Trouble: As in Turkey

(Amarillo, TX)  Still trying to get back to our ranch-stead in what we call the East Texas Outback, at least eight-hours of driving lies ahead with both of us suffering from the misery of a cold/flu that has dogged us since Las Vegas.

On the way, we have been going back and forth as we travel about what the best personal financial strategies are for the period from now to 10-years out.

And it all comes down to turkey.

Not as the place to shoot-down a Russian jet, but of the sort that symbolizes the Holiday tomorrow.

And, as you’re about to read:  That turkey – the one of Thanksgiving – is in trouble at multiple levels.  And not only for this year…but for years to come.

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4 thoughts on “Trouble: As in Turkey”

  1. Given the events on the Turkish/Syrian border I can easily see a deterioration of support for Trump and an eventual falling back to support of a more main-stream GOP candidate unfortunately. It all depends on whether or not we see any real progress on boarder security coming out of the Senate. If things get bad enough, quickly enough, Chart packs take a back seat to terror maps. Going with your “people are stupid” meme, George, I hope enough people will develop sufficient concern for national security that the “dimocrat” franchise will be sidelined for a while. Hope springs eternal.

  2. Watched a good documentary on Amazon Prime last night that covered some of the things you pondered in the Peoplenomics today why do people sell drugs, what would it take to stop illegal drug use, how much is related to addiction, prisons, “war on drugs”. A basic follow the money doc presented in a clear, often times humorous manner with a great broad sweep on American society and history. It’s called “How to Make Money Selling Drugs” (2013)and was an excellent doc and reminded the younger ones of the history if their schooling wasn’t that good or the older ones if they slept in that day or didn’t pay attention to the news that year. Something to do while recuperating. Hope you both feel better soon.

  3. I am wondering, George, can you encourage your children to have children? Can they see a reason to expand a family? I read your report and it appears as if ‘money and a job’ are the only two reasons that your daughter or kids state that they do not want to have children. I ask this because I noticed that the illegals entering our society for the last 25 years (the heavy majority) and the continuing ones coming at a rate of 10,000 a month PLUS the anticipated continually refugee/legal immigrant resettlement program that by all numbers state at a about 1 million a year for the last 20 or so years….have NO trouble reproducing whether they have ‘money or a job.’ And they have no trouble finding housing or buying food. Why is it that it is only the citizens of this country that limit their children or do not have any because they think they cannot afford them?

    I did a few google searches tonight, and since at least 2003 and maybe earlier there are lots of loan programs for illegals, refugees, Hispanic home buyers, and low-income home buyers. If a person has ‘a job’, good credit and a pulse, there IS a loan for them STILL…there are even grants for rural home ownership. I am wondering if a) it is time for them to move to a more jobs available location, and or b) have their children and ‘go illegal’, or ‘go low income’ or ‘go rural’. I want to say, do NOT give up on having children because you think you cannot afford them. We KNOW that millions of Americans are out of work due to the massive influx of illegals into our system and the massive outsourcing and the massive removing of the middle income and higher income jobs OUT of the economy, but there has to be more than one way to skin a cat.

    How is the citizen population supposed to sit back and fund the non-citizen’s population explosion without saying a word or having a baby?

    I think whatever voodoo or hypnosis the citizens are under, they need to wake up. Having a baby is a blessing and a life sustaining experience and it is critical to the mental health of a woman because if she finds herself in her 50’s and childless and never had that child because she and her husband thought they couldn’t afford it, while all the while watching millions of other women and families have them without worrying about ‘money or a job’, she is going to feel mighty misled, cheated, and tricked. Especially, if she has worked her whole life!

    Children and grand-children are the blessings of a long life.

    I cannot believe this society we are living in, the crazy mixed messages: have an abortion, don’t get married, don’t have kids, there are too many kids on the planet, open our borders, allow millions of illegals to come here, some arrive 8 months pregnant, let them have all the babies they want, citizens keep aborting, citizens can’t afford them, refugees/Muslims have 4 wives in America – one they actually marry, and all of them live off of the system, on and on and on it goes…but the good ole citizen says, ‘we can’t afford our student loans, a house payment, and a kid.’

    Just today, I saw a huge banner hanging over a main road in my city. “Everyone Deserves a Free Education.” Well, hello, right there was a banner for Sanders and she who will not be named…right there, not blocks from a main university, one in which I PAID to attend with my jobs and hard work. Now, just 20 years later, it is proposed to just give education away for free. Need I add, isn’t it a mite bit suspicious now that we have loaded the USA with millions of dreamers, and illegals, that need a FREE education that now a FREE education is being debated? What happened to all the baby boomers trying to educate their kids? What about my generation that had to do it themselves? Oh my, FREE Education for all. Yeah, watch that one get preened to where it is income adjusted and minority driven. Well….I am thinking it is time to be more strategic about the basics of life instead of acting like we have to run away from them. I bought my first (and only house)at 33 and 10/12s years. I don’t think buying your first house in your early 30’s is behind the times. I have been out of work several times in the last 20 years but because I am versatile as you are, I am still employable. The world still answers to the versatile workers call. Because I lived under my means and had my rainy day fund (way ahead of Suzie Orman’s bad 3 month set aside money call and way before Dave Ramsey had gotten himself out of bankruptcy), I was able to outlast several layoffs and downturns and keep my home, standard of living and location. One can still obtain the American dream but one has to make a plan, and stick with it. Now, if you want to buy that tiny home and put it on some raw land, drill the well, get the electric out there, that’s another way to live cheap because a tiny home or rv is not considered a taxable home, so that is one way to keep the property taxes down and still live a nice life. One does not have to resort to renting a couch! Anyway, just some thoughts as I just think it is wrong to watch the citizens not make choices for children and families because of money and jobs when there is a whole load of millions of others that do not worry about that for one second and they keep “Coming to America”!

    As far as drugs, it is a sad testament to watch a loved one get involved in drugs. Absolutely, it is their choice to make to kick the habit and start anew. Besides marijuana now having medicinal effects, it still is a gateway drug AND can do long-term damage to the developing teenage mind. I have 2 brothers who it affected negatively and they have given up drugs, however, the damage to the brain never repaired itself so they could not go out and make a living so family, as the first and last resort, cares for them. You know by now that there is NO safety net in America for the mentally ill. That all got busted up to quote you: “Everything is a business model.” So, sadly, you need money to help someone who needs help, and if you ain’t got the money, they don’t get the help. It is truly a devastating carving out effect across the country. In my city, homelessness is the new trendy scene. Hundreds of them gather round and hang out, take advantage of some of the services and the rest pan handle so as to keep ‘their lifestyle.’ For the record, I have NEVER seen a Mexican panhandle in my city and we are over 50% Hispanic, and I have been here almost 25 years. It is majority White and Black that line the street corners and about 25% of them are women. The new pimp thing is a man takes in a woman and then drops her off in the morning at a street corner and all the money she gets she gives to him and he puts a roof over her head. Of course these are not her only options, but that is the option she takes.

    As far as Turkey, did you ever think you would see the day that our government would fund Al Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL/Free Syrian Army, moderate terrorist organizations (MTO), and bring down Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and the democratically elected government in the Ukraine, and now go into Syria, and fund the savages to take down a sovereign nation, while they argue over mindless crap, as they lie to us about what it is all about, and now continually insist that Assad must go all the while they support Turkey for taking down Russia’s jet while Russia is over there trying to kick ISIS,ISIL/Al Qaeda’ and whomever the latest moderate terrorist organization’s butt is over there to end a non civil war in Syria?

    Yeah, that’s a long run on sentence and that shows how corrupt and criminal the terrorists in charge of the usa are right now running all over the country and the world, unfettered.

    I think Obama is just waiting for the propaganda press to froth up the citizens frenzy to push for America’s further involvement. I think he is just playing a string on a very old instrument. A little home grown terrorism event might just ratchet it up a bit.

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