Turnaround Tuesday? Half Off by Christmas

My consigliere called Monday.  Up scouting the slopes at Beaver Creek in Colorado.  Forgot to ask if he was wearing a gray Fedora with a black band.

The reason for the call?  Most people – when you give them a set of numbers, and ask for a chart, will promptly open Excel and build a chart.  Others of us, though, have a kind of in-built cerebral cortex plug-in. A curse.

Since Monday was a pretty bloody day in the markets, what with the Dow down almost 650 points and the S&P trading down more than 90, it didn’t take the 4K cortex plug-in to figure the market had started going to shit.

Not that it was surprising.  Since Saturday’s Peoplenomics report actually found what may be a useful metric when comparing turning points of dissimilar markets.  (More on that over on the Subscriber’s site tomorrow.)  Point is?  We were due.

You can see what has been rolling by looking at this view of our Aggregate Index.  Which exists because the financial industry takes hip shots at figuring out how to weight investments between blue chip Dow stocks, the screamers in the Tech sector, or the mainstream working companies in the S&P 500.

This is an Elliott wave chart, dumbed down for the masses by only applying numbers – not the letters.  You can get more information about wave counting any number of places such as here or here.

Chart Discussion

Squint your eyes until you can barely see the chart.  You should be able to make out a largest scale wave 1 down and then a wave 2 rally.  The far-right side of the chart is where we live today.  The far-left side was where markets were in November of last year.

As you can see, there is an overhead trend line (resistance).  Overhead trend lines are where significant market turns seem to occur.  How many times to I have to tell you to read Gilbert Raff’s book Trading the Regression Channel: Defining and Predicting Stock Price?

The point is, we did not (yet) get up to bumping the overhead trend channel.  Nor, as the lower numbers point out, have we hit the red lower band.  Which is where the pseudo-rule “Wave 4 cannot overlap wave 1” kicks in.

Now to the Point: Although the lederhosen and Fedora-wearing hiker could be wrong. the odds of his September 9 market rally target have admittedly increased.  Lots. But the high might also come before Labor Day (my dart toss).

There’s another axiom of Elliott in play here which will be interesting to see how it works out.  This one says “If the wave 2 is complex, then the wave 4 will be simple.  And the other way around, if wave 2 is simple, then wave 4 is more likely to be complex.”

While we can’t be certain that the wave 2 (smallest, most recent and part of the large 2 rally) is complex, the odds are good.

Moreover, since we have a good decline starting now, we can see that between the close Monday and the candle on the right (indicating magnitude of wave 1 – because wave 5 is generally a bit larger than wave 1’s) we can propose that we’re in an a-b-c which will make the 4 down.

Thus, today or tomorrow we should rally – and using our BrainAmp Elliott spreadsheet – we can estimate how far the pending rally should travel before reversing down (to begin the c wave of 4).

Once we get down to the area of the red support zone (wave 1 overlap area) then the powerful 5 of 2 should take us to the upper trend line.

Which we’d like to see happen either day before Labor Day – or, for the highlander in the Fedora, that comes on September 9th

What Next Then?

Well, then it gets ugly.  Refer to our spreadsheet (done only for entertainment purposes and never trading advice, yeah?):

These are targets for the present macro moves we were able to calc after the low of the larger Wave 1 down was clear.   June 16th when our Aggregate kissed 30,070,04.

Once you get a Wave 1 down, the Future sort of locks into a rough set of statistical expectations.  Not only does the Wave 1 imply target ranges for wave 2, 3, 4, and 5, but they enable us to make outlandish forecasts, such as “half off by Christmas.”

Next to the green box above (with the questionmarks in it) we see the possibility that we could have another wave down (a B wave is likely read to form as we figure things).  This would be the C to complete 4 and then send us up for the ultimate top of 2.

Then (pardon this) shit hits the fan.  Bigly and ugly.

The only undecided today?  Usually, the Wave 2 likes to climb to a (Fibonacci) 0.618 retracement.  So far, the best notched was only a 50-percent retracement last Wednesday.

So short term:

  • A B wave up due soon.
  • Then a C wave down to finish 4
  • Then a wave 5 rally to complete the larger 2
    • Either just before Labor Day
    • Or (Fedora’s) Sept. 9 date.
  • The nuke plant in Ukraine, or Israel kicks Iran’s ass, or Taiwan or both.
  • Which all drives the market down the crapper through Thanksgiving.
  • Optimism makes one more stage call for the larger Wave 4
  • But then, when we figure out that China really has us by our manufacturing nuts and Europe will not be able to retake Ukraine and keep up that whole charade, the implosion of the EU is on.

Then, to pick things up in G.A. Stewart’s work, along comes the Black King – we get a false peace and then 2025-2026 with complexity failing (as the supply chains have all been broken by China’s “reverse Trojan Horse” play (*sneaking our factories away in slow-motion), the pre-emptive nuke strike on the U.S. comes.

As it does, the web goes down – taking out money, food distribution, most communications, titles to property, medical records…you sure you’re ready for the whole list?

Part and parcel of all this is China sweeping the Pacific of American naval craft (undersea drones like the one tested last year – see China Tested An AI-Controlled Submarine-Hunting Underwater Drone A Decade Ago: Report)

This will be followed by a Cartel gang-enabled takedown of the US to either the Texas border, or the Mississippi river, since most of the major cities east of there will already be smoking ruins from the Big Surprise Attack on America. China will likely use discrete people-killing drones to do most of the fighting, saving mop-up operations for the humans.  Who will inventory and assign to the Chinese settlers who follow.

Somewhere in there (maybe in the “false peace” – China will have also taken Australia because of resources and food stocks.  Epicanthal targeting bioweapons will also be exploited.

Now, do we really want any headlines?

The Kilter Filter

Trump bash of the day honors?  To the NY Times for Trump Had More Than 300 Classified Documents at Mar-a-Lago.  Let me see:  300 into Hillary’s 30,000 emails, um: 100-times less and she skates?

Projecting out the future, this sure makes sense:  Marijuana and hallucinogen use among young adults reached all-time high in 2021 | National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Good riddance dept: Anthony Fauci of Covid infamy is retiring come year end.  Bad medicine.   Map: How much life expectancy declined in each state in 2020.  And that’s just the start.  We still hold gain-of-function is a war crime and trials should be held.  And retroactively bar anyone who was at CDC from working for Big Pharma for life.  Family members, included.

Twits, Inc.  Twitter Whistleblower Alleges Deception: Allegations from Docs | Time  Now, follow the logic here: Twitter vs. Musk trial could be shaken up by whistleblower revelations, says the WaPo.

Q3 shapes up poorly – which would give the Brandon Democrats 9-months of recession in a row.  Now weighing: Home prices plunge in ‘pandemic boomtowns’ as market slumps.

We are not alone, however:  UK Economy Shrank Most Since 1709 in Pandemic as Numbers Revised Again.

ATR:  Burn Ban in Flooding?

Ure hopes he did not offend the County Judge’s office when I left a sincere (OK, but pointed) message on their voicemail.

Is the Judge trying to get in the record books for having the first Burn Ban in place during actual flooding?

We will find out how long before the Burn Ban gets lifted.  But after reading how Deluge in Dallas: Deadly record rainfall brings city to standstill | AccuWeather, we decided to check on Tyler, Texas.  Onlhy 4 inches behind average now.  Drought ended.

While waiting for local government to become a little more anticipatory, Ure’s been eyeing his congressman’s number.  “Ya’ll have plans to put a Coast Guard station in Anderson County, yet?

Off to work on roof leaks…

Write when you dry out,


39 thoughts on “Turnaround Tuesday? Half Off by Christmas”

  1. An’ just like that, Summuh wuz over…

    I noticed this morning that we’ve been missing the sound of crickets all this year when one started singing outside the kitchen window. The cats have an additional source of protein now.

    Everything at the ranch is soggy so no water deliveries needed for the moment, which is good because lighting bit the pump controller after 3 or 4 years of operation and another is in the process of being ordered. Must have come through the ground as the solar panels don’t seem to be scorched anywhere and are still producing “juice”. Won’t know about the pump until I can get back to it tomorrow.

    A pretty intense cell caught me at the ranch house yesterday when I was about to head back to town. I watched the deep purple clouds very actively and rapidly dancing their way across the Western horizon’s sky headed East and before I knew it I was in the middle of a deluge that literally blew me through the South section to the front gate, calmed a bit for me to open and close it, then followed me all the way to the house. Could NOT see more than 30 feet ahead of me all the time so I stayed in 4WD all the way home. Went back to the ranch house later on to see if there was any damage to the house or barns and everything seems to be OK. The river is up noticeably.

    The truck hasn’t been this clean all year. 40, 50, maybe more, mph winds and horizontal rain beat all the dust encrusted cow snot off the truck that has been there all Summer long. Thought about opening the windows to wash out the dust but that isn’t something you do with today’s fancy-schmantzy electronics integrated vehicles. Rain gage said .9” after dumping it earlier that day but I’d bet there was more than that due to the horizontal trajectory of the rain. All the draws are full again and the livestock is waiting for something green to come up.

    I keep seeing all these new and late model trucks with ranch names and brands on them strutting around. It’s so funny how they come up with the names. I’m waiting for somebody with more money (credit) than sense (there seems to be so many around now) to name their place the “PONDerosa” and put an artificial lake and Bellagio fountain system in it just for show. This year it’d be spouting dust up until now in the middle of a concrete bowl. We’ll see how many of them are still around a year or so from now.

    • PONDerosa – snork! We are getting gobs of rain in SW lower MI and, like you, are suddenly moribund over serenade from chirp of fall. The 295 acre pond out front is at low of the year, down typical 8-10″ as season changes. But, farmers are dancing since we got the norm couple inches of rain last weekend.

      Wordslinger: you went from Elliot for Dummies (no slam, myself included), and got verbose. Now I’ll have to read again and reread that to juggle notes while comparing my count to yours. Ahem, since 4 didn’t overlap travel of 1 on my Comp chart I’ll stick with 4 ended/ending until ruled out. Possibly I prefer a medium-5 down vs BIG-3 down ahead?

      So, all you folks enduring the dry just got wet (err, flooded). Is there any attempt to store runoff or just let go willy-nilly? Not that we need to store more H2o but our area is loaded with detention and retention basins. Just sayin’

      BR, Egor

    • Say Bill, I saw a truck the other day named “Maverick”. As I recall (because I owned 2 of ’em), “Maverick” was a shitty economy car Ford produced for several years. Now I guess they’ve decided to use the label again for a probably as shitty small pick-up truck.
      Now, I could dig it if it’s an attempt to get back to basics…offer a standard model with stick shift, roll-up winders, 4 banger with a 6 optional.

      • A good friend back in high school had a “Comet”, I think. The Mercury version of one of those. It got us around just fine in the early 70s and we didn’t know any better anyway.

        I truly miss standard shift, 4 on the floor preferably. The column shift variety tended to get stuck too often and, usually, only offered 3 speeds plus reverse. The only 2005 to ’07 Ford diesels I’ve ever seen with it were utility vehicles with something other than a standard 8 foot bed so they’d be useless on the ranch for pulling goosenecks. Our ’86 1 ton dump truck is standard so I’ve taught the oldest grandkid how to shift in it. Still have to put a feed sack behind her so she can fully depress the clutch, though.

        Egor – yes, there’s several places where we’ve dammed up low places that normally would have been water run off areas. They’ll hold water for a while but stagnant water with the liveoaks around here turns pretty acidic real fast so that water is useful for only so long.

  2. “This will be followed by a Cartel gang-enabled takedown of the US to either the Texas border, or the Mississippi river, …”

    As we wait for those areas to be taken down, there are already “down areas.” Take the Kensington PA. area for (just one) example ….


    Seems to me, that’s the effect of a chemical weapon.

    If it weren’t a “chemical weapon” then why is there a “war” against it since 1971?


    And as we see here, some of this is intercepted …


    Those who have allowed this to continue and/or perpetuate this in our society, are quite questionable characters, who actually promote the downfall of our society. One word: Treason.

    • Truth leak # 222.22 , or more darkness..”on the twos, then’

      treason aint the half of it PB .

      global hawk – us air farce – carries about 1 ton of smack or coke (BOTH) per flight, REGULARLY.. See US base/camp Bondsteel..

      – its a big club/business, and we aint in it.. Aint that a mutha f-er? = US tax dollas working hard 4 -Us to bring in the poison that killz our kids..clever vilE genius that.

      – know Bergaglio et al are capo’s, as are the other christians in action/dvd..Sons of Darkness as it were.

      drugs = big money

      human pop. = biggest business money resource in our solar system, and the #1 reason why there will never be a thermo nuclear war on this planet – miminnu/grays , shiny silver disks -wont let that happen ..

      mantra time ..
      “Shine the LIGHT, shine the LIGHT in me!”


      • Unverified.

        Top two businesses in the world.

        Military arms.


        Does anyone believe we will EVER see less of either ?


        Im still stunned at the fact that we had a “war on drugs” and at the same time the CIA was behind the sales and distribution. The Tom Cruise movie American Made ( I think that was the name ) covered that quite well. ( flown through a state with a governor/future president all too willing to oblige ) I wonder where all that war money really went to.

        George is dead-on right. Its all a business model.

    • MOST will ignore the danger to society of automated KILLING machines … until they are marked to be on the receiving end of such machines. Warfare is about to be radically changed … in ways we can only dimly see. Like any new weapons system it will develop in ways that are currently inconceivable to us.

      However It is not just the automated killing machines, but is also the risk that AI, somewhere, will become “aware” and start making it’s own decisions about humans and take control of those automated killing machines for executing certain people for reasons only “IT” understands. Humans may end up in a fight for their very existence, a fight against an adversary that humans themselves created.

      I am glad I am older. War is part of man’s DNA so it is never going away. The creation of more and more deadly ways to kill our fellow humans is hardcoded into our creative desires at a very base level. Will we learn to control it … or will we totally self destruct the human race because of it?

      • Stephen 2,
        Did you miss the film series, “Terminator”? Showed all of the dystopian memes in excellent style. Just a well-thought out Science-Fiction story but when it was written, there wasn’t any AI that was real and operational. Still sketchy if AI will become sophisticated enough to develop human-hunting and elimination to the degree depicted in Sci-Fi land.
        We have only had age, disease, war, crime and accidents up until now to wipe out ourselves. Moving on, we will weaponize AI until it is the popular choice for culling humanity, thus eliminating the destructive waste of our current endeavors. War costs too much and is so messy.
        The AI crowd are like monkeys in the zoo finding a loaded firearm in the cage. Smart to step away from the cage as they pass it around and “learn” how to use it.
        Don’t despair though, parts of AI are quite helpful…

  3. I am not a fan of Hillary, but she had 100 emails that were deemed classified…not 30,000. Most of those were personal emails.. Trump used his personal phone for most of his communications. Nobody on the right says anything. Ivanka, Betsy DeVoss, Nikki Haley, David Shulkin and Jarod Kushner all used their personal emails with classified content. Kushner was using WhatsApp to send classified info too.
    Steve Bannon and K.T. McFarland used personal email to discuss selling nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia. Mike Pompeo also used his personal email for government business, causing the CIA to get involved.

    Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg . Wait for it.

    • been waiting 6 years now, Russia, Russia, Russia,
      every move creates a boomerang, want to invade the home of a president? again? how about some more Jan 6th made for TV soap opera? bring R. Mueller back? can you try the impeachment stuff again? But his taxes? Cricket burgers, for the peasants.
      But, Mark , I do thank you for posting, I been wondering how you have been.

    • Well Mark, we have some level of agreement today. While we can disagree on whether the number is 100 or 30,000 emails for Hil, we can agree on the fact there is dirty politics on both sides of the house. If you read yesterday’s post by Lois and response by LOOB, I have to disagree with your comment “Nobody on the right says anything.” Most people on this site are smart enough to know it is a 2 sided shit show.

      What drives the right crazy is that there seems to be no consequence for the Left. Rob, cheat , steal, burn down cities, laptop from hell, 10% for the big guy, etc. etc. It all gets buried. Trick someone on the right into lying to the FBI or making a questionable phone call and they take you out in leg chains.

      It has become a giant game of Money Power Ball. Soros pumps billions into the left and I just read that some billionaire pumped 1.6 billion into the right. As George Carlin said “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.”

      I think elections are almost irrelevant anymore. With that kind of money, anyone and everyone can be bought off. You can continue to believe that the 2020 election was whistle clean but the smell still lingers for moat on the right. The skunks are already being lined up for the mid-terms I am sure. Mail in ballots, drop boxes and mules at the ready.

    • “I am not a fan of Hillary, but she had 100 emails that were deemed classified”

      The possession of each is a Federal felony, punishable by 5-years in the slam.

      NOT because she possessed them or because she used personal E-Mail accounts, but because she hosted and archived them on her personal server, as opposed to a secure government server.

      It’s a good thing your business is doing well…

    • Ole, Mark, hahahahah, I can tell you are a little behind the 8 ball.

      Hillary used her own phone, as well; several of them

      She testified in front of the FBI, behind closed doors, was not recorded, only sparing notes were allowed, and NOT UNDER OATH. She also had her side-kick, Cheryl Mills, with her who was her personal lawyer AND served with her, so she was untouchable due to attorney-client privilege.

      The snake in the FBI, Peter Strzok, along with FBI Director, COMEY, got her off on a technicality: SHE DID NOT INTEND ON BREAKING THE LAW.

      You know the plebes, we are held to the standard of the law even IF we are unaware of the law. Just try telling the police man, who pulls you over for speeding, that you did not INTEND on breaking the speed limit; see how far that gets you.

      SHE KNEW THE LAW; her husband was President! She took an oath, herself!

      She knowingly with INTENT set up the private server in her bathroom with her own email addresses ON PURPOSE to keep that information out of the hands of the UNITED STATES CITIZENS, which HER JOB working for us, was our right to see what she was doing via Freedom of Information Act.

      She had above top-secret clearance and yet SHE KNOWINGLY WITH INTENT BROKE THE LAW.

      She then bleach bitted her servers, took a hammer to her phones, and God knows what else AFTER SHE DELETED 30,000 PLUS emails that WE NEVER SAW. She deleted them because she stated she sent them in planning her DAUGHTER’s wedding. 30,000 emails ON COMPANY TIME. (A wedding in which Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted child trafficker and rapist, attended.)

      HIllary broke the law again when ALL OF HER emails, etc., were legally asked for. She refused to cooperate.

      Huma Abedin, her 2nd side kick, married to a pervert child abuser, who had total access to Huma’s laptop which had ALL OF HILLARY’S emails on them…ALL OF THEM and more than 100 were top secret. The FBI did away with that laptop just like the Hunter Biden laptop information; that is the SWAMP for ya!!!!

      Huma gets off scott free, and so does the pervert (from having illegal access to the laptop and the emails!!!).

      Sorry, if the word pervert offends you, just like the TRUTH seems to offend you.

      You state you are not a fan, but you are a NON-FAN that cannot tell the truth.


      Let’s all hope, for all of our sakes, that President TRUMP, gets the modicom of treatment from the FBI, and gets off SCOTT-FREE as he did NOT INTEND ON BREAKING ANY LAWS, just like Hillary.


      OR: ‘When Intent is NOT Intentional.’

  4. Today is the Summit of the First Ladies and Gentlemen to be hosted by Mr. Zelensky in Ukraine. Apparently this is meant to be an opportunity for the leader to address issues that he/they does not/do not usually have opportunity for.

    The official schedule today for The First Gentlemen of America at the Beach House enclosure remains blank past the hour of 11am est.

    • Chinese Falun Gong activist Jennifer Zeng has noted single word graffiti appearing at Beijing area covid-19 testing centres. Combined they form protest message sentences:

      Live free or die;
      It’s been 3 years;
      Idiot prevention and control.

      Meanwhile, shhh, it remains all quiet back at the Beach House. Let’s join DJ Ure with a Beach Boys style wake up call:
      “Serfin’ USA”.

  5. Ray commented yesterday,
    “The raid on Mar-a-Lago is a textbook violation of the 4th Amendment. If Trump is arrested/arraigned, he will be convicted because he’ll face a D.C. jury that’s 97% Leftist Democrat. His conviction will then be tossed on appeal and all possible evidence invalidated, and everyone involved will be severely reprimanded.”

    I have to wonder if what Mr. Hayden (and others) said about an execution would be seen as a personal threat to a (former) President’s life ?? I guess it’s how one interprets what was said … and I think the “reprimands” would be quite hefty.

    • Two-tier.

      If the persecution were from the Right, everyone involved would be incarcerated, and many would be forced into confessions and imprisoned. Hayden would be only censured, because he’s prominent.

      In an honest world, Hayden would be able to voice his opinion freely, but if it took on a threatening overtone, he’d get his 5-years in Leavenworth…

  6. “then it gets ugly”

    Nah. Dogs need flea baths. Bad for the existing stock of fleas but the next batch of fleas get the dog unencumbered.

    I mentioned the $60,000,000 in tax credits going to the Detroit billionaire because he can’t finish a new building without them. The billionaire has been building on the building for seven years now. The Empire Stare Building took 1 year 45 days. 100 years later it takes 7 years to build a building half the size with all known technologies.

    Detroit never needed the building. It’s all smoke and mirror scam. The tangible gift is all the little Detroit kids that had their education and local ecosystems sacrificed on tax credits for an unwanted building. We all live in that echo.

    • But I thought the lottery profits paid for education in MI. Says on the TV they earned $26 Billion for education since it started.

      • It’s all going to crash. This Fall the Fourth Turn turns.

        “What can’t be paid, won’t.”

        A week or two back I mentioned fully staffed chain restaurants located between Detroit and Ann Arbor without customers. At the time I didn’t know why but labeled them dysfunctional.

        Today F announced ICE staff layoffs. The bulk of ICE staff live between Detroit and Ann Arbor. The market was pricing-in the layoffs. Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand at work.

        If there ever was a “dislocated worker” it’s an ICE engineer. 20 years designing exhaust manifolds and now exhaust systems are archaic.

        A paradigm shift has arrived.

        The Grapes of Wrath summed up Civ War II.

        “Who do we shoot?”

        Big Banks, Then and Now


    • “The Empire Stare Building took 1 year 45 days. 100 years later it takes 7 years to build a building half the size with all known technologies. ”

      …And also with several thousand times the regulation.

      To make an honest assessment, one has to see who all has a thumb on the scale.

  7. “Trump bash of the day honors? To the NY Times for Trump Had More Than 300 Classified Documents at Mar-a-Lago. Let me see: 300 into Hillary’s 30,000 emails, um: 100-times less and she skates?”

    First, no he didn’t. He had zero, because da Prez can classify or declassify anything, at any time, and without further process. Second, da Prez is the only one in government with this power. Third, we have a two-tier justice system, and Trump is in the bottom tier with the rest of us pee-ons. I’m waiting for someone to wake up and realize this could happen to any of us at any time, for no reason, and I’m waiting for the Leftists who whined about Putin’s principal opposition catching a bug, to realize our “leader” just foist the same thing on his principal opposition… And yes, for the least common denominator crowd: Word came out over the weekend that Biden was in the loop for the Mar-a-Lago raid.

    • The sad part is pedo joe ( his handlers) just took away PRESIDENT TRUMP ‘s right to declassify papers. They are doing this after the fact. If the right ever comes back to power , they better start with the clintons, Bush’s, obamas aaaand the biden crime family.

    • I wish Joe & The Donald a happy retirement. I hope that they get an opportunity to compete on which one gets the last Jello cup at the Home dinner. I like Jello too. And I also like old folks who know when it’s time to pick up their old worn-out baggage and step aside, and let the new men with a new bag take over. Remember G. Washington?

  8. “Anthony Fauci of Covid infamy is retiring come year end… We still hold gain-of-function is a war crime and trials should be held.”

    Elect Republicans. They promise once they are back in power and have chairmanships, unless Fauci is living where they can’t extradite him, that he will spend many long days, testifying before Congress.

  9. Any nation disillusioned enough to orchestrate a surprise ‘first strike’ against the U.S. and/or our nuke wielding allies (France, England and ‘wink wink’ Israel) will pay a huge price as SSBNs and carrier strike groups unload their weapons en masse at the aggressor. China would be blown back to the Paleolithic Age. Russia isn’t stupid enough to try a surprise attack, but if it did, it too would become a wasterlandand. The one thing China prizes more than Taiwan is their economy. That would be vaporized. Russia only has a handful of regional power centers, which are controlled by oligarchs. Those could well evaporate in a heartbeat into a cloud of atomized dust as well. Like the old Every ready Robert Conrad battery commercial, “go ahead, knock it off” the U.S. essentially holds a strong and punishing deterrent nuke response capability. And to Xi and Putin, the U.S. Strategic Command and President Biden’s nuke advisors will make sure an American response does what must be done to respond in kind to nuclear aggression.

  10. I believe I would find a way to navigate through a burn ban. Can you light up a fireplace? Maybe it’s time to build one, outdoors. I see ’em all over the Midwest — patio fireplaces and outdoor heaters — f*ckin’ stupid, but might let one skirt burn laws. Dad had a steel grate with 1/2 x 1″ openings, that he’d lay over the burn barrel — no sparks passed.

  11. My Aggregate touched the down trend line on the 18th.., since that time it is down nearly 1,800 points. I am very close to calling this a Three Down. Fibs don’t line-up just right., as yet., so I am waiting…….., market turned around today and is slowly weakening…, we’ll see……….

  12. “Ya’ll have plans to put a Coast Guard station in Anderson County, yet?”

    Don’t hold your breath (unless you are truly underwater!). Come to Hawaii during hurricane season and you can practice in 54 inches in 24 hours like hurricane Lane brought us. And still we have burn bans… food cooking excepted. Everyone likes to make ‘smoked meat’ here and many have their own ‘smoker’ box. There’s always a way to burn something. But our ‘green waste’ is so green and wet it won’t burn anyway. That’s for the Puna District in SE Big Island. On the other side of Mauna Loa the dry grass lava deserts up near Pohakuloa Training area (& Bradshaw AAF) are going up in flames. 10,000 acres on the slopes carbonized this past week. Microclimates… it’s all about location, location, location.

  13. since 1709? since before there was a US? because they can’t just say ‘economy shrunk the most it ever has?’

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