Top or Drop? Fed Data Looms

Oh boy, another “National Mood-Swing Monday” is ahead.  

In the early slog, the Dow was looking at opening up 50.  But the real interesting part of the day will come at 3 PM Eastern (corrected) when the (misnamed) Federal Reserve lays out the latest Consumer Debt Report.  Of course, they can call it that, because banks are always creditors so they call it the “Consumer Credit Report,” but it’s all about “them-them-them” not “us-us-us.”

Theory goes that IF consumer spending (indicated by fresh debt being heaped-on  goes UP,  that will be good for the market.  On the other hand, if people are sitting on their wallets, that would be bad.  No growth there, right?

The problem (as always) is such reports are like driving a car using the rearview mirror.  What really drives growth is?  More people and neato-nifty new products.  And on these, can’t speak for you, but we’re not seeing much.

In fact, the opposite is true:  We are seeing prices in utter collapse.

Just for instance, I needed another monitor for my office (in addition to the 55 UHD I scribble on).  Being somewhat visually-impaired now, big screens and fast refresh rates make it possible for me to write 10-14 hours a day.

I needed this monitor to access the security cams and also to display the APT weather satellite pictures, plus monitor some foreign television broadcasts up on Galaxy 19, and when not in “work mode” run a little digital ham radio work.

Know what a 43″ UHD TV could be had for last week on Amazon?  Not a refurb…brand new, right off the boat and delivered?  $169-bucks.  That’s cheaper than a two-day drunk, for crying out loud.

I mention this because its where the Bernanke L4L (lower for longer) interest rates may begin to put companies at risk.

If I could buy a 43″ UHD last year for $229, and the same thing this year for $169, the same rate of price decline ($60/year) means sometime in 2022, or so, the product should be free!

Of course it won’t be, but that’s how this Never-Never-Land of economics works.  Prices are coming down for things you can delay (or work-around) while prices go up for things you need, like food and wheels.  Phones, too.

At some point, under lower for longer, people will notice this happening and spending will collapse as it did in the 1930’s.  People simply stopped spending.  They’d had enough and without inflation, there was no reason to buy.

On the Peoplenomics side, I’m working on the specifics of “what next?” as they all sloshes around.  But one of the biggest stories of the day could be a close study of “trends on spends.”

This was all forecast almost 20-years ago in Richard Heinberg’s book “Peak Everything: Waking Up to the Century of Declines.” Which gets us to one of the major problems in economic thought.  It’s easy to get the outcome right, but the timing’s a bitch.

OK, Heinberg has it figured in 2010 but even four years before that, Barry Lynn nailed it in 2006 with End of the Line: The Rise and Coming Fall of the Global Corporation.  In fact, both are “right” but it’s a matter of exactly when does it become apparent.

So far, our record for “most right – EVENTUALLY” goes to John Wesley English and Gray Cardiff for 1979’s The coming real estate crash.

A review of these cases reveals something that may save Lower-for-Longer’s bacon.  Although these look-ahead books were right in many major regards, they failed to take dynamic system “orthogonals” into account.

Remembering an “orthogonal” is something at a right-angle to something else, an example of orthogonals to Real Estate Crashing include anti-aging breakthroughs, the Millennials who can’t afford to move out of the big home Mom and Dad owned, and advances in lifespan due to better surgical and pharmacological interventions.

A shorter list for Lynn’s Global Corporations premise:  Lop-sided trade deals that hyper-extended offshoring to China and India and the follow-up which was essentially a tax holiday for corporations.

Last, but not least, for Heinberg fans, there’s a lot of truth to Peak Everything but even as some things peak, new industries arise to continue the status quo of planetary excess consumption addition.  Evidence is internal and external from our Outback Ranch perspective:  We have a 3D Creality printer which while some things have peaked allows us to download 3D stereo lithography (STL) files from Yeggi and print-on-[demand right here.  All the while externally seeing still more storage units going up in the county.

Which leaves our first “bottom line” watching the herd and eyeing the walls of the Box Canyon society has entered with lots of fear and trepidation…and from a remote location which we hope will be far enough from “harm’s way.”

Midways and Side Shows

While there are some “real stories” to watch, there’s also a ton of plain old crap filling up the excess news channel capacity.  Examples of the former include:

Elizabeth Warren edges out Joe Biden in poll of early states.  I will spare you the crude political rewrite of the Lizzy Border poem, but it would begin “Lizzy Warren took an axe and gave Joe Biden 40 whacks…and when the job was nicely done, she gave old Sanders 41…”  Good thing I spared you that.  Warren’s recent appearances with Hillary mean the left-wing will glom onto her as the nominee.  Which makes the whole convention thing a charade.

Republicans are being even more crooked, cancelling three state conventions.  Kansas, South Carolina, and Nevada don’t want to see alternatives as “.”Republicans in three states cancel presidential nominating contests for 2020

Consider suspiciouslyBig Tech’s antitrust reckoning has arrived.”  Our sense is government will use antitrust “threatology” to lay out American Social Credit and Guns Rights Scoring…which is where that wind is blowing…Government imposed socialism from the top to “protect us all” from our Rights.

Financial Bubble Ahoy!

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tradeweb Markets Inc. (Nasdaq: TW), a leading, global operator of electronic marketplaces for rates, credit, equities and money markets, today reported average daily volume (ADV) of $832.4 billion (bn) in aggregate for the month of August 2019, representing an increase of 67.9 percent year over year.

Meantime, more gasoline for the bonfire of the equities doesn’t seem warranted as the Futures edge higher on hopes of monetary stimulus.

In the “something to chew on” dept. Soylent Green fans can’t get enough of “Swedish scientist floats eating human flesh as solution to global climate change: reports.”  This story, around since last week is a marvelous tool for the study of network propagation and social media uptake mapping.  Other than that, useless as our Donner Party gardening story Sunday hinted.

Can Ham Radio Prevent Alzheimer’s?

Got to thinking about it Sunday, since I’m one of those  original Direct-Digital-Humans (DDH) – the kind of people that knows (and use) Morse code.  (The original digital language.  AD Converter between the ears…)

Before the cite, however, an explanation of why I was thinking about this.

Sunday was quiet around the ranch.  Hot as hell (100F but only 37% humidity) so other than vacuuming the shop in 10-minute bursts, there was time to haul out an old radio kit I’d put together 10-years ago.

Smaller than a shoe box, I was able to Morse around the country to such tourist hot-spots as southern New Jersey (Blue Anchor) and Oxnard, California.

What “made the day” eventual was this this was doing this on a measured 4.1 watts.  Not “armchair copy”  for the guys at the other end- like the big radios (with up to 1500 watts of  output on peaks) – but with a handful of miserly chips and only 12 volts,  you don’t heat up the radio room/office on a scorching day, either.

This being a direct digital human is significantly cheaper than any other ways to connect in difficult times.  This is one of the EMP container radios.

There was a “contest” on Sunday afternoon – it was a “Weekend Sprintathon” by the Straight Key Century Club and my highest “radio mileage” (watts per mile) was around 398 miles per watt out to Oxnard.  Not laser light off the moon, but pretty good.

OK, what does this have to do with Alzheimer’s?

Between looking for “big signals” to work on low power, Itossed out some Google searches and apparently there MAY be something to the idea of multiple languages holding back Alzheimer’s a bit.

An article by Jose, VA3PC over here offers the idea: “Morse Code and Alzheimer – A Hint for a Proposal.”  He considerately included a link to the article “The impact of bilingualism on brain reserve and metabolic connectivity in Alzheimer’s dementia.”  PNAS (which, for those not working on time machines, is the Procedings of the National Academy of Sciences) is eyeing this language/Alzheimer’s onset region.  When they start linking multi-lingualism with improved Alzheimer’s resistance or delayed-onset, that gets my attention.  Elaine and I each carry one of the genes.

You know me…once I get an idea in my head…So off to for more whatzup:

Sure enough, a paper out in June which I hadn’t flagged before says there may be some advantage of being bilingual going into Alzheimer’s.  But, as the disease progresses, the second language  develops errors (gramatical and such) faster than the primary language.  Apparently, the second language is more declarative while the first language is more procedural.  Declarative memory erodes first, procedural taking longer…

Reason enough to learn Morse code?  No. But keeping up bilingual skills in two languages?  You bet.

Along with the books on strict dietary control as one path, such as The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline, just having the gene is not a “sentence.”  Like anything else in “modern times” – it may just be a matter of more engineering time on task to pull the bigger breakthroughs together.

Meanwhile, gives me an excuse to hit the “straight key” once in a while and put aside the higher speed electronic keyer.  High speed code (30 word per minute and up) is a lanuage…while the relaxed 13-20 WPM straight key events?  Well, they’re in a sense more procedural.  Kind of like a Flip-Flop versus a high-speed DAC.

Sadly, tri-lingualism doesn’t seem to improve things more than bilingualism.  (I’ll keep Morse and English and trade rudiments of German for a pill and whatever’s behind curtain #2…)

Interesting, huh?   I wonder if a new top of the line ham radio could someday be sold as a “medical device?”  Pretty sure our tax attorney/CPA consigliere (who is also an extra-class ham) would never let that anywhere near our deductions schedule.  Still, one can dream….end Alzheimer’s…and a new 100-foot tower as a bonus!

Write when you get rich (or work 100-stations with a straight key in Morse on 5-watts or less…)

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  1. In my mid-teens, ca. 1960-63, I had already grasped the concepts of compound interest and capitalization of interest. At the same time, I was hearing an aunt, who was office supervisor at a scrapyard, continually kvetch about the paperwork she and her girls had to do when one of the laborers got garnisheed. When I found out what garnishment is, it absolutely gobsmacked me that an adult could take such shame without suicide. As a result thereof, I organized my life, both consciously and unconsciously, at all costs to avoid incurring obligation to pay out even so little as penny one of “interest” (rental of another person’s money). In my entire tablet of goods, excepting only that which I recieved as a gift, everything I own was paid for in CASH at point of sale.

    Now I am told that this makes me a bad “economic ‘citizen,” An anti-semite I had used to know, told me that I had “deprived” myself of an essential prerequisite experience for anti-semitism by my essential prudence.

    You be the judge.

    • Don’t feel bad. I’ve been doing it for years. You either pay interest and take it off on taxes or you expense the items out if you can like we do equipment on the ranch. Virtually everything is paid for in cash or equivalent. I sleep much better doing it this way. The only thing we don’t own free and clear is the ranch itself because the tax man will always own it if we don’t pay him.

    • I as you might be a bad “economic ‘citizen, …BUT….we are NOT a “ecoomic SLAVE”…..’workin for the masters’ on this run down liberal invested once proud and FREE republic….cash might not be king, but it TRUMP’s …DEBT…..(pun intended}….

    • “When I found out what garnishment is, it absolutely gobsmacked me that an adult could take such shame without suicide”

      Been there in the garnishment zone. That comment holds a lot of truth.

      The first time.. I had a boss that played commodities and the silver market. Took everyone’s money that was suppose to go into insurance a d retirement funds and list his ass.. we all had cards saying we were insured just no policy in place. The kid fell out of a tree impalung himself..stuck a stick through his lung and heart they had to fly
      a surgical team in and the bill was close to a half million after his extensive stay in critical care.. I made three dollars an hour..

      Before that the wife had a Dalkon shield racking up medical bills.

      I couldn’t buy a roll of toilet paper on credit.

      The next time we got a notice about court for a utility bill.
      Went to court it was from a place that had been move out of ten years prior. Told the judge it wasnt our bill .. do you have proof..absolutely. second court date we showed it had been shut off( keep those sheets they give you for disconnect) the judge it’s obviously not your bill out it goes. Six months later the garnishment shows up. Down to the courthouse we go . What’s going on oh we missed a court date. What court didnt accept your mail. Huh.. they sent the certified letter about a court date to the people that owed the bill but at the bottom they penciled in our name then sent it to a nearby town certified mail..obviously since we never lived there ever it was sent back. According to the courts we refused our mail. So we petitioned the court for another hearing..that’s court date 4 we get the date for number 5 walk in there the judge is furious because we brought up this unity bill for over a thousand dollars and gave it to the plaintiffs when I went to argue the isn’t it fraud for someone to pretend they are you the judge threatened to throw me in jail..we went to the utility company only to discover it’s common they had a cord of envelopes all the same issue. We paid the bill the garnishment held seems that if someone calls a d says they are you according to what we are told that is proof that it was you. They had transcripts of phone calls.
      I petitioned the puc to change it to where if you disconnect a service that an I’d be shown before they reconnect and was told unless the power company approves it that wont ever happen. We did go back and check..yes they did that with the other utilities as well..

      • Similar story my ex wife and her new husband went to the hospital.. the same one I worked a previous surgery off with.
        They sent me the bill..I argued that one own employer. they coolly said we may have made a mistake and you can take us to court but it would be cheaper for you to just pay it..

        The laws are way different if you dont have the funds and pull and are at the bottom.

  2. On Daily Mail this morning is a great article and charts of foods:

    “How you can eat to beat illness: Harvard scientist Dr WILLIAM LI reveals the foods that could save your life.”

    Specific compounds in certain foods can boost the body’s natural defences
    Dr William Li says the most powerful way to beat disease is to prevent it.

  3. George

    “they failed to take dynamic system “orthogonals” into account.”

    A Major orthogonal is being prepared in the shadows by our government.

    It the direct control of our minds just like the Borg!

    On Ground Zero radio a few night ago a terrifying scenario was laid out by two researchers. You can listen to it for free by going here:

    The title of the show is:


    Scientists can now create artificial memories and reality is becoming more like a Phillip K. Dick novel. The reason why…”

    The use of directed energy devices has been in use for some time to harass and control people. The principle player the CIA has been perfecting this technique for a long time. Other countries and major corporations are also involved.

    Now people will say old Rocket Mike has finally gone off the deep end.

    Not so! There are patents that document how radio waves can be used to induce sound into a human brain. Microwaves at about 425 Mhz are used to induce the effect.

    About 25 years ago I was driving on I-10 in New Orleans where it makes a turn at Poydras St. near the Super Dome. For just a second I heard in my mind someone clearly talking. It stopped as I continued to travel west. I believe that I crossed a microwave beam as I transited that area.

    Say what you will, but the gov plans to controls us through technical means. They know they can’t grab the guns without starting a revolution so they will do the control through the back door.

    I Love Big Brother is coming to a brain near and dear to you!

    • Don’t forget as I noted in Dimensions Next Door that the radar used in the Montauk Experiments was in the 409-420 MHz range and these were modulated with complex waveforms… like the Philadelphia Experiment, the details were wrong in the scuttlebutt but the gist of the ideas were right on…

    • Great info, and not to belabor a point, I believe 425 Mhz is actually UHF, not microwave.

      I’ll be listening to the Ground Zero podcast if my computer will let me.

    • The HAARP Project in Alaska was closed by the Air Force in 2013, so they have come up with something new to control us, just like the Navy with the UFO patent. HAARP could generate radio signals to make the ionosphere dense enough so it could then be used to bounce radio frequencies back to the eath with pinpoint accuracy. HAARP was in Alaska because they had massive amounts of natural gas to generate massive amounts of electricty which was needed to generate radio waves strong enough to thicken the ionosphere. The Alaskan Pipeline side product was natural gas which they didn’t need because there was no gas pipeline.

  4. This morning during Tranendental Meditation (TM), I had an image pop in my mind like I was in another dimension. I can’t remember what it was about since it happened so fast. This may be Time Jumping that Andy mentioned in a post. I am not sure.

    My experiment of selling all stocks during the decline has proven a failure. All my stocks are higher than when I sold them, & everything points long. Time to go back to the drawing board.

  5. The difference in your prices comes from a reduction in quality. Don’t expect something like that monitor to last more than a year past warranty. Under engineering has become a fine art.

    Batches of electronic parts can now be tested to determine their lifespan. The parts with shorter life expectancies go into the cheaper items. Computers were engineered down to last only past their three or four year lease period. Anything lower than that goes into the cheap stuff. Most quality brand names have been licensed out. The televisions assembled in Ecuador today have RCA on them.

    This engineering includes everything. The Datsun B210 was the first Japanese car imported in large numbers. They were greatly over engineered, and ran literally forever, because the Japanese wanted to be sure their cars were never labeled “Jap crap.” Today this goes all the way down to home hardware. Doorknobs and faucets used to be engineered for 20 years plus, the length of the average mortgage. Once the industry learned that the average turnover for homes was 7 years, the quality went down to match that time period. A $10 Chinese doorknob will fail in 5-6 years, right on schedule. I have 20 of them on my property.

    Much of what we get here in Ecuador is what I call second tier. You look at a shelf of glassware, and on close examination every glass will have some tiny defect. Same with coffee mugs. If you buy a name brand electrical appliance in a higher end store, they take if out of the box and test it before you leave the store. On something requiring assembly, they verify all parts are present. Even products like Bosch and DeWalt will have these problems.

    Basic issue is, Americans simply cannot afford quality any more.

  6. You might keep in mind that mercury is the only substance known that can induce alzheimers symptoms in lab animals for research. New pharmaceuticals being tested now that remove mercury from the body are achieving 95% complete reversals of symptoms. Don’t expect these to ever come to market for the peons though. Like cancer, there is simply too much revenue to be generated by not having a cure.

    Taken one time, like a round of antibiotics, cures the disease for less than $400.

      • I had severe mercury poisoning from a lifetime of mercury amalgam dental fillings. Found this out when I went to a chelation doctor and took a ‘DMPS Challenge’ test. On a scale of 0-3 acceptable, my mercury content was a whopping 190. Found out later I never should have had this test done with my amalgam fillings still in my mouth. They shed even more. Mercury masquerades as a number of various unrelated ills.

        The definitive manual is “Amalgam Illness” by Andrew Hall Cutler. He is a broad generalist research scientist with multiple PhDs. First… most important.. is to have ALL of your mercury amalgam dental fillings removed by a competent, bio-compatible dentist. After that, mercury targeted chelation with the IV administered DMPS challenge, or with oral pills of DMSA. The book has the protocols.

        My deteriorating health in my mid-40s dramatically reversed after I had this done, and I still take a round of DMSA pills every year or two to ensure I get all the organic mercury out of my cells. It’s like squeezing a sponge to get the suds out… you get less and less each time, but you never quite get it all.

      • At $100+ a throw, the text looks a little expensive. Is there any cheaper dosing info, or preferred sources of the DMSA ? It looks to be OTC.

      • DMSA is not the ‘single dose’ pharmaceutical that EcuadorExpat writes about (above). The book describes a protocol regimen that takes time. If you are unwilling to spend the price of the book to know EXACTLY what you are dealing with, it is better you do not try. I spent $4k out of pocket on dental work, and several thousand more with a chelation Doc… insurance did not cover any of it. I discovered the book only after my initial shocking mercury reading.

      • I was more interested in reading for educational purposes rather than looking to start therapy tommorrow. The doctors I deal with only do what their pharmaceutical reps and their laywers say is OK. Their idea of key-lation is the feeling they get when they start the new Lexus for the first time. I’m glad that you found help, and the therapy has worked for you.

    • And, mercury is in all flu shots, given to pregnant women, given to children (same dose as an adult), given to the elderly, given to healthy people, given year after year after year. Chemtrails have aluminum, bromide, and other nasties in them. Other vaccines still have aluminum in them regardless of the name of the adjuvants. It’s even in those fancy light bulbs. You know they took it out of those old glass thermometers for a reason, silly human, all the oldies that had some knowledge couldn’t pass on it due to the closed mindedness of the UTH; due to the mass programming and constant propped up ganda of the non news media, internet, and lies. Why oh Why is autism on the increase to the tune of millions of new cases a year? You mean you haven’t heard of TWO, TWO big researchers who shared that vaccines CAN cause autism in certain individuals and both of their info was covered up? Dr. Thompson with the CDC was one. Oh my.

      For quite some time, people in the know have chelated aluminum out of their bodies:

      But a round of new meds for $400 sounds quite affordable!!!

    • Methylene Blue, aka Basic Blue Dye, Methylene Blue Trihydrate, Methylthioninium Chloride, or C16H18ClN3S.3H2O, is on the United Nations list of essential medicines for many good reasons. As a supplement, watch your dosage as you will have a blue tongue and blue pee if you’re not careful(it’s reversible). Be wary of the cheap stuff(practical grade), as it can sometimes have heavy metal contaminants. Ideally you’d have USP grade, but that’s not as easily available. Next choice is reagent grade, but get a certificate of analysis to identify contaminants. It’s an MAO-A inhibitor and less so an MAO-B inhibitor at higher doses(opposite of selegiline). Be aware, since this can lead to serotonin syndrome(can be lethal) and blood pressure spikes in the presence of tyramine. I won’t say anything about dosing other than to research it carefully. There’s plenty of info available. I personally think it’s a worthwhile area of exploration. for those so inclined.

      • Be really careful to avoid “New Methylene Blue”! It’s a very different substance and is toxic. The name was probably for marketing purposes and is rather stupid.

  7. “there may be some advantage of being bilingual going into Alzheimer’s. ”

    Yes.. there shure would be… you could then be able to mumble jibberish to those taking care of you in different languages.. LOL LOL LOL

    • Speaking about that.. I took care of a woman that could talk I think seven or eight languages. Anyway she had escaped going to the camps during ww2.. her daughter a professor at a prestigious college on the east coast.
      Anyway I got a computer program with all its instructions written in a language no one knew. Took it to an area college they suggested I find someone from that area..
      I was relaying this to the prof. And she said oh take it to mom she’ll read it to you. I took it to work with me and asked can you read this to me..she read it fluently in the language it was written in.. I had to explain to her no could you translate it to me in English lol lol lol

  8. “At some point, under lower for longer, people will notice this happening and spending will collapse as it did in the 1930’s.  People simply stopped spending. ”

    We are at that point right now.. the kids just made the comments that they have to stop buying.

    At the local coffee house it’s been a common conversation piece that the costs of inflated necessities has shut down unnecessary spending.

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