Well, here we go – a probable record cold Thanksgiving Day ahead, particularly in the Northeast:

This will also likely be a record setting weekend not just for travel, but for online sales as Black Friday comes tomorrow.

Wait!  What About Economics?

Yes,. of course that is still our “stock-in-trade.”  With the markets closed for a Thursday off and with only a half-day tomorrow, what do you want me to tell you?

  • As we told our Peoplenomics.com subscribers it might, the markets Wednesday rallied a tiny bit above the forecast rally and then closed lower.
  • We’re still looking for a bit more sideways to upward action perhaps through early Monday.
  • However, if you look at our October 26th comments here (and earlier for subscribers) Our projected decline from Nov. 9 has resulted in lots of subscribers having a “second helping” of dough for Black Friday…
  • The “Only Chart That Matters” will be updated twice a week now until we bust out of the current rhyming profile with 1929.
  • As of this morning, the Bitcoins are down to $4,441 and change.  Digital tulips, the whole lot of ’em.  If you’re still a True Believer in the hype, do take some time this weekend to read the Bank for International Settlements assessment.  I’m not just a nutter in the woods on this stuff; the gnomes of banking see it the same way.
  • Overnight, global markets were mixed.  Japan was up a tad, China more so, but Europe is playing “catching down” to the Colonies.

We look for markets to be much lower a week from now.  The Global Mood is darkening and being long is out on the window ledge.  May not be able to talk it back in.

So What About the Woo-Woo?


Well, you know about the CDC Romaine lettuce recall – and throw out all your Romaine until cleared by the Feds.  Last we heard, it was being traced to a polluted irrigation canal.

But, here’s the weird part.

Elaine and I are normally two of the biggest eaters of Romaine you will meet.  A cup and a half of “Hearts of Romaine” and we toss on either some blue cheese of Italian dressing.  Spritz with Parm cheese. (Slowly, I’m transitioning out of being a meat-a-vore to someone who uses meat consumption as an accompaniment.)

Now to the weird part: Elaine had gone to the store Monday to stock up on a few things  ($237 worth of things, lol).

Tuesday morning as the word of the recall began to sink in, I went over to the house (from the office) and asked Elaine how much Romaine we’d have to throw out?

Funny you would ask…just heard about the recall on WOAI.  When I was shopping yesterday, I don’t know why but I decided to buy iceberg lettuce instead….”

“You NEVER buy iceberg…you tell me you hate it…Why’d you buy it instead of Romaine?”

There was just something…I don’t know…but I bought three heads of iceberg and didn’t get any Romaine at all…”

Opening the fridge she proudly displayed three heads of iceberg lettuce…

Naturally, I was pleased as punch.  No waste…and what’s more, no e. coli.  But we’ve been married for almost 19-years now…and Elaine’s never gotten iceberg lettuce.  Until this week.

Odd little coincidence, I figured.  Makes you wonder…

This kind of stuff happens to us all the time.  Can’t say why – because I have no clue.  It just does.

My latest encounter with “the woo” was putting the finishing touches on the old Heathkit SB-303 receiver I’ve been “dialing-in” over on the electronics workbench.

The radio has a small circuit breaker and it’s held in place by a tiny very oddball sized screw.  Wasn’t in the radio when it arrived in my “operating room.”

Since I will be wrapping up this morning, I spent a restless night figuring this way (and that) to get the circuit breaker mounted without the required oddball screw.  Finally, I concluded it was time to SuperGlue to hold it in place.  Hate to do that, but sometimes there’s no option.

Fast-forward to this morning:  there we were in “the studio” about 5 AM this morning, Elaine, Zeus the Cat, and me, having coffee and chatting about why Alexa can’t print to E’s wireless laser printer on a voice command without getting an HP app involved…when…wait!

What’s this???  A tiny screw under my socks?

Except for requiring a bit of countersinking, it was exactly the screw I needed… Well, I’ll be damned…

You see, Life is like that a lot for us out here in the woods.  Almost like something or someone – the Big Unseen – takes care of us.

Some of my friends don’t hold Thanksgiving quite the same as we do.  My buddy Gaye, for example, has a different take on the day over on her site.

We don’t claim to understand the HOW of Universe works, though maybe since Elaine and I are working on dreams and such.  Just can’t say…

As this Thanksgiving rolled around, we decided not to do turkey…We’ll save that for next week when my consigliere comes in.

Instead, a proper use of the day is for serious appreciating of all the fine adventures we have enjoyed together.  Like this this Thanksigiving years ago…

Until tomorrow, when millions will be getting “credit card burn” let me leave you with something to think about – advice of one Max Tegmark:

“My Advice is to go out and do Really Interesting Things so the Simulators don’t shut you down.”

RFO and gimme an Amen, brother…

…’moron the morrow, eh?

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