Trouble Week: Bitcoin, Fed, Quadruple

Big Trouble in River City.  And in Texas,. California, Washington, and wherever else you want to look.

Although, if you live in the Northeast, here’s a peachy example of how media-egocentric the Northeast is:  CNN blares “California wildfires now larger than New York City and Boston Combined.”  See how this works?  The media is NE-centric as hell and this attitude spills out at every turn, unchallenged.

We have plenty (in fact too much) to say about the California fires in a moment, but let’s begin the week with the REAL news:  Making a buck (or many).  We have a quadruple witching week Thursday and Friday, consumer prices Wednesday, some data to watch tomorrow.  But above all, let me walk you through where Bitcoin is – which if you haven’t guessed it, is in a do or die.  Free lesson in how to do a simple predictive chart, too…

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So let’s consider Bitcoin first.

Here’s a price chart of typical prices over the past several days courtesy of  Marvelous resource.

Let’s take this one step at a time so you can see how this is done and you can use this yourself.

Step 1:  Draw a simple price channel.

Using a good graphics program (we us CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7).  Use the snipping tool in Win-10 and snip out the area you are interested in charting from the web.  Paste it into a Corel workspace and lock the object.  (If you don’t, it will slide around, you’ll get pissed and want us to do tech support and we hang up on such calls.)

Click on the Corel “line tool.”  Look for the recent high in Bitcoin.  Draw a line from the top (x on this chart) down to the next major top in the decline (y) and go well past it…

Now, copy (crtl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) this line.  Don’t worry that it is not visible.  Corel pastes the new object right where the source is.  So just activate the pointer tool, click on the line and slide (your newly copied line) down to position Z.  Extra credit if you make the second line red as I have done above.

This is now the descending price channel.

Do the same thing from the low going up, instead.

Now we have two price channels.

We know under Elliott wave rules that we should see channel “touches” on all but perhaps the final impulse.  I have (for the sake of discussion) labeled 1,2,3,4,5 as an initial down move.  And what we are in right now (as of press time) looked like an a-b-c correction (or bounce).

Today this should resolve.  We could have a small decline and then go up, turning this into a five wave advance OR we could be done at the A-B-C down.

After this, it becomes child’s play to use one of the subscriber tools (to to plug in our “brainamp.xls” spreadsheet (from the Peoplenomics master index page) and estimate how far up, or down, the moves will go.

Feel better?

Should be an interesting outcome, either way.  A 1-hour price spike isn’t what we’re after, though.  We are looking for the main trading action…as that’s where the trends will emerge.  Patience!

Then There’s Tomorrow

That’s when the Fed meeting begins.  The thing you need to know is that the Fed has been yammering (or just Yellin’) that they will be raising rates.  But everyone with half a brain knows it’s all smoke because the Fed really CAN’T raise yet because they have crap left on their balance sheet (unloading paper sacks of questionable loans is harder that unloading Bitcoins, you see) and the market knows it’s a bluff.

Flip over to the 10-year Treasury (^TNX) and click on the 5-year view and you’ll see (as my PhD DSP pal Jas Jain insists) the 36-year bull market in bonds don’t look over.

The Discontinuity of 2018

That’s the topic for Peoplenomics Wednesday.  We’ve seen this several times and it’s called The Debtberg.

It’s what’s presently rolling over on the Fed, although I’m kinda partial to the “riding into a box canyon” concept, too.

Either way, they can’t turn around, and when everyone figures they can’t, they will just have to make sure to pass pending legislation which would outlaw Bitcoin.  I trust you know that Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz reportedly thinks Bitcoin ought to be outlawed?

If you think I’m overdoing the Bitcoin deal?  See the NYT DealBook Briefing: How Bitcoin Futures Add to the Trading Hype.

Meanwhile, Hotly anticipated bitcoin futures ease off after 22 percent surge.  Still, trading was so rabid as to pop circus breaker (sic) twice.

Like wampum, tulips, the Radio Trust, No-Doc loans and…lots of junior miners on the Vancouver stock exchange, Bitcoin too will likely run it’s course.  Gold rush fever passed and left us with California, which tees up this morning’s psycho-George Rant du jour:

Climate Monetizers Discover Fire

Jeez, Louise.  People (which we loosely interpret to include CaliGov Jerry Brown) are stupid.  Ure’s truly can’t believe the lies people will swallow!

They actual buy into the New Big Lie that JBrown (and others) are spreading about the fires.  Missed it?  Her you go: “California Fires are the New Normal” as Brown was pandering it this weekend.

Ya’ll ain’t gonna like what I have to say next because a) I’ve lived amongst the ‘Fornians, b) I happen to own a small tree farm, and c) I come from a family of firefighters.  And d) did I mention that I’m a science-driven prick when it comes to data?  Not like those climate liars caught just in the last month making up sea level data  to bolster The Big Climate Lie!  (If you don’t like Breitbart, try the Tea Party site’s UNREAL: Climate Alarmists Caught Red-Handed Faking Sea-Level …)

Now for some ugly facts (Remember,, we lived in L.A. and suffered through record floods and fires burning up the hills northeast of Burbank…so yeah, been there, lived that… )

#1.  The main reason that there are fires is California environmental overdose cases have restricted private property owner’s right to keep brush from building up.

Here’s how the process works.

When it rains in SoCal, within a year or three the brush gets really thick.  Especially in ravines.

Due to environmental regs, the zealots in CaliGov have decided to save every dead-end species that (sorry, but here’s the facts) don’t have a future, anyway.

Take San Diego County, for example:

“If the land is outside of the existing County Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) which covers the southwestern portion of the County, up to 5 acres can be cleared without a permit when associated with an existing dwelling. If the land is within the existing MSCP, residential land (developed or vacant) up to 5 acres in size that is outside the Pre-Approved Mitigation Area (PAMA) can be cleared without a permit. Residential land (developed or vacant) up to 2 acres in size that is inside PAMA can be cleared without a permit. Clearing in excess of these limits is allowed with an approved Administrative Brushing and Clearing Permit from Department of Planning and Land Use (DPLU). Please contact the DPLU Zoning Information Counter, at (858) 565-5981, to determine whether your property is within MSCP and/or the PAMA designation or to obtain information on the Administrative Brushing and Clearing Permit. 2,3…”

No telling how long that process takes.  Here’s ALL that many homeowners are allowed to do proactively:

” You may clear up to 100’ from any improvement on your property as defined under Section 68.402 of the County Weed Abatement Ordinance without a permit. Depending upon fuel loads and topography, the Local Fire District may require additional clearing. This additional clearing does not require a permit so long as you have a letter from the Local Fire District specifying the amount of additional clearing required.  “

OK, let’s see:  Working people would have to take time (off work) to get with the local fire department…and then…who knows?

Here’s a stupid-person-bet-of-the-year (SPBOTY) for you:  “I bet 100 feet of clearance from a ravine loaded with  dry brush is all the distance I need to save my home and lifetime collection of belongings from an up-canyon fire stoked by 60-mile per hour winds…”

Duh!  Come on, seriously?  HOW ‘effing stupid would you need to be to take that bet?

Like California hasn’t had droughts before?  HUGE ones in the 1800’s – but the dastardly climate bastards won’t own up to them, because it doesn’t fit their narrative.  Go read up on 1841 and don’t tricked by the climate panderers.  This sh*t happens with regularity!  Big lies, oft repeated, and all that.

Thus, we conclude the majority of the fire danger is from hot air alright…Sacramento sourced.

Skinnerian Operant Conditioning theory hints this is preemptive talk because all the money in California is needed for state employee pensions and they’re not likely to have any money left to fight fires.  The real new normal is legislative liars.

Sadly, for the victim/residents of the nation’s most misguided state: Southern California’s Thomas fire grows in size despite efforts.

#2  If it’s REALLY “Climate Change”  (and not government/regulation-caused fires as the data supports) how does rainfall, year-to-date look this year compared with each of the past five years in SoCal?  Maybe if there was significantly LESS rain the Climate Pimps would have some basis in fact.  (You do believe in science and not political bullshit, I hope?)

OK: Here’s some pretty damn inconvenient rainfall data (right out of the NOAA databases)…remember this is an annual rainfall Jan 1 to Dec 10 each year for comparison:

Oh, golly….so if this is “climate change” it translates to another half inch of rain in San Diego (above the 5-year average), up 5-3/4th’s of an inch in Los Angeles (basis KLAX) and up 3-inches at the Burbank airport.

By God, bring on climate change!  If this is it…and spare us the data-impaired idiots who have thrown-in with the global climate czar wannabes and the cadre of global climate tax revolutionaries, maybe there’s hope for the Southland…

Here’s the Big Picture which evolves from studying power vacuums:  In the old days, the “Lefties” loved their iconic Soviet Union.  then it fell.  Ooops!

Until Warming and Change when the fraud of warming failed at Copenhagen (*how soon they forget), these leader-lutionaries were hero-less when the FSU crashed.  (Former Soviet Union for the slow-minded.)  That social disaster proved you can’t afford a free lunch for everyone.  Even in the various “worker’s paradises” touted by the Left.

Here’s a secret:  The numbers still don’t work.  So now, they’re going for a global tax scam.

How can  they claim to lead and be the erudite “better than us great unwashed” and not be able to understand history?  Easy!  Historical revisionism.  “Correct the data” and “rewrite the books” because in the view of the sicko’s, it’s all for our own good.  They have decreed it so.

By cherry-picking data, and putting money on the table (only for) researchers willing to parrot “the Party Line”) it is no wonder the data-impaired will follow them.

Come one climate scientists:  How come there was a YUGE California drought in 1841?  Too many freeways?

Climate isn’t about the horned toad…it isn’t about the whales.  It’s about the ‘effing money.  And POWER and above all, the POWER TO TAX.

Not that it will matter in five years:  By then we anticipate Obama will be installed as the global climate czar (or worse) with the clown posse of Gore, Brown, and other sycophants “leading from behind” will be picking your wallets and stealing your dreams.  “Climate Change!”  Let’s all hear it for Climate change!

The good news?  *Yes, there is some good news.

We can accurately forecast that when the economy flips and the real collapse of the debt-saturated paper-products called “money” begins to fail, we will see THAT too blamed on climate change!

When oil depletion arrives (it never sleeps!), they will blame THAT for Climate Change.

I can see it now:  “Bitcoin collapse caused by climate change!

Gemme an “Amen Brothers and Sisters.”

Toss me the crack pipe, would-jah?  ViseGrips while you’re at it…,maybe if I pinch my arm hard enough, I’ll wake up on the right planet instead of this one….

FUATCT (F-blank Us All To Climate Tears).  We now return you to your regularly scheduled life in progress…

Enjoy the show…

Oh…see Apple aims to block climate, rights proposals with quick use of SEC guidance.

Last climate change note after the weekend snows: Threat of icy roads keeps some schools closed in Georgia.  Climate!  Climate!  Run from Street!

US Department of Useless Distractions

Redfin Predicts Homebuyers Will Leave High-Tax States in 2018 If SALT Deductions Are Eliminated.  Which is why I have started a campaign to change the names of small towns in Texas to forward-looking names.

I’d like to see Palestine, Texas renamed Tomorrow, Texas.  Even something like Amazing, Texas would be more suited to the world’s 1/2-second attention span and brand-saturated thinking.

In the interest of free marketing advice, I think some cities in Ohio have some politically-correct options left.

“Columbus, Ohio” ought to be “Native, Ohio” and with legalized gambling, how about Sin-sin-nightly, Ohio?  We await the Consumer Financial Protection Whozzits forcing the name change to Lost Wage, Nevada.  But I digress…a fair ways, too.

Oldies Butt Goodies

As Ex-model accuses David Cassidy of groping her in 1985. That was (for the math-impaired) 32-YEARS ago.

On the other hand Nikki Haley: President Trump’s Sexual Misconduct Accusers Should be Heard.  She got her resumes out?

Putin Gets Gassed

We mentioned last week (forget if it was here or on Peoplenomics) that now that Israel has a gas pipeline deal from the new mega Leviathan field offshore (from off Lebanon) that the usefulness of a war in Syria just bit the dust.  With no land needed for an undersea pipeline, the old KGN strategic think seems to see it as we do.

Hence: Putin announces Syria withdrawal, says ISIS destroyed.

You bet’cha.

27 thoughts on “Trouble Week: Bitcoin, Fed, Quadruple”

  1. The reason the SoCal fires are not being contained like every other wild lands fire is because there is no money in putting them out! It costs $1200.00 per day per fire fighter, do the math EVERYTHING IS A BUISNESS MODEL!

    • ah yes, and the rewarding lucrative reconstruction afterwards as was learned decades ago by the M.I.C., hence non stop foreign wars

    • I’m sorry but having been raised in a half German, half Scandinavian (well, what do you call Norwegian-Swedish?) family where the idea of idiots such as yourself are acknowledged as existing, but NEVER given any credence because MILLIONS of people are WORRIED, THOUSANDS – EVACUATED and HUNDREDS having all their worldly possessions DESTROYED.

      Since ‘everything is a business model’ for you – let’s have emergency services know, so they won’t waste their time . . . you want to go back to the old days when there were private fire companies would only work on houses of their members? Only private security? Only private medical services?

      Fires, diseases, and crimes spread throughout communities unless fought by the ‘commons’. Jeez, some people never learn from history!

      • Stoke it down, he didn’t mean it like that. The fires ARE a business model for the climate change criminals. It fits their business model just fine! Let California burn and to dam with fire prevention techniques! This is elementary unless we haven’t learned anything in over 100 years. This is a sacrifice to and for an AGENDA!

    • Yeah the business model is our air force is using their lasers to start those fires if you check all the residues metal has been melted trees a burnt from the inside out that’s microwave lasering.
      The powers that were are in war with the us because their destination is to destroy the us to bring us down and I’m not giving up on Trump he’s the one that started at the bottom of the pyramid and gradually infiltrating each layer at a time pulling them down making them release more incriminating evidence against the top higher level and then that level goes down it keeps going all the way to the top that’s the plan and it’s working

    • I think some of you have missed the point! Go out to a fire fighting camp the next time there is a wild lands fire in your area, what you will see is hundreds of thousands of dollars of heavy equipment bulldozers, excavators etc. sitting around on (stand-by) for weeks on end at a price of 1 to 2 thousand a day! Most of the crews are not fighting the main fire but doing mop up or clearing fire breaks buy hand while the heavy equipment that should in use sits in camp on “stand by” on ground that most times there is a daily rental fee. So what you end up with is a ton of money going out and getting little or nothing done when is the last time you have heard of a fire being put out by man…….Mother nature is what puts them out! And next year the people in charge of “fighting the Fires” can ask for a bigger budget. My Heart and Feelings go out to the people in the path of these fires, but I lived in Mt for a long time in the same area that burned this summer and I have seen the Forest Service and other groups in action first hand and its about the money first everything else second.

  2. In defense of the NE Media (which is very, very difficult for me to do), the reason that they compare the fire acreage to the size of Boston and NYC is that for most of the residents of NE, the West starts at the Hudson, which is pretty close to the edge of the world. The “civilized” world anyway.

  3. Nature eliminates brush with fire and grazing herd animals like Buffalo. Humans fight fire and round up herd animals. We have photographic proof that our forests used to be more open, and our prairies used to have less brush. You could drive wagons from the East coast to the Mississippi without roads when my ancestors came to Texas from New England. After that the trees thinned out. Today you couldn’t drive a wagon 200 yards in my area of Texas, without some brush clearing. It looked like African Savanna 120 years ago. George is correct. These fires are caused by human mismanagement.

  4. Bitcoin is not a California Gold Rush California is one place this is a worldwide Gold Rush and as it expands it’ll go beyond this world that’s why I’m going to go ahead and just call it Bitcoin is the Rising Sun.
    If you have a little extra spending money go ahead and open an account with coinbase and buy Bitcoin if you got an extra thousand ten thousand hundred or a million.
    Make sure you got your basics down you no food water all the Preps then if you got extra money forget the stock market that’s the old school go for Bitcoin if it’s true and I think it is I think in the year 2021 Bitcoin will be worth the million dollars so thank cordingley to that there’s not going to be any immediate bubble that’s going to collapse this is here to stay this is here to put lot of governments out of business but at the same time we establish their business in Bitcoin.
    And as I said before this will release a lot of the Technologies people will have money and they’ll be able to say hey let’s go in this direction instead of being sex slaves or robot slave you know slaves to a manufacturing plant or you have to work like an Amazon that they have to work 14 hours a day or more just to get paid less than minimum wage because the people who own the biggest corporations rip off the smallest people and this is your chance anybody and everybody you got $1,000 or just $100 invested in Bitcoin your future wake up and surprise you what can you afford to lose $100 or $1,000 and for those of you who have more.
    This tulip as you call it has already been throughout the Universe we’re just starting to use it so go ahead try it out and like Clif High says it’s going to be lots of alligator teeth so it’s going to go up and down but it’s definitely going to go up the market is not saturated and once it does become saturated we will expand beyond the Earth and Bitcoin will keep going as far as your imagination can take you.
    Bitcoin is the new Rising Sun.

  5. From today’s Marietta GA article written byline CHRISTOPHER WEBER Associated Press LOS ANGELES

    “unpredictable gusts sent the blaze churning deeper into foothill areas northwest of Los Angeles that haven’t burned in decades. New evacuations were ordered in Carpinteria, a seaside city in Santa Barbara County that has been under fire threat for days.” AND

    ” Santa Ana winds that whipped fires across the region last week would continue in some areas at least through Monday evening.”…

    ““This is the new normal,” Gov. Jerry Brown warned Saturday after surveying damage from the deadly Ventura fire. “We’re about ready to have firefighting at Christmas. This is very odd and unusual.”

    High fire risk is expected to last into January and the governor and experts said climate change is making it a year-round threat.”

    Unrestrained brush growth FOR DECADES and Santa Anna winds leads to unrestrained forest fires. What IDIOT doesn’t know that forest that never see fires will be destroyed when they do! And it’s in the same article! Ah well, as they say in Georgia, “You cain’t fix STUPID!”

  6. how Bitcoin works if you had gave everyone on the planet a Bitcoin or everyone on the planet the same equal amount of a Bitcoin what happens and what happens if we’re using the infrastructure that we have now and then someone says Hey I want another Bitcoin well that’s you offer a price that’s less or more I mean you can buy more Bitcoin if someone’s willing to sell it to you for Less but if they want more then it’s going to cost you more so that’s the basic reality of the stock market is it isn’t it except they control the stock market so when we see something that we want in our future we plan for it with a well how can we get that and so people save the money buy a Bitcoin and put it toward it and say it eventually it’s going to increase and we can do that so this works worldwide at least on this planet and before you know it we have the ability for everyone to be rich I mean we still have people that have their Hobbies like hey I’m going to make food you know lots of people grow food and what else do you need you don’t need to pay rent you don’t need to pay taxes all you need is to produce food that’s all you need and it doesn’t take any effort as I just showed you and Bryce’s lazy porch Garden how seeds reproduce so there’s no reason to work and exhaust your life away working as a slave for someone else this is all going to go down there too that’s why we call it the age of the Aquarius because you are actually going to be able to do whatever you feel like doing because it doesn’t require any money to make food all you have to be is in the right area to where it reproduces naturally there’s nothing else you have to pay for education no student loans no taxes no gasoline in the future that won’t be gasoline do you see where I’m going with this if you lived on an island with 300 30 to 300 other people what do you need the only one thing you need is water and food you don’t have to pay taxes you build your own shelter you don’t need this conglomerate Corporation you don’t need insurance for everything you do this is the biggest scam there ever was and now it’s all being revealed and now I understand it’s cover how to live in the future yes you can have a million dollars in the bank but what good is it I mean do you need all those things will you can do it with Bitcoin that’s the future and go anywhere do anything you want to do someone can go like hey you can come over here and do this while blah blah for just a piece of a Bitcoin you don’t have to have a whole whole Bitcoin to do that because people are happy they’re free they’re not slaves anymore food grows naturally water comes naturally down through the middle of their community in the spring people take care of their old and their young there’s no need to have doctors that are getting $100,000 for an operation there’s no need for hospitals to charge you and then rip you off when you die and take all your remaining Monday money which is a corporation owned by 1%

    • At risk of offending admirers of Mark Twain classics one must draw favorable comparison of your discourses to the Greek and Roman writings of millenia past sharing an absence of punctuation and resulting streams of words so contrary to present day grammatical standards that one is left to wonder if you are corporeal or perhaps representative of the newly emerging AI algorithms learning to write stories for digestion by unsuspecting readers who find no end

  7. “Here’s a price chart of typical prices over the past several days courtesy of Marvelous resource.” Thanks!

    He/she who has the guts (and a little dough) may never have to work again in their life, unless they enjoy doing so. Count me out–because I just have enough time to read your blog and enjoy it. ;-)

    P.S. For younger folks, try to think long-term!!

  8. George,
    Just wanted to mention,
    most people don’t think about fire resistance when they buy their MacMansion,
    It is possible to build with non-combustable & fire resistant materials like;
    Concrete or Block, Adobe, Rammed Earth.
    Stucco, Brick/stone, Hardipanel, etc. (usually veneer), these have combustible tar paper/plastic vapor barrier and wood framing underneath,
    Tile, Metal (question the poly paint), Slate, Cement shingle, etc. Again, consider what material the vapor barrier is.
    The underside and Fascia of the eaves is a natural heat fire trap so that must be considered including vents. Will the flame travel up inside the roof structure?
    All the above requires some way to protect the windows and doors, Glass is the first to fail from the heat.
    Fireproof construction was the norm in California 150 years ago, just look at any Gold Country storefront- Masonry construction, with the iron Shutters and the tin Roofs.
    Many structures had water barrels on the roof peaks for emergency. So it is not that hard, if one waters the grass to keep it green. But now we have water ‘conservation’ and above mentioned enviro. idiocy. Careful choice of nearby trees when planting.

    And a word of warning;
    Mobile homes are especially vulnerable to any small fire, it is the vinyl plastic underneath that retains the insulation, it burns like any oil fuel, really spreads the fire in less than a minute. It should be removed or covered with ?
    cement board.. Have you checked yours
    Oh, and the favored alternative insulation of poly styrene foam board that I recall mentioned by your friend in construction if not really flammable is definitely toxic in any fire, and all the plastic crap (carpets, couches, plastic finishes) the people put in side their house.
    Wool doesn’t burn, cotton smolders, so there are alternatives like Shellac, it doesn’t burn when dry.
    Good Luck & Stay Safe

  9. “#1. The main reason that there are fires is California environmental overdose cases have restricted private property owner’s right to keep brush from building up.”

    I am not a wood man.. my father was.. he had all the toys.. heated the house with wood and coal most of my life.. I will never forget when he calculated how much wood he would need till the end of his life and started cutting.. LOL.. only to find out that he didn’t calculate in for the fact that as he got older he needed it warmer in the house so he ran out..
    anyway.. drifted off reminiscing.. I still love the hint of the wood smoke on the horizon.. it brings back memories.. How my dad got his wood.. he would clear dead trees.. take them down.. he could drop a tree on a dime to.. amazing he had all the toys when it came to cutting tree’s.. but what he did was he planted.. he cut an average of three to five trees a week. most of my life.. he would go and bring home a bunch of tree seedlings to every week.. one day I asked him and he got into his speech about proper woodlot management.. how you replace what you take.. he would talk about the ten year cut the fifty year cut etc.. and would get visibly upset about the forest fires because they came up with some lame idea not to clear the dead out.. he also had this theory about trees a bird should be able to fly through a tree unhindered by branches..and when he pruned a tree.. I was sure he killed it.. he would say if I cut here and I cut there then it will do this.. when he was finished you would think.. its a stump.. yet it would grow out just as he seen it in his mind..he had a thing about the dumb rabbit in the yard to.. he cussed the rabbits out all the time.. but he would go get feed for them every week and put it away from the garden area.. I don’t think he lost anything to pests eating the garden goods.. I myself grow a garden just for the rabbits and the squirrels etc.. heck they are just like me trying to survive one day at a time.

    • someday I will reminisce about the bunny peanut that lives under the bush.. and rocket J squirrel that just got a new mate that loves his peanuts and grain that I set out for them LOL.. OH I have to tell the story about rocky.. I think it was a robin that had a nest in the yard.. anyway rocky came around she tried her darnedest to get him to stay away from her nest.. pretty soon she took off like a jet to a street light post a block away you could hear her chattering .. all of a sudden here came several different species of birds to the rescue there was blackbirds and blue-jays robins and sparrows.. they came to chase rocky away from her nest.. I never seen anything like it. birds of different species all came to help. Peanut is a complete other story

  10. I read a report on the BBC site reflecting some odd goings-on with the Forties Pipeline that apparently brings in a good deal of North Sea oil to Grangemouth refinery. The pipeline is apparently shuttered for weeks due to leak repairs, and only just changed ownership hands from BP to Ineos.

    Curiosity awakened, I had a look to read the allegedly inefficient Grangemouth refinery, now essentially to be idled by the pipeline stoppage, had been written down from $400 million to zero by Ineos before being bundled together with a French refinery for purchase of part-ownership by PetroChina for the better part of $1 billion.

    I don’t know how the North Sea oil stacks up in the scheme of things – West or East – but some people somewhere must not be too pleased.

  11. I note your comment about the 32 year old accusation made by Samantha Fox. Maybe msm is playing with readers because I think her claim was made in her autobiography published a year ago. Anyhow perhaps being back in the limelight will bring out more detail of her concert gig at an alleged Colombian drug lord’s family member birthday.

    • Hmm maybe she came forward because she sensed that there is a change in how much power that these people wield.

  12. TRump looks 25 in some new pictures clammoring for more space traveling not fountain of recelluelar youths, strengthenings

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