Trump’s Upside Breakout

The Futures this morning point to the Dow moving up 230-points, or thereabouts, at the open.  But, before you run out and buy into the long side, a couple of words of caution, if we may?

For one, no matter how impressive the intraday run is, we need to see an even higher close before getting wildly bullish.  Sure, a 200 point run today would be nice, don’t get me wrong.  But that just puts us back at the overhead resistance level.

There’s a long way we could fall.  Especially since this looks to us like a mostly Trump-based rally.  Let me explain…

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We know that it’s now outed that the FBI hired an agent provocateur to snoop in the Trump campaign.  And the Inspector General of the Justice Department is onto it.

In an opinion piece today, The Hill called for “Stopping Robert Mueller to Protec Us All.”  This is hugely meaningful since www.m rates The Hill and “center-left” in it’s view of things.

Why is the left about to cave?  Well…  Assuming you follow QANON posts…

Former CIA Boss John Brennan is sounding desperate as  “John Brennan Fires Warning Shot to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell After Trump Orders DOJ to Investigate FBI’s Campaign Infiltration.

Brennan is desperate because he’s at the head of the ex-Obama posse likely to be weating an orange jump suit.  This BS about “protecting national security” as we found out from the Devin Nunes House probe, has NOTHING to do with protecting legit intelligence assets.  Its about protecting political use by democrat officials of thje FBI and DOJ.

In other words, ass-covering.

You need to read this Gateway Pundit story because the “phrase that pays” in this is: “Brennan is caught in a perjury trap over his statements about Hillary’s phony dossier in a May 2017 testimony to the intel panel.”

Looks (from here)_ to us like Trump has deftly managed not only to avoid the Robert Mueller/DOJ/Lynch-Clinton set up, but in addition, there are now inspectors general coming for scalps.

Now, says another The Hill story, Trump is demanding to know how the Hillary campaign got away with not turning over its hacked email server?

Oh, and to make it more interesting still, CNBC reports that “Mueller’s office reportedly tells Trump lawyer Giuliani that the Russia obstruction probe will wrap up by September.

The democrats are making this conditional as best they can.  Mueller’s wind-up is predicated on Trump doing an “interview.”  Only a fool would do that…and I think Trump will decline.  I think it’s clear Mueller can not indict.  He can only issue a report and what he has right now is a “nothing burger” to bring back the left-wing media phrase.

Even September is too long a time-frame.  All Mueller has bought for the millions of (your) tax money spent is NO collusion, and other than that meaningless infringements of others, what I think you’re seeing right now is democrats trying to work out a “negotiated stand down.”

Well, no.  Not going to happen.

You don’t get to deploy KGB tactics in American politics as the democrats did by planting at least one provocateur in  the campaign.  You get a clean sweep and reset of the game…which appears to be what Trump, et al, are aiming for.  House cleaning.

Now, let’s draw back to see why China is suddenly playing ball on trade.

This is simple, really:  Chinese leaders have gotten very, very rich by playing ball with the American corporate left.  But they’re bright-enough to see the leader of the AmeriLeft Gang will be headed to prison (it will take a while to work out, a year or more), but they can see Trump has the upper hand and is negotiating from his favorite position:


Which is why we will pay particular attention to travels of Barrack Obama, who as you know, went to extradition-free Tahiti last time this was threatening to come tumbling down on his attempted leftist coup.  People tend to forget recent history, so review “Barack Hussein Obama “Holed up” in Non Extradition Treaty Country …

We wonder if the passports of former Obama officials who may have had a hand in the conspiracy to stop Trump still have their passports?

Long and short of it, getting back to the financial picture, this is why you’re reading “Futures jump as U.S.-China trade spat put ‘on hold’.”

China has plans to be on the winning side, and they are bright enough to be edging toward Trump even though the (mainly dimwit) Left in America is still fighting the failed Obama/Clinton obstruction to constituting a de factor coup effort.

Gold Drops

The other thing going today – and this is big macro econ stuff – is that Gold is dropping.

Reason is simple:  The Dollar has hit a five-month high and it’s doing so over prospects of the US simply balancing the trade deficit.

The Week Ahead:

First data point out this morning is the Chicago Fed National Activity Index.  Steady as she grows…

“The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) ticked up to +0.34 in April from +0.32 in March. Two of the four broad categories of indicators that make up the index increased from March, and three of the four categories made positive contributions to the index in April. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, increased to +0.46 in April from +0.23 in March.”

(Thanks to Microsoft for wrecking the Snipping tool in the latest “upgrade” to Windows 10 when run  in complex environments!  An other “feature,” perhaps is this color-shift?)

Not much else in the way of ‘big’ headlines.  There’s the Durable Goods Friday, but for the most part it’s a week of “talking Fed bosses” on the rubber chicken circuit and all eyes on politics.

Futures are still up 200, but we would expect politics to spill over into the markets at some point.

The Big Picture

Takes a bit of explaining, but my thinking goes like this:

Under the Obama/Clinton financial future path, America would be locked in to a high-inflation outcome as we tried to paper over the runaway spending by a corrupt congress.  The only way to do this would be to “make up money” and that meant that buying anything of solid value – whether gold, real estate, or selling bonds (which would drop in price as inflation came roaring back) would have been a no-brainer.

Especially since a Pence administration would be – after the coup to oust Trumphave been more a caretaker outfit than builder presidency.

Now, though, since Trump is a negotiator, we would expect him to contain the deficit and with a lot of the RINO’s leaving (because there’s dirt of them over misdeeds behind the curtain yet to be revealed) there’s a good chance we could do an “earn out” and we could have a happily ever after for the grandchildren.

Which is NOT what the Left wants.  They don’t want a return to core American values (hard work, thrift, innovation, technology breakthroughs) because it’s much easier for their purposes to have a divided country of a thousand genders and their sympathizers running socialist media.

I think China senses this change of sea state and is changing how they view things.  America is onshoring capital with more reasonable tax policies and about all that’s left to figure is how to keep pension funds from imploding.

And even this is not insurmountable.  That’s because cities and states that had “crooked growth” through giveaway programs would simply see their astronomical property values comes down to more common levels in America.

In other words, while land in East Texas may be $5,000 an acre, the same land a similar distance from Chicago, might be half-again, or more.

With a increase in property taxes to pay off excessive government pensions, though,  land and home prices in Chicago could come down.  A sort of Great American Leveling.

It’s a harmonic of what we saw in National Banking.  The idea is that national banks keep the regionals in check because they spread risk over the whole country.

Places like Illinois seemed like gold mines in real estate for a while, but that’s likely to end to pay pensions.  As it does, employers will stop looking at the oversized (unmanageable) cities and will take a fresh look at what’s really out there.

We have a huge country with thousands of small towns ready for business.  Many, at least in Texas, have been “hollowed out” by the technological revolution.  Yet today in cities like Paris, Texas, that we happened to drive through this weekend, there are office buildings half-empty because computers displaced the local people needed 50 years ago before computers.

Today?  These places are ripe for rediscovery.  Office space is there waiting to be redeveloped in towns which still come with family values and a 7-minute commute.

Takes some squinting to see it sometimes, but America has a very bright future is we all focus on what makes for a good life instead of what teachers are spewing as special.

We can be great again as a country.  To those critical of American exceptionalism, please go to the nearest airport and leave.

Things could be changing shortly – and for the better – so anti-American instigators and street-corner radical won’t be needed to build the future of this great-again land.

Could we have a depression along the way?  Well, that’s up to radical leftists, the trillions of the drug cartels, and how other countries read us, isn’t it?

54 thoughts on “Trump’s Upside Breakout”

  1. The democratic socialists (oxymoron if there ever was one) proceed ‘Forward’ (Marxist slogan) with a blatant divide and conquer mentality. Make no mistake, there is solid purpose to what they are doing. The more American society can be fractured the better, or as you put it, the Left aims “to have a divided country of a thousand genders and their sympathizers running socialist media.” Fracturing weakens the conservative status quo. While conservatives rally around traditional values (like ‘all’ the Amendments to the Constitution) and pledge allegiance to their constitutional rights, the Left challenges the norms and pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a nation (like, being an illegal immigrant but still voting or getting state and local aid, jobs, medical, housing, schooling, etc.). Unifying dozens or hundreds or thousands of disparate outliers gives the Left their strength. Status quo has become their enemy. The underdog mans their army, and also provides the necessary votes to get the Left elected and reelected. ‘Change’ (Obama socialist borrowed slogan) is their passionate mantra. Yes, planned change can be good and is necessary for a viable nation-state. Change for the sake of change deserves a hearty note of caution, especially where the fundamental philosophy of a nation is concerned.

    • Warhammer,

      If Liberals are about change and Conservatives are about the status quo…why would anyone want to be a conservative?

      Humans and especially Americans are genetically programmed to embrace change. Pushing boundaries, revolutions against the British, civil wars, and world wars against regional identities as well as political ideologies… This is what made this country great.

      In theory…the very amendments to the constitution were changes in the constitution right? In the past 200+ years, the Constitution has been amended 27 times.

      In my 60+ years of life, I have seen a lot of change…most for the better. I can say with he utmost confidence that I live 1000 times better than I did as a kid in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. I have access to an infinite amount of information and am way more aware than I was as a businessman in the 80’s and 90’s. Heck…due to the incredible changes in how I live and where I live, I have had exponential financial growth from last decade to this decade.

      The left doesn’t fracture as much as it asks all of us to adapt. I could make the argument that conservatives are causing the fracturing of our country, because they refuse to change and adapt to what humans have been doing for thousands and thousands of years…Growing…innovating…learning…progressing.

      • ‘adapt’ to a worn out ‘socialist state’ is NOT a ‘change’ for the good of ones self OR HISTORY shows…and that great life and economic success was given to you by a ‘socialist economy’…and you even want to thank the present and past ‘leaders ‘ of this country for all the wars and conflicts they have ‘given’ us….I think not

      • Just in the last century:

        “Lenin” was “change.”
        “Hitler” was “change.”
        “Mao” was “change.”
        So were Mussolini, Franco, Ceausescu, Castro, Pol Pot, Chavez, and about a hundred other petit dictateurs.

        “Change” is a communist mantra, straight from Marx.

        There is nothing about the mantra which implies a “change for the better,” merely a “change from the current.”

        “Liberal” used to imply thinking like most of our Founding Fathers, i.e. Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, etc. These folks wanted to establish the first place,


        where individuals could own property, and where individuals would be the motivating force behind government. This line of thought is called “Jeffersonism,” or “Classical Liberalism.”

        It is the political and socioeconomic philosophy of classical liberalism, which the folks we now call “conservatives” wish to conserve.

        …And no, humans are not genetically programmed to embrace “change.” We are genetically programmed to embrace that which is most-likely to enable our DNA to successfully propagate, just like every other organism on the planet.

        We are socially-programmed to attempt changes to our way of life. We have also become arrogant and conceited enough to not recognize the thousands of years of social evolution which, through trial and error (where “error” often meant termination of an inefficient or foolish strain of DNA), we arrived at this point in the history of our species. Accordingly, some elements of society embrace “change” with neither an historical, nor a common sense perspective of the eventual result of said “change.”

        Please don’t confuse “change” with “evolution,” and don’t accept the “Progressive” mantra as “progress.” Real social progress was made by allowing individuals to self-govern both themselves and their property. This is the idea which true conservatives wish to conserve, and which “progressives” (actually “regressives”) wish to eliminate. This idea is what was meant by (I’m sure you remember the phrase) “the American experiment,” and the basis for “American Exceptionalism.” As humans, we are no better nor worse than anyone else. The phrase “American exceptionalism” has been bastardized over the years, but as coined, referred to our style of government and the freedom we had to self-determine our individual fate, not the people living in the U.S.

      • …I figure some things are obvious enough they don’t require mention, and there are, for reasons which escape me, legions of Obama-worshipers, many of them Caucasians who’ve come to hate their ethnicity, who get butt-hurt whenever he’s mentioned in a less-than-glowing light. Besides, Mr. Obama doesn’t yet qualify. The seeds planted during his Administration have barely germinated, so his eventual death toll remains to be seen.

  2. Re: the Snippet tool

    I have never used it, but MS has scorched me a few times for other functions on these “updates”.

    If you don’t need to manipulate what you are copying, I suggest you use the “Print Screen” function (while MS still has it), then paste into a photo program to resize it to use it where you want it. Usually, there is a way around a barrier.

    It used to frustrate my superviser no end that istead of much around trying to do something the “correct” way in software use, I simply found a workaround and went on down the road.

    • Microsoft can’t get rid of “Print Screen.” It is a low-level function built into the BIOS of the motherboard, and despite having its own dedicated key, is a function of which most people are unaware…

  3. Re: American exceptionalism

    I heard a psychologist once explain this. He said he was ADHD and that people with this configuration are restless and usually workaholics. He then speculated that, while desperation may have been the motive force, he believed that the majority of USA immigrants had some degree of ADHD. He claimed that statistically, the US has the highest percentage of ADHD population.

    Many ADHD people also have above average IQ, so he went on, combine restlessness, workaholism, and above average IQ and you get the basis for America’s world leading commerce and innovation generation.

    Intriguing concept to say the least.

    • They achieved “exceptionalism” because of the freedom afforded [them] by the Constitution. [Assuming the psych’s theory has merit], were it not so, they’d have been exceptional, wherever they lived…

    • God I never thought about that.. I wonder of I’m ADHD .. That pretty much describes me.. I sleep three hours a day love to spend early morning hours in a book or two.i Have to be doing something all the time.. And my normal work week when I was working was two full time jobs and one part time job seven days a the eighties I had six plus just to make it..hell year when I worked off a surgical bill was three full time one part time seven days a week..

  4. Now George I never went along with the worn out mentality of “love it or leave it” nor the old worn out “we are exceptional” line of crap for that’s what landed us in the sorry mess we are in now,now its going to take a long long time to make “America great again”,first new plants have to built,new equitment has to be bought seeing we don’t make anything any more,people have to be trained and of course the stock market/banker/financial system has to be given a good and I mean good hosing out, and I don’t see any of this taking place,hell I don’t even see any improvement in repairing our roads bridges,culverts electrical grid and all the rest.Nope George just because lets make a deal is in office really dosen’t mean utopia is here again.!!!

    • No, beg to disagree. What landed us in the mess we are in is a bunch of lazy SOB’s that didn’t want to work, learn, and compete. And then along came the friendly free lunch people.
      Everyone can work and be great…but the W word scares people off when they see others being lazy and getting a dole that’s better than work. People in Texas, mainly get that. Die hard democrats not only don’t get it, but tend to be in two of the worst categories: On the dole or yelling from their baricades.

      • First.. there isn’t a free lunch.. there never has been and there never will be.. although I to have heard the stories about the gold states where banks freely hand out hundreds of thousands of dollars . They don’t require or need any collateral and pay people thousands of dollars a month to do nothing at all.. I think it’s just an urban legend although I was in one state that my daughter lived in that I couldn’t believe those people were paid but my god could they cook a good mess of beans. On an average people don’t want to be lazy. Many are tied down to wages or forced to seek the proverbial free lunch federal programs. Like food stamps, (7/3 per person per day.. way below RW figures) and if you get funds from one it goes against the funds of another program.
        I am not sure but think that the companies that pay low enough that employees need to seek assistance are the ones placing the burden on everyone to receive their profit margins by forcing everyone to basically give them money for the managements bonuses.

        No one wants to be reminded every month that they are hated and considered worthless in society’s eye. 74 percent receive the EIC tax what is it 22 percent receive federal assistance in one way or another. All forced to seek them. They are not usually seeking these by choice. There is less than one percent that is taking advantage of the system

    • “love it or leave it”

      I love that show.. where I get a chuckle is the people.. they are not willing to budge on how much Hillary has to work with renovating.. but they are willing to borrow more money to get what Hillary could do to increase the value of what they already own if they gave her the same funds.
      to work with that your willing to spend somewhere else.
      As a general rule they should add how many areas they want renovated times ten grand as a general working figure. Water walls are twice as much or more a kitchen is twenty five plus as a general guess rule.

  5. Directionality is not just Bull/Bear.
    It is also “how sideways?”
    Buying or selling stocks is only a small part of the market.
    If you are slightly bullish and also flat in the larger picture, you can do things like sell near the money puts (synthetically long) and not ever have to buy a stock that can go down – but instead mark a price you would like to buy it. Say IBM trades at $150 and you like it. Don’t buy it. Sell a July 140 put instead. You save $10 of downside and collect the premium if it goes up somewhat. The idea is to do this enough to make up for any “bull market” upside that you would experience by buying stocks. It also puts a floor under the market to “give it buoyancy”.

    Permabears are getting killed when they buy puts thinking a market is going down or short shares. There needs to be consideration for this third “how sideways” things go at macro-level.

  6. George, so, the patient stops hitting himself with a hammer, so you proclaim genius cure? LOL. Obviously someone finally got through to Trump how stupid trade wars are, and especially the damage it was causing to his own base, and he turned tail like a little girl.
    Also, does it escape you all that Trump intentionally attempting to sic the FBI on his political opponents is the very Banana Republic obstruction of justice for political purposes he alleges? (After so many convictions by Mueller, of course Trump’s desperate. BTW, did anyone ever figure out why the Putin Pawn ‘washed’ an extra $60,000,000 to Trump through the FL estate deal?)
    Sorry. I know how annoying real facts can be. Best, Mike.

    • So it’s OK to put a trump baiter into the campaign org to set him up? Tell me about how the Bananas work on your left side of the ledger…

      • Trump is alleging there was a mole…It’s his own brand of deflection…just like he alleged there was a recording of him and Comey…or he alleged that Obama was not a citizen…or that he alleged there were Muslims cheering in New Jersey after 9/11….or his accusations of Ted Cruz’s father helping to assassinate John F. Kennedy…or his statements that “We have signed more legislation than anybody. We broke the record of Harry Truman.” He ranks last actually. I could go on. There are over 600 false and misleading statements.

        Trumps historical lying makes everything he says just not believable. So why should we believe there was FBI mole in his campaign and White House. Of all the untruths…what makes this believable? I am not saying that it didn’t happen…but he is like a used car salesman…you have to take what he says with a grain of salt.

      • Trump didn’t allege it, the liberal NY Times did and now his name is out. Baiting Trumpies…come on…

  7. George,
    You know I have a ton of respect for you, but today’s column is a a bit out there. First Obama wasn’t in Tahiti because it is extradition free. He was there because it is a beautiful all inclusive resort called the Brando. Marlon Brando used to own it. I have been there…thanks to a very, very good, but stressful year last year. Pricey, but worth every penny…and a great way to decompress. After 8 years in Washington, I am sure Obama needed to decompress…not hide due to a dark web conspiracy theory. said…” Which is NOT what the Left wants. They don’t want a return to core American values (hard work, thrift, innovation, technology breakthroughs) “

    Have you been to the Bay Area lately? As Left wing as they come and we live in future world here. This is the land of 16 hour work days… a state that has an $8.8 billion surplus and growing that our Governor doesn’t want to spend…the leaders in high tech, bio-tech, artificial intelligence, self driving cars etc. Yesterday, I found myself zipping around the city on an electric personal transportation scooter to get from the Train to my appointment, to avoid having to drive. Brilliant. We are even reinventing old school technologies like boring tunnels at 1/10 the historical costs and in half the time.

    I think one needs to re-define what is liberal and what is conservative. Once upon a time I lived in a ‘conservative” midwestern town. I had to leave because that town had and still hasn’t not grown in population in over 30 years and hasn’t built a high rise in their downtown core since 1984. They are too conservative with their money and as a result, there are no jobs and fewer people staying to build anything to want to stay. And they voted for Trump to do what? Give them handouts? People make people great. Not some populist politician. If the people of these typical midwestern towns want to survive, they need to retain their IC. Because, right now, we are getting them…as is New York, Boston, Chicago and LA.

    I would tend to say the values that you talk about then are mostly liberal values of growth. Look at the incredibly powerful economies of our largest cities…New York, LA, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago (Chi-town has its own set of problems, but still an economic force). These five metro areas are responsible for over 25% of the total US GDP.

    Politically, they are liberal, but economically, they set the capatilist standard because local politicians are liberal about their ability to incentivize them with tax abatements to get them to move and stay here. All this talk about our taxes being too high? Haha. Do you think the dozens of the worlds highest valued companies here in the Bay Area and the other four metros would still be there if that was the case? There is a trade off.

    The way I look at it….Liberals get things done…Conservatives wait for things to get done for them…when it comes to business and growth. The proof is in the pudding…Those five cities are liberal hotbeds…and economic giants.

    • “what is liberal and what is conservative”

      For starters the Brown God told us what to look for, “their fruit”.

      Let’s look.

      Sarah Palin is ‘Conservative’ – all her grand children are being raised by single moms.

      Hillary Clinton is a “Liberal” – all her grand children are being raised in a nuclear family.

      • Just can’t let such a grand generalization go unchallenged: How many black liberal families are headed by a single mom? I don’t know the answer, but last I heard it is higher than the all other ethnic and racial groups combined.

    • Good to hear about the budget surplus in CA. President Trump will soon spend it when he cuts off funding due to illegal activities in CA.

  8. If property values go down then ad valorem taxes go down – if ad valorem taxes go down local governments have to either let employees go or services will be cut – never happen……

  9. George. I just sold that Uniden Atlantis 250 Marine Transceiver on ebay for $50 that I mentioned the other day. I guess, I won’t be able to call channel 16 for help if my house sinks.

  10. The way I see it, and no matter how you slice it, it’s the result of millions of individual decisions. If their (individual’s) IQ is high = good results. If their IQ is low = results bad . (Chinese IQ seems higher than US on average, IMHO). That’s all there is to it. ;-) We need not argue Libs. vs. Cons..

    • At the risk of being unPC, Chinese IQ averages 106 vs. Caucasian average at 100. Korean average is 110, if I recall correctly. The extensive education of a Chinese person just to be able to read a newspaper is such that their brains learn to process massive numbers of characters quickly. Westerners have different advantages, and so we can and should do our best to maximize our own individual potential.

      • The ability to read and digest what has been written eludes many of our college graduates today.
        Many once they have left school end up consumed by the work a day world. To the point that they are not able to take the time to read. I know I have cut down to fifteen books a month myself through the years. I still have one friend that reads a book a day.

      • Ha ha, excuse me, the IQ of whites was astronomical. Why else do you think so much effort has gone into dumbing down the population!?!?? And taking away Whites’s opportunities? It is an all out assault on the White race now. Surely, this is noticeable now to the commenters here. We are in a race to the “equal” bottom!!! In my family of 11, ALL have IQ’s over 130. But we came from intelligence and a good education. This country is failing 25 percent of it’s high school students, it can’t get 50 percent of them to do math or read at an 8th grade level. So much intellectual potential is being delayed, destroyed, and hindered. More money never fixes it, it is intentional. Department of Education, my azz. It is the Department of Destruction.

      • LOL LOL LOL I am with you all the way Eye-Q… American Men especially.. we were born with innate ability to understand everything without studying it at all.. that is why assembly instructions are written the way they are.
        In other languages for those not american born then english for the women in america, then pictures for the rest.

    • Not necessarily.

      I quantify I.Q. (or any other intelligence metric) as “potential.”

      I quantify “smarts” as the practical application of the abilities one actually possesses.

      “Smarts” is a combination of ability, common sense, and application or industriousness. In many cases, a smart person of mildly above average I.Q. will beat the pants off a genius whose I.Q. is a full standard-deviation above that of the person who’s merely “smart,” in any given real-world scenario, simply because (s)he applies themself in a more-productive manner.

      I have known a huge number of “intellectual idiots” — people of high intelligence or academic achievement (or occasionally both), who are intolerably lazy or narrow-minded, or become caught up in the dogma of a social, political, or (I hate to say it) scientific position, to the point they cannot see any path but their own, even when it is obvious to any impartial observer that their path is a dead-end.

      These people are stupid, irrespective their Stanford Binet. They have a gift which they either refuse to utilize, or a prejudice which precludes its use. In some cases too, they’re just flat-assed lazy, and would rather sit around and tell each other how intelligent they are, than risk proving they’re not…

      • Ray.. your on top of it..using myself as an example.. when those that know me ask me a question.. like what would you think or do about this or that.. they usually ask me to mull it over for a while then give them my opinions on whatever it is they want my opinion on. Off the cuff responses can be ..well off the cuff.. where looking at it for a while I will think about it by observing it from all angles then give them a more rounded opinion.
        The other thing that makes me very fortunate to having my wife.. is i can from time to time be a little eccentric she keeps me pulled down to earth to keep me in check with debating an issue and driving friends away. There are consequences to being this way to..because I have a sociable nature I can visit with everyone.. but I am not a social person.
        Like you pointed out I can be narrow I personally don’t have any pretty papers on the wall..well I do but they are my grandkids art.. the better of them is signed and framed..true masterpieces. But I am fairly confident that my bookworm life that I’ve read as much as many and more than sum. I have four in my family that are professors at colleges that hate to debate me on the subjects that they teach.. they usually have to go back and study.. my wife forces me to not debate. I pick a subject and go to town reading.. like my wife says.. my opinion is my opinion and no one cares about it but me. The other quote from my wife.. is will you stop dragging that dead horse around..

      • Ray your right on another thing to.. what difference does it make if a person can see a pattern or sequence in an abstract puzzle.. absolutely nothing.. I had that argument almost forty years ago with a group that for some odd reason thought it put them ahead of everyone else. It doesn’t. Each person that walks the earth is a genius in their own way. Some mark success through a number. I feel I’ve been a successful person yet my number is small.
        I met a woman once very isolated very reclusive. She loves puzzles..

        Did it in an hour.. each person has risk reward opportunities. Depending on what opportunities your offered or whether or not those around you see the potentials of a person depends on how far they will go.
        Met a great guy with tons of potential he was living in a dumpster. No one seen his potentials and he never had any opportunities that he was able to accept and grow.

      • My ten year old grand daughter.. kind of reminds me of myself.. the teachers kept telling everyone she was slow. I had a puzzle here that I kept just to infuriate everyone that touches it. She asked if she could play with it.. I reluctantly say go for it.. she had it apart and back together in less than a minute.. that was when I started to pay attention to the things she was saying. It wasn’t that she was slow. The teachers are to slow.. by the time they catch what she’s talking about she’s on another subject. I don’t usually wear my hearing aides because I truly don’t want to hear the drivel.. I infuriate my wife on a regular schedule because I will finish her sentences for her.. family gets upset because what I actually hear and what you say are usually not the same. Well when she’s around I make sure they go in. I told the kids to push her get her into excelerated classes since physics and chemistry is her bag that’s where she should be pushed.

    • Let me clarify it by saying: The sum total of “individual decisions” not necessarily per the IQ testing of the population at large.

      P.s. “Eye Q” posted comment to think about.

    • K-W-W, D, Someone please briefly help me understand “Q”. TKS Standfreeman.


      • “Q” is “Q-Anon.”

        Q-Anon is a person, or group, which is allegedly either a member of, or able to gain access to, a real-life embodiment of George’s purely-fictional D-153.

        Are the postings and parables of “Q” fact? Are they fantasy? No one knows, nor does anyone know the identity of Q-Anon. I view it as information and don’t judge its validity. If Q-posts eventually prove out, I’ll mentally move it from “information” to “source” in my newsgrep hierarchy…

  11. Left Right,Dem Republican…ALL broken marketing models….printing fiat,banks investing deposits,derivatives,graft, payoffs, bribery, speech payments, and outright thievery are the …’new world order’ marketing models….honest business people are put to task to stay solvent……

  12. “Trump has deftly managed not only to avoid the Robert Mueller/DOJ/Lynch-Clinton set up, but in addition, there are now inspectors general coming for scalps.

    Now, says another The Hill story, Trump is demanding to know how the Hillary campaign got away with not turning over its hacked email server?”

    I have got to say….. I love Trump as president…
    with the level of influence the puppet masters have over our legislators. I don’t know if I can say corrupt because I don’t think that all of them have been bought off. But they live in a bubble with little true knowledge of what is happening in the real world. They don’t actually work that much and with limited time to work just don’t have time to read or digest what they are voting on taking the puppeteer’s word at what they say.. remember eve was convinced the fruit of the tree was good, in return she sold Adam on the idea that it was good to eat. I never ever thought that he could get this far or stay in office this long. Those that haven’t towed the proverbial line in the past have all been removed one way or another.

    • The Scary part.. is in the past anyone that has seriously investigated the activities of the puppet masters or those in power that seem to have absolute power.. usually end up in a serious health situation.
      take that issue a couple years ago.. that implicated many of the wealthiest and a great deal of our present the country and world diplomats. that whole issue vanished in what would be considered lightning speed for government any proof that was gleaned also vanished all the web postings by those involved vanished.. even though there were reports years ago that there was a serious investigation over that very issue in that very area involving the same issues. A situation that the deeper you dug everyone involved had openly been posting things that would let you believe they were somehow involved in some dark devious behaviors..
      My opinion over this investigation is this… if they are successful to force our president out of office or shortly after his administration is over in a couple short years.. all of this will be like a fart in the wind and even though it smells at first will be gone in a flash never to be heard of again.
      the emails if they haven’t vanished already will.. anyone that can implicate anyone will also quietly vanish never to be heard of..
      The depravity of DC will continue and we will continue to be the targets for their agenda. We will continue to vote in the same will be business as usual doing the DC two step..Those that will replace those that are already corrupted and influenced will be either corrupted or influenced shortly after arriving at their jobs.

  13. The derp state folks who conspired back in 1960 to run Obama birth announcements in two big island newspapers must be the same derp state folks who conspired back in 2015 with France, Germany, the UK, Estonia, Poland and Australia to warn US intel that team Trump were criminal traitors. Or the Razor applies and Obama really was born in Hawaii and Team Trump really are colluding criminals.

    GCHQ first became aware in late 2015 of suspicious “interactions” between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents, a source close to UK intelligence said. This intelligence was passed to the US as part of a routine exchange of information, they added.

    Over the next six months, until summer 2016, a number of western agencies shared further information on contacts between Trump’s inner circle and Russians, sources said.

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