Top In? And How Does Depression II Roll?

A couple of big items on the agenda this morning.  In the ChartPack section we work through what some of the initial Syria results are in terms of market impacts.

Then, in the Focus piece, we consider how homes and car prices might fare in the opening couple of years of a Second Depression when it shows up.

Headlines?  Only a few.  Coffee?  Oh, heavens yes.  Bean up and let’s “hoptoit.”

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14 thoughts on “Top In? And How Does Depression II Roll?”

  1. George, why have you published under your/ Peoplenomics name? It is such utter BS that I cannot bring myself to believe that you published it. I feel like you are almost MSM having published this in your name (I know it is quoted but in your piece, as opposed to in the comments). “Brutal dictator”; “WMD”… where have we heard this BS before? The entire sentence is false. I am lost for words:

    “Thousands of people were slaughtered or left suffering with life long debilitation because of the brutal dictator Assad’s campaign of terror using weapons of mass destruction, or WMDs (nuke, chemical or bio – in Assad’s case, chemical).

    • Apologies for the outburst, I should have taken a minute & had a cup of tea prior to posting, it may have been a more measured response!

      • That’s OK, see the Goz comment anyway.
        As I have said (more or less repeatedly) since really digging in back at the leading edge of economic thought – the world is really changing and the US is in a position to drop out. And if the two parties/synods of the M.E. want to blow each other to Kingdom Come, then who’s to say we shouldn’t let them.
        Morally, that would be standing back and letting genocide occur (both factions) but stepping in the middle between warring dogs isn’t a winner, either.
        I think we just ought to rename America Tomorrow Land and move ahead

  2. Have to pinch my nose and agree 100% with Warhammer. But he forgot one key element and that is Leviathan.

  3. The peripheral line will still hold the original settings no World War,,,, no sudden releases of advanced technology ,,, there will still be the Yang and yang of the universe fighting for control there’s no Armageddon and there’s no master thats coming to save you ,,,there’s only the darts that you throw,,, That control how your thoughts have wings,,, may all beings be lovingly fulfilled,,,so be it

    • to understand this ask yourself what would you do if you had total power over the universe,,, the Galaxy,,, the solar system ,,,the Earth ,,,your continent,,, your state ,,,your county ,,,your friends ,,,your family,,, YOUR LIFE

      • alright I shouldn’t do this but let’s try out this make a prediction for Monday it’s going to go down in the Wasteland you know that’s what people in power do they bring it down so that you sell off and you know make a Big Lots and then they buy and reestablish it at the low and then bring it back up and start the cycle all over again so Monday is going to be a down cycle gosh I would be great if I was right but it away no I’d probably be bad if I was right that I’m onto something oh well hang in there happy Monday as I said I am the worst stock predictor in the world after losing Boku money in there yeah I stay away from it but yeah I guess I could become a financial advisor since that’s what they do is make you lose money lots of laughs okay I’ll say it again the only thing that I’ve ever made money off of his real estate stocks forget it well I have made a little bit on stocks but majority speaking failure real estate something tangible food vehicles real estate houses water something tangible something good like here it is let me show it to you instead of being on a piece of paper like here look at this stock you should buy some but we’re not telling you that tomorrow because we’re changing the behavior mechanism across the world and it’ll go down and get cuz we’re not telling you that that’s how we manipulate and break the people who own their farm lands and then when they’re broke they have to sell to us for pennies on the dollar because we are the Elite

      • Okay about the market tomorrow it’s not going to be a slow Runner it’s going to go really really fast either up or down I’m saying down but you know I’m wrong 60% of the time so it may go up real real fast Heck if I know anyway but that we do know Shore and that’s another wrong look like how can you possibly predict what’s going to happen well whatever’s going to happen is going to happen rapidly it’s going to go like way up or way down it was my situation I said way down or way way down would be the conclusion but the I’m not certain let me try that again see well all I know is the markets going to be on fire Monday I just haven’t determined whether going to go up or down yet okay tomorrow is going to be it’s going to go down like crazy then it’s going to go way up like crazy and then it’s going to come back down like crazy it’s going to be one hell of a shaky Market Monday morning Monday afternoon to

      • Tuesday the market will go up regardless of whether Monday it went up or down but Tuesday is definitely going to go up I like it when I’m 60% wrong with me

      • I remember not to long ago I told you it was going to go up for 7 days I didn’t say it definitely and it did it went up in 07 days did it with down and changed all around but anyway sometimes I’m right most time I’m wrong

      • Then you have to understand why you’re right or wrong well I’m wrong because I’m not controlling that part of the world you know I’m relying on the other parts of the world to do their business and I’m on the receiving end so couldn’t imagine being at the top of the pyramids and this the way we’re going to do it today and maybe next week whatever we feel like because we control it you know we are the ones who create the money and we are the ones who have access to the AI computers intelligent networks and we are the ones who have access to what you did and what you own so yeah we can pretty much determine the outcome of what’s going to happen because we own you now how are you going to get out of that become rich oh my gosh where did you learn that at

  4. Last cuppa coffee…
    God I have been craving fresh roasted coffee.. and I love to roast my own.. just till it cracks then five minutes.. yumm nothing better than some Jamaican blue mountain coffee fresh roasted.. Not sure why it has such low acid.. and the taste.. best way to brew it.. either in a pan cowboy coffee then strained in a french press.. or in a K cup press.. yum..

    Both of those french K-cup press’s is good.. I give both of those away as gifts..

    Oh now about todays post.. George I think you out did yourself once again and I agree with Warhammers point of view to.. I love checking in daily.. keep up the good work..

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