS” and all those high maintenance, medically expensive graybeards represent a HUGE drag on our economy, not to mention all those pension funds that are already depleted and remain UNfunded.
      Deep state gov would not bat an eye over waiting while the virus does it’s work and clears the field.
      They are smart but the virus seems to be way more than they counted on.
      We will likely lose all our old standard bearers and cooler heads. The Deep state continues to rule. Poof. Problem solved. Mass graves for disposal of the mess.
      China will train new younger workers to re-establish manufacturing while our side continues to be mindless consumers. Our younger newer recreation population (the ones NOT into making things) shrug their shoulders and continue complaining and scrimping along with the service economy as they try to keep all those Chinese gizmos running.
      We are the Eloi, they are the Morelocks… Awaken, you wimps. Make your own stuff so you will actually have a functional economy for a change.

    • “They may not have unleashed it domestically on purpose, but once it was out ‘in the wild,’ the effects and mutation rates understood,”

      I personally don’t think Xi or Trump or Putin or any of the big ball players put it out at all.. I think the delay in letting everyone know about it was because they didn’t want to look like fools in the publics Eyes and tried to stop it..
      the fact that one of the Drs. that worked on it was the one to get online and pay with her life to tell us that it was loose.. was a big .. we can’t stop it moment..
      I lean towards the third party that has been trying to stir crap up for years and no one is buying their BS.. is who put it out..
      We already know they will not stop at anything to get what they want.. and since this has gotten out.. not one false flag event has shown on the horizon..before it was every three months or sooner..
      The UFO’s.. well its about time.. you don’t hear about the increase in transmission activities from the Black Knight satelite.. what is it broadcasting and to whom is it broadcasting.. Maybe we truly don’t want to know everything that they know ..

      The wife and I was watching television.. ( the curse of Oak Island) the question was raised that what could be more valuable than gold.. back then religious artifacts.. writings.. ( only the elite were to be able to see and read them.. ) gold even though it is pretty .. wasn’t worth much.. it was an adornment and rare.. like the mercury backed mirrors.. seven years bad luck if you break them.. the reason it took seven years for the average person to save up enough to buy one .. a sign of oppulence if you owned one…. .. what would someone walking through the sudan in search of a drink of water give for a drink.. or a bowl of rice..

  7. George

    “Thirteenth: The U.S. massively retaliates with its own epicanthal targeting bio weapon and “cauterizes” large sections of China.”

    Getting my news from multiple sources has netted this info this morning.

    From the hyperdimensional / astrological view point: Update on China: Hidden Secrets! by Joni Patry

    Bad JU-JU showing up later in summer!

    Take it or leave it as you will.

  8. China’s COVID-19 figures are not arithmetically sensible. The Communist Party has deliberately made estimation difficult, but, outside of Wuhan city and Hubei province, cases are low by a factor of 100 or more.

    The AEI research *.pdf may be found here:

    China could have 50 times more coronavirus cases than claimed, Trump administration official says

    …Based on this official guidance, sources arrive at a lower-end total tally of 45,500 corpses incinerated (in Wuhan -R) and returned to their families during this 13-day period.

    • And every Chinese sailor on their painted-over rust bucket aircraft carriers could be sick with CV, too. If their carriers start floating aimlessly at sea because everyone is sick or dead we’ll know or it could be an indication the Chinese have some sort of vaccine for it.

  9. Thanks for the posts Andy, you saved the best for last.
    Pearls of wisdom are discovered
    layer upon layer.

  10. The art of deception- supply the rope and they’ll hang themselves with it. Better yet,they pay for the rope and we hang them with it.

  11. George, do you remember Barry McGuire?
    Eve of Destruction, check out,
    Don’t Blame God. I had privilege of meeting him in “86 in Texas after he sang “Bull Frogs and Butterflies” to a group of captivated youngsters (me included).
    Life can hand out a lot of surprises, eh, Cap?

  12. Last night an auto accident took out a power pole in the neighborhood. Cable TV and Internet feeds went down. All the ‘stay-at-home’ kids in the neighborhood could be heard a block away complaining that there was nothing to do. They were lost… and irritable as hell. Just a preview of the civil unrest that could come quickly. Me? I read a book. Brushing up on my Kahuna skills with Serge Kahili King’s “Urban Shaman”

  13. How the National Security State Is Using Coronavirus to Push AI-Driven Mass Surveillance

    Last year a government commission called for the US to adopt an AI-driven mass surveillance system far beyond that used in any other country. Now, many of the “obstacles” cited as preventing its implementation are being removed under the guise of combating coronavirus.


    Total cases: 609 (2 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 70
    Honolulu County: 396
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 115‡
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 7
    Required Hospitalization: 69
    Hawaii deaths: 16
    Released from Isolation: 505
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 28, 2020

    Two new on Maui.

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